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Child Refugee Drowning Was a Psy Op

(Alan Kurdi, 3) How do we know?It fits the globalist modus operandi: Guilt the target population into forfeiting its national cultureand independence by accepting an armyof Third World "refugees." By Henry Makow Ph.D.The health food store in my Winnipeg neighbourhood has a sign in the door: "Welcome Refugees." About 200 "asylum seekers" have

James Perloff: Parallels Between Vietnam Era and Today

Donald Trump is a mortal threat to the NWO agenda and must be removedat all cost. James Perloff thinks the strategy used to remove LBJ and Richard Nixonin the 1960's-70's will be applied. The main parallels are in the mass mobilization of young demonstrators, funded by billionaires, combined with brainwashing from

Muslim Qu'ran is Wise to Ancient Satanic Conspiracy

David Livingstone reveals that Kabbalists are singled out in the Qu'ran as instruments of an ancient occult conspiracy. The Qu'ran dates from the Seventh Century, indicating mankind has suffered from this plot for millennia.Today the Satanists are pitting Christians against Muslims,using migration & false flag terror, eliminating two birds with one stone.Most Christians are

The Scent of Feminist Desperation

Millions of women who outsourced their common sense and trusted the media, their teachers, their leaders and their society are now high-and-dry. by Henry Makow Ph.D.(Slightly revised from "Feminist at the End of Her Rope," July 11, 2008) Who better to dispense advice than  a veteran feminist who totally

The Loaded Language of Abortion

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Immigration an Ordeal for Qualified White People

(left, Justine Trudeau pandering to minorities, in this case Chinese.)Eastern European immigrant "Mick" compares the ordeal he went through to immigrate to Canada with the Red Carpet treatment minority "refugees" seem to receive today. (Disclaimer: I am all for minority immigration when it serves national priorities.I am against it when it serves the agenda

Hatred of Trump = Jewish Hatred of the Goyim

(left, The Jew's Tears, Israeli dual citizen, Sen. Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer tears up over travel ban.Israel is a racist apartheid state- see Note below)"More of us (Americans) are waking up to the fact that Trump is merely a proxy: The insane, deranged hatred directed at him is really meant for us Christian,

Feminism is a Depopulation Program

The world birth rate has halved in the last 50 years from roughly 3.6 births per woman to only 1.8   This coincides with the rise of feminism as the official world gender ideology.Makow -  "I am one of many who missed the opportunity to have a normal family thanks to feminism. Depopulation strikes

HBO's "Girls" Normalizes Ugliness, Sickness

(l. Lena Dunham) Thanks to Cabalist Jewish (Satanic) control of mass media and education, western society resembles a satanic cult which controls and exploits its members by making them sick.Consequently what passes for "art" and "entertainment" sentimentalizes and normalizes degradation and dysfunction. The HBO series "Girls," now entering its sixth and final season, is a prime example. While superbly

Men Face a Masculinity Minefield

 (Hypocrisy. Can you imagine a workshop entitled "Challenging Toxic Homosexuality?")"In case you haven't noticed, there's a non-stop assault on masculinity in America." A survey of the social landscape faced by men today from the perspective of an average male. Unfortunately, he is oblivious to the origin of feminism and its subversive occult (Masonic-Jewish i.e. Communist) and homosexual nature. The essence

In Defence of Male and Female

(Is this the face of the future? Yes, if the Illuminati have their way. We become what we worship, in this case Satan.)"Power = penis. In heterosexual relationships, only one is necessary. "This updated excerpt is from my first foray against feminism in 2000 and reflects myoriginal inspiration.Feminism and the attack on

Illuminati Flip Good and Evil

(In the climactic scene of 'The Front' Woody Allen tells the HUAC where to go."Go F**k yourselves" summarizes attitude of Cabalist Jews to the goyim, God and to the universe in general.) A movie "The Front," (1976) about the blacklistof Hollywood Communists, illustrates how Jews have been brainwashed, and, in turn, have brainwashed

Outspoken Black Critic Chides "Monkeys," "Savages, "Slaves"

"The Smartest Black Man in America"David Michael Carroll, who teaches political science at a college in Ohio, has 25,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. In this youtube, he says the black church is spiritually "dead." He blames black women who make up 75% of the membership, and pastors who are

Israel's Descent Into a Moral Abyss

Trumps's Deal With the DevilIronically, Americans have had to accepta President beholden to Israel in order to advance their own national interest. Via their Nazi proxies, Zionists ethnically cleansedEuropean Jews to justify the creation of Israel. Then they did the same thing to Palestinians. The Zionist agenda has always been a "Greater Israel."  The West Bank

The Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality

The essence of masculinity is power. The essence of femininity is love. Men want power; women want love.Heterosexuality is an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. The Illuminati is teaching women to seek power instead of love in order to neuter and destroy both sexes. A Trump

Hollywood's Occult War on Gender Intensifies

(Left, Moana, a teenage girl who saves her people is role model for all young females.)We live in a de facto Communist society where art & entertainment serve revolutionary goals. Revolutionary means overturning the natural order, replacing God with Lucifer, and inducting society into the Cabalist Jewish satanic cult, the

Castro Profited from Communist Scam

(left. Castro making the Trump Masonic hand sign) Communism is a scam. The people work for peanuts in the name of "equality" and "social justice" while  leaders like Castro are billionaires and live high on the hog.  Sure, the people get free health care and indoctrination (education) but so what if you

Hillary Voter Calls for Mutual Respect & Calm

WHY CAN'T WELL-MEANING PEOPLE AGREE? HOW SHOULD THEY ACT WHEN THEY CAN'T?"John" is concerned about the attitudes coming out of the alternative media, and "wants to put out this call for restraint and introspection to help temper the situation." Disclaimer: "John" did not get the memo about the Soros-Clinton-NWO agenda. Nonetheless, he helps us to understand the

If Catcalls Were Politically Correct...

we interrupt election coverage for this attempt to make you chuckleIf men could grow up, what would they say to attractive womenthey saw on the street? by Henry Makow Ph.D. "Women are caught in a vise," I remarked to a friend.  "They're judged almost entirely on the basis of sex appeal. Nature is so

Satanism Rules the West

Ugly is beautiful. "It's all good," according to Satanic DoctrineSociety doesn't realize that it is controlled by Freemasonry, a Jewish cult based on Cabalism. Fasten your seat belts folks, because they believe they can overrule nature and common senseand redefine reality. Here are more developments that strike me as occult in nature. by Henry Makow Ph.D. Western society has become a

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