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(left, Max Warburg, 1867-1946, the mysterious Cabalist banker who helped mastermind the Russian Revolution and World War Two.) I was taught Communism was "public ownership" and the overthrow of capitalist tyranny, not how certain capitalists stole the wealth of other capitalists while pretending to champion the working class. This is

June 22 - Biden & Co. Planning Another "Pandemic"

Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comBiden tells us there is definitely going to be another "pandemic," and we need more money for that! BIDEN: "We need more money. We don't just need more money for vaccines for children, we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There's gonna

Makow -- Organized Jewry is Essentially Organized Theft

( Jewish predators. Yukos Board, 2003. Judaism is defined by Cabalism which is Satanic. Cabalism is Communism.)As an ethnic Jew, it pains me to say that the essence of Cabalist Judaism & Organized Jewry is to plunder, enslave & exterminate the goyim and to establish a Satanic dispensation on earth. Don't

June 18 - Let's Rally Behind Our True Leaders!

(Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America's Frontline Doctors, opponents of the COVID Hoax/Genocide) Judge Christopher Cooper, an Obama appointee, said imprisoning Simone Goldfor protesting a rigged election was not an infringement of her civil rights. It is indeed. The message is we will jail you if you don't go along

Reclaiming Male Power in the Viagra Age

The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman affirms both his masculinity and her femininity. Women used to align their interests with those of men and society. But humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati who are pushing depopulation and the breakup of the nuclear

Can We Trust Putin?

from March 12, 2022The Triad Claw hand sign (middle fingers pressed together) indicates membership in an ancient satanic Jewish conspiracy which holds humanity in bondage.Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler were members but it dates back to Christopher Columbus and the poet John Milton.  Read about it here. Having failed to

June 13 - Cabalist Covid Hoax; Forgotten but not Gone

Please send links and comments to ONE HEALTH - Globalist Path to a One World Order In this article, we will chart its origins, from inception to adoption, in the hopes of better understanding how this concept has strangely become the handbook for the contagion business, but also possibly the

Juri Lina -- Putin is a NWO Pawn

(Classic thumb on knuckle Masonic hand shake) "The Russian federation is governed by the same forces as USA" The empire of of bandits that raged inside the Soviet union was to continue in Russia. In reality very little has changed after the collapse of the communist block in December 1991,

June 5 - US Has Become a Banana Republic

Please send links and comments to After brazenly stealing the election, Demonrats insist that the Jan 6 protest was a domestic insurrections in spite of capitol cops assisting to stage it.  Now they are using it to persecute people in the Trump administration. Trade architect Peter Navarro has been

For US Memorial Day, We Reprise "Hitler's British Handler"

A meeting between F.W.Winterbotham, Head of the Air Section in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and SIS agent Baron de Ropp, right, on the Baltic shore in East Prussia, 1936. Was Baron William de Ropp (1886-1973) Hitler's British handler?A British agent funded, advised and represented Hitler. At what point was Hitler

May 30 - Democrats are Party of Death & Destruction

Please send links and comments to They Want Us Dead, Let's Call A Spade A Spade: Baby Killing Democrats Cry Crocodile Tears Over School Shootings While Promoting Abortion And Deadly Gun Free Zones are just  some of the ways that democrats have become the party of death and destruction, yet

Cabalists Tricked White Race into Committing Suicide

(left, "Above-what you see. Below - what they tell you.") Believe what I tell you, not what you see, is the Cabalist MO"We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but

Igor Shepherd - Keep Calm; You're Being Eliminated

(left, Igor Shepherd was a Russian military doctor and toxicologist who emigrated to the US in 1993. He served as an emergency measures manager with the Wyoming Dept. of Health.)"The government they have planned for the world will not be anything like previous communistic-led governments. Their goals are elimination of

Hitler was a Freemason

( Hitler in classic Masonic handshake -thumb on knuckle- with Marshall Petain)Normally we associate Freemasonry with the "Jews," Communism and the Left. ButFreemasonry also has a conservative Zionist branch which establishes Conservative,Nationalist and Fascist (Nazi) leaders as a form of false opposition. These leaders destroy genuine conservative, nationalist and Christian forces, as Hitler did.Often,

Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors - The Smoking Gun

Hitler and Bormann, left.After the war, Gen. Reinhard Gehlen Chief of the West German Intelligence Agency, (BND),  confirmed his wartime suspicions.Martin Bormann, the second most powerful manin Nazi Germany,  had been a "Soviet" spy, with Hitler's complicity. Hitler was an Illuminati agent mandated to lead Germany into a catastrophic defeat in order to snuff out German nationalism once and

Headlines for May 18 - Yumi Nu is Satanist's Wet Dream

(I have compassion for the obese. It's when they're presented as some kind of ideal that I take exception.)Please send comments and links to hmakow@gmail.comJordan Peterson excoriated for stating the obvious. She's a pig. Sharing an image of 36-year-old Yumi Nu's cover, Jordan Peterson wrote: 'Sorry. Not Beautiful. And
Please send links and comments to Nearly 400 million people are under lockdown due toChina's zero flu policy. The world can't protest this injustice since it must pretend covid is a real pandemic even though 99.75% survive. Covid is about Communism. Communism is about obeying irrational dictates.About 373 million

Makow-Don't Be So F**king Naive

The coronavirus pandemic is a media creation, fake news, the biggest psychological warfare stunt in history. They're lying.Their modus operandi isto destroy you while sayingit's for your own good.  They are destroying society toprotect your health!from April 11, 2020by Henry Makow PhDThere is a scene in the Jewish self-celebratory movie,

Brother Nathaniel Tackles the Jewish Question

Brother Nathaniel says there is no such thing as a "good Jew."He is wrong. He is proof of that. So am I. We have embraced Christ's Gospel: God is Love.Not all Jews share the evil Jewish mindset he describes. Most Jews are clueless conformists, like people in general. Most want

Universities are Masonic Brain Washing Machines

The mortarboard and black gown signify that, unwittingly, graduates have received a Masonic (satanic) indoctrination. As with politics and medicine, education has been unmasked. Humanity has been enslaved by Cabalism, a satanic cult.This colonization of the mindis now explicit, as seen in the limitationson free speech and inquiry. Like deaf men tuning a

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