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Jews Taking the Heat for Jesuits?

June 1, 2019

William Boot: "All your writing is sensational and circular between Freemasonry, Illuminati, Communism and the Jews.
You delicately skirt the issue of theCatholic Church and the Jesuits implying the Jesuits are crypto-Jews.
I can assure you, they are NOT!
The Jesuits are CHAMELEONS transforming/morphing themselves into ANYTHING they need to be in order to DECEIVE including JEWS, COMMUNISTS, FREEMASONS, ILLUMINATI or PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS!
 I believe you are either in the know or self-deceived and riding the popular JEW conspiracy meme! 
 I'm not sure who you really are but as a fellow Canadian i'm disappointed! The JESUITS have infiltrated EVERYTHING already and the ROME NWO will RULE the world. It is very clear to me that the Jews are NOTHING but pawns in the bigger scheme of things. I pray you read "Behind The Dictators" by L.H. Lehman publ 1942 and reconsider your standpoint. Rome IS the only International AUTHORITY in the world today that has the power to take control."

Makow Comment- Like other Freemasons, Cabalists & Satanists, Jesuits no doubt are a subset of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy but I am sceptical they have a leadership role. That's why I have never investigated them. I don't see Jesuits controlling the central banks, universities, and mass media. Bernard Baruch and Col. Edward House were not Jesuits. When William accused me of suppressing the Jesuit role, I invited him to make his case. 

(From Sept 1, 2017) 
The Jesuits: Unholy Order Of Evil           
by William M Boot 

The Roman Catholic Church today is in fact, nothing less than a resurgent "old" Roman Empire described as the feet of iron mixed with clay in Daniel 2:32-33 and prophetically, the last empire in human history. 

If so, how has Rome managed to keep her devious machinations, her "corporatization" of the world undetected, so to speak, in order to accomplish her documented, "repeatedly expressed desire" over 1700 years for world domination? The answer is; incremental and finally total control over all education and politics, media and publishing; print and electronic and the "power pyramid" employed to stratify "round table" power groups into layers and to "compartmentalize" them revealing the "master plan" and final "agenda" to only a few at the head of some groups. The papacy working with the Italian "Black Nobility" families are at the top, with the phantom Jesuits; the MEN IN BLACK, behind them, hidden, like the Wizard of OZ, with their hands on the controls. 

Below them are Rome's facilitating Knightly Orders of Malta and Columbus, the Benedictines, Dominicans and Franciscans and then all world power groups in layers descending to the base where the ordinary man (corporate slave) toils, oblivious to the power machinations above. The Freemasons, the roundtable groups like the CFR and Bilderbergs, Tavistock Institute, Hollywood, crime cartels (Mafia,) intelligence agencies and all religions are controlled by Rome through this intricate layering of power groups. 

The Jesuits ensure the absolute fascist power of the papacy and have worked tirelessly since their formation by Ignatius de Loyola its Catholic Basque founder in 1534, becoming the most hated and feared organisation in the world.

 Adhering to Sun Tzu's principles in "Art Of War" and embracing a Machiavellian mind-set employing infiltration, subversion, division, propaganda, lies, deception and violence they have waged relentless war against sovereign nations, cultures, religions and in particular the Protestant Church. Jesuits are Rome's assassins, the authors of Mein Kampf, The Protocols of Zion, the adulterated Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible and the sworn enemy of God and mankind in every conceivable way.

I like many, was distracted by the Jewish "controversy," the trending,"evil Jews control everything" meme. The Jesuits used this same ploy in Germany pre WWII to conceal the collaboration of Cardinal Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII, with Hitler and Himmler in exterminating all oppositional factions to Rome. 


"Hofjuden" are papal court Jews like the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's who carry out the orders of the Vatican, particularly in world finance, in return for status and material wealth. I'm not denying that some Jews are guilty of crimes but basically they are a useful "scapegoat" for the Jesuits and act as a diabolically clever "smoke-screen" and distraction for the public. This is really important to understand because once diverted into this 'Jew meme' mindset, all enquiry ceases and the cloak and dagger masters (Jesuits) are free to perpetuate their UN, central banking and Israel deception, unhindered. Many Jews work in education, media, publishing, government, military and intelligence, unaware of Rome's true agenda  working on a "need to know" basis. The Jews are "used" by the Jesuits but have rarely been allowed into the Jesuit order. The Jesuits "hate" the Jews as well as Christians and Muslims persecuting them because of their historical "resistance" to conversion and when opportune they do not hesitate to eliminate them!

Ex Catholic priest L.H. Lehmann wrote this 1942 scathing indictment of the Vatican and the Jesuits, "Brutal cleansing of liberal and heretical members within the Catholic Church itself has always preceded every return to authoritarianism in Europe. The crusades of the Middle Ages began with persecution of the Jews and a purging of Catholic heretical members of the Church. The same happened at the beginning of the wars of religion instigated by the Jesuits in the 17th century. Nazi-Fascism's anti-Semitic ideology, its anti-Masonic and anti- democratic activities, its very propaganda methods were borrowed from the Jesuit Order. As in Inquisition times, the Catholic Church merely used the Ovra and the Gestapo of the Fascist and Nazi regimes as its 'secular arm' to rid Catholicism of its own recalcitrant elements which had become infected with liberal and Protestant ideas during the post-war years.

On the other hand, Fascism and Nazism provided the Catholic Church with a new weapon to bring to a successful conclusion its 400-year war against Protestantism and the liberal institutions it had brought into being in the social order, and which had been allowed greater scope than ever to extend its "hated heresy" since the fall of the German monarchy in 1918." Vatican Policy In The Second World War, Pg 14.

The Jesuits; Society Of Jesus, (essentially a re-branded Knights Templar) usurped the office of the Dominicans as administrators of the papal inquisitions which began in the 12th century and have continued right up to the present time murdering countless millions of people worldwide. Jesuits are trained through indoctrination and deprivation to be mind controlled masters of deceit and blind servants of Rome and will commit the most heinous crimes in order to attain supremacy anywhere in the world. 

The Jesuit oaths are blood curdling, being in fact the "cult of death," always seeking to poison the innocent minds of the young with pernicious Jesuit ideologies such as, Communism, Fascism, Feminism, Scientism, Helio-centrism, Evolution and Atheism. They are responsible for every war, revolution and political assassination in the last 500 years as they attempt to destroy any obstacle to Rome's ascendency and dominion through it's NWO. Jesuits control all world banking through London, world governance through the UN and every world intelligence agency. There is no military force they can't co-opt and using the US military, NATO, the IDF and Blackwater they enforce Rome's edicts without mercy, daily, anywhere in the world today just as Imperial Rome did 2000 years ago. 

Modern history is a Jesuit history, enabling us to understand why the world is so corrupt and violent and the truly malevolent, satanic force driving it! 

William is planning a new website dedicated to this subject.

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First Comment by Carl B:

The Paraguayan Reductions was a Jesuit revolution that established a communist, atheistic state in Paraguay in the 1730's, 10 years before French founder of communism Victor d'Hupay (considered to first to formulate the idea) was even born! This from ex Catholic R.W. Thompson in "Footprints of the Jesuits."


Findlater in "The revolutionary movement: A Diagnosis of world disorders" writes that a 500 year earlier version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion can be found in devout Catholic Quirinus' Letters from Rome on the Council."


There is no intermediary between Jesus Christ and man, there is no vicar. The church was not established by Peter the rock, the rock is Christ.

Pray directly to Jesus Christ. Use the lords prayer and don't worry the Catholics don't burn you for reading the bible anymore. Just like with the Pharisees perverting the Torah; massive institutions like the Catholic church perverted the teachings of the New Testament with their own "traditions of man." Imagine what Christendom would look like if the Church had not tried to kill everyone who wanted to read the Gospels or if they did not use Indulgences or attempt to create atheist golems like in Paraguay almost 500 years ago.

Tony B:

(Sigh.)  This guy sounds like me before I actually read the writings of Catholics instead of just those of Catholic haters, either lifelong protestants or ex Catholics grinding axes they were extremely likely to have been responsible for themselves.  After all, Protestantism has greed, lust, murder and wholesale lies to cover its establishment crimes as its iffy foundation and would not even exist except for the Catholic Church which was the only Church established by Jesus Christ and the only church of any kind for many centuries.
If they ever read actual Catholic writings from down the centuries they would be astonishedly ashamed of themselves.

Question for Boot:  Why is it that the Talmudists have emphatically declared down the ages and the masons have shown by action that the Catholic Church is their only real enemy?  That is, until Vatican II when the Freemasons took over the Vatican, still misruling the Church from there, driving multi-millions of faithful Catholics away from this imposed masonic farce of the Christian religion?

Moreover, the truth of history is that whatever the later day V2 Jesuits are now, infested with both Talmudists and masons, the organization, Society of Jesus, was created by now Saint Ignatius to prevent a Talmudic takeover of the Church in his time.

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Comments for "Jews Taking the Heat for Jesuits?"

Imran said (September 2, 2017):

Pope Francis is trying to create a One World Religion whose headquarters will be based in Jerusalem which will before long become an independent city state akin to Washington or Vatican City. Shimon Peres was permitted to speak about this publicly:

The Vatican is being used by the Globalists to create this One World Religion. Pope Francis is no doubt considered as a leading candidate to be its first head. I doubt that both the Jesuits and Talmudists have any large role in world affairs. The powers on high probably have their own Luciferian religion separate from Catholic beliefs and the Talmud.

Milton said (September 2, 2017):

Ignatius Loyola the founder of the Jesuits was a crypto Jew and member of the Alumbrados the precursor of the Illuminiati amongst Marano Spanish Jews.

It was Adam Weishaupt a Jesuit Jew who founded the Illuminati because the Catholic Church suppressed the Jesuits because of their subversive activities.

Like the Jews the Jesuits have been expelled from many countries.

Adam Weishaupt wanted revenge and vowed to destroy Christianity. He leagued with the Rothchilds and the Illuminati was born. Then came the French Revolution a - proto-Communist -Masonic revolution.

Communism is just a continuation of the Illuminati world revolution under another name. Communism is the model for the NWO and the rule of the `King Despot of Zion' or the Anit-Christ.

This is the 2000 year old great conspiracy or what the Masons all The Great work of the Ages.

I conjecture that something like this is true model of what has been going on and is being fulfilled.

Bill said (September 2, 2017):

Being an x catholic 50 years ago and having extensively listened to a read all the tripe that they put out about the Jesuits, you are correct! Babylon mystery religion influenced the religion of the Pharisees. The Pharisees religion along with Greek Philosophy infiltrated and perverted Catholicism making them a semi-mirror of Old Testament Judaism and the babylonian priesthood. It is a cacophony mix of paganism and idolatry called Christian mixed with Cannon Law bullshit made to enslave Catholics.

The beginning was when Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles came up against the liars from the Jewish and Greek infiltrators who were making proselytes who told Paul's converts they had to keep the Law in order to be saved...Paul called them false Apostles wanting to bring them into bondage after being set free by the true glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther got it right. Justification was by faith and not of works. If it was of works then there would be no need of Jesus and his death. Man's will is enslaved until it is freed by grace and truth, then the law is not a burden but a love and men act out of love and overcome their sins. Men are sinners and always fall short, that is why they must be born from above by the Spirit of God. We are imperfect and this corruption of flesh must one day put on incorruption.

P.S. I believe Willy Boot put the cart before the horse and cannot understand the genesis of evil.

Tim N said (September 1, 2017):

My research agrees with Michael Hoffman that most likely the Catholic Church was infiltrated by Jewish Cabalism. I believe it was much earlier, and increased through the Jesuits. Focus on founders Xavier and Loyola.

Makes sense the Catholic Church is the one true opposition to Jewish Cabalism, perfect Hegelian dialectic.

Early Protestantism was an attempt to escape this, but it too has been infiltrated and corrupted. Satan doesn't rest or discriminate.

MG said (September 1, 2017):

How I see it to look for the ultimate leader of the demonic conspiracy in any group of humans is a wrong understanding of the Satanic Conspiracy ... the devil is the ultimate leader and he thrives on all his human minions competing for his respect.

The Jesuits, Elite Jews, Freemasonry, Radical Muslim leaders, The Black Nobility Families etc... whether they know it or not are all vying for his respect and for the honor of being that group from which the Anti-Christ comes from so this idea of looking for the one group is pointless and waste of time and energy ... All we have to do is choose God and know that all these are groups are choosing the devil and in the end will lose just like the devil.

Al Thompson said (September 1, 2017):

The main feature of all government and religious people is the fact that most of them are liars. Oath-taking is an act of telling a lie and Jesus
Christ himself (according to the bible) taught not to take them. I consider this teaching to be a warning and an act of disclosure. However, the bible is a product of the Roman Catholic Church and it has been corrupted beyond belief.

The author of this article touched on a few specifics: communism, fascism, feminism, helio-centrism, evolution and atheism. The Roman Catholic Church is as crooked as Bill Clinton's gadget. Evolution is as dumb as it gets. However, the author mentions helio-centrism which means that the earth spins at 1000mpg and revolves around the sun. However, no one has ever done a scientific study (to my knowledge) that there is any movement of the earth. Since they lie about almost everything, no religious or government leader should be believed unless their statements match up with the facts.

Helio-centrism is a curious case in point. What would be the purpose of lying about something like that? And I think the reason is to get most of the population of the world addicted to their bullshit to a point to where they cannot think for themselves. Instead, people look up to professors, teachers, lawyers, priests, and other so-called experts who don't really know the facts. They simply pull these doctrines out of their butts and then get everyone to believe it regardless of the veracity of the teaching. And in my opinion, the reason why they do this might be to dumb down the populations of the world so that the people become nonfunctional in their stupidity. Once something stupid is learned, it is very difficult for people to redirect their own thinking without a lot of effort. This stupidity is what the controllers use to manipulate society.

I had a friend once tell me at lunch that "it's the Pharisees, Al" but I didn't quite understand what he meant. He claimed that he had a full set of documents to prove that the Pharisees are still alive and causing a lot of trouble. Perhaps, it is the Jesuits who are the modern day Pharisees. I try to keep all of this nonsense simple. If there is an oath involved in any organization, I simply stay away from it as that organization is evil to the core. The Catholic Church is a group of oath-takers. I don't need to know any more information. Most of the religious groups are founded on oath-taking and this would explain the evil results these religious organizations and governments produce. All we have to do is to look at it and observe it. The swearing of oaths and lying come from the Devil, so it is best to avoid them.

Larry C said (September 1, 2017):

Boot sez the Jesuits have "total control over all education and politics, media and publishing; print and electronic and the "power pyramid." He claims '"Hofjuden" are papal court Jews like the Rothschild's and Rockefeller's who carry out the orders of the Vatican, particularly in world finance, in return for status and material wealth."

And what leverage do the Jesuits have over the Rothschilds, Henry, the power to create money out of thin air? I don't see a reference to this power in Boot's article. Someone needs to put a strait-jacket on this guy and explain world history beginning with Rothschild control of the Bank of England and then becoming the bank for the Catholic Church.

Actually, I think William knows this and he's just pulling our collective legs because he's a crypto-Jew.

Z said (September 1, 2017):

Some people asked why the Papacy would destroy the faith of the great majority of its own flock by abandoning its own traditions? The answer is simple - they do not care about Christianity. They worship the Goddess - Mary who is also known as Astarte.

When Mohammad was 25, he allegedly married a woman called Khadija. She was a wealthy Roman Catholic and 40 years old at the time of their "marriage".
His wife’s Catholic cousin Waraquah helped interpret the visions, and from this came the Qur’an, aka the Koran. Waraquah was a Roman Catholic, who was being used by the Augustinians to influence Muhammad. They taught him the virgin birth of Mary, which could only come from them. Also remember, in the Catholic Church, the most available forgiving figure is Mary, not Jesus. Catholics pray more to Mary than to Jesus. It took six hundred years for Mary to creep back into the Catholic observance, and can you guess who Mary is? Mary is Astarte, minus temple prostitution.

If the Papacy cared about Christianity why would they help in the birth of Islam?

William M Boot brings a valid case which could explain perfectly why the Jews have always been sacrificed by their own.

Can you also add on a link to this lecture “The Islamic Connection / Total Onslaught - Walter Veith”

Juan said (September 1, 2017):

Good morning Henry. Perusing your website today came across the article Jews Taking the heat for Jesuits by a certain William Boot.

It's so much discomforting the repetition of piles of lies and inaccuracies that it's beyond believe.

I'm not a blind defender of the present Catholic Church as you may remember but I do have a sense of justice and the Jesuits have accumulated great prestige and christian value along its history.

In any way serious researchers could condone with the party of those interested in shifting the guilt of organized jewish elite to the Jesuits for the quite obvious leading role in globalization, cultural marxism (Frankfurt School of Social Studies), and all the new disolvent tendencies (feminism, homosexuallity,genre identity, authority abhorrence, abortism, and a long list of etc), where invariably we will find at least a single Jew in command and control.

Nobody will convince me that ,for example, such an influencial civil adviser to the american military high brass as the author of THE PENTAGON'S NEW MAP War and Peace in the Twenty-first Century, THOMAS P. M. BARNETT is a Jesuit mole.And the consequencies of his geopolitical discourse is proving devastating in the real world.

Robert K said (September 1, 2017):

You invited Boot to make his case, and he demonstrated in spectacular fashion that he doesn't have one, but rather lives in a mythological construct.

This is not to say that Jesuits are without influence. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was Jesuit trained, and when he explored the world pilgrim-style in his youth, which seems to have been organized preparation for his subsequent career, the Jesuit network facilitated his travels.

If Trudeau is an indication, the Jesuit control manifests in relatively rigorous education, tending to include inculcation of a feeling of superiority and arrogance, thereby separating its trainees from communality with ordinary people. However, this is characteristic of most educational institutions (boarding schools, ivy league universities) serving the self-appointed elites in society: they are concerned to create early in the elect a sense of the privileged "us" apart from the moiling, obedient "them". It's an indispensable adjunct of the monopoly of power maintained by the financial system.

Jesuitism also seems to encourage rationalization and "doublethink". For example, Trudeau is purported to have been a life-long practicing Catholic, but this is hard to reconcile with his political goals and his private life.

Sharon K said (September 1, 2017):

I totally agree with William Boot. The Jesuits control everything - banking, education, media. They are the minions of Satan, whom they still refer to as Lucifer.

You admit that you have not investigated the Jesuits. WOW! I challange you to do so. You are totally missing the boat! If you are a chiristian, then you have an obligation to search for truth. All roads lead to Rome.

I suggest you watch the series called 'Total Onslaught' by Walter Veith. It's long and maybe a little slow for some people, but what an education on what is happening in our world today!

Kevin Boyle said (September 1, 2017):

This is full of bull. A dominant world conspiracy wouldn't destroy the faith of the great majority of its own flock by abandoning its own traditions, betraying its own supposed principles in myriad ways and (most obviously) abandoning the care of innocent children by protecting paedophiles amongst its priests.

Even the things that might indicate participation in the NWO have been misrepresented.

Quote: "Brutal cleansing of liberal and heretical members within the Catholic Church itself has always preceded every return to authoritarianism in Europe."

The "cleasing" has been carried out by Catholicism's Liberal heretics against traditional Catholics like the SSPX (including the likes of Bishop Williamson who calls out 9/11 for the false flag it was). The Liberals took over the Church with the election of John XXIII and duly embraced the old enemy, Talmudic Judaism ... the very ideology that Christ condemned.

So ... if there is any truth to this article at all the author has yet to form a coherent and credible narrative to explain the why of this truth. The above is, at best, incoherent nonsense.

Jude Duffy said (September 1, 2017):

Henry: The anti-Jesuit thing is classic Zio-masonic diversion - so it's no surprise that one of its chief proponents is Israeli diamond merchant Eric Jon Phelps. No surprise either that so many of these "it's not the Zionists dude, it's the Jesuits!" folk tend to be pathological liars. For instance I've come across videos on Youtube by Anthony Sutton which are titled "Anthony Sutton exposes the Jesuit New World Order!". Only problem is when you watch the videos Sutton never once mentions the Jesuits.

Nor does he mention them in his book about the Skull and Bones - quite the reverse: the book is an expose of the Masonic Protestant American east coast establishment.

On comment forums these anti-Jesuit shills will tell the most outrageous fibs in the hope that no one will call them out, and they will thus be retailed in conspiracy circles as established fact. One guy I encountered on an MSM site repeatedly claimed that everyone in George W Bush's administration was a Catholic. When I named all the Protestants and Jews in Bush's cabinet, this spoofer blandly replied: "Oh yeah I made a mistake there - I got dud information".

By the way, if the Catholic Church runs the show, no one has sent the memo to the corporate media, Hollywood or the rest of the Zio-Masonic establishment. They spew out anti-Catholic propaganda every hour of the day. I've never seen a Jesuit basher give a remotely plausible explanation for how this can be if the Catholic Church is all-powerful.

Paul D said (September 1, 2017):

All I can say about this article is that it's full of nonsense, to put it mildly. Jesuits have always been blamed. They're the particular fall guy for most Protestants. All I see in this article are bald assertions and accusations, but not an ounce of proof. So I just as well gratuitously deny it.

"Audlterated Douay Rheims Bible?!" What a load of rubbish! If Rome is really behind all this, why are the Traditional Catholics persecuted now more than ever? "Fascist this, fascist that" as well. This is a clear sign of a Zionist!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at