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Joe Sobran: Homosexuality - The Sober Truth

(left, Joe Sobran, 1946-2010)The courageous honesty of Joe Sobran is becoming  increasingly rare as a leaden pall of Masonic Jewish (Communist)political correctness descends over the West. The West is controlled and defined by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Illuminati) thatwants you to believe that evil is good, and in the case of homosexuality, sickness is

Dr. Benjamin Spock- Did Subversion Start in the Cradle?

(Left. Parenting authority Benjamin Spock, 1903-1998, with one of his two sons.)"The future of a country is based upon its children. Destroy the children and the country is doomed." Dr. Benjamin Spock's baby and childcare book was the bible of baby boomer parents. Did it help create a generation of self-indulgent misfits and rebels? Makow comment: As a baby boomer, my

Paul Elam --False Prophet or False Opposition?

Unless he's a CIA imposter,can someone who claims leadership of the men'smovement be so clueless?Related - Makow - How the CIA Controls Culture By Henry Makow Ph.D.Paul Elam's website A Voice for Men is the largest "men's rights" site in the world. Elam claims to be a leader of the burgeoning men's movement. Yet he

Brazil's Marxist Schools Harbinger for West?

(Left, Brazil schools named after phoney Communist icons) Marcos, from Sao Paulo, expresses the despair of parents who witness the indoctrination of their children in state schools.Brazil is the end result of dangerous trends clearly apparent in the Marcos( in Marxist-driven countries such as Brazil are delivering their kids to the wolves every

Fidel Castro Was a CIA Agent

More evidence that Communism is a total sham. Its role is toprevent genuine reform and impose tyranny in a feel-good disguise.Fulgencio Batista, (Cuban President from 1953-59) was the Gaddafi of his day, creating a dangerous example of economic independence from the bankers.The "revolutionary" Fidel Castro was nothing more than a

Old Hickory, Honest Abe & Camelot

Dean Henderson shows how two of three President were martyrs for our Freedom. Clearly our common oppressoris the central banker operating through his myriad lackeys and opportunists, i.e. our government and mass media. All wars arefought to protect the central bankers' fraudulent ownership of the medium of exchange, i.e.

Fidel Castro Exposed by Former Bodyguard

Communism is a ruse which allowed Fidel Castro to forceten million Cubans to work for $20-30 a month in the name of socialism while he amassed $900 million from drug traffickingand corruption. Cuba was the Spain of the New World.But after the revolution, it was frozen in time; Havana a

Solzhenitsyn Foresaw Satanic Contagion Infecting West

Nobel Prize Winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, (1918-2008) gave the speechbelow in 1983 in London on the occasion of winning the Templeton Prize. Expelled from the USSR in 1970, he was feted in the West to bolster theCold War. But he proved to be an embarrassment because of his espousal of Christianity
Leo Zagami says a powerful gay networkin the Vatican engages in pedophilia and Satanismand threatens to bring down the church. Pope Benedict XVI resigned because of the powerof this gay underground.  "The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, infiltrated by greedy Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Muslims in bed with the Vatican Gay

Cypto Jew Ted Cruz & the "End-Time" Wealth Transfer

left, Sen. Ted Cruz with his Commie father turned evangelist, Rafael Cruz)Don't be deceived. Ted Cruz is anotherZionist shill, a crypto Jew charged withherding the Christian Evangelical sheepwith lunatic promises of end times wealth. Makow Comment: Humanity is imperiled when people who uphold cabalist doctrines are so close to the

British Empire Used Communist Tactics for Centuries

Left. Elizabeth with King Saud, descended from Jewish merchants. The "Masonic Jewish Conspiracy" is the British Empire which has now morphed into the New World Order. Hempher's Confession of a British Spy (c. 1825) reveals that turmoil in the Middle East has deepimperialist roots. As early as the 1700's, the "British"

Holocaust Denier Jailed for Thought Crime

(Left, Stolz speech can be found here)Holocaust denier, lawyer Sylvia Stolz is back in prison. On February 25, 2015,  a Munich court sentenced her to 20 more months for a speech she delivered in 2012. Although my grandparents died in the Jewish holocaust,I do not believe in thought crimes. People

Central Bank Scam Explains World Malaise

"This book provides insights as to how private bankers since ancient times have...created money out of nothing as an interest bearing debt in order to arrogate supreme powers to themselves. It also provides a record, both ancient and modern, of civilizations which have flourished in an environment free from the

The Pitbull Behind the Homosexual Agenda

(left, gay activist Terry Bean raised $500K for Obama's 2012 campaign) The media blackout of Terry Bean's pedophile activities shields the vicious homosexual lobby he helps direct. "The Human Rights Campaign" smears and intimidates opponents.  Promotion of homosexuality is designed to redefine and destroy  marriage and family, a long time

The Racist Illuminati War on White Society

(Left, Music teacher Brad Badiuk suspended without pay for his opinion of Aboriginals.) Illuminati Jews and Masons are waging a hate-filled racist war onEuropean Christian society. Society is oblivious to this attack. What's behind this need to constantly champion minorities as if only they have rights? And the need to

Warning to Nations: Don't Cross Israel

 (left, Mossad cutout conveniently leaves his calling card) With France taking measures decisively sympathetic to Islam, why would Muslim zealots suddenly choose THIS MOMENT to murder a dozen French citizens, an act that wouldcertainly turn French public opinion against Muslims and in favor of Israel? (Latest- Even BBC admits attack
(left. Prof Mac Adams)Thomas Carter reports on the latest episode in the Communist (Masonic Jewish)chill that has settled over the Catholic Church and the West in Thomas Carter( On December 16th, Marquette University, a Catholic institution in Milwaukee suspended Prof. John McAdams for posting a blog about an assistant professor,

Jewish Convert, Rev. Richard Wurmbrand Defined "The Spiritual War"

from Dec. 20, 2008by Cornelius B There are moments when we realize that we live in a world of merciless battles, and above all a world of spiritual battles. In those moments of lucidity we may understand the deep meaning of Rimbaud's conclusion, which states that the spiritual battles

Cuba Move Highlights Marxist Trend in the Americas

(Obama with his Commie buddies, Raul and Dilma) Obama's recognition of Cuba is a step toward uniting the Western Hemisphere under Marxist auspices, leading to Masonic Jewish (Illuminati)world government. South America is already well on its way to continental union under these Marcos( December 17th, President Obama surprised the

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