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Memorial Day Normalizes War (Satanic Human Sacrifice)

Monday is Memorial Day in the USCabalist (Masonic) central bankers follow a long-term plan to degrade and enslave humanity. This is what Communism is really about. They finance both sides of every war to make human sacrifices to their God Satan, to make money and extend their tyranny.  Illuminati insider Ronald Bernard said that wars are designed to

Anti Semitism is Legitimate Self Defence

Every day governments pass new laws banning opposition to Israel as "anti semitic."Numerous states have outlawed Boycott and Divestment using the same term. No one can justify genocide, but the stigma attached to this term is devious mind control. Anti semitism is legitimate resistance to the pernicious agenda of organized Jewry and Freemasonry, i.e.

Alfred Lilienthal - Patriotic American Jew Fought Against Zionism

(Alfred Lilienthal, 1915-2008) Alfred Lilienthal belongs to the ranks of courageous Jewish pioneers who opposed the Jewish supremacist agenda. Others include Myron Fagan, Benjamin Freedman, Elmer Berger, & Henry Klein. In the 1950s, Alfred Lilienthal warned that the U.S. is fighting Israel's wars to dominate a region. The US is not fighting for our freedom as the

The "Jewish Banker Conspiracy"

(Bishop Gregory of Nyssa 335-395 AD --Cabalist Judaism has pitted Jews and Freemasons against God and man alike.) I am reposting this basic article because more people are awaking to the mortal threat facing humanity. If Trump were to follow his Cabalist masters,he would start a nuclear war in his second term. The Democrats are

Joe Sobran: Judaism Hates Christianity

(left, Joe Sobran, 1946-2010) For essays like "The Jewish Faction," Joe Sobran was fired as an editorat the National Review, which only proves the West has been colonized by "the Jews" (i.e. the world central banking cartel using Freemasonry & organized Jewry as its instruments.)  He says "Jews" deceive themselves and others

Jewish Insider Described Child Sacrifice

Some stories require rereading. In 1989, on national TV, a courageous young woman exposed the satanic Jewish forebears of the Illuminati cultthat now dominates the world. Respected members of the community by daythey sacrifice babies at night.We are sleepwalking to catastrophe. Donald Trump is part of this death cult. We

Was Hitler an Illuminati Agent?

Hallett's theory explains why Hitler, supposedly the arch enemy of Jewish bankers, acted like he didn't know the Rothschilds controlledEngland and America, when this was common knowledge. If Hitler had been for real, he would have plucked out the Rothschild's heart, the City of London before taking on Russia.  (Updated from Jan 2006) By Henry

The Holocaust as Trauma Brainwashing

In the 1960's the Jewish philosopher, Hannah Arendt, left, was slandered and ostracized when she concluded that "almost without exception" the Jewish leadership were Zionists who cooperated with the Nazis. The Zionist-Nazis collusion must be kept quiet in order to give Israel the moral license to conquer Palestine and the Middle East. 

Nazi Collaborators, Zionists Don't Represent Jews

(Rudolf Kastner 1906-1957)Rudolf Kastner, the Zionist leader in Hungary, made a deal with Adolf Eichmann. For allowing 1700 hand-picked Zionists to go to Palestine,he would help transfer 460,000 Hungarian Jews to death camps. Kastner acted with the approval of the World Zionist Organization. Hewas murdered in 1957 to suppress the scandal. Details Here. Zionist bankers funded

Illuminati Bankers Mainstream Ritual Human Sacrifice

(Satanists want this statue of Baphomet erected in Little Rock AR, but it hasn't been)Kevin Barrett writes that the Washington Post  is mainstreaming Satanic child ritual sacrifice. Satanists control the banking system. They wish to expand their credit monopoly into a monopoly over information, expression, and behavior. We are being inducted into their satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalism,

Book Reopens Question of Jewish-Nazis Collaboration

Poland's Holocaust Law. which bans blaming Poland for the Jewish halocaust, raises the question of Jewish culpability. In a review of a book, From Ghetto to Deathcampbelow, by a Jewish Ghetto policeman, Jan Pekzkis shows that Jews may face more guiltthan Poles, many of whom actually protected Jews. In his book, Holocaust Victims Accuse,

At Easter, the Old Testament is Crucifying the New

"The Human Rights advocate Alfred de Zayas rejects the teachings of the Old Testament outright and compares it with what Jesus Christ preached: The command of "love thy neighbour" is put against what drives the adherents of the warlord Jehova. Unfortunately we have to realize that this life-destroying ideology

Was WW2 a Genocidal War on Germany?

(left, Mainstream (((media))) endorsed sterilization of 48 million Germans before any Jewish mass murders took place.)Does the focus on the Jewish holocaust obscure the fact that World War Twomay have been a genocidal war on Germanyby the Illuminati central bankers? It seems farfetched but, if we consider thatAngela Merkel is pursuing a

The Nuremberg Show Trials

Nothing better illustrates the Communist (Masonic Jewish) character of the Allied war effort than the Soviet-styleshow trial that took place afterward. Never before - or since - has a defeated enemy in any conflict been convicted of so-called 'war crimes.' "If the standards of Nuremberg had been applied impartially, most other Allied military and political

Illuminati Jews Responsible for Nazis Rise?

(left, Antleman's book, Vols. One & Two) THE REAL WAR AGAINST THE JEWS AND HUMANITY BY ILLUMINATI JEWS: Rabbi Marvin Antleman, who died in 2014, was first to identify the Illuminati with the Sabbatean-Frankist cult which took over Judaism and the world beginningin the 17th century. Later they initiated World War Two

The Jewish Myth of Victimhood

The Judeo Masonic conspiracy hides its war against humanitybehind a smokescreen of Jewish victimhood.  (These conspiratorsensured there were enough Jewish victims to maintain this illusion.) This is why we never stop hearing about the holocaust. Trump justproclaimed a week of holocaust remembrance.  Putin is also getting in on the act.   Never mind20

Hitler Took a Fall

(left, Churchill's Deception by Louis Kilzer)Hitler was not tricked by Churchill into invading Russia, as Louis Kilzer believes. He belonged to the same Illuminati cult as Churchill, and played the dupe. His role was to lead Germany into a fatal two-front war.Peace is "counter-revolutionary" since it is war that paves

The Secret of Hanukah: Jewish Supremacism

The Hanukkah Menorah is the symbol of the supreme position Cabalist Jews think they occupy in God's eyes. This year Hanukah begins on Christmas Eve. It is the pretext to force society to abandon Christmas celebration and observe the nebulous "holidays" instead. The God of Judaism is the Jew. Society is

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