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An American Finds Love in Peru

October 30, 2010

peru-women-8642.jpg(left, another American guy with Peruvian Sweetheart)

"I can still actually make her blush at the age of 31. Try finding a 31 year old American girl who can still blush."

From "Rod"


As I write I am in Lima, Peru on the 6th day of my weeks vacation visiting a friend. I was here in 2003 when I first wrote you. It has changed drastically in 7 years. Everyone is upwardly mobile seeking that "American" dream as fast as they can. I very rarely receive a nice look from anybody. Much less a smile. I feel a little resentment towards me, as I am an American. Can't put my finger on it though. I get the same treatment whether I am with my 31 yr. old pretty girlfriend ( I am 45 ) or I am by myself. They want my money, but they don't want me.
The people don't understand. It would be like talking to a wall trying to explain the New World Order to them. You're right Western civilization is the only civilization that is left ( what's left of it ) that is still resisting somewhat. All the other cultures have accepted their fate years ago and some centuries ago.
Many of the people here imitate what they see on TV. Wear the clothes they see on Latino MTV, or what they see the TV or Movie stars wearing. Just as in America. They don't realize the life they are giving up is much more superior. Many are poor by western standards but when they go downtown they wear their Sunday best. You would not know of it to look at them that they are poor. There are 11 million people in Lima and the unemployment rate is 25%. People will do anything to get and keep a good job. The employers have the workers right where they want them.
I have lucked out and found a good girl. But it took much discerning on my part and wasn't easy. She has good traditional values and still has an innocence about her.
American women have been easily fooled by feminism. But the genie is out of the bottle now, there is no getting it back in. Women will never admit they have been sold down the river and took the bait hook, line, and sinker.
Now I know what God meant when he said in the ancient book of Genesis that the woman was the weaker sex. It's not just physically he was talking about.

(I asked Rod to elaborate)

Hi Henry,
I am a long time reader of your Web page and have listened to every episode of your once Web radio show" Male Mentoring". And have also read your book " A Long Way To Go For Date". Actually your book was the inspiration that gave me that extra push I needed to search for love outside my own country of the USA. I knew I wasn't happy with American women and didn't want to have to settle for what was left to me.
At the age of 38 in 2003 I met a girl on a paid Website and eventually went to see her in Lima, Peru. To my dismay she was a wannabe Western girl in disguise. Fortunately I saw through her ruse and told her I was not interested in marrying her.

We actually stayed in touch writing emails from time to time. She married a Western European man 6-8 months after our split and then divorced him 2 years later  after receiving her citizenship in that country. Of course she told me she divorced him because they were incompatible. She is a 47 year old once hottie, but still looks good for her age. But she can't seem to grasp that most of the men looking for foreign wives are looking for the opposite of what an American girl is like. Not a girl wanting to be like American girls.
My second trip to South America was to Bogota, Colombia. This time was a younger girl of 28. Very good looking, nice figure, was smart, responsible, reliable and very trustworthy. That was something I could rarely find if ever in an American girl. And I thought I was in love for sure. But I had to let my brain override my heart. She had a very quick temper and was very controlling to boot had a 11 year old son that she tried to minimize my contact with.

 It's like she was trying to get me to fall in love with her then she would bring her son into the picture. So, I back pedaled a little and said I did wanted to file for a fiance' visa instead of returning to Colombia to marry her and file for the wife visa later. That was all it took for her other side came out and that was all I needed to see that there was no way I could live with someone like that.
Well they say the third time is the charm. I hope so. As I write this letter I have just returned for a weeks vacation to Lima, Peru to meet my girlfriend in person with whom I have been in contact with via, email and instant messenger on MSN for 6 months.
I feel very fortunate to have finally found the girl I been searching for for more than 7 years if not all my life. It wasn't easy. It took a lot of discerning on my part to weed the other girls out. I found her using the free website

She is 31, never married, no children, so, (no abortions) She has traditional values and morals. And still has an innocence about her. An innocence you can't even find in an American girl over the age of 15. I can still actually make her blush at the age of 31. Try finding a 31 year old American girl who can still blush. And at my age of 46 next month and still wanting at least one child she is still very fertile and wants kids.

 Good luck for the average 46 year old American male finding an attractive 31 year old female with no kids, no abortions, no failed marriages. Baggage in other words. That would want him. It's like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. I thought there was something wrong with me for many years. But I just wasn't looking in the right places.
Guys there is a whole world out there full of single women. Don't feel that you are stuck with what is available in your own westernized country. I think many of us men have forgotten what it is like to be really loved by a woman. So we have just settled for less than true love or worse.

Now I truly know what God meant when he said in the New Testament book of 1 Peter, Ch. 3, vs. 7. Woman was the weaker vessel. God was not just speaking physically. And in the ancient book of Genesis Eve was deceived by the serpent. Adam ate of the fruit knowing what he was doing was wrong. But did it for his wife. Eve was tricked. Just as modern women are tricked to this day. Us men know they are deceived but compromise our principles anyway just to please them. We learn early in life not to make mommy unhappy and what mommy likes and dislikes. We do the same with our wives and girlfriends later in life.
Nuff said. Henry. Keep up the good fight.

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Comments for "An American Finds Love in Peru"

Tamara said (October 31, 2010):

Henry, I am a long time reader of your web site, because I am always
fasinated by the bullshit I read on it. But this article about a man
finding love in Peru, takes the cake. Seems to me you would have to be a
male who wants to dominate and control your woman, to want what this guy
has. Nothing wrong with being a strong american women, strong in her
independance, convictions, and abilities to think for herself , and make
her own decisions, controlling her life, not getting permission from her
husband, blah blah blah. One of the things that has been wrong with this
world for centuries and on and on is male domination, male ego, male pride
etc etc. I read your articles, so I can know what the white ,
conservative , christian males think, and feel. Can't make any sense out
of it, it is all bullshit , as far as I am concerned. And I don't like it
one bit. Good luck as the rest of the world evovles, with your de-evolved
status !!!

Tamara, wife and mother of 3 strong
and independant daughters, thank god

David said (October 30, 2010):

Good to see the expatriate articles again. I was in Colombia and Peru earlier this year. I'm not looking, but the travel forums are true in the respect that Colombian women are beautiful. Lima is on the coast at sea level but not hot because of the cooling effect of the cold Humbolt current. Ecuador is possibly the largest expatriate community which centers in the south.

I'm going again this winter. Hooked on cheap Latin American travel and smart, polite people. I travel alone on public transportation and stay in $10 hostels located in safe neighborhoods. I don't party and have studied scams and how to avoid danger. I have 4 years of training in quickly disabling muggers.

Thanks for running these stories, there's not enough on the blogs.

Tim said (October 30, 2010):

I am a 33 year old male who lives in Washington DC. Upon reading the mail from Rod I was moved to write to you in brief about my current experience.

I am in a long-distance relationship with a 21 year old Bolivian woman. Rod's story resonating with mine. The innocence. The old-fashioned lady manners. The RESPECT that she gives me as a man.

I can hear her blush over the phone when I talk about sensuality. Don't get me wrong she likes it. But she doesn't want to talk about sexuality her innocence allows her to feel incomfortable almost like a child. Granted she played with Barbie dolls until she was 15 years old when her mother had to destroy them to get her to grow up!

She calls me from down there. She even asks me permission to go out to dance (she loves dancing) before she goes out. Try that out on an average American woman! She even calls me when she gets home, sometimes 3am to tell me that she is safe....ALL FROM 4000 MILES AWAY!

Even with this seeming weak (in the eyes of feminists) attitude she is a strong, hard-working hustling woman. She has worked since the AGE OF NINE, moved to the city alone at the age of 17 from the Bolivian country-side, is about to graduate culinary school. She'll put up her dukes when needed and will fight when it really means something. She'll stand for something. Something that men (and women) in the US will not even do.

For me as a sensitive man who loves women this type of behavior from my fiancee drives me to shower her with genuine love and instills me to protect her from all harm. At the same time I respect her as she has respect for herself, she knows how to fight back! When I respect her she has no choice but to respect me and vice-versa.

This is why God likes women to be like my Geovana. Pretty self explanitory. What man wouldn't want a woman like her!

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