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Canada's "Truth & Reconciliation" Charade

December 10, 2012

Kevin Annett describes Canada's ongoing whitewash 
of the genocide of 50,000 native children
 in residential schools. 

"Such a gross example of criminals investigating themselves would never have been allowed under any legitimate and fair system of law and government. But hey, this is Canada."

by Kevin Annett

Canada's version of the Punch and Judy Show granted us more comic relief this past week.

On December 4, the self-appointed "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" (TRC, or Travelling Road Charade)  announced that it planned to sue the federal government to get them to release Indian residential school documents.

That's a neat trick, you know: one branch of the government suing another. It's like when the puppet Punch argues and fights with the other puppet Judy up on stage, beguiling the audience to think that there are two separate personalities in conflict.

So let's pull back the stage and props, and look at what's actually happening.

trc.jpeg(Annett, left, at a protest)

Two points, first of all:

1. The TRC was established by the Prime Minister's Office and is funded and directed by Ottawa and the very churches that are being "investigated" by the TRC - like when a serial killer appoints his own judge and jury.

2. TRC officers have no power or authority to subpoena or demand any document or evidence, from anybody, including their government paymasters. That's right in their mandate, section two.

Such a gross example of criminals investigating themselves would never have been allowed under any legitimate and fair system of law and government. But hey, this is Canada. The foxes not only guard the chicken house, but they also convince themselves that they`re just trying to help all those poor unfortunate birds.

Even with years of earnest showmanship and millions of dollars worth of the cheap duplicity that Canada is so renowned for, the TRC has been digging itself into a quagmire that is inevitable when a lie as big as theirs needs to be maintained.

For one thing, a lot of aboriginal survivors of Canada`s Christian death camps genuinely expect the TRC to do what it claims to be doing, and that is conduct a genuine inquiry into the more than 50,000 children who died in them.

Of course, the opposite is happening, as countless TRC participants have described : the TRC is systematically ignoring evidence of mass graves of these kids, suppressing evidence, and silencing any survivor who accuses the churches of genocide.

That's the Commission's purpose after all: to exonerate the guilty and keep the witnesses censored, controlled and cowed. It's what the guilty do.

trc1.jpegNevertheless, one day there will have to be a public accounting of what exactly the rotund TRC Commissioners did for five years and what they spent $68 million on, besides sumptuous smorgasbords and ritzy conferences where few survivors actually spoke. And that day is fast approaching: by May 2013, the final report of the TRC's years of verbiage and posturing is expected to be issued.

So what would you do if you were Murray ("Eats Many Muffins") Sinclair, the chair of the TRC, when he's asked to explain what exactly they've unearthed after five years?

Simple: you create a big, distracting smokescreen by shifting the blame onto someone else.

Murray may be in a panic, or have shitty advisers, since who he's blaming for the TRC's failure happens to also be the very people who pay him: the government of Canada, who he claims has "concealed" crucial evidence from him!

trclogo.jpeg(Left. Familiar circle logo. Only the dot is missing for it to be Illuminati.

Well, no shit, Sherlock. That's what you agreed to, remember?

Now at first blush, that whole scenario looks pretty stupid. But don't forget, it's all part of the Punch and Judy Show. Murray isn't really taking a whack at the other puppet on stage. That's all just for our entertainment and befuddlement.


It's all so familiar. Back in 2002, a similar stage-managed melodrama was concocted to exonerate the Canadian churches for their residential school atrocities. Here's how it worked:

One day, the Anglican Church announced to the media, without providing any proof, that they were "going bankrupt" because of all the lawsuits being brought against them by all those nasty survivors of Christian electric cattle prods. The corporate media dutifully repeated the church's claim to mass audiences, generating a public hysteria, at least among church goers. And then, equally dutifully, the Canadian government announced within a few days that, in response, it (meaning you, the taxpayers) would shoulder the main financial burden for residential school legal settlements.

Damn, that Punch and Judy arrangement really works, eh? The crooks get off the hook and the rest of us pay for it all!

And so while a lot of earnest internet-focused Canadians are scurrying around this week and falling for this latest ruse by demanding that the government produce those unnamed documents upon which the fate of the TRC apparently rests, Murray Sinclair and Stephen Harper are quietly arranging a repeat of the 2002 Big Fix that led to the indemnification of the churches for their unspeakable crimes against children.

The latest Fix and its oh-so-typical Maple Leaf scenario will run something like this:

Ottawa will agree to release previously-concealed documents that are "crucial" to the TRC, without actually letting anyone see the material, naturally - any more than we've ever been allowed to see any of the nebulous reports of murders and burials that the TRC refer to, now and then.

sinclair.jpegA grateful Murray Sinclair, left, will then announce he's satisfied with Ottawa's gesture and that, consequently, the TRC will refrain from its planned "lawsuit" and will need more time to prepare its final report. An extension will once again be granted. More money will be heaped on the TRC and all the lawyers, more fog generated, more postponement and distraction.

Finally, sometime during the spring of 2013 it will be announced that a second round of TRC investigations is needed to get to the real heart of that "sad chapter in Canadian history". More delay and obfuscation. And by then, most of us simply won't care anymore, assuming that we do now.

The only other alternative to this scenario for Murray and the crew, of course, is simply to lie to us about everything in the form of yet another word-heavy but content-less "official report" that points no fingers for mass murder, and holds nobody liable, especially not the churches. That of course has already been arranged.

Last Monday, I sat with some of the few surviving residential school survivors in Vancouver's downtown east side. Of the more than fifty survivors who helped occupy churches and lead protests about the missing children only four years ago, there are not even ten of them who are still alive today.

I pointed that out to Frank, who saw three of his brothers and a sister die at the United Church "school" in Port Alberni. He just shrugged.

"That's the game plan" he remarked.

We all know the score. The only issue is, how long will we allow the Big Fix to carry on?

Being Canadians, probably indefinitely.

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Comments for "Canada's "Truth & Reconciliation" Charade "

Dave said (December 10, 2012):

This happens in every aspect of Canadian politics. The "church" abuse cases are extraordinarily heinous, but I have hard evidence on a tax and public funds fraud, criminal malfeasance and conflict of interest involving government ministers, the CRA and universities (you can't destroy evidence by law, you have to keep it).

It was only tax payer money, $150 million not lives, but the corruption and the hiding of evidence and the past is epidemic in the government and NGO's. What I find highly suspect is that these idiots in government maintain this kind of behaviour, the hiding of the truth, even though the crimes might have been committed generations prior to any of these @sshats taking office or positions of power.

That seems to indicate that this kind of criminal behavior is on-going. In support of that premise all one really has to do is look at the number of missing children that are reported every year whose disappearance goes unsolved.

Another circumstantial proof would be situations like Russell Williams, the CO of Trenton AFB, the serial rapist murderer who flew Harper around as well as the queen. Williams went to university with Paul Bernardo on the U of T Scarborough campus and allegedly had ongoing rape contests. Williams might actually be responsible for some of the cases of which Bernardo was accused.

My point is however that CSIS knew what I was doing 18,000km's away in the 80's for the South African Military/government, but they don't know what the Commanding Officer of the largest airforce base in Canada was doing at the same time in their own backyard? The idea that CSIS or even the RCMP for that matter didn't know what Williams was doing while at the U of T campus is preposterous and flies in the face of reason and common sense.

I guess it all comes down to being a member of the same satanic cult and if you are a member and you do things that might compromise the entire luciferian group, they will cut you loose to fend for yourself.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at