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Mike Stone - Our "Heroes" are Pussies & Traitors

August 17, 2021


Tom Brady and his "wife," an admitted witch.

It's said that crisis reveals character.

You're sure seeing that right here.

by Mike Stone


Who knew that muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger would turn out to be the biggest pussy in the world, hiding behind a face diaper and crying like a baby about those who refuse to follow the hoax?

Who knew that Bruce Springsteen, hero of the blue collar workingman, would turn out to be a scum-sucking shill for the vaxx and a supporter of Hillary and Obama?

Who knew that Sean Penn, laughably lauded as the greatest actor of his generation, would whine like a little girl and run away from the set of his latest movie until everyone in the cast and crew was jabbed?

Who knew that Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner would turn out to be a crossdressing freak?

Who knew that Tom Cruise would turn out to be a pussified shill for the vaxx?

Who knew that Tom Brady would turn out to shill the stolen election and crack jokes about it?

At various times, these were the most desired men on the planet. Envied as perfect specimens of masculinity ... admired by millions. And they all turned out to be pussies.

It's said that crisis reveals character. You're sure seeing that right here.

And it's not just the people listed above. It's everyone in the public eye. Don't tell me about an actor or actress you admire or anyone in the public eye and claim, "They're different."

They're not different. They're all pussies and cowards.


If you're a young person reading this, don't look to sports stars, politicians, musicians, entertainers or actors as role models. Especially actors. I've met many of them. They're all gay. Even the ones you don't think are gay are gay.

Don't look to anyone outside of your father and a handful of Saints as role models for anything, and if your father wears a mask I wouldn't be so quick to idolize him either.

If you're female, the situation is even worse. I'm sitting here trying to come up with the names of women with any heroic qualities at all and outside of Dr. Lorraine Day, I can't think of a single one. The media manufactures an assortment of Kardashian-born whores, purple-haired lesbian soccer players, and Baphomet bimbos and says, "these are your role models." In better days, they would all be burned at the stake.

Walk down the street of any major city in this nation and it's nothing but ads featuring half-naked harlots. Even worse are the actual live women who think nothing at all of dressing like street hookers. If I had a young daughter, I don't know what I would tell her. What do you tell your daughter?

I used to love listening to Springsteen's music. Today I can't stand it. I used to enjoy sports. Today sports are a woke joke and the athletes are cowards and shills of the first order.

The heroes of the past are having their statues torn down and their names erased from history. The so-called heroes of the present are pussies and stupid bitches. You're going to have to be your own hero. You're going to have to carve your own place in history, or better yet, forget about history and concentrate on saving your soul.

Don't look up to anyone as heroes. There aren't any. Only reflections of the empty-headed, mindless masses that support them.
Mike Stone is the author of "Reversing the Side Effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine: How to Heal Yourself from Adverse Reactions to the Trump Vaccine and Protect Yourself from Shedding," available here. And the author of Based, a young adult novel about race, dating and growing up in America, and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon.

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Comments for "Mike Stone - Our "Heroes" are Pussies & Traitors"

George said (August 17, 2021):

Mike Stone is correct, of course. The inner reason, of course, is narcissism. Bodybuilders are in love with their own bodies. So are actors. So are politicians.There is nothing real about them. Real people are quiet, unobtrusive, and dependable. Above all, dependable. Never trust a narcissist.

Anthony Migchels said (August 17, 2021):

Why did Mike Stone not mention Trump?

He only days ago said 'he had saved a 100 million lives with Operation Warp Speed'.

And yesterday he called on Biden to resign. Not just because of Afghanistan, but because of...........'rising covid cases'.

What a troll that guy is.

JM said (August 17, 2021):

You would have put Deborah Tavares at the top of your short list if you’d ever heard of her. Lorraine Day is very good and I’ve learned a lot from her (although she’s very bossy and not right about everything and you couldn’t tell her that.) She’s the most heroic heroine I’ve ever come across. Go to her website now They keep taking her you tube channel down so that tells you something. Elana Freeland calls her the document queen. She used to be on Rense, her video The Plan to Burn Up Northern California is even timelier now. Not sure what happened, maybe something to do with Rense getting knocked off the road and nearly dying. I’d listened to her for a long time before I wondered if she is a Christian because she talks and acts like one. Yes, she is. She frequently ends her disclosures by saying “Love the ones you love even more.”
Got a kick out of all those “heroes” you mentioned.

JR said (August 17, 2021):

the 'Vigilant Citizen' talks a lot about the 'entertainment industry whores'.
how they are all bought and payed for!... sold their souls to the satanists.
often perverted creations of the MK Ultra mind control programmes.
the males and especially the females.

I agree... most actors and definitely most celebrities are pussies.
they make a living doing exactly what they are told to do for the cameras.

give them some cash they do fucking anything they are told to do.
good article.

Doug P said (August 17, 2021):

The fact that people view entertainers as heroes is just a sign of the sickness that has been slowly enveloping us since the invention of recorded music and video, starting with the pill-popping Elvis Presley and the female sluts of the early movies.

One thing that surprised me in all of this is the number of females that have stood against this tyranny. The list of female doctors that have told us the truth of Kovid is virtually endless. The few I have listened to often are: Dr. Simone Gold, Pamela Popper, Dr. Sam Bailey. The youtubers ReallyGraceful, and Carrie Wedler both young girls has some of the best short explanations of how we are being transformed that I have seen yet.

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