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Reprising the Flat Earth Argument

March 5, 2022

firmament.jpg"Satan's greatest deception was to make us believe that he doesn't exist.  Yet God's greatest truth is that He created everything.  Satan can only deceive--he can not create.  We only have to look up at the sky (preferably with a Nikon P-900) to see that God created everything that exists.  The sun revolves around the Earth; the Earth does not move; and the sun, moon, and stars are all lights attached to the Firmament."

(Disclaimer- I have no use for the flat earth argument but post
this out of respect and affection for my friend and fan, Edward Menez.)


by Edward Menez

Have you ever felt yourself spinning, like 1000 mph? 

Have you ever seen water cling to a concave surface? 

Have you ever looked at the stars with a zoom camera like the Nikon P-900?

There are a lot of questions regarding our lives here on Earth, but none is more fundamental than asking exactly where we live. 

Is it a planet?  Or do we live under a firmament, as mentioned in the Bible? 

It's not hard to find the answer: all you need is a zoom lens on your camera (preferably the 83x zoom of the P-900).

Often the first question is: Why would we be lied to about this? 

It's the same reason we've been lied to about taking vaccines for an invented "covid" virus. 

flat earth yin yang map.jpg(Flat earth yin-yang map)

The satanic Jews have decided it's better you believe anything they tell you, rather than see the truth for yourself.  It is better, according to them, that you believe that a Big Bang fortuitously created everything that exists (out of nothing), and that you are a freak of nature, derived from fish walking on land and turning into monkeys, and then "evolving" into human beings.  You are nothing but a speck of dust in the gigantic universe, evolved by chance, and with no purpose in the world but to accumulate money and self-grandeur. 

But doesn't that eliminate God from our lives?  That is clearly the satanic Jews' purpose.

Type in "photos of Earth from space" into your preferred browser and you will receive anything but actual photos, but rather CGI images. 

Most people believe they are living on a planet because they've been shown images of a ball-like planet their entire lives in movies, and globes in classrooms.

It's not your fault--we've all been indoctrinated about "planet" Earth from pre-school.  "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things." (1 Corinthians 13:11).

Psalms-19-1.jpgWernher von Braun has Psalms 19:1 engraved on his tombstone: "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handywork." 

Why would a NASA rocket scientist allude to the firmament on his tombstone?  Perhaps his 1966-67 field trip to Antarctica allowed him to see it firsthand.

It's not hard to figure out that we are not moving 1000-mph at the equator as we are told, or 0 mph at the poles as we are told, but that the earth is stationary and does not move, as The Bible mentions over 30 times.  

Viz: 1) We do not feel the Earth spinning;

2) Water always finds its level;

3) The sun has crepuscular rays;

4) We can zoom in on a boat which has disappeared from sight supposedly due to "the curvature of the Earth", or a sun which has set, with a P-900 camera, and bring them back into view;

UN-Flag.gif"The UN Flag is the AE Map"

5) All flights use the AE (or "azimuthal equidistant") map for navigation, otherwise known as the "flat-earth map", or the UN flag;


6) The moon landings were fake!

7) The horizon always rises to your eye-level as you go up in altitude, and does not slough off as you would expect if you were on a ball;

hotspot.jpg( "A local sun shows a hotspot, and the horizon rises to eye level as high as you go")

I want to give credit to Eric Dubay, whose books and hundreds of videos have exposed this globe-evolution teaching for what it is--a Satanic Jewish fraud. 

Also, Edward Hendrie has exposed this same fraud in his book, "The Greatest Lie on Earth", which was featured on this website in March 2016. 

In the end, it is up to the reader or investigator to attempt to erase the brainwashing of the satanic Jews and reconfigure his or her worldview to the world's established science prior to 500 years ago, when every culture in the world believed in a flat earth with a firmament.  It's Copernicus and Galileo and Newton, all Freemasons that we have been taught to idolize, who have been written into science lore as the Satanic Jews' revenge upon us all.  

Satan's greatest deception was to make us believe that he doesn't exist.  Yet God's greatest truth is that He created everything.  Satan can only deceive--he can not create.  We only have to look up at the sky (preferably with a Nikon P-900) to see that God created everything that exists.  The sun revolves around the Earth; the Earth does not move; and the sun, moon, and stars are all lights attached to the Firmament.


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Comments for "Reprising the Flat Earth Argument "

CN said (March 6, 2022):

Well! I'm surprised that you are running this article, Henry. It doesn't seem that long ago that you were on board with man having gone to the moon. I tried back then to make a comment that would lead one in this direction, in a subtle manner.
Before one can have any chance of grasping where we really are, one has to look at the fairytale adventures of NASA and their ilk and realize that EVERYTHING they have showed us COULD be a lie. Then one's mind may be able to grasp reality.
Flat Earth is truly the red pill as presented in the movie The Matrix.
While I have been to the ocean and proved to myself that there is no curvature, certainly not 8 inches per mile times the distance squared, as is required on a ball of roughly 25,000 miles in circumference, and I was able to reel back in ships that had supposedly gone over the horizon with a pair of long range binoculars, I like to come up with my own proofs.
For example, at the equator we are told we are moving to the east at 1040 mph. At a more northerly latitude, say Seattle or New York the circumference of the Earth is much less thus the speed at which we are supposedly moving would be much less. So why don't we weigh less when we go to the equator? Why can't we jump higher? There should be greater centrifugal force as well as speed.
One can't truly be "awake" until one realizes where we really are.

rh said (March 6, 2022):

Thank you for posting the article. I took college 101 Astronomy when I was an undergrad coming out of the Star Trek TV days, (or is it daze). We looked at Saturn with its rings and Jupiter with its moons through a telescope and I didn’t give it much thought after that.

What I do find interesting is that apparently pictures we think are real, are often NASA CGI. For instance, you would think that a series of pictures approaching Mars could be taken by our spacecraft. What we see instead are CGIs. Why would this be?

Twenty plus years ago, I decided the pictures on the moon were faked…taken here on earth somewhere. Too fuzzy and not realistic.

About that same time, I read the most BS theoretical formula ever devised was E=MC2. That author said it meant nothing and came from propaganda to prove how brilliant Einstein was over the rest of us. See, it was so above our thinking, it could not be explained to us. We could not grasp it. Science was too much for the ordinary mind.

Lately, two other things are popping up: viruses do not exist and atomic bombs do not exist.

Covid is telling me that Science is proving itself to be easily used by a small minority to control a large majority…until it fails by shear weight of the deception.

I keep an open mind when I hear these alternative ideas. Sometimes I feel we escape from one pen into another on the Animal Farm.

David C said (March 5, 2022):

Up to about five years ago, like you I dismissed the idea of a flat earth, to the point I wouldn't even look at information claiming to prove it. Then about five years ago I decided to "waste" time watching an Eric Dubay video called "200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball", which is where my "flat earth" (I don't like that term) research began. Since then I've spent 100+ hours researching the subject, looking at it from every angle, and now assume I live on a stationary plane under the dome of the firmament, the luminaries revolving around above, the sun and moon close and a similar (same?) size. Biblical "Hebrew" cosmology describes our world that way, as does Vedic cosmology, although it's a contentious subject. The first lie children are taught is they live on a spinning ball earth, the fake globe model (now CGI is used to deceive) that spins on an axis is shown to them. Then children are told they evolved from the primordial ooze after a "big bang", which also refutes the biblical origins of our world. At this point, I believe the Holy Bible to a large extent, while knowing much of it was changed and/or removed from the biblical canon. My conspiracy research dovetails with my biblical research - it all begins with the BIG LIE about our world, and where we came from. First they get children dizzy wth the spinning ball lie, so they easily accept all the other absurd lies that follow. Nobody questions how the scientific authorities "know" the sun is 93 million miles away, or the supposed structure of the inside of our earth when they have only drilled down about 10 miles, and down in one place. I question everything, and remember what Yoda said in "Star Wars" - "first you must unlearn everything you have learned". That is more difficult the higher your "education" (indoctrination) level, and people with advanced degrees are the most indoctrinated, their minds in a matrix prison. I now keep my mind open, and always question my assumptions, because the truth is much stranger than anything I could have imagined. Research the flat earth concept, and I believe you will come to the same conclusion I did, which is that we do not live on a spinning ball, held down by THEORY of "gravity" - which has never been proven.

RS said (March 5, 2022):

Re the flat earth argument: there's a distinction between the flat earth theory and the stationary earth (i.e., geocentric) theory., and one does not have to believe the former to believe the latter.

In classical Greek civilization, Ptolemy's geocentric model of the cosmos was held until Copernicus's heliocentric theory was adopted by Galileo and others. But it was also recognized as early as Pythagoras (500 B.C.) that the earth was spherical.

And one does not have to believe in a flat earth in order to believe the Bible. In fact, the Bible indicates that the earth is a sphere (see Isaiah 40:22), even though it also speaks as if the earth were stationary (Psalm 19), which would make sense if the cosmos was geocentric.

Finally, it's interesting that even today, in the age of relativity theory and space telescopes, the Ptolemaic model cannot be disproved (or proved). There is no absolute or privileged point in the cosmos from which we can determine the matter definitively. God knows.

JS said (March 5, 2022):

when you spin a ball (=earth) in a gas bubble (=earth's atmosphere) how comes that the gas bubble spins with the exact same velocity as the ball? It can't. Gas is more inert than hard matter. We would have to have a very strong constant wind from the east on earth's surface of almost the same velocity as the speed of earth's rotation (~1000mph at the equator). A strong wind like that (supersonic speed) would cause friction heat which would turn the earth into a flamy bullet without any possibility of life as we know it.
Not sayin' this is proof of anything but it makes me think. Explanations welcome.

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