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Co Ed Describes "Hook Up" Scene, Seeks Reassurance

"For my peers, a fulfilling life is going out, partying, getting drunk, having sex with a stranger, and then doing it all over again as soon as possible."Communists (Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) take down a country by promoting decadence. Eli Klein's account of the college scene suggests the US

Gender Chaos Is Driving the Young Insane

(left, Youth role model Miley Cyrus, November 19, in Chicago)Western society is controlled by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. In a satanic cult, unnatural is natural and sick is healthy.The Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) war on gender has produced a generation of people who have no identity as men or women. When their sex appeal is gone, they

Why are Young Feminists So Clueless About Sex?

Mainstream columnist Margaret Wente says young feminists "have been sold a lie." They have been told that having promiscuous sex just like men is "empowering." Is this lie any surprise? Feminism is Communism is Cabalism is Jewish Satanism.Its goal is to attack gender and destroy the institutions of marriage and family.Wente can

American Mourns Dad Murdered in the Philippines

What makes Western men travel 7000 miles to meet women? by Andrew Jones ( father Andrew Charles Jones, 60, met a lady Eden Joy Trongco on Facebook . He started talking to her in January 2015. He took his first trip to the Philippines at the end of March and met her at

Eloquent New Voice Sounds Alarm

Irene Caesar, 52, is a brilliant Russian philosopher and artist who has no illusions about the Cabalist Jewish and Masonic agenda, and is not afraid to state it. "Wake up or Perish" is her message. She is interviewed by Bolivia-based truther Alex Gottwald , the editor of the German translation of Illuminati, who deserves thanks for

Common Core: Cabbalist Corruption of Culture

Keoni Galt discovers that satanist social engineers have managed to infect home schooling curriculums with their poison. "Oh those devious bastards. THEY are developing new and improved ways to fuck up our children's minds."by Keoni GaltHawaiian Libertarian(Abridged by of first times I ever dipped my toes into the fever swamps of

Communist Subversion More Advanced than We Think

We've been brainwashed to scoff atnotions like "Communist Subversion"but a 1930's Comintern textbook suggests that it has long agopenetrated every institution of Westernsociety. For example, the text suggeststhe sabotage of the mental health and education systems is political in Henry Makow Ph.D.(Revises 2004 article)Increasingly, sanity is based on our willingness to

Wife of Freemason Asks for Help

(left, strip show at Masonic lodge)Wednesday, "Judy"  wrote:Hello. I am hoping that sending this email won't hurt me but help me. I am seeking answers but I do not know where to find them. You see, I have read and reread your post on Marriage Wrecking Ball and multiple other

"A Deathless Suicide": Man Rues Transgender Choice

"Venus envy." The media made him hate his masculinity so much, he tried to become a female. "I have seen the dark underbelly of the gay and transsexual lifestyles and now would warn anyone contemplating such not to even think about it.  It's sad to see the promotion of destructive lifestyles by government and media. They know

Jurassic World's Family Values Are Deceiving

Jurassic World, which has grossed over a half billion dollars in three weeks has been touted as a return to traditional gender roles.Aspen shows how the film is a more insidious affirmation of feminism than Aspen( World appears to be a film about Family Values, True Masculinity, Loyalty, and the Triumph

Increasingly, Men See Women as "The Enemy"

"My physical desires command me to mate with women, yet the women in this environment are clearly toxic (feminism, media, etc.)"Illuminati Feminism is having its desired effect:Dividing the sexes by destroying the marriage ethos in women and provoking a backlash from men. Women are not the enemy.Illuminati Jews & Freemasons have

Dr. Benjamin Spock- Did Subversion Start in the Cradle?

(Left. Parenting authority Benjamin Spock, 1903-1998, with one of his two sons.)"The future of a country is based upon its children. Destroy the children and the country is doomed." Dr. Benjamin Spock's baby and childcare book was the bible of baby boomer parents. Did it help create a generation of self-indulgent misfits and rebels? Makow comment: As a baby boomer, my

The Illuminati Jewish Plan for European Genocide

(left, Spanish beach)Never have a people embraced their political and cultural demise with such complacency as the dimwitted denizens of Europe, North America and Australia. Do not direct your resentment at immigrants who are just trying to better themselves, as our own ancestors did. Direct your anger at our political and cultural leaders who, as agents of the

Paul Elam --False Prophet or False Opposition?

Unless he's a CIA imposter,can someone who claims leadership of the men'smovement be so clueless?Related - Makow - How the CIA Controls Culture By Henry Makow Ph.D.Paul Elam's website A Voice for Men is the largest "men's rights" site in the world. Elam claims to be a leader of the burgeoning men's movement. Yet he

Transgenderism - Illuminati's Way of Mocking God

This is a response to the Red Ice Radio Interview with: Sofia Smallstorm on Bruce Jenner's Trans-formation & Terasem TransreligionBy engaging in Transgenderism and Transhumanism, Satan wants to make a mockery of God's glorious creation- man. Related: Makow- Ten Signs Western Society is Controlled by a Satanic CultBy MS( created Man as

Society's Gender Lunacy Exposed in Custody Case

A custody case in Ontarioproves Western society hasdrunk the Kool-Aid.Judge awards part custody of 5-yr-old boy to mother determined he should be a girl. Judge says the child should decide what his gender is."We are brain-dead and stupid to allow this toxic, hateful attack on our heterosexual identity become official policy." By Henry

Men's Movement: Flipside of Feminism?

The Striking Similarities Betweenthe Men's Rights Movement and Feminism "In essence, feminism is misogynistic and masculism is misandric. Both masquerade as attempts to improve the conditions of their respective gender, but are actually further enslaving them. Both believe the opposite sex is conspiring to keep them down."Listen to this: Confirms

Getting the Runaround from SABC

(Traitor to her sex and her people, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation Producer Hazel Makuzeni)I know that Hazel Makuzeni is just following orders but her failure to broadcast my interview is further proof the massmedia is about social engineering and political control."People... believe lies, not because they are plausibly presented, but because

Ernestine Rose - "America's First Jewish Feminist"

Left, Ernestine Rose, 1810-1892,  little known feminist pioneer. Although Ernestine Rose was a plucky woman with some redeeming qualities, the quotation (left) reveals that Jewish activism (i.e. feminism, liberalism, socialism) is essentially a pretext to destroy the four legs of human identity -- religion (God), race, nation and family (gender)-- and impose an occult template on

X-Men Declare Gays Will Not Tolerate Straights

Sexual Deviants- The New Militants The 2006 movie "X-Men: Last Stand"  proclaimed that we all must become homosexual mutants or else: "Today's attack was only our first salvo. So long as the CURE exists, our war will rage. Your cities will not be safe. Your streets will not be safe. You will not be

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