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Masonic Anti-Vaxxers Scrub Occult Connection

January 20, 2022

image-22.pngThe Academy of Divine Knowledge appears to be a Masonic organization
whose teachers and associates  include prominent anti-vaxers David Icke,
Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Alec Zeck, Dr. Christiane Northrup,  Dr. Carrie Madej, and RFK Jr.
The Academy has since rebranded itself to hide its occult connection.

by CR

Last July,  I exposed the Academy of Divine Knowledge, an occult organization whose members include several prominent "anti-vax" activists including RFK Jr., Del Bigtree, and David Icke.

The Academy's site is now gone.  The domain name ( still exists but redirects to a new site named UNIFYD, which includes most of the same list of "teachers" but all references to the occult have been scrubbed.

Hilariously, their monthly fee of $33 (an obvious Masonic reference) has been reduced to $32.99.

Is this the result of them being called out for their occult practices? 

The original site spoke of "helping humanity through its awakening process in a comfortable manner."  Perhaps openly espousing occult beliefs and practices resulted in them receiving too much negative attention and the "awakening process" (aka indoctrination into occultism) had to be aborted.

Even the video by Sgt. Michelle Foy which originally exposed these people has been removed from her account. 

Not to point fingers at her, but what is going on?  Maybe she was threatened.

Her video is still available here:


In my original article, I noted that the periods of lock downs and restrictions corresponded to Saturn entering the sign of Aquarius, which the second time happened on the first day of Saturnalia.  

image-23.pngThe renowned occultist HP Blavatsky said that the god Saturn is in fact Satan and is "the god of our planet and the only god", and the Academy's logo was the hexagram which is the star of Saturn.

Saturn will exit Aquarius on March 7, 2023 and is currently in the "waning" phase, which (aside from the resistance) may explain why the tyranny is beginning to wind down.  

Not only is resistance growing among the general public but the entire covid narrative is now crumbling with the vaccines proven to be useless and dangerous, while the latest studies show that even four doses are ineffective at doing anything but causing adverse reactions.
Meanwhile, the "latest variant deadly variant" has turned out to be nothing more than the common cold.   Are these coincidences or was this the plan all along?

Perhaps the time for proselytizing has also passed for the Academy of Divine Knowledge.

Deeply involved in the occult, the globalist elite plan world events to coincide with astrological events and dates with numerological significance.  

They have tyranny and destruction planned like clockwork.  They wait for all the stars to line up before making their next major move.

This is not to say that the covid scam is totally finished or that global tyranny is taking a holiday.  

Things are moving into another phase, which looks like it will be largely driven by fraudulent climate change ideology. 

wolves-sheep1.jpgAnd thanks to the Academy of Divine Knowledge we can be fairly certain that indoctrinating us into satanism is one of the main objectives as well.

As always, be on the lookout for wolves in sheep's clothing. 

They will tell you the truth about one thing only to gain your trust, the better to betray you. .

This article by "CR" seems to be creating something of a stir. the symbolism around the Academy of Divine Knowledge is clearly a red flag and worthy of further investigation of it and any members. RFK jr, as you know, despite his apparently good and open work against vaccines is terrible on the climate agenda, support for Hillary and has a personal history that speaks for itself.

On the other hand, this part about the position of Saturn and the Saturnalia vis-avis Aquarius is a dry hole. Astrology and numerology are subjects that I have studied intensely since I was very young (e.g. I've done the birth charts for a LOT of people). Saturn does its progression through the signs every 29.46 years and trying to match those particular cycles with wider events is an exercise in vagueness and frustration and a waste of time. Elements in the power-that-be definitely dwell on numbers and astrology but I recommend against spending time chasing this particular phenomenon in hopes of finding any useful insight.

I am wondering on this latest opening up by BorisJ. It is difficult to imagine him doing it solely to save his own political skin although he no doubt wants to do that. Breaking ranks on that basis alone would be rare indeed. Could this be a signal that they are moving to the next phase that could include the next virus roll-out? The simultaneous, on-cue shift in the pushed narrative is, as always, just too perfect.

The much warned of "mass die-off" has yet to manifest itself and we are into the time period suggested by a number of people. There have been plenty of vaccine related tragedies but so far we could still be looking at a limited experiment/dry run of vaccine effects and social control. Again, possibly setting up something worse on both counts later.

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Comments for "Masonic Anti-Vaxxers Scrub Occult Connection "

Doug P said (January 21, 2022):

There are many reasons to be anti vaxx and they are independent of anything anyone has said since the internet was created. Plenty of old books and new statistics can rapidly turn anyone into an anti-vaxxer. The vaccine scam is more obvious than the 9-11 scam.

David said (January 20, 2022):

This organization and the prominent members involved is a curious connection, to be sure. I am unsure what to make of it.

There is no question that, for example, RFK Jr. is certainly an example of an "anti-vaxxer" that is an enigma. It was not but 2 years ago he was denouncing the free speech rights of those "scum of the earth" human beings that dared to question climate change.

If the covid "pandemic" has provided him with a different perspective on this issue, he has not to my knowledge expressed it. Yet, he seems to be doing incredibly important work on the covid front, and has been consistent on the vaccine issue for decades.

The other named individual I wish to comment upon is David Icke. I am aware of your past "feud" with him, which is unfortunate.

However, I have a very difficulty time believing that David Icke is controlled opposition. In fact, he is one of the only commentators that has from the start been unwavering in the assertion that there is no new virus. He's certainly the most prominent of those voices. And that is the most important issue.

He also does talk about the Rothschilds. In fact, with some moderation, he makes arguments that are quite similar to your own. He correctly identifies what he refers to as the sabbatean-frankists and ultra-zionists, while being careful to point out that regular Jews like you and I are victims of these destructive policies. This was featured most prominently in his 2019 book, The Trigger.

As we all know, it is wise for Icke to present his arguments in such a way as to make clear that he is not singling out an entire people. This is particularly true for someone who is not Jewish, although as you know well, it hardly matters these days.

Like John Lennon said, "if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow." Icke is correct to frame the issue in the way he does. And as you and I know, Henry, it is entirely accurate -- after all, we aren't in on it, and no one has invited us in. (At least I know I'm not in on it)

Are these seeds of truth merely to seduce the naiive into false ideologies? It is true Icke is not a Christian. But he believes in a higher power, and it is described as infinite awareness and love.

I'm going to have to give this guy a major benefit of a doubt, if for no other reason than his unwavering commitment to the ultimate truth: there is no virus.


David Icke dumped me after I revealed Jeff Rense's
racket, here.

This is hardly consistent with his pretensions.

The bottom line is that he is obfuscating. I can say in 15 minutes what he says in six hours, except that people might understand him.


kg said (January 20, 2022):

My opinion is that all persons with a significant audience are useful idiots and/or controlled opposition. It is not okay to accept that some of their views are aligned with lies, "because they cannot be aware of everything." Learning more about the Tavistock Institute has recently made me accept the likelihood of brainwashing and consequent control of all persons.

There are and have been thousands of secret groups focusing on owning or controlling everything of significance for thousands of years. I believe that these groups are often interconnected and controlled at the very top by a small number of people. Every country and every leader is controlled. Some leaders veer away from the agenda imposed on them so must be dealt with and are made examples to keep other leaders in line. Of course this is all easier now due to much better control of surveillance, data, money, food, energy, courts, media and education etc.

I believe this control agenda will collapse eventually due to the need for it to become more extreme causing many useful idiots to abandon their control positions for various reasons. The human condition will improve, after much death and suffering! and will be at a more advanced level than now, but will gradually begin another cycle where evil greedy people will again control everything through their control of finance and money.

Tony N said (January 20, 2022):

Although I should say I wish you had posted this article sooner. I already bought the RFK book and although it does have some excellent information, the pushing of climate junk science and Trump bashing (not defending Trump) were segues into odd areas for a book that was supposed to focus on Fauci.

There appears to be alot of poisoning the well through ridiculous claims of some of these antivax satanists...whether it is alien reptile Icke or the vax doomsayers saying everyone will die from clots or brain degeneration within 2 years.

I will definitely be much more careful when listening to the various truth speakers and not believing every doom story they throw out there.

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