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Black Woman Defends "Racism"

December 7, 2011

42145113Mixed_race_week.jpg"I'm American to the bone and  Black American to the marrow. Encouraging and socially bullying folks into interracial unions is dangerous for us. We're only 13% of the population; we will not exist as a people if we mix out."

'WE WILL UNDERMINE EVERY COLLECTIVE IDENTITY BUT OUR OWN, say the Protocols of Zion. Identity refers to race, religion, nation and family (gender.)

By Mary

(from July, 2010 and more relevant than ever)

I've been thinking about the push to be interracial because it's troubling. There always has been and always will be some mixing between racial, cultural and ethnic groups, and that's fine when it happens naturally.

But,  if a teenager were to look at VH1, MTV, cable shows, and network tv and commercials, they'd soon conclude that besides enforcing negative racial stereotypes (unsexy Asian geek males,  Black men as jocks, musicians, and always from the 'hood even if they're now educated and professional), that interracial socializing and dating is the norm.

In fact, if you prefer to stay with your own,  you're racist and uncool. That's very dangerous thinking.

A White American woman wrote advice columnist Carolyn Hax because she prefers to date only White men. She does not wish to go through the stress of interracial dating. Her friends have strongly denounced her as being racist. Of course, Hax agreed that she was being racist and chided her.

The White woman didn't say she thought Jews were scum or Asians inferior; she said that she's more comfortable with White men and White culture.

That's her prerogative and should be respected. Hax's response is going to become the norm; mark my words. And as it does, the dangerous supremacist groups will become more troublesome, rebellious and active.


I'm American to the bone and  Black American to the marrow. Encouraging and socially bullying folks into interracial unions is dangerous for us. We're only 13% of the population; we will not exist as a people if we mix out.

Now,  I know people that would be happy about that, but since these are my people I'm a little less thrilled,thank you.

But, I think that's the plan. I study Latin American culture and one of their ways of dealing with Blacks has been to encourage mixing out. It works; how many dark skinned Afrochileans do you know?

Exactly. The  immensely popular Mexican educator and philosopher, Jose Vasconcelos,  was definitely a racist; he considered non-Whites to be inferior. He suggested racial mixing in part as a way to form a superman with all the best qualities of each race (who can really ensure that that happens? Ridiculous, but wildly popular idea in Latin America.) but also as a way to mix out "undesirables".
Minorities were told that they were inferior and that mixing with Whites or at least other more successful minorities would "improve" the race. To this day you can find mixed Latinos waxing poetic about how their mixed existence improved their DNA. But these same folks get upset if you tell them that they have minority features.

I've heard that in England, racial mixtures are encouraged for the same reason, but Whites get very upset when first generation Brits choose to marry someone from their own ethnic, racial or cultural group.


I know many American White liberals uncomfortable with race relations who are so happy at the idea of just mixing up and forgetting everything.

That's a cop out, and the only one that benefits is the White liberal. I've never met a minority or someone strongly attached to an ethnic or cultural group that was overjoyed at the prospect of mixing into nonexistence.

Years ago I read about a White American woman who formed a group for Black and White Americans to  work out grievances. She soon realized that people felt uncomfortable really digging down and admitting the deep feelings driving their racial ideas and opinions to someone of another race, and she very wisely decided that since she was a White woman, that it was best for her to have a White only racial strife group. 

Of course folks rant and put out their anger and frustration first, but only with one of their own will a person feel comfortable going beyond the initial feelings and digging deep.

I do not discuss race with non-Blacks exactly for that reason and I don't expect a non-Black to tell me their deep down feelings about race either. 

Why should they make themselves vulnerable to me or vice-versa? All the so-called race discussions on TV are bull for that very reason. This needs to be worked out privately first, just like in a family.

That White woman was on to something big. Unfortunately,with today's coercive multicultural, diversity crap, this woman would be forced from her job and ostracized as a .... racist (sigh).

New immigrants are being allowed to introduce their racial stereotypes and prejudices-which are pretty primitive and frightening, truth be told- into the already volatile mix.  That doesn't bode well since they're well educated and in two generations will hold positions of power.

Thanks for listening.


Makow comment: "Racism" like "sexism" are Illuminati terms designed to erase our racial and gender identity. This is part of their program to  re-engineer humanity to taken our identity from them, i.e. to be their servants. See Tony Blizzard "The Right to be Racist" with my expanded comment.

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Comments for "Black Woman Defends "Racism" "

RH said (December 8, 2011):

The woman defending her right to be respected for union with her own species is not racist. She is 100% right…I am a full blooded indigenous American female. aka Amerindian, Negro, I am not a mixed breed, furthermore ,NOT all people in existence today are products of race mixing, this is a myth. There are only 8million mixed race people in the US, however the United States has a population of 250 million people Millions of people still desire their culture and their genetic breed .

However , the definition of racism cannot be applied to anyone defending their right to preserve their genetic inheritance right to continue the genetic quality of their species on their home from Earth their population was created on. The word racism is a term applied when one race is committing acts of genocide or extermination agendas against the existence of another from their inheritance to Earth .. The reason behind Encouraging and socially bullying folks into interracial unions is to make ethnic cleansing consensual.

The truth is Miscegenation is form of
Genocide. If this conversation was put into the context of forced race mixing, then everyone would not look at it so glibly. The purpose for race mixing is genocide weather you influence a race to abandon their collective responsibility to maintain the existence of themselves on the planet or force impregnation thru raping the females that create it , the end result is the same, extinction of the species as they were created by the Earth herself. This is the real elephant in the room.

The hidden
agenda by homo sapiens (mankind) to exterminate the indigenous people of the Earth created by indigenous females out of the Earth has been the Manifest Destiny behind the imperial agenda for over 5000 years. In the United States 200 year occupation of lower North America the largest
indigenous American population in America aka black Americans are always being influenced to abandon natural unity for a preference to interracial unions as a method for the transfer of their heritage genetic inheritance to support the occupying people colonizing of America for themselves.

I commend the sister for having enough consciousness to see
the racism behind the social agenda of politically accepted Race
mixing. Race mixing is a another form of ethnic cleansing. In other words Genocide.

Oliver said (December 8, 2011):

The article mentions people feeling a bit clammy when asked to communicate their needs with other ethnic goups in one room.

As a German living in (ethnically re-engineered) Germany I have intentionally brought up the topic in a non offensive, casual way with immigrants in work or private situations. I asked a Turkish man, how he would feel if a tiny group of technocrats decided to artificially cram 10 million Greek people into Istanbul.

He answered that he doesn´t understand how we German people can allow all this to be done to us. I asked a Yugoslavian if it would feel right to him if Africans would suddenly outnumber him in his hometown. He said there would be civil war. People take a few seconds to collect their thoughts after I openly break this taboo topic, but so far everyone could understand my point.

A Turkish taxi driver said to me that he greatly enjoyed living in Germany until too many immigrants came here. A Yugoslavian taxi driver told me that he had to move, because he could not ask his children to live in a hostile immigrant sub culture any longer.

I personally greatly appreciate in other races f.e. the rhythmic and musical talents, the ability to celebrate life (if not stressed out by the system), the ability to take it more easy, being less manipulated by political correctness and so much more.

Anyone who cannot see the virtues in others is only broadcasting his own blind spots. That doesn´t mean we would want to mix everything into one confused and faceless soup or mongrelize certain races and national identities out of existence for mere politically decreed vanity.

Observing current politics, it seems the conspirators would like us to beat each other up in order for them to seal the police state. I´d rather prefer we communicate and discover the man behind the curtain.

Ed said (December 8, 2011):

After looking through the comments, I'm a bit surprised that nobody has mentioned the elephant in the room, which is the fact that there really is no such thing as a "pure race" in the world today. The world is full of mixed breeds, and any time that two different races encounter each other, the interbreeding starts.

Having said that, I would say that it would be easier to marry someone from a similar cultural background. That's the real issue, I think.

Marcos said (December 8, 2011):

The idea that racial integration in Latin America was planned is silly.

Radical black Americans share the common "Ugly American" trait of arrogance: the know-it-alls. I doubt Mary has ever been to Latin America. They can't see that it is possible to have spontaneous racial mixing, because it is not happening next door. In Brazil I know many inter-racial couples. A Japanese girl who married a Chinese Guy. Arabs who married Brazilians, Jews who married Italians. My white cousin who has a black fiancée. I can guarantee 100% that this was not due to some Illuminati campaign. The main reason is that these people regard themselves first and foremost as Brazilians, not Japanese-Brazilians, or Sino-Brazilians, and they love their partners for the individuals they are. Maybe it sounds naive, but it is true.

For cultural and historical reasons, slavery was much more brutal in the US than in Latin America. Mixed children were rare. In contrast, Iberian whites often married and had children with black slaves. One can't compare Anglo and Iberian cultures, they are miles apart. Even immigrants from Europe have been segregated in the US, sometimes for two or three generations, but that never happened in Brazil. The movie Gangs of New York could never have happened here. Grab a copy of Masters and Slaves, from Gilberto Freyre, if you can.

What Mary wants, as any good socialist would approve, is the preservation of her getto style culture. This is exactly the strategy used by Marxists to fragment countries: multiculturalism, fostering of small minority group "values" above the values of the majority. In Brazil, they want to respect the values of the Indians who kill handicapped children. What aspect of black culture Mary wants to preserve? Hatred of whites? The influence of black culture in the US is much greater than the percentage of people in the group.

I agree that in racially-uniform countries such as Japan or Sweden, racial integration could hurt culture, but in any immigration-based country, races living in harmony is bad news for the globalists. One could easily say that putting races one against the other is an excellent strategy for the Illuminati, Henry, and that is something clearly being done in the US with Obama. If we give fuel to Malcolm X thoughts, a man who called whites devils, America would disintegrate in internal wars and be an easy prey of the globalists.

Chris said (July 31, 2010):

I'm American to the bone and Black American to the marrow. Encouraging and socially bullying folks into interracial unions is dangerous for us. We're only 13% of the population; we will not exist as a people if we mix out."

First of all I'd like to point out that there is a fundamental difference between a CORPORATION and a NATION.

A corporation is a fictitious person, meanwhile the nation comes from the Greek word ethnos which really means nation/ethnicity.

BLOOD and ETHNICITY defines a nation, NOT A CORPORATION. Would you put your hand on your chest and pledge allegiance to "Wal-Mart" or "McDonalds??? Then why would anyone pledge an allegiance to a fictitious person like CANADA, or the US? When I see how proud people are of the corporation that owns them, as they watched or participated in the Olympics, it makes me think how easy the transition to world government will be. It enrages me when I see non-whites misuse the term ETHNIC as they are foolishly implying white people don't have an ethnic heritage. People all across the corporation called the USA are putting their hands on their hearts pledging allegiance to their false god Gorge Washington and their false idol the "red, white and blue", instead of forming strong ties with people that share a common ancestry, or as I would like to say, NATION.

As a black man that has given his heart to an aboriginal woman of West coast and lives on her Indian reserve I say: "Who cares about your 13% of the population and who cares if you go extinct in the US".

If black women are so proud of being black, why are they straightening their hair to be like whites. In the Americas, Centuries of black men being emasculated in front of black women has made black women lose respect for black men and hate themselves. How can someone love someone that hates them self as they straighten their hair?

I've worked and gone to school with very brilliant African people from the motherland, NON OF WHICH HAVE ANY INTENTION OF MAKING THEIR HOMELAND BETTER!

Europe is full of highly intelligent and highly skilled Africans that their homelands desperately need, but will never have, because they are often too glad to get away. It's common for Africans to speak many languages, foreign and domestic.

On the other hand America is full of African-decent people who would rather speak EBONICS and murder innocent Iraqi women and children for a welfare check from the US army. Bob Marley made a song honoring the "Buffalo Soldier" but what he refused to mention that these soldiers were nothing more than a bunch of douche-bag mercenaries hired to murder Natives in their ancestral land for people that didn't consider them at all.

These Buffalo soldiers would have done less harm to the world if they were left as slaves. I notice too how proud they are of the "Tuskegee Airmen"; What did Germans ever do to black people to make these fools go fly planes to hunt them down, meanwhile having no rights when they came back home? The Illuminati has made people proud of being stupid. Only Jewish bankers won WWI and WWII.

Manuel said (July 30, 2010):

What they call racism nowadays is nothing less than white racial preservation. They needed to destroy this to subdue the white European race which was the last bastion stopping the banking cabal from world domination. Now that Europeans have become docile subjects there's no guardian to stop the inevitable.

Harbinger said (July 30, 2010):

"We're only 13% of the population; we will not exist as a people if we mix out."

That may be true that they are 13% of the population but that population of blacks will continue to grow regardless in North America. In fact the black race will continue to grow all over Europe and wherever it is in the world.

The population of Africa is over 1 billion people while the population of Europe is 730 million. We are seeing that rapid rise of the non white population in Europe, that by the middle or third part of this century, whites will be the minority within their own lands.


European Americans will become the minority certainly within the century as those within Europe. More so to also answer Mary, mixed race Americans also tend to classify themselves (as does the media) as black long before white. All one has to do is look at Barak Obama.

So I hate to say it Mary, but you as an African woman have nothing to fear about becoming extinct. African Americans will continue to propagate as will their African cousins and blacks wherever they may be in this world. Blacks will always have Africa but the whites are losing their own lands to third world, non white immigration and far higher birth rates from the non whites.

I think Mary would understand the situation far better if I were to tell her that blacks in Africa make up just under 80% of the population there (80% of 1billion = 800 million). White's on the other hand make up 0.5% (of the total African population) = 5 million and that figure is rapidly dropping with many whites moving to Europe. There are 160 times more blacks in Africa than whites, compared to six times more whites in North America. Therefore the Black homeland of Africa is increasing with blacks and decreasing with whites, while in Europe and N.America the white population is decreasing while the black population increases.

Bob said (July 30, 2010):

We have been victims of cultural warfare for decades, and one of the casualties is the richness and precision of language. In my youth, a "discriminating" person was one who exercised refined judgment, one who could discern subtleties and draw valid intellectual distinctions--in short, someone you admired. But now, in the age of homogenized thought, when implanted trigger words set off emotional reactions in the brainwashed masses, "discrimination" is wholly negative and equivalent to a criminal offense.

There is nothing accidental i about this impoverishment of our language. This is demonstrated by the cognitive dissonance introduced by intelligent people into terminology they use. For example, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau wrote about "participatory democracy", thereby conjuring in the mind the possibility of democracy (rule by the people) being non-participatory. Instances are legion, the most recent I have come across being UK Prime Minister Cameron referring to Palestine as an "open prison". The essence of a prison is that it is not open.

The late Geoffrey Dobbs labelled this mind-destroying device "the technique of the essential adjective", where the modifier of a noun implies a category of the latter that goes against its fundamental nature. The intent behind this psychological manipulation is to subvert our ability to think logically.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at