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There Won't Be an "Israeli Spring"

Left, Israeli schoolchildren write sarcastic messages on shells during the 2006 Lebanon war. Israelis are the most brainwashed people in the world,  says Avi Gleitzer, 53, who has lived in Israel for 25 years. by Avi Gleitzer( Israelis feel lost if their government does not tell them who they are

"Queer As Folk" show Made Me Nauseous

 (left. Queer as Folk was a Showcase TV series that ran from 2000-2005 and portrayed the lives of five gay friends living in Pittsburgh. PA.) The showtime series "Queer as Folk" was part of the Illuminati (Satanist) program to replace heterosexual institutions (marriage, family) with  homosexuality and perversion. This is

Circumcision is Mother/Child Trauma Brainwashing

 Circumcision ("torture mutilation") is designed to destroy the bond between mother and son, and "freeze the mother's heart." "The idea that a parallel intention of child mutilation is to freeze up the emotional powers of the mother with feelings of failure and guilt, came to me from my mother, sadly, after

Rebel Bishop Affirms Gender Differences

Traditional Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, left, defies the PC (C is for Cabalist) dogma polluting the earth. "Common sense is the grip on reality given to us by God."  The Illuminati, who control government and media,  defy God and common sense by hate-filled attacks on heterosexuals and gender. The attack

Escape the Hive Mind

Insanity is the enemy of sanity.Shut it off. Lies are the enemy of truth.Shut them out.The hive mind is "the Matrix""It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true." - Henry Kissinger by Henry Makow Ph.D.How should we

Pounding the Holocaust Drum

TODAY IS HOLOCAUST DAY          Aggressors always pretend to be innocent victims, and pretendthe real victims are the aggressors. The holocaust perpetuates this meme.It convinces the real victims, the goyim, that they are "bullies" if they resist the real aggressors, the Illuminati's Jewish and Masonic fronts.  by Henry Makow Ph.D. Monday April

Hugo Chavez: Marxist Money Power Stooge

During his reign, the number of private sector jobs declined by an astonishing 30%. Half of Venezuelans depend on the informal economy to survive. Public payrolls have ballooned.Anthony Migchels looks at Hugo Chavez' real legacy. by Anthony Migchels ( Hugo Chávez's fierce resistance to US Imperialism was much appreciated but

Masonic Jewish Subversion, Algeria Style

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Left, Mohamed Mediene ("General Tewflick") the current head of the Algerian security apparatus, the DRS - Departement de Renseignement et Securite - has been the behind-the-scenes master of Algerian politics for more than two decades. The example of Algeria shows that everywhere public policy is

"Human Rights" - A Higher Form of Discrimination

The term "human rights" is despised because  it means giving preference to people andcauses favored by the Illuminati (Freemasons.) by Henry Makow Ph.D.( from Jan 28, 2009) "Human rights" laws are Orwellian doublespeak for giving "rights" to some people and taking them away from others.Essentially, homosexuals, atheists and Jews

Feminism is Racism Against Men

by Cecil Washington(Feb 13, 2010) (for   I'm a black American.  Perhaps that is why I see radical feminism as a way of laying pre-Civil Rights Era perceptions of black men onto everyone who has a penis.   Meaning that all men, no matter who or what or where, are

Women Will Poison Themselves for Love

Promiscuity is not only due to conformity to occult norms, as I wrote Friday. Alexandra Fox says women will do anything for acceptance and love, even if it kills them.Social engineers knew women are much more psychologically penetrable and easily led. (This is not sexism, it's neuroscience - they are easier to sell

For Women, "Hooking Up" Isn't About Sex

It's about conformity Clearly young women are not giving themselvesto strangers for pleasure but rather becauseperversion has become the norm. It's occult social engineering by Henry Makow Ph.D. Young women today literally have been thrown to the wolves by the satanists, traitors and perverts -- the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish cultural

Why Men Are Losing Interest in Women

Today's female impersonators are mostly women. By encouraging young women to be "strong and independent", feminism has outfitted them with a mental phallus. They have become men and made men redundant. We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order." (Protocols 16)

Woman Blames Feminism for Spoiling Her Life

(left, not Stephanie) I've really missed out on having a healthy male influence in my Stephanie ( I grew up without a Dad, and lived through much of the poverty and isolation perpetuated by the second wave of feminism.When I was little, my Mom had big stacks of MS Magazine lying around,

Illuminati Jewry: A Biologist's View

"The aim of their leaders is absolute control over the rest of humanity, and eventually the annihilation of a large part of humanity, with the exception of a number of slaves educated and mind controlled to service the parasite entity." This is the reason for the attack on Sandy Hook

Rothschilds Keep Jews Mental Prisoner

(left, Jacob Rothschild) The Rothschilds have used Jews to translate their fraudulent credit monopoly into a satanist world tyranny (eg. Communism, socialism liberalism, feminism.) Doreen Bell-Dotan says the Rothschilds control Jews by controlling their knowledge, in the same way as they control the rest of humanity."The Jewish Problem" by Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan Tzfat, Israel(Edited by

Remembering Philip Jones - "Happy" Danes are NWO Guinea Pigs

Philip Jones, one of the outstanding critics of the NWO died November 24, 2009. He fell ill in Sept 2009 and suspected an ex-girlfriend  of poisoning him. He was dependent on the Danish health care system, a precarious position given essays like this one from July 2008, a reminder of

Our Friend, Philip Jones Died of Stomach Cancer Today

Nov 24 2009Philip JonesAge: 51Gender: MaleAstrological Sign: AriesZodiac Year: DogIndustry: Law Enforcement or SecurityOccupation: Retired Police OfficerLocation: Neath : Wales : United KingdomAbout MeArnold Swarzenneger said, "My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the

Would You Take a Bullet for a Feminist?

The answer reveals how feminism is shredding the social fabric, and reengineering the human race. Men instinctively sacrifice to protect their own. But feminists don't belong to anyone. When men no longer defend their wives and families, they will not defend their country and the values that make it thrive.

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