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The "Great Reset" Required to Save Mankind -- Ten Points

March 30, 2021

The Covid hoax has given mankind a unique opportunity to throw off the yoke of the satanist (Masonic) central bankers responsible for Communism, war, depression, pandemics, terrorism, corruption & decadence.

by Henry Makow PhD

I sense a seismic shift. The bankers have overplayed their hand and exposed themselves and their vassals (our elected "leaders") as traitors, gangsters, psychopaths, perverts and mass murderers. Florida, Texas and South Dakota have broken ranks and proven Covid 19 a lie. 

This is what a truly benevolent reset would entail.

1. First and most important, the nations would regain control over control over their credit and currency creation. They would renounce all "debt" created out of thin air. They would create the medium of exchange by spending it into existence, debt-and-interest free.

2. mRNA vaccines would be banned. All politicians, journalists and medical officials who collaborated in the Covid hoax would be fired. Jacob Rothschild, George Soros, Bill Gates, and Tony Fauci would be tried for crimes against humanity and have their wealth confiscated and added to public coffers. Joe Biden would be jailed for rigging an election. The traitor Donald Trump will be tried for reality show opposition and dereliction of duty. All those complicit in the election rigging, including Trump, Pence, Congress and the Supreme Court judges would be fired and put on trial. 

3. Media and tech monopolies would be nationalized, broken up and resold to people who will guarantee free speech and the free flow of information. The CIA and FBI will be shut down and reorganized. Local and state police will be purged of Freemasons. 

4. Freemasonry would be banned. Its leading members would be tried and incarcerated. Freemasons would be banned from holding public office or employment.

5. Communists would be purged from the education system, especially universities. Universities would protect free speech and inquiry. Scientific method would be re-instated. 

6. Antifa, feminists and other Leftists would be sent to "re-education" camps.  

7. Elections would be publicly funded. No private contributions would be permitted. Politicians would not be permitted to profit from their office. 

8. The promotion of Satanism, gender dysphoria, illegal migration, climate change and all globalist shibboleths would be punishable by fines and prison terms. 

9. Family values -- marriage, fidelity, responsible parenthood -- would be become government policy. Human life would be considered inviolate. Abortion would be scaled back or banned. 
A healthy national and racial pride would be encouraged. Everybody would be afforded opportunity on the basis of individual merit and industry.

10. There will be a collective effort to discern and enact the Creator's Design. The public would be encouraged to celebrate the Miracle of Life and praise God!   

If these measures are adopted, mankind would step back from the abyss and regain the path to a world where humanity can flourish as intended. 


I sense that the bankers' attempt to lockdown and transform society on the basis of a phoney
pandemic is going to fail. People are not going to put up with this bullshit much longer. 

The bankers tend to double down when thwarted. The mRNA vaccines may unleash a new wave of illness which the media will blame on Covid "variants" and the abandonment of Covid protocols. However, it will become apparent that only the vaccinated are suffering and resistance to the jabs will stiffen.

Ultimately, the Communist reset will fail. The bankers have overplayed their hand and exposed and discredited their pernicious system of control. The bankers will be left with their nuclear option: crash the financial system by raising interest rates. 

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First Comment from Kevin Boyle

Form your Party. Stand for office.

YOU'LL WIN!  Oh, Sorry. I meant, you'll be shot dead.

Great manifesto, Henry, but with one very important omission, in my opinion.

The re-creation of all any system of centralized, remote authority ruling the lives or cultures of communities will be forbidden and no effort spared to systemically minimize the possibility of cliques conspiring to exercise disproportionate influence in their own favour. 
All important controls over common resources will be managed by trusted persons appointed from within free, self-ruling communities (as all will be), not put in position by any (potential) cabal of "experts".

We have had enough of government "experts" and whores of that ilk.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The "Great Reset" Required to Save Mankind -- Ten Points"

John S said (March 31, 2021):

Thank you, Henry, for sharing an optimistic message. The doom and gloom becomes a little oppressive sometimes.

But no to reeducation camps. If we do that, then we're no better than them.



Call them universities then. That's what universities are today.


Doug P said (March 31, 2021):

Only point 1 would have to be implemented. Everything else would happen organically. Freemasons would be running back to their masters in Israel before they could be caught and Israel wouldn't want them. They would be hunted down like war criminals around the globe

Imran said (March 31, 2021):

Depends on the country. The Reset will exist in some form. Some nations will resist thanks to the Populist movement. Others will not. For America it does not bode well. Biden and Co. have set forth another stimulus package designed to bankrupt the nation further. This on top of a trillion+$stimulus.

I believe that if Christ is coming back in two decades time (based on the two thousand theory from the time of the Ascension from the Mount of Olives 2030-2033) then The Reset will morph into something else suitable for the prophecies to come to pass. However, this will be in the Mediterranean region. Nations like America and Canada might possibly avert it somehow.

Oh course, prophecy teachers only believe that The Reset will further bring the End Times kingdom mentioned by John and Daniel. Nothing might happen for a few centuries even. But this Reset is likely a big thing towards it.

God bless. And keep watch. This early decade might be the time for the Tribulation to come to pass.

Tony B said (March 30, 2021):

Love your ten points, all normal, natural, sane concepts once known by a major majority as ordinary common sense.

I have one problem with it however. Today, when I speak one of these simple truths to a young person - say under 40 - the response is, too often, a blank stare, proof that the listener cannot comprehend the most simple concept. The schools have been supremely effective the last 100 years at producing a population which, more so each generation, cannot think for itself, having been reduced to reacting "properly," (meaning "politically correct" which in turn means INCORRECT FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES) to "liberal"/satanic buzz words and phrases.

For this reason alone, the only effective turn around must involve a true and massive return to the truths of the Lord God, only bonafide basis of all right understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

Al Thompson said (March 30, 2021):

One of the best ways to overcome the government’s corruption is to refuse the immorality. All moral issues are settled with just some effort of discovering right from wrong; good from evil. Discovering these things requires right reason and common sense. Few of us were taught how to do it but when I stop long enough to think about my own actions, I always make better choices by abiding within the natural law or order the way the real God created it. I can keep myself separated from the “new world order” by working with what is already there: the natural law.

The nice part about the natural law is that if something is evil in one part of the world, it is also evil in another part. Morality is not dependent on location or type of government.

The perception of what is moral or not is going to be different from one group of people to another. However, the actual truth of the matter is always the same. If I don’t understand something, then I put it aside until I do. It’s upsetting to learn all this at a late age in my life. Better late than never.

David C said (March 30, 2021):

What's happening now is inevitable, and while not being a defeatist, I understand saving myself and others can only happen by the Gospel of Christ, not by fighting against the "powers that shouldn't be" physically. Using worldly strategy and tactics, which is futile at best, because this is a spiritual war. Exposing the evil is important, so I read websites like this to keep informed about how the world is morphing into what was predicted in Revelation, Daniel, and other biblical books, including Enoch. Enoch was removed from the biblical canon by the Jesuits, likely because they don't want us to know about the return of Christ (Son of man) happening during the "end times". These two discussions helped me understand the world better, and it might help others here. The first video is "Are secret societies real, and influencing global events today?". The second is: "Who is behind the New World Order". This is spiritual warfare - not physical, and there is only one way to be saved, or to save others, because this world isn't going to last much longer. The good news is we can all be saved spiritually!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at