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Men's Activists Deaf & Blind to Illuminati Agenda

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } (left, By artificially inflating the status of women, the Illuminati have psychologically undermined heterosexuals because women are naturally hypergamous.) Below are some excerpts from a long essay entitled "The Misandry Bubble"    which is a manifesto of the contemporary "men's" movement.  This essay correctly describes

Another Jewish Misfit Who Undermined Gender Identity

"The mutual relations between the two sexes seems to us to be at least as important as the mutual relations of any two governments in the world." - Thomas Babington Macaulay - Historian & British Secretary of State for War, 1840   In our occult-controlled society, homosexuals are a protected species

Virtual Sex Will Put Porn on Steroids

Sex won't take place in bed; it'll take place in the head.Do you want to live in a world where people spend their evenings in virtual brothels?by David Richards( The next phase in the Illuminati's agenda to separate sex from reproduction, and break down the family unit, is the introduction

Anti-Child Hate Speech Allowed to Flourish

You can't criticize gays but heterosexuals are fair game. Rebecca, 20, exposes the vicious heterophobicanti-child subculture that flourishes on the Internet. This profoundly anti-human thinking is another example of many heterosexuals mirroring homosexual attitudes and behavior. Related- Young Women Rages Against Feminist Subversion  "They treat children like they are subhuman

Young Woman Rages Against Feminist Subversion

Rebecca's testimony confirms that satanic possession takes the formof gender reversal. Men prefer women who are masculine because men havebeen feminized. Both sexes eschew marriage and family.Rebecca reminded me of this passage from Richard Wurmbrand's Marx and Satan: The Russian Revolution was a time when "love, goodwill, and healthy feeling

Central Bank Scam Explains World Malaise

"This book provides insights as to how private bankers since ancient times have...created money out of nothing as an interest bearing debt in order to arrogate supreme powers to themselves. It also provides a record, both ancient and modern, of civilizations which have flourished in an environment free from the

Fifty Shades of Satanism

Make no mistake, Fifty Shades of Grey  invites us to engage in BD S&M:bondage-discipline-sadism & masochism.Society is being transformed into a satanic cult. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Sadism is "the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others." Masochism is getting pleasure from receiving pain

Internet Martyr Aaron Swartz is Immortalized in Film

Must-see documentary tells the storyof charismatic champion of freedom.Unjust laws exist;shall we be content to obey them,or shall we endeavor to amend themand obey them until we have succeeded,or shall we transgress them at once?--Henry David Thoreauby Henry Makow Ph.D. A reader, Mary Lynn, tipped me to a documentary The

"Jewish" Control - A Fait Accompli ... 125 Years Ago

La Civiltà Cattolica (Italian for Catholic Civilization) is a periodical published without interruptions by the Jesuits in Rome, Italy since 1850 and is among the oldest of Catholic Italian periodicals. All of the journals articles are the collective responsibility of the entire "college" of the magazines writers even if published

Women Don't Want Commitment, Man Discovers

"Serial daters" -After a divorce, George Smith, 47, is dating again and finding that women don't want sex or a relationship, just attention. "My experience leads me to believe that a majority of womensimply just don't need a man except to procreate."  by "George Smith" ( I am a 47-year old father

Men Prefer Career Women, says Homemaker

(left, not S. -------   S wrote to thank me for my reply to a man who went to the Philippines for a wife. I suggested he consider local women who are not career minded - tellers, cashiers, waitresses, secretaries etc. ) "Feminism has really been the Men's Liberation Movement. It

Illuminati Behind Popularity of Tattoos?

(Illuminati boy toy Justin Bieber provides model for teens.)If the body is the temple of the soul, then tattoos are  graffiti. Why do so many people deface themselves?David Richards looks at the doodling-on-yourself phenomenon and suggests the Illuminati agenda. "In Western culture, traditionally, social outcasts get tattoos: criminals, sailors and

Men, Don't Give Up on Women!

  In the video, left, Paul Watson adroitly summarizes the conclusions of Sexodus!--  "Men are Giving Up on Women and Checking Out of Society" and  "Feminism Leaves Male Sexuality in Crisis."  These articles have caused a minor sensation but young men are advised to ignore the noise and get on

Freemasonry Trumps Feminism in US Court

(Lydia Salce, 50, on the night of her arrest, Aug 11, 2011) Lydia Salce feared for her life when her biker husbandheld a knife to her throat and started punching her. When he dropped the knife, she stabbed him. A court sentenced her to sixteen years in jail. In this

I Married a Feminist. Now What?

Women were not the only ones brainwashed by feminism. Men were actually conditioned to admire and desire these women.But after 20 years of an "egalitarian" marriage, Kieran Dunn had enough. His "roommate" relationship saps his masculine pride.Should Kieran get a divorce or tough it out? We revisit his original postNovember

Woman Begs Men: "Rescue Us from Suicidal Feminist Brainwashing"

 (left, Feminist YouTube makes heterosexuality a crime and a sickness. It was made by Jewish feminist Hanna Rosin using a Jewish actress and is another example of the Illuminati (satanist, cabalist) Jewish perversion/subversion of the natural order and society, i.e. "the New World Order.") In an insightful female perspective, Saba

Lesbian Fires "Rough Sex" Radio Host

(Head of CBC-Radio, Heather Conway, right, and her partner, filmmaker Patricia Rozema) "Rough Sex" In private, Canadian talk show starJian Ghomeshi was into male dominance and female submission. This must have beenanathema to his boss, Heather Conway, a lesbian.Would he have been firedhad he been gay? (Many people thought he

Anthony Migchels: Feminism is Dying

(Left: The UN thought it sly to put a young starlet in front of millions with some particularly pathetic talking points. As a result she was widely ridiculed on the web.)Feminist brainwashingis being trumped by natureand common sense. by Anthony Migchels( Feminism has quietly lost all support from women, except

Is Actress Justified to Feel "Violated"?

Left, Jennifer Lawrence. "At the time it was very difficult for people to see me as a woman, or sexy, or beautiful," she told The Times. "I was just the Winter's Bone [movie] wilderness-type girl. And so I did the Esquire shoot and it was a good career move." Lawrence

Insider Confirmed Conspiracy is No "Theory"

Caroll Quigley (1910-1977) taught at Princeton, Harvard and Georgetown Universities. In his book, Tragedy and Hope, (1966) he confirmed that private merchant bankers create money out of nothing and control world affairs. He didn't mention social engineering but they are behind gender bending (feminism, homosexuality,) and sexual "liberation"."There does exist,

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