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Gary D. Barnett -- Americans are Pathetic Cowardly Fools

September 20, 2021


"Only a nation of pathetic cowardly fools would allow such an abominable fate for their own defenseless offspring. This type of behavior indicates a total lack of intellect, and a mass ignorance of reality. It also indicates widespread indifference, which is the incarnate of a sick and immoral society."

"Once the deaths from these jabs reach unprecedented numbers, and they will, the rest of society who have not succumbed to the idiocy of taking such a dangerous concoction, will be blamed."

Our New Normal: Inflation, Poverty, Starvation, Economic Collapse, Fascism, Marxism, Communism, and Murder
by Gary D Barnett

The gullibility of man it seems has no bounds, for if it did, how could so many be so blind?

As I reflect on the past 18 months or so, it is quite alarming to understand the scope of this scam called a 'pandemic,' and how this entire country (and world) have embraced lies, deception, and tyranny of such magnitude.

Mass murder at the hands of the state has already begun, but with the rollout of deadly and poisonous injections purposely mislabelled as 'vaccines,' the murder of large numbers that is democide, will be evident among this entire population for years to come. The perpetrators of this genocidal takeover of society are now coming after all children, and will attempt to poison as many as possible with their 'vaccines' over the course of this year and next.

Only a nation of pathetic cowardly fools would allow such an abominable fate for their own defenseless offspring. This type of behavior indicates a total lack of intellect, and a mass ignorance of reality. It also indicates widespread indifference, which is the incarnate of a sick and immoral society.

masks-sheep.jpgSo, it seems that the so-called "new normal" of totalitarian rule over a slave-like society, is not just the fault of those who wish to rule over us, but more so the people at large for allowing this to happen without proper resistance.

Blaming the enemy is easy, but accepting blame of self is avoided at all cost, and this attitude is even worse than that of tyrants. It is expected that the evil among us who are the ruling class exist, but the evil of mass apathy can never be accepted or excused.


In the course of the past few months, this country's citizens have fully acquiesced to the will of a totalitarian regime, and in the process, have laid bare their weaknesses due to an unfounded fear. Many believe there is safety in numbers, but that is only the mindset of herd animals, not humans.

By voluntarily allowing for the death and destruction of part of the herd, the rest survive to live one more day, but when people accept this attitude, they also have to accept the death and destruction of their family, friends, and neighbors as normal for survival. If that is the case, it seems that the evolution of the human species is going backward, and that is exactly what collectivism is meant to accomplish.

With this comes the consequences of non-action, and under these circumstances, those consequences are always at the discretion of the tyrants. What has happened to date should be enough for anyone to see the folly of having confidence in any state or nation. What began with lockdowns and quarantines, led to business closings, job loss, extreme stress, supply line disruption, shortages, higher prices for goods and services, (inflation) and of course economic chaos. This in turn led to much more poverty, despair, and starvation, setting the stage for the next phase of this takeover. By this time, the people should have recognized the totalitarian nature of what was going on, but alas, they remained obedient and passive, and watched as their world was decimated.

In order to see the writing on the wall, one must seek out and accept the truth, regardless of the risk involved in doing so. To avoid the truth in favor of hiding from reality, hoping that someone else will 'fix' things, is exactly what all tyrannical rulers seek in the populations they are attempting to control. It is my expressed opinion, that the timing of this takeover coup was based fully on the fact that the master class knew that the general population was too afraid, too dependent, and too apathetic to fight back against this dictatorial authoritarianism that had been planned for decades. The timing of this was genius, because the masses acted in exactly the manner desired.


While no such thing as 'Covid-19' actually exists, and has never been identified, the real threat that is the real pandemic, had been held aside for just the right moment, and early this year the 'vaccine' pandemic was released.

The 'vaccine' is the bio-weapon, and the so-called non-existent variants a of a non-existent virus, are the result of the deadly 'vaccines.'

In other words, the 'vaccine' is the pandemic, and all those who have voluntarily taken the injections will be the victims of this staged pandemic.

Once the deaths from these jabs reach unprecedented numbers, and they will, the rest of society who have not succumbed to the idiocy of taking such a dangerous concoction, will be blamed.

In effect, all will have been targeted by the criminal state, whether they got the injection or not.

The 'vaccinated' group will be sick and dying, while the unvaccinated group will be hunted by the state.

This is why this society has already been divided by stealth in order to pit those vaccinated against those who are unvaccinated; a sinister plot meant to solidify control of both groups.


This is a communistic takeover attempt, that has all the elements of Fascism, Marxism, and Communism rolled into one.

It is the most dangerous time in history for the inhabitants of this planet, as it is an attempt to achieve a globalized takeover of all in order to convert to one technocratically controlled system, where there are an 'elite' few' at the top, their enforcers and corporate partners below, including government, with the rest being a slave class known as the proletariat.

While this 'pandemic' is thought to be about a mystery virus, it is not, as the virus narrative is just the tool being used to accomplish the real agenda, which has its roots based in the guise of 'sustainable development' marketed through the idiocy of man-made climate change.

own-nothing-swab-happy.jpegThis has been fully outlined in the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, and in the aptly named "Great Reset' agenda described by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

In reality, it has but one objective, and that is to achieve total global governance and universal control over all. To be successful in this venture, many hundreds of millions, or more likely billions, will need to be murdered. The 'vaccines' are the tools of murder, so avoidance of these injections at all cost is imperative.

This is not a new threat, but it has been carefully manipulated to occur at this time in order to coincide with the people's ignorance and indifference, their prepared division, their weakness and dependence on the state, and therefore their cowardice in the face of adversity. This 'vaccine' is the key to success for the evil and criminal rulers, so the fewer of us that take this witches brew, the more of us who will be able to fight back against this heinous attempt to destroy humanity.

Our only hope is to remain non-compliant, to disobey every order, and to abolish the current governing system that has assumed dictatorial powers with the voluntary cooperation from the masses.


Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional that has been writing about freedom and liberty matters, politics, and history for two decades. He is against all war and aggression, and against the state. He recently finished a collaboration with former U.S. Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and was a contributor to her new book, "When China Sneezes" From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Political-Economic Crisis." Currently, he lives in Montana with his wife and son. Visit his website.


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First Comment from Tony B

I'm getting very tired of those who keep putting the blame for this genocide on "the government" or any other place which is not the basis of it.
When are these people going to recognize that THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT IN THE U.S.?  That THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "BIDEN ADMINISTRATION."  That the same satanist/talmudic/masonic criminals who are behind ALL such travesties against God's earth and its inhabitants are behind this also.  Does not every American citizen already know that Biden is a brain dead pedophile nothing? 

Do they never ask themselves:  "Just who are those actually making the decisions supposedly governmental?"  Or financial?  Or healthwise?  Or mediawise?  Or in so-called "education?"  Or policing?  Or whatever else?  How many times must you,  and others like you, put up unending lists of talmudic Jews and their masonic lackeys who actually run every last place of financial, political, media, now medical, and any other seat of any other crucial power?

I'm also very tired of the damned whining about the present situation from a nation where the people have more guns than there are people.  What the hell is the holdup?  No, you can't just jump out individually, yes it does take a bit of local planning and cooperation.  SO DO IT AND STOP THIS MURDER OF THE INNOCENT!  What the hell are you waiting for?

The damned schools have been very efficient at turning the younger Americans into watchers who have no idea of how to do anything on their own.  Mothers who whine about satanic things being taught in the schools have never a single thought of teaching their kids real knowledge at home.  It might cut into their free babysitter hours for most of the day.  Or their unnecessary second job in the family taken because they want to live like kings - let the government do as it pleases with their kids, just get them out of the way.

It's as though 300 million out of 350 million Americans are totally brain dead.  Maybe more.  And it IS disgusting. 

For the first time, I wish I was about 40 years younger.


The Best of Gary D. Barnett

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Comments for "Gary D. Barnett -- Americans are Pathetic Cowardly Fools "

EB said (October 12, 2021):

The decent awakened people who are willing to step up are definitely in a minority here. People filling up football stadiums, but not enough to actively work against suppression. A lot of that has to do with economics as well as poor health. Sad to see what's happening in Canada and Australia as well. I know western Canada is talking of separation and it may come down to that here in the US as well.

JG said (September 21, 2021):

Common Sense 101:
1) A person who has been fully vaccinated against COVID 19 can't catch the Covid "virus" from an unvaccinated person. If he does than the vaccine is proven ineffective.
2) As admitted by Dr. Fauchi, face masks are ineffective against the spread of the Covid "virus". Why are you being required to wear one ?
3) If you are healthy and feeling good you don't need a vaccine shot to make you sick. This will do you no good at all.
4) You are an individual with God given liberties that no government can legally mandate to take that liberty away.
And finally, liberty has always come at a price. If you are not willing to defend that liberty than it most certainly will be taken away from you.

RH said (September 21, 2021):

Mr. Barnett is being a bit harsh, in my humble opinion.

I think the following quote coming from the Dr. Mark Trozzi post is more what is happening today:

“The soviet dictators created a dystopian authoritarian world, like the one we see today.”

All of us are being fed a steady information diet of half truths and not thought out philosophies. Yesterday, a post showed a woman in a mask with full makeup on, ready to run a marathon. Who runs a marathon in full facial make up?

The more I read the more I know I am being told half truths. For instance...were the Beatles a manufactured band with a much bigger purpose than we all believe? Some argue that Paul McCartney died...does it matter when you then read there were a number of actors playing the parts of each Beatle over the years? Is this true? Who knows?

And that is just one tiny aspect of entertainment...Real history of Bolshevik Communism takes a lot of researching and the role of the USA is totally confusing until you read the right authors.

Mr. Barnett should think about what the pathetic cowardly fools would change if they found bravery and acted...what truthful end result can come from a false history being told to us for years? Any action would probably be misdirected in the end.

JM said (September 21, 2021):

The indifference has massively taken hold, it's come down to who is a "responsible homeowner" vs. who doesn't "deserve" to carry a banksters mortgage note. Next, what will these NWO order takers do to those who will never comply.

Chris H said (September 21, 2021):

His line halfway through, "the timing of this was genius" is a vindication of what I've been saying to friends since this latest crap began.

The powers that be knew damn well most of the hell raising WWII and Silent Generation men were already dead, dying or simply very old. Boomer men were for the most part getting too old to fight. Gen X men such as myself hit middle age and while still viable are not the physical machines we were in our 20s and 30s, plus a decent percentage of our group drank the Kool Aid.

The Millennials are mostly gone as they've been brainwashed since birth in to compliance and fear of punishment from authorities and Gen Z was just raised to be stupid and ruled. Any attempt to act on their own behalf will be quashed quickly and easily.

And there you have it, the proverbial volleyball for authoritarianism was already set at the front of the net and just needed someone or something to smash it over.. Covid served the purpose perfectly.

CB said (September 21, 2021):

and canadians are waaaaaay worse!!

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