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Makow - Are all Jews to Blame?

August 12, 2021

It's obvious that Organized Jewry is waging a war against whatever is left of white Christian America. Here is a Jewish Washington Post Reporter Jennifer Rubin celebrating the fact that whites are becoming a minority in America. She doesn't represent all Jews but why do so many want to destroy the founding peoples of America?

I posted this video ("Ashkenazi Jews Control US Government") on Gab Wednesday with this comment-

"Antisemitism is starting to catch fire. But, as an assimilated ethnic Jew, and one of the few true God-witnessing Jews left, the anger should be directed at Jews in positions of power and influence, not the powerless dupes, who are just as clueless as the goyim.

This would be like targeting average Americans in revenge for US war crimes in Iraq. Most Jews I know are ignorant of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy. Some are anti Communist. Also, the satanist subversion of humanity could not happen without the active complicity of Gentile Freemasons --  traitors and opportunists who are our political, cultural and business leaders."

I got the comments below- One condemned me for identifying as a Jew:  I don't "identify" as a Jew. I was born an ethnic Jew and, as I explain here, can't do anything about it. I do not subscribe to the so-called "religion" which I have exposed as Satanism in disguise.    See also The Devil & the Jews

I am one of a handful of righteous Jews who have tried to warn fellow Jews and the goyim of what the Masonic Jewish banking cartel has in store for humanity. Other righteous Jews include Henry Klein, Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, Alfred Lilienthal, Israel Shamir and Brother Nathaniel. Our warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

I'm not going to cease "identifying" as a Jew when I am one of very few Jews who has not been duped. I am called to stand in the tradition of the great Jewish prophets who bear witness to God. 

"Why me, God?" I asked.

"You're all I've got," He replied. "I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel."

Sad, isn't it?

Luckily there are a few more witnesses, like Pastor Chuck Baldwin.



@hmakow I don't condemn white people for the white Satanists who rule over us. I won't blame "the Jews" for the crimes of the Jewish elites.

@hmakow We should work for conversion Henry, conversion has always been the greatest threat. As conversion is a work of the Holy Ghost we must turn to god in this time of crisis.

shut-up-obey.jpg@hmakow How can Jews not notice that Jews are disproportionately represented in positions of power? Jews are always trying to figure out who is Jewish and who isn't. Even when I was a philo semite, I noticed that there were tons of Jews in power.

@hmakow So many oberjuden

@hmakow @Know_More_News "one of the few true God witnessing Jews left" so what you're saying Henry is that you're Sephardic, big fucking deal man.

It's the DOCTRINE that has to be judged NOT the individual worshipper. And the DOCTRINE is what's wrong with your tribe (Sephardic or otherwise). Your tribe considers itself to be chosen by Yahweh. I reject your tribe and its made up God. p.s. nice to see you using the term goyim, I'd like to see you call black people niggers and get away with it in the same way.

Hoot Gibson

The problem here is that most Jews have benefited enormously from Jewish Power. Ivy league schools are 25% occupied by 100% jews, likely 40% for people with some Jewish blood. Jews always hire jews first, and this has been going on for centuries. To just say "Jews in positions of power and influence" does not even start to re-balance the scales of justice. At a minimum there needs to be a period of DE-Judification similar to Reconstruction in 1895-1872 and de-Nazification from 1945-1953.

Augustus Berg

If you categorize yourself as a Jew, you're perpetuating the entire agenda of world Jewry, plain and simple. So yes, the average so-called Jew is definitely to blame as well, stop perpetuating The big lie. Jewish people don't actually exist, just proxies for world Jewry, I thought you of all people Henry Makow understood this? If you walk around claiming to be Jewish or a "Jew" and reap the benefits, you're the problem as well, that is the actual problem. A bunch of Usurious people pretending they're "Chosen" to rule over the rest, it's mass perception control. Talmudic/Modern Judaism is a safe space for the world's Psychopaths, Pedophiles, Sodomites, and Reprobates. The entire concept of being "Chosen" is blatant Supremacism lol.  (Makow- What benefits? I am ostracized by the MSM. My books are all self-published.) 


You & your kind will have to call them out, Henry. The vaxxes are prove they don't care about people. Same with the SS Patria, Kastner and the last Holocaust.
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Even though they may have no personal responsibility, they will throw their bodies into the line of fire. They will defend the bankers just because they're fellow Jews. They have been trained that anti-Semitism does not discriminate between innocent and guilty. But it does. Jews can opt out of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy. They never opted in. They don't have to take the rap.

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Comments for "Makow - Are all Jews to Blame? "

Chris said (August 13, 2021):

You are one of the best ever Henry and correct in your concerns for Jews as well as Dad always said NEVER underestimate the stupidity of mankind.

David C said (August 13, 2021):

Most of the best anti-Zionist researchers are Jewish. Most Jewish people don't even know what's in the Torah or Talmud, much less the Kabbalah. Jews who are "religious" are usually drawn to the "reform Judaism", which is Torah Judaism mixed with Zionism and Holocaustianity. Reform Judaism and Holocaust museums are being disrespectful to the Jewish people who really did suffer and die in Nazi camps, by delibertly exaggerating the death count and methods of mass murder. I was born to a Jewish (Ashkenazi) mother, but was raised Christian, went to church and Sunday school until it became unfashionable in the 1960's, and didn't even know my mother was Jewish until I had left the nest, and mom got into her Jewish roots after divorcing dad.

Being born Jewish doesn't mean you know anything about the religion of Judaism, much less follow it. As for Jews being to blame: there certainly are many powerful Jews to blame, like Biden's entire Zionist cabinet for instance? Biden himself seems to be Jesuit controlled, which is easy to see doing a search on "Biden Jesuit". Biden was sworn-in on his families RCC bible, a first for a president, indicating they have control of the USA - or is it the entire world now? Ronald Reagan was sworn-in facing the opposite direction - towards the Washington Monument obelisk, which was supposedly a signal from the Jesuits that they had control of the government already back then. Jews, Jesuits (Jewsuits), Freemasons, and other secret societies compose the "Synagogue of Satan". Satanists all over the world pledge loyalty to satan, so they are all part of the same satanic cabal,with the same leader. Just as Christians pray to God for guidance, they get guidance from satan. One of the signs of the "end times" are Jewish people flocking to the gospel truth of Yeshua, which is happening now - I'm one, not sure about you Henry...?

Tony B said (August 12, 2021):

You, Henry, are an excellent example for people to guide their judgment of other people by their "fruits."

It's interesting that the ADL (for instance), which pretends it speaks for all Jews, has to call people such as yourself "self-hating" Jews, which nonsense simply shows how weak is their agenda for talmudic world conquest.

How afraid they are that too many Jews will reject their false leadership publicly, isolating them as the tiny goy-hating group of insane misfits they are. Something they can't afford, thus the need for the constant lies to buck up their pretense of supposed public support. The need for owning as much media as possible, as many greedy politicians as can be bought or blackmailed, as total as possible control of education, as much theft of the world's economy through debt to them for exchanges as a pretense of money, etc.

Jews are not the only group which contains some who will easily sell their soul as they are too few to have done the present damage to the world all by themselves. Yes, the protocols show the basic plan of destruction for conquest, but apparently many greedy goy who read them have sold their souls for a piece of the action. Although, they will dearly regret that when they are no longer needed.

Doug P said (August 12, 2021):

If there is a group to blame this on, it must be Christian Zionists.

Religious Judaism seems to put forth an ideology that would gather members of a cult based on the belief in its member's inherent superiority and right to rule based on that superiority. The argument is flawed, (See Plato's Republic- brightest isn't necessarily the best) but appeals to narcissists. Judaism isn't likely to be the last to use this technique to create a cult (or sell a TV for that matter). Judaism is just another example of Satan's salesmanship - a particularly good one. Its members have been indoctrinated.

George said (August 12, 2021):

Hello Mr. Billy_Bob "Bubba" Makow,

By the power vested in me from my 6-pack of Labatts, (and fond memories of the
Red-Green comedy-show from Possum Lake, ON in 2002--2006), I now pronounce you
to be a Canadian, brother "Red-Neck."

BTW, no one accuses the Jesuits any more; but I still say that they have run the world, since 1550.

The Jesuit_General has 12 global Secretary Assistancies which manage 300 High-rank Provincials worldwide, which collate information from 5,000 Jesuit Priest Confessors in all Nations and that operate 100,000 blindly-obedient, lay Assassins -- everywhere over the face of the Earth.

The could be the definition of "The Matrix". Oh well, all this is higher than my pay-grade allows; so as Mr. Red-Green used to say at closing: -- I'm pulling for you; we're all in this together.

Possum-Lake Pledge: "I'm a man; but I can change -- If I have to, I guess."

PS: Starting at the 15-minute Mark, this catholic video to fight NWO CV-19 -- is passionately Inspirational.

Can you view, grab, and tweet/publish the link ? Thank-you, from George

RH said (August 12, 2021):

I watched the video. What came to my mind is the oddity of having so many dual-country citizens in critical high level US government positions and the American people don't seem to either know, care or think its a problem.

I questioned if any other religious or ethnic group could do the same without an uproar. We Minnesotans do have a Somali born US Representative (democrat). One of Eight elected in Minnesota to represent us in DC.

I also wonder if I could go to another country and be elected to their parliament or appointed to a high level government position. Seems like the odds would be against me.

I think it shows the power of the Media and fake history taught to us.

I fear this will not end well for any of us.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at