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CIA's Dalai Lama: Who Else Does he Serve?

(left, Dalai Lama sports a Rolex.) Does wearing a $60,000 gold watch disqualify someone from being a "spiritual leader?" Readers raise this and other questions about the Dalai Lama, Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. Related - Dalai Lama - A CIA Agentby Paul ("Paul, 39, is a software engineer living in

Illuminati Plot History 50-Years in Advance

The World War Deception, or how the two World Wars set the stage for the expansion of the Soviet Unionand the Cold War. "The two World Wars were an exercise in reducing the number of global power blocs to two."By Hamad Subani( In my first post, I mentioned how my persecution

Universities are Instruments of Masonic Subversion (My Story)

(Dalhousie University in Halifax. Far from refuges for free speech and inquiry, Western universities are active participants in the enslavement of mankind.) The re-education system is a major bulwark of the Judeo Masonic New World Order. Stately stone buildings covered with vine disguise a sinister purpose. Hamad Subani is a

Coercing Homosexual Consensus

(Left, Scott Lively faces legal punishment in the US for his pro-heterosexual activities in Uganda.) Anyone who recognizes that homosexuality is dysfunctional and socially subversive is swarmed and shamed by Illuminati controlled government & media. This is Communist-style social engineering. by Richard Evans & Henry MakowAs you may recall Scott

Hindenburg another Zionist False Flag?

According to Hillaire de Berrier,the man responsible for the Hindenberg disaster was  Zionist activist and baseball catcher Morris Berg, who later worked for Nelson Rockefeller and the OSS. by James Perloff( On May 6, 1937 the German zeppelin Hindenburg burst into flames while docking at Lakehurst, New Jersey.  The

Do Gay Men Foster Masculine Women?

Could it be that homosexual ideals of female beauty and behavior are now the norm? by Colm O'Hehir( Traditionalist Christians often decry the homsosexual sexual revolution, rightly so in my view. But in recent times I've become intrigued by the role of homosexual men in shaping the HETEROSEXUAL sexual revolution, i.e. the culture of casual

Does the Bionic Woman Menstruate?

  By Henry Makow Ph.D. (from Oct 2007) The answer is no. After a car hit Jaime Sommers, surgeons replaced her uterus with nanomachines called anthrocytes attached to stainless steel testicles. Ever since she has been kicking male butt. NBC's resurrection of this 1970's TV series about a mutant is

Satanist Revisits Profumo Affair

(left. Stephen Ward, 1912-1963, with Christine Keeler. Asked what really happened, Ward told a friend, 'Dear boy, England's a brothel and Macmillan's the madame. I'm acting as liaison between Macmillan, Kennedy and Khrushchev in the cause of peace.')THIS YEAR MARKS THE FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF  THE PROFUMO AFFAIRwhich exposed the sexual

Talmud & Shariah Law Compared

Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam. The Talmud plays the same role in Judaism.Based on a study of Sharia Law and Talmud, John Kunkle concludes "Islam and Judaism are not religions, but political movements dressed up as religions."(Editor's Note: This provocative article reflects the conclusions of

Sao Paulo Riots - Marxist Tactics for the NWO

Riots to protest a tiny hike in bus and metro fares have terrorized this city of 20 million. At least 235 people have been arrested and 55 injured, Marcos dissects Marxist tactics used to undermine the opposition government in San Paulo State and pave the way for its take over

Transgender Man Wins in Women's Wrestling

SPORTS NOW PROMOTEILLUMINATI WAR ONMALE & FEMALE GENDERIt's OK to beat up women if you "become" one. Fallon Fox is a biological male who had a sex change. He gets paid to beat up women wrestlers. Feminists defend this because they hate gender. By Brian(      Professional sports are

Five Hollywood Movies That Exposed Illuminati

Bankrolling wars is not about the outcome of wars, but generating debt from wars, and that "this is the very essence of the banking industry, to make us all -- whether we be nations or individuals -- slaves to debt." (From "The International") Conspiracy pioneer Jim Perloff reviews a handful

Misfits Used to Attack Hetero Institutions

THE CONTINUING WAR ON GENDERThe "Prom" Dance is a dying institution because  (Illuminati) Satanists champion misfits. Indeed dances in general are disappearing from campuses as hetero dating & courtship have been replaced by homo "cruising" i.e. anonymous sex. "In posts, less than three months ago, there's no mention at all

Masonic Jewish Subversion, Algeria Style

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Left, Mohamed Mediene ("General Tewflick") the current head of the Algerian security apparatus, the DRS - Departement de Renseignement et Securite - has been the behind-the-scenes master of Algerian politics for more than two decades. The example of Algeria shows that everywhere public policy is

Elia Kazan & the Ongoing Communist Whitewash

Elia Kazan (1909-2003) was the director of such Hollywood classics as On the Waterfront & A Streetcar Named Desire. Ironically, he is best known for "naming names" of Communists he had known during a short spell as a CPUSA member during the thirties. For this he was excoriated by

West of Memphis: New Film Defends Killers

A new documentary beats the drum for Satanist child killers. As usual, Liberals shill for Satanism. Two docs released, and a feature film in the works.."The myopic and uniform opinion about West of Memphis from critics at the nations top newspapers is astonishing. Every major newspaper critic parrots the falsehood

Is China Part of the New World Order?

(Left: Money Power banksters Zhao Xiaochuan and Lagarde preparing World Currency)The US Empire is not the Money Power. China's rise and opposition to the US fits the familiar pattern: the Money Power's proxies working towards managed conflict and World Anthony Migchels ( To many it is unclear whether China

Frances Farmer & America's Psychiatric Gulag

A famous actress, Frances Farmer (1913-1970) was lobotomized by Hollywood Jews because she wouldn't join their Communist plot, according to the late Eustace Mullins. Her tragic fate suggests that psychiatry plays an important role in the Illuminati Jewish plan for world tyranny.  The incarceration of dissidents in mental hospitals was common in the USSR. Everyone should read this horrifying,

When Did Gays Become Jews?

(left, 49'er Cornerback Chris Culliver forced to wear pink under the ruse of supporting breast cancer research.) Last week, a football player was forced to make an abject apology for expressing distaste for homosexuality in the locker room. When will heterosexuals have human rights? "We must introduce into their education all those principles which have

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