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June 20 - Gonzalo Lira - Ukraine will Escalate to WW3

June 19, 2022

gonzalo-lira-3691209309.jpg(Gonzalo Lira)

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Gonzalo Lira says Ukraine totally got it's butt kicked, that man for man they were probably better than the American army, that America can't match Russia on the battlefield, that America will provoke Russia to attack Lithuania by shutting down a critical rail route and as a result of that and losing on the actual battlefield, America will nuke Russia.

 Trump Warns of World War III

 The lavish military aid provided to Kiev by Washington could result in the conflict in Ukraine turning into World War III, former US President Donald Trump has warned.

"We have a war in Ukraine... and perhaps it's going to lead to World War III because of the way we're handling it," Trump warned in a speech at a religious conservative conference in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday.

Russia is done with the West-

Russia Says 50 Senior Officers Of Kiev Forces Were Killed In Kalibr Missile Strike (Video)

Kaliningradmap_0.jpgBaltic EU/NATO member Lithuania has implemented a ban on all rail transit goods going to Russia's far-western exclave of Kaliningrad, after transport authorities initially announced the provocative measure on Friday.

"The EU sanctions list notably includes coal, metals, construction materials and advanced technology, and Alikhanov said the ban would cover around 50% of the items that Kaliningrad imports," Reuters wrote.

They can supply by ship
Dr. Carrie Madej lays it all out.


Dark Journalist & Millie Weaver: Deep State Illuminati - YouTube

Commentators rave about this interview but don't say what it reveals

Mark Trozzi MD

Here is the full video of Speaking Naturally Uncensored Conversations held at ANHI headquarter in the UK on May 30th, 2022. We previewed this in our June 6th post.

Dr Rob Verkerk, Melani Aldridge, Dr Naseeba Kathrada, Rain Trozzi and myself Dr Mark Trozzi look at the big picture of what we have come through, the challenges we face, and healthy survival strategies ahead:


Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday named a new leader of the Florida State Guard and urged all interested Floridians to apply, including unvaccinated service members facing discharge under the Department of Defense's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Chris Graham will serve as director of the soon-to-come Florida State Guard, DeSantis announced at a press conference in Madeira Beach.

frumpy-freeland.pngFreeland, Canada's frumpy Deputy PM

Vaccines- all risk -zero benefit

Dr. Cole: "Not only could you be sterilizing your daughter, you could be ruining her heart, you could be inflaming her liver, you [could] be inflaming her brain, her adrenal glands, her spleen, her bone marrow."

 Macron's party loses parliament majority - projections
The centrist coalition appears to be losing ground to both the left and right

Left will keep this SOB in power

Jim Stone- Very clear and concise testimony of what the vaccines are and how damaging they are, from a real medical professional speaking in front of a government panel that cleary knows and does not give a damn.

Top epidemiologist for Public Health Agency of Canada NEVER recommended vaccination for air travel

Comments--"The challenges should never be dropped and the lawsuits should never drop. This government needs to learn the hard way never to pull off anything like this in the future. The government made a choice to trample on citizen rights and choices have consequences.

"Lies EVERYWHERE,. This government needs to be kept accountable for EVERYRTHING, for all the grief and pain they caused.  Who is going to pay for the fact  us not to be able to travel and see my hubby 80th year old mom  for the last two years when every moment counts?




JUST IN - CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on Pfizer, Moderna mRNA shots for children as young as 6 months.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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