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Fritz Springmeier Replies to Critics

Fritz Springmeier replies to accusations he retailed other peoples' work, treats conspiracy as a business and is spreading Illuminati propaganda. "Because the [Illuminati leaders] respected me, knew I knew them better perhaps than anyone, and that I have integrity, they finally decided to provide me with information on their activities

British Man Laments Lost Love

Feminists don't like to see a womanengaged to be happily married. They attack her mind and, like Communists,destroy society one person at a time. Mark, a successful British businessman,describes how "the love of his life" slipped through his fingers."The poison traveled though her veins and is now in her heart,

Elites Colluding to Start Nuclear War?

"It has all been depicted, in satanic detail (including the nuke color coding, as seen in the first rainbow), in the Denver International Airport murals."A reader, Christopher, says the Illuminati have planned a nuclear war. Naturally, I hope he is wrong. "It is extremely naïve to believe that Communist Russia

Michael Straight: Could KGB Agent Become US President?

Left, Michael Straight (1916-2004) was a wealthy American heir who became aKGB spy but later recanted. Stalin wanted to groom him to become President of the United States.The idea of a "sleeper agent" becoming the US President is noteworthy todaybecause of suspicions about the sitting President.These suspicions are also fueled

Are Capitalism and Communism Becoming One?

(left, Critics estimate Putin's personal stake in Gazprom and other corporations is worth $70 billion.)   Are we witnessing a dialectic whereby Communism and Capitalism are being "comfortably merged?"Is the snake shedding its skin and revealing its true character, private monopoly capitalism fronted by the State? This is part two

Corruption in Ukraine Amazes American Contractor

(Left, cops routinely bribed ) Ranked 144 of 176 in a worldwide index, "Ukraine corruption" even has a Wikipedia entry. Brian Anderson describes reasons Ukraine is bankrupt and Ukrainians are in revolt. by Brian Anderson( of my Ukrainian colleagues asked me if I was informing my friends back home about the

Israel Shamir: Counter Coup in Crimea

The real story is now developing in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, a story of resistance to the pro-Western takeover.IF THE WEST CAN PUT ITS PUPPETS IN POWER IN KIEV, WHY CAN'T RUSSIA DO THE SAME IN CRIMEA AND DONBAS? "Though [Putin] would like the Ukraine to be friendly to Russia,

"Gay" is Not the Same as Homosexual

Despite the fact that Hitler and many of his close associates were gay, the Nazispersecuted homosexuals. Cuban researcher Servando Gonzalez explains that "gay" is a political term invented by Tavistock, designating Illuminati agents and activists. It has been applied to all homosexuals as a way of co-opting them for the

Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati

Left, David Rockefeller and Zhou Enlai and chamber pot in 1973.The Chinese people would revolt against overt foreign domination, but embrace the NWO because they think they are in control. "By studying the triumvirate Chinese elite and their intimate ties to the Illuminati, it is clear that modern China is

Political Ponerology - A False Explanation for Evil

I'm posting this review even though I disagree with the premisethat our political leaders are psychopaths, and the way to save the worldis to diagnose and prevent psychopaths from holding power. Author Andrew Lobaczewski completely overlooks the obvious, that our "leaders" belong to a satanic cult, the Illuminati (Cabalist Judaism/ Freemasonry) and are dedicated

"We Day" -- Illuminati Target Our Children

Some 16,000 young Manitobans spent Wednesday getting inspired at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg as part of We Day.Sound farfetched to say the Illuminati are inducting us into a satanic cult?  The "We Day" program indoctrinate our children under the guise of promoting peace & charity.  Look at the

Demonizing WW2 Japan is Hypocritical

A defense of Shinzo Abe's visit to the Yasukuni Shrine (left) When Americans are blind to their own leaders' war crimes, it's typical of the Illuminati media to fixate on Japan's. Perhaps it's time to dismantle misrepresentations of World War II Japan.In WW2, Japan was not targeted because she wanted

Did the Romanovs Betray Christian Russia?

Far from defenders of tradition, the Romanovs were Illuminati traitors, according to Hamad Subani.  (Editor's Note: I find this hard to believe and welcome feedback from more informed readers.) by Hamad Subani author of The World War Deception ( The Romanovs are usually seen as a symbol of Christian Russia, as innocent victims of

Will False Flag Terror Discredit Protests?

A survey of state-sponsored terrorism in Europefrom Oct 14, 2011by Christian Soderberg( an exciting political awakening is happening in the western world, the Establishment is trying to harness it for its own ends.And if they cannot hi-jack this awakening, they will most certainly try to make it look bad. And

Obama's "Contras" Slaughter Christians in Syria

Left. US-backed Islamists massacre an entire Christian village The enemy of Christians is not the Muslims. The enemy is Illuminati Jews and Masons. The United States government is an instrument of their satanic agenda. As Charles Upton shows, the Prophet Mohammed prohibited hostile acts against Christians. But the Saudi-American-Israeli backed

The Little-Known Polish Post-War Resistance

Left. Outcast Soldiers : The Forgotten Anti-Communist Crusaders The Poles are a remarkable people. After sustaining untold loses fightingthe Nazis in World War Two, the Polish Resistance continued to wagea guerrilla war against the Communists until the early 1960's. Of course, theyreceived no assistance from the Freemasons that control the

Illuminati Billionaires Love Marxists & Marijuana

(l. Uruguayan President Jose Mujica with David Rockefeller, 98, in NYC last week) Our South American bureau chief, Marcos, writes: "As suspected, the Marxists from the Forum of Sao Paulo are indeed partners with the Western Illuminati. Last week, Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay who legalized marijuana consumption in

In Defence of the Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a lightning rod for misconceptionRyan rebuts the article regarding the Dalai Lama's connection to the CIA and his expensive watch. Ryan writes: My original motivation for collecting much of this information years ago was a) my interest in the CIA's original proprietary airline Civil Air

Obama - A Jewish President Fights Israel's Wars

(Baruch Obama's grandfather, Stanley "Dunham"-  Wikipedia waxes about his grandfather's "Irish" antecedents but my Jew-dar isn't buying it.) This week Americans will tell Obamathey are fed up with waging wars of aggressionon behalf of the Illuminati &  Organized Jewry.  This 2007 article is a timely reminder of the real nature

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