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False Flag 9/11: Nano-Thermite Proof

December 22, 2010

911column.jpgThermite can be used for horizontal cutting (left)

There is no faster way to stop this bogus 'war on terror' and end the war crimes etc. than by showing that it was all started with a 'false flag-event' by a global "shadow government".


by Christian Soderberg

 "9/11 conspiracy theories" get very little air-time in mainstream media, except when 9/11 Truthers" are called crazies and perhaps even "threats to national security." But the MSM rarely explains why the serious 9/11 Truthers demand a proper investigation.

Over the web, in alternative media, on internet forums, on YouTube etc. there is a whole different attitude. Between the alternative media and the MSM, we have an 'Information War.'

On conspiracy forums, like Above Top Secret, the most serious debate is on the topic of 'Controlled Demolition of the WTC buildings and Nano-Thermite'.

The Great Thermate Debate

Many people believe, thermite, or a nano-technology version of thermite, played a part in the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 causing collapses that were near free-fall.

Till April 2009 the debate on thermite and controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings was based on "oddities" like 'pools of molten metal in the basement levels of the WTC' reported by fire fighters, and on the 'orange-hot molten metal pouring out of South Tower' around seven minutes before it's collapse.

In April 2009, the thermite-hypothesis gained more momentum when a study: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, was published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal. The study describes tests done on the 'red/grey bi-layered chips' found in the dust gathered around or close by Ground Zero, and the study concludes the chips being "highly energetic, unreacted thermitic material."

National Institute of Standards and Technology,) did not do any tests for explosive materials or for thermites. They just calculated that none of these materials was involved in the WTC demolitions.

NIST, which investigated the causes for the collapses of the three WTC buildings, never did any tests for explosive materials, incendiaries or for thermites during their investigation.

From: NIST & the World Trade Center, Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

12. Did the NIST investigation look for evidence of the WTC towers being brought down by controlled demolition? Was the steel tested for explosives or thermite residues?

"NIST did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel.

The responses to questions number 2, 4, 5 and 11 demonstrate why NIST concluded that there were no explosives or controlled demolition involved in the collapses of the WTC towers.

.. "while a thermite reaction can cut through large steel columns, many thousands of pounds of thermite would need to have been placed inconspicuously ahead of time, remotely ignited, and somehow held in direct contact with the surface of hundreds of massive structural components to weaken the building. This makes it an unlikely substance for achieving a controlled demolition."

Here is Dr. Shyam Sunder, a member of NIST 's investigation team, explaining why NIST felt they did not need to do the tests for thermites or explosive materials from the WTC remains.

His explanation starts at 8:20 on this video and continues on the next part of the press briefing about the WTC building 7 investigation.

Professor Steven Jones, one of the scientists who made the 'WTC nano-thermite composite' discovery, and one of the writers of the study published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, has offered his WTC dust samples for NIST to use in their own tests, and has asked NIST to acquire their own materials for the tests, but NIST apparently has not even replied to his letters.

On Professor Jones's discovery NIST has commented that is not "scientifically valid" because Jones can't prove the "chain of custody" of the dust he tested.

For NIST and debunkers, Professor Jones has replied, "They don't need my dust to test. They have plenty of dust of their own where they know the chain of custody. They just won't test it."


Many people, including NIST scientists, who try to debunk the 'controlled demolition hypothesis' and the evidence of nano-thermite found in the WTC dust, deny this hypothesis because thermite is "gravity driven", meaning it only falls downward and isn't good for horizontal cutting.

But simple backyard experiments prove that it's quite easy to make horizontal cuts with thermate/thermite.

In this excellent video demonstration, Jonathan H. Cole also shows how to make thermite-cutters for bolts, or how to cut just the heads of the bolts.

red-gray chips.jpgThe thermite used in these experiments was "old fashioned thermite", not a nano-composite as are the 'red-grey chips' that can be found in the WTC dust.

The nano-thermite chips found in the WTC dust resemble a 'sol-gel-composite'. The sol-gel process, it's advantages and about the many variants of the composite are explained here by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Some of the chips appear to be multi-layered. One patent (US patent 59 12 069) for such 'metal nano-laminate composite' can be found here. This patent was filed in 1996, so 5 years before 9/11.

By-product of thermite-reaction, 'iron rich micro spheres', was also found in dust samples from the WTC. These micro spheres were also present after ignition tests for the red-grey chips discovered in the WTC dust.

These micro spheres were also found by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) when they studied the WTC dust in 2001.   

'Bright white flames' in the WTC Towers ..magnesium igniters for the thermite?

Jon Cole uses magnesium strips to ignite the thermite in his experiments. Burning magnesium puts out a bright white flame. Jon also shows a video clip in which a 9/11 WTC survivor reports about an explosion in the Tower and about seeing a light flash. (..not a flame?)

NIST also mention these 'bright white flames' in their reports.

"An unusual flame is visible with in this fire.  ..a very bright white flame, as opposed to typical yellow or orange surrounding flames.. The intensity of this flame is considerably brighter than normal flames." 

On this stabilized video of the molten metal pouring out of the South Tower, filmed around seven minutes before the tower collapsed, we can see one of these bright white flames. Does it come from an igniter for the thermite?


The "thermite debunkers" often claim that many tons of thermite would be needed to bring down the three WTC buildings. But the scientists who found the WTC nano-thermite, do not claim that 'only' thermite was used, as it is explained here by Niels Harrit.

Rather, thermite was used to weaken the structures, so that lesser amount of conventional explosives would be needed for the controlled demolition. Smaller explosives make less noise.


Other testimonies by the scientists who found the nano-thermite in the World Trade Center dust. If you haven't watched these videos yet, I suggest everyone, unfamiliar or familiar with the subject watch these very informative interviews.

9/11: EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY EXCLUSIVE: Steven Jones Physicist parts 1 & 2

9/11 EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY EXCLUSIVE: Mark Basile Chemical Engineer


Video evidence also suggests that individual gutting charges were used.

Here is a video clip showing an individual cutting charge blowing out of the corner of North Tower. There is no window there but the charge cuts a corner column and blows through a corner aluminum panel. A little later you can see the corner column swaying out of the dust cloud from the exact height where the ejection was seen earlier, right before the column drops straight down when it is cut from below with another cutting charge.

Cutter Charges in the North Tower of the World Trade Center  (YouTube)

These explosive ejections, or "squibs", blowing through the column and aluminum panel in the corner also proves that the other light colored "puffs" coming out of the tower are not air blowing through the windows when floor panels slam against each other, as NIST has suggested, but these "squibs" are in fact from explosive charges.

Here is another great video analysis by David Chandler, a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, showing the explosion "squibs" below the collapsing North Tower:

This is another good video analysis by David Chandler showing the South Tower demolition.


US government will not change their stance about the 9/11 events without official reports, and NIST doesn't seem willing to test the WTC remains for explosive materials.

For this stance to change, US citizens need to pressure their government to address this issue. People from all over the world can help by demanding their own governments to take up this issue with the US.

People should also contact human-rights groups like 'Amnesty International' There is no faster way to stop this bogus 'war on terror' and end the war crimes etc. than by showing that it was all started with a 'false flag-event' by a global "shadow government".



Press release for the WTC-thermite study:

Study: Scientists Discover Active Thermitic Material in WTC Dust 

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth 

For 9/11 Truth news:  

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Comments for "False Flag 9/11: Nano-Thermite Proof"

john said (December 24, 2010):

It is clear to me that 9-11 was a staged event to create an atmosphere of horror and to propel this country into the ensuing wars that followed.

There is no reason to hide the video tapes or other surveillance evidence from the public unless you have something to hide. Not one plane has been identified by part numbers etc. that I know of.

There will come a day when all the rats involved will be forced out of their sewer and pay the ultimate price for their wickedness.

I have 20 plus years in police work including criminal investigations. The official government story stinks to high heaven. Where are the honest police in this country who work in the 911 crime scene jurisdictions? A grand jury needs to be convened in each jurisdiction, not the politicians in Washington.

Sam said (December 24, 2010):

I see some want to push back the thermite theory in support the nuke use. Either way, we both know we have been had and a lawfull investigation must be carried out into two things now, 1)those attacks and 2)the previous cover up of the crimes or in legalese, obstruction of justice coupled with destruction of the evidence and why they did that. It is obvious to me why the Bush administration did that cover up, because they were involved with the first. One lie followed by more is all we had. Who lies when questioned about one horrendous crime like those?

Dennis said (December 23, 2010):

There is a very strong indication that only exotic, unconventional weaponry could have released that much extremely -- unimaginably -- high intensity energy which suddenly appeared just as the towers disintegrated from top to bottom. This understanding means we cannot blame the highly unconventional Ground Zero devastation on thermite/thermate/super thermate and "controlled demolition" any more than we can blame it on "jet fuel" or "box cutters".

Classical government disinfo methods ensued whereby their agents (Dr Steven Jones/Dr Judy Woods) put out supposedly “alternative theories” involving alleged “secret, new technologies” that are either evidence-free and/or impossible. Space Beams/DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), or ludicrous “super nanocomposite thermite burns forever” theories were created by the intel agencies to cover up the nuking of the WTC, and the China Syndrome Aftermath. (Thermite cools off in minutes or hours.) These “theories” desperately try to claim new phenomena or new laws of physics and chemistry--as does the 9/11 Commission’s ludicrous “findings.”

Other conventional explosives were used for “outside” public consumption, but have nothing to do with the vaporization of the buildings. Thermite does not negate the belief in a false flag, it is a distraction from reality. Dr Jones and the rest of the BYU crew desperately cling to this nonsense to keep people from looking at the scientific facts. The “laws” of science do not lie

Koen said (December 23, 2010):

I think the mini-nuke theory explains the sudden collapse of the the WTC during 9-11-2001 very well (this is a plausible explanation):

It has been refuted by Steven Jones, the man who dismissed "cold" solid-state fussion as a fable (the Fleischmann Ponse affair), and the man behind the thermate theory of the WTC collapse.
Jones' refutation of solid-state nuclear fusion was wrong, so can he be wrong as well to refute the mini-nukes theory : ??
For instance, can the use of thermate explain why the pile of demolished WTC was a very low pile, as if much of the demolished buildings disappeared in a big hole, created by an underground mini-nuke ?

Gary said (December 23, 2010):

The "thermite debunkers" often claim that many tons of thermite would be needed to bring down the three WTC buildings..., but, presumably, the thermite debunkers would expect the world to believe that the buildings 1 & 2 came down exclusively by fires from the aircrafts and building 7 by fire alone? The claim doesn't make sense ! If huge amounts of explosives were needed to bring the structures down, then the official story couldn't have occurred by their own premise.

Keith said (December 23, 2010):

Just read your post on nano-thermite and 911 and thought you might be interested in the following regarding the Pentagon missile on 911. The Pentagram released 5 photos, and in the fourth you can see the aircraft that fired the missile (you know, the one Cheney ordered a stand down on as per Norman Mineta) as it flies over by the fireball. Jesse Ventura had this photo on his recent Pentagon 911 show but failed to notice the fly over.

“The Attack on The Pentagon” is an outstanding article with much photo evidence of what happened, and what did not happen, at the Pentagon on 9-11. The first version of this article appeared on this website on September 13th, 2001.
Go to:
then click onto the following two parts to see the CCTV photos of the missile impact (part 3) as well as the photo of what appears to be a predator (part 4) which can be seen clearly to the left of the fireball from the explosion as it passes over and by the the Pentagram after firing the missile.

3) The photos of the Pentagon explosion with the fireball and predator flyover are at:

4) What Actually Happened?

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