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November 25, 2021

Bitcoin-vs-Gold.pngHave cryptos sidelined gold for ever?
Chris Pirnak doesn't think so.

by Chris Pirnak

For those who have followed my recommendations and have done well, I stated that we buy gold for certain reasons. The reasons why I recommend gold have little to do with what the gold shills promote. We are to buy gold as personal catastrophe insurance against calamities in our personal lives, such as lawsuits, catastrophic medical costs, or acrimonious divorces.

We are not to buy gold because of monetary printing and social largesse. There are other classes of assets out there that are more effective hedges against Central Bank policy than gold, or even cryptos. Most income-generating assets make for a more predictable inflationary protection hedge as the income generated typically rises with the rate of price AND monetary inflation. Because the income generated tends to rise with inflation, so does the value of the underlying income-generating asset.

While gold looks like it's down and out versus other types of assets, I think this will prove temporary in many regards. Certainly, gold looks tenuous as the central banks around the world begin tightening. As interest rates rise, gold and cryptos are going to have a tougher time. They'll have a more tougher time than even stocks and real estate.

There's some good news for the longsuffering gold bulls. I don't think cryptos have replaced gold for good, but if we recall the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, we know there is a concerted effort by the synagogue of Satan to acquire the entire supply of the world's gold. What better way than to get everybody chasing a bunch of electronic digits on the screen?

Has gold been replaced for good? Absolutely not. There will come a time in the future when these elites will pull out most of the world's supply of gold, and we will marvel at how "godly" they are.

There is a silver lining for low gold and silver prices. You are afforded more of an opportunity to buy more gold than if were operating in a free market. Gold will always be good, and these low prices afford the accumulator the opportunity to buy much more gold than if prices were $3,500 to $7,000, which I think is gold's true monetary value.
BTW I own a little crypto. I own mostly btc. With btc, I can gain exposure to crypto and not have to spend any time analyzing this unique sector. I have always theorized on my blog that Bitcoin was burped up from dark intelligence as nobody seems to know it's origins. This was my primary reason for being a long-term bull on bitcoin.

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