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Young Male Battles Feminist Tide

January 19, 2011

man1.jpgby "M"


I am a 24-year-old conservative male. In a modern society which constantly promotes promiscuous sex and random hook ups, it's difficult not to fall for the fake perception that such behavior brings happiness.

I met my now ex-girlfriend almost three years ago.  At that time, she was very shy, and had conservative ideas and values. She actually agreed that family and the idea of giving everything up ( at least for a future mother) was a good thing. 

I was very surprised after getting to know her because, I didn't think it was possible to find a "normal" woman.

After knowing how feminists operate, I felt that I was ready to hear how men are useless, family is worthless, morals and conservative values are a hindrance for society. But not from my sweet girlfriend. .


Things were going good, we were talking about getting married and how we would have kids and which schools they would go to. All stuff that normal people would talk about.

I had a big shock one day when I got laid off with no warning. Aside from that big shock, I was blindsided when, while being thousands of miles away looking for work, she said she wanted to model and become an actress.

She had watched MTV and thought it was a good way to make money and become " popular". This came to a shock to me. We had our arguments but in the end, she got roles in low level movies and shows about how women should have more power than men and can use sex as a weapon.

A few months go by and I found a job that barely paid the bills. Meanwhile, my girlfriend got more roles and a bunch of pictures taken by a  "professional photographer". I read some of her scripts and was deeply disturbed.

This is when I realized I had missed so many signs of incipient feminism because they were subtle.

Our arguments became more and more heated as I tried to understand how she could think lewd behavior on set with other guys was " OK" because it was just acting. Actions mean something.

I finally decided, enough was enough.

A week went by and I talked with a good female friend. I really thought I might have to accept my girlfriends "acting". Perhaps I should be more supportive and maybe I was weird not understanding. I felt really affected by it all.

My female friend paused and said: "Do you really think she loved you and was honest with you?". I was shocked and asked why she said that.

"How do you think she got those parts?," she said. " She must have betrayed you."

That's what I had felt deep down inside but thought I might be wrong. Here are the many signs I had missed because of being subtly "taught" by feminism that careers are OK.

From the moment she decided to go into acting and modeling, she kept saying she didn't "need a guy" in her life and that she could do everything by herself.

She became more distant than when we first met. She became more secretive and had to always go to different casting calls to try out for a new "part". It slowly emerged that she didn't want to stop her "career" by getting married and starting a family.

I had missed all the signs and felt betrayed and used. But at the same time, I realized I was a victim of a society that hates true men.

I was truly happy. It felt weird because human nature would normally "mourn" a relationship of almost 3 years. I didn't. I realized everything changed when MTV, Jaclyn Friedman and many others had caught up with my girlfriend and slowly changed her perception of what is normal and healthy.

It has been a few weeks since I broke up. I am better off. I don't have to change how I was brought up to respect women. I can be myself.

All I can say is that society and Feminism especially are very dangerous to young males who might not be experienced in how people really are and how perception seems to be reality.

I hope this helps men out there who think they are the ones to blame for how women act and how women treat men. I hope more people will stand up for what is right and not cave in just because it's considered " normal" or "cool".

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Comments for "Young Male Battles Feminist Tide "

Christine said (January 21, 2011):

Regarding the young man's tale of woe, if I were him, I would think of the adage about falling off a horse. When you fall off a horse, get right back on. Otherwise, you will be too afraid of riding to continue. Go right back to searching for a good mate, young man. Resist the temptation to mope around. Keep looking. Work is the remedy for depression.

It is unfortunate and cruel that your actress friend betrayed you. Nevertheless, not all women share her views.

A friend of mine prayed to the Infant of Prague for a wife for 5 years. He found her and has been happily married to her for over 25 years.
She is a wonderful person.

Do what my friend did. And then you really WILL live happily ever after.

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