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Mike Stone- Communists Destroyed Small Business

November 30, 2020

wedding-house.jpg(Weddings and all they represent- banned) 

Communism under the cover of COVID

Covid is an excuse to do to small business owners what Stalin 
did to the Kulaks in Ukraine:
Exterminate them.  The Holomodor.
Communists don't want anyone to be economically independent. 

"Mine is just one corner of a city filled with millions of people. 
One tiny slice of life. But it's magnified by thousands,
 possibly millions, of other shuttered businesses all over the world. 
Businesses gone bust, dreams destroyed, lives ruined, all because of a lockdown over a phony virus."

Los Angeles residents ordered to stay at home until Christmas week, with all gatherings BANNED... except for church & PROTESTS

by Mike Stone

Nothing is more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day, and no window display is more beautiful than the one at the bridal shop down the street from where I live. 

Mannequins wearing snow white wedding dresses, images of gushing young brides, everything artfully displayed and presented.

 Of all the display windows in all of the shops I have passed in my life, none of them has filled me with more joy than this one. None of them has so consistently brought a smile to my face. None of them has so clearly represented love, marriage, motherhood, the future, and everything good about life.

Thanks to the lockdown, that bridal shop is permanently closed.

I passed by there today. The store is empty and dark, the once beautiful window covered with dust and graffiti, the street in front littered with trash.

Other casualties in my neighborhood include a service station, a car dealership, a print shop, a dry cleaner, a Pilates studio, two gyms, two coffee shops, and countless restaurants, all of them permanently closed. Their windows and walls covered with graffiti, their parking lots littered with trash. The businesses still standing are hanging on by their fingernails.

This is just one corner of a city filled with millions of people. One tiny slice of life. But it's magnified by thousands, possibly millions, of other shuttered businesses all over the world. Businesses gone bust, dreams destroyed, lives ruined, all because of a lockdown over a phony virus.

Behind each of those businesses are people: owners and employees. They're gone too. 

What level of anger, shame, and sadness do you think they must be feeling? How does a person cope when everything they've worked and dreamed of attaining in life is forcibly wiped out by uncaring and corrupt government officials? I wonder, do they cry themselves to sleep at night?

A great irony of all this occurs when I walk past the shops to the residential neighborhoods. I see Riding With Biden signs prominently displayed in front of homes and apartment buildings. People actually voting against their own best interests, voting to destroy their own neighborhood.

Since the #scamdemic began six months ago, the number of homeless men in my neighborhood has tripled, from around thirty to what looks like over a hundred; and the number of homeless women I've spotted has gone from zero to a dozen. These aren't your typical bag ladies either. They're young women in their twenties and thirties who are now living in tents on the sidewalk.

The guy living in the alley behind my building calls to me from his cardboard shelter and asks if I can spare any pants. The one pair he owns is shredded. In my closet I find two pairs of pleated gray slacks; brand new, never worn, perfectly pressed. I'm hesitant to part with them, but how can I not? If Creepy Joe steals the election and institutes a nationwide lockdown as he said he would, we might all end up living on the street. The day might come when I'm forced to ask a stranger, "Brother, can you spare a pair of pants?"

The people instigating the lockdowns and, even more so, the people supporting them all share one thing in common: they continue to draw a paycheck. They're either working for the government or they're able to work from home. None of them has suffered a loss of income. None of them has ever known the pain of life without a livelihood.

But it's not just government officials and employees who are complicit in this most nefarious of crimes. There are the order followers. Those mindless police officers and sheriffs who have harassed, ticketed and even arrested brave and honest American citizens for doing nothing more than trying to earn a living and support their families. Although, I must say that the police and sheriffs in Los Angeles have been outstanding, refusing to enforce the governor's latest insane demands for a 10 PM curfew and a canceled Thanksgiving.

There's also a third group responsible for this mess: the mask-wearers. Those willfully ignorant dumbasses who continue to wear their face diapers. In some ways, they're the most insidious ones of all. Without them, none of this would be going on. Without their daily reminder of mass insanity, everyone would realize what a gigantic fraud it all is. If ordinary people came to their senses and ceased wearing those utterly useless face masks, the entire false narrative would come crumbling down.

Alas, I don't see that happening anytime soon. The majority of people in this country are brainwashed to the point of no return. The good news is we don't need all of them. People are so robotic they'll follow whatever the herd is doing. All we need is a small percentage of them to wake up and then the others will follow en masse.

Keep the faith. Don't throw in the towel. If Trump is declared the winner of the stolen election, we will have a slight window of time to right the ship, to get things fixed. Pray that happens.
Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone- Communists Destroyed Small Business "

Doug P said (December 1, 2020):

There is an old expression: "You are either part of the solution or part of the problem".

Government employees figure they will always be safe, as long as they follow the rules. They have been completely destroyed by political correctness anyway. I saw this in university with my professors, who would go along with anything. It didn't matter if it was ridiculous. If you asked the wrong questions you were to have an appointment with the dean, as I did a few times.

It's too bad ordinary people cannot explain that this safety is an imagined reality, we need Alexandre Solshenhitzen and other figures to explain it. Common sense is no longer in peoples consciousness. Trouble is that no one reads. People laugh at me when I tell them what is comming.

It's no surprise that people hate Christianity, the only religion that applies reason to statutory laws and protects people from statutory abuse such as what we are experiencing. Without Christianity, we become a society where anything is possible. GK Chesterton explains that societies without Christ throw babies into burning pits and it's true, as we shall soon see for ourselves, as we have seen with the satanic abuses.

AC said (December 1, 2020):

The closure of the bridal shop does indeed represent a passing of what was once great civilization. I too have seen Bridal Mannequins dressed in their bridal gowns. But I must confess, unlike Mike, I was not emotionally driven by the sight of the mannequins. I would say that it was because marriage for me was something that was a million miles away. Now with the closure of that shop, another million miles have been placed before me.

Since this whole Covid 1984 Hoax started, The Globalists have revealed their true intentions, they are to radically reduce human life on Earth.

The globalists have banned everything that is good, weddings, family gatherings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, July 4, Canada Day and Australia Day, etc. Everything deemed productive is also banned, such as going to work, attending to your own business in order to bring in a profit, so that your family will be better off.

Now what is acceptable is just sitting at home, feeling despondent, being alone, having no human contact, not even being able to attend church in order to receive divine instruction or for support.

The rising number of homeless, especially young women in their 20's and 30's is truly horrifying.

But Covid 1984 has seen it's ugly head surface, it's nothing more than an excuse to implement depopulation and tyranny. I read today that birth rates will drop even lower as a result of Covid 1984 as couples choose not to have children and in my country, while our governments focus on enforcing Covid 1984 on a daily basis, they also manage to find time to push other agendas. So far, all The Australian State Governments are determined to bring in Legislation to Liberalise Abortion, freeing restrictions around it and they also want to legalize Euthanasia.

As I said before Covid 1984= Tyranny= Global Depopulation.

Richard said (November 30, 2020):

I like ‘D’s comment below about bridal shops. Notice this is an ethnic bridal shop. My guess would be Korean. The point being, it only exists in the strongest and close-knit ethnic people.

Sixty years ago it was winding up in Polish and Italian neighborhoods.

D said (November 30, 2020):


Revelation 18:23&24: And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all IN THEE; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.

The light of the body is the eye (singular): if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! JESUS. Matthew 6: 22&23.

"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will will enter the New Age unless he or she will take a Luciferian Initiation.” -DAVID SPANGLER, , Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

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