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"Antisemitism" is a Trap for Goyim

"They are clear that it's okay to be anti-white and it's okay to be anti-Christ.  So for the sake of fairness.........ITS OKAY TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC.""Antisemitism" allows Satanists to depict our struggle to save freedom and civilization as "bigotry" and "hate."The long-term goal of Organized Jewry (Communism) is to dispossess,

Covid, Ukraine, the Devil & the Jews

Rabbi Trachtenberg's 1983 book on the Medieval conception of Jews reveals the scale and continuity of the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish Conspiracy. Rabbi Trachtenberg writes that since the 1200's AD, Christians have feared: "A terrible mysterious Jewish horde hidden somewhere in the East awaited the signal to pour out upon Christendom and annihilate it.

Makow - Are all Jews to Blame?

It's obvious that Organized Jewry is waging a war against whatever is left of white Christian America. Here is a Jewish Washington Post Reporter Jennifer Rubin celebrating the fact that whites are becoming a minority in America. She doesn't represent all Jews but why do so many want to

Eustace Mullins - Being "Jew Wise"

(Priest performs last rites for Christian who died in bubonic plague 1347-1351, which killed as many as 200 million.)In response to my article, "Their Sole Purpose is to Destroy Us- Their Lame Excuses are Diversions," (May 13) a "David" left this comment:"As I see it , until every synagogue (sin-agog) has
"The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism" World Lockdown is JEWISH SUPREMACISM outlined in Protocols of Zion Cabalist Jewish "Creative Destruction" is Behind LockdownThe Essence of the New World Order is the Replacement of God with the Cabalist Jewish God- Lucifer Satanism Explained GTR writes: "Though I very much appreciate what

German Jews Would Have Backed Hitler...if Only

Does the experience of German Jews in Nazi Germany contain a lesson for American Jews?"The apparent inability of Jews [is] to understand or predict their own catastrophes. The Jews, whose history consists of one tragedy after another, have yet to be prepared for any one of them." Joachim Prinz - The Secret Jews When the NWO goes sour, Jews

Evil Always Impersonates Goodness

The Coen Brothers' brilliant 2009 movie, A Serious Man, showed the bankruptcy of Judaism as a religion. (See my review below.) Until now, I didn't understand the intriguing Yiddish fable at the beginning of the film. A Dybbuk is a malevolent spirit of a deceased person who wanders the world spreading evil. In the fable,

"Jewish" Control - Fait Accompli 126 Years Ago

La Civiltà Cattolica (Italian for Catholic Civilization) is a periodical published without interruption by the Jesuits in Rome, Italy since 1850 and is among the oldest of Catholic Italian periodicals. All of the journals articles are the collective responsibility of the entire "college" even if published under a single

God is an "Anti-Semite"

Illuminati (Cabalist) bankers are killing God in order to take His place.This is the essence of Satanism."Anti-Semitism" should not be conflated with hating Jews. Many Cabalists (Freemasons) aren't Jews. Anti-Semitism is resistance to Satanism. If you love God, you will be an "Anti-Semite" too.We will not be intimidated by sleazy smear

Rudolph the Hooked-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, written by Robert May, a Jew, was inspired by how Jews were ostracized because of their big noses. Santa (Satan?) plays the role of God, choosing Rudy to lead the other reindeersThis Christmas song-staple illustrates how Christians gradually have been stripped of their religion and inducted into a

Do Jews Put Themselves in the Line of Fire?

Why do Jews act as human shields for the satanist banking cartel? This is the first major US antisemitic attack in my memory. Whether this attack was a psyop or not, its effect will be to identify Jews as responsible for the NWO, when we all know it is much

Anti-Semitism is Often Justified

(Left, In 1885, Freud wrote financee Martha Bernays about an "anti-Semitic" incident on a train) Anti-Semitism today is what blasphemy used to be. Have Jews replaced God? This is the essence of the NWO.A one-thousand-year reign of darkness is descending. Judaism is a satanic cult which replaces Godwith his "Chosen" i.e. the Masonic Jewish central bankers. Modern

Hoffman- Yom Kippur Today Gives Jews Permission to Deceive

The holiest day in the Jewish Calendar, Yom Kippur, begins this Evening. While less than a third of Jews attend services, even fewer understand the prayer which condones lying and confirms the true satanic nature of Judaism."On Yom Kippur, the infamous Kol Nidrei prayer is recited, almost always explained away to the public as a blessed ceremony

Israel Shahak: The Historic Alliance of Jewish & Gentile Elites

(left, Samuel Oppenheimer, Court Jew, and banker 1630-1703)In  "Jewish History, Jewish Religion; The Weight of 3000 Years" (1994) Israel Shahak wrote that throughout history, elite Jews have allied with the aristocracy to control and exploit the masses.  "The position of the Jewish masses moved in tandem with the peasants, not their leaders. The stronger

Is Abortion a "Jewish Thing"?

Unexpectedly, the final battle of the NWO may come downto abortion or the sacredness of human life. The NWO ultimately is about the destruction of Christianity by Cabalist Judaism.Most Jews don't know this. Cabalist Judaism is not a religion but a satanic cult in which the "Jewish people" are God. In practice,

Goyim are Trespassing on a Jewish World

(Left, Jewish Pathological Victimhood - Palestinians and not Israeli West Bank settlers are the trespassers.) Organized Jewry believes non-Jews are squatters in a world made exclusively for Jews. The goyim have been anointed as wait staff.This might be the essence of the New World Order.They have empowered a leadership class of goy traitors(Freemasons) by

The Great Jewish Masquerade Pt. 1

THE GREAT JEWISH MASQUE is a 55-page booklet published in the 1930'sby Arnold Leese (1878-1956) which purports to reveal the real history of the Jews.A veterinary surgeon, Leese was a British Nazi (remember Hitler wasTIME 'Man of the Year' in 1938) who believed Organized Jewry is perpetrating a fraud on humanity.  Judaism is

Why is Western Society Toxic?

(What motivates Jews like Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein? Read on.)Freemasonry, a satanic cult based on Cabalist Judaism has colonized the West by creating a bogus reality. "Secularism" is a mask for Satanism. We must eschew modern "cult--ure" if we are to become human. "Increasingly, Western society is an open-air mental asylum run by psychopaths."Humanity is Satanically Possessed Revised from Feb
(left, Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826)As freedom hangs in the balance, remember that theworld has been subverted by Satanic (Masonic) Jewish bankers who have converted millions to a program of satanism and self-destruction, epitomized by Hillary Clinton.Although Thomas Jefferson did not see him as divine, he portrayed Jesus as  "a reformer" who addressed  an "anti-social" and "blood thirsty race" as cruel as the god

God Was the First Anti Semite

It's time to call anti Semitism by its real name , anti SatanismMost Jews and Non-Jews don't realize that the goal of Judaismand organized Jewry is to overturn God, i.e. the natural and spiritual order,and to exploit humanity as domestic animals.This is clear from their "revolutionary" role throughout modern historyand