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Veteran UK Soccer Broadcasters Fired For "Sexism"

Richard Keys (right) suggested "dark forces" were at work. And indeed they are. He and his colleague are examples in the Illuminati's war on freedom. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Two 20-year soccer commentators for Rupert Murdoch's Sky Sports lost their jobs Wednesday over comments that were made off-air!Richard Keys and Andy

Young Male Battles Feminist Tide

by "M"for I am a 24-year-old conservative male. In a modern society which constantly promotes promiscuous sex and random hook ups, it's difficult not to fall for the fake perception that such behavior brings happiness.I met my now ex-girlfriend almost three years ago.  At that time, she was very shy,

Damning Arab Take on the American Male

"You let your women take control, and your society will unravel- it will make your men weak, and destroy your society to its core. "  (From "Happier Abroad" Forum) What you are about to read is a rare look into how the West and its culture is perceived by an

"Civilization, a Form of Slavery," said Darwin Grandson

"Think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism. To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim."(Protocols of the Elders of Zion 2-3. "Us Jews" refers to Cabalist i.e. Illuminati

Gay Promotion Proves Illuminati Are Real

By Henry Makow Ph.D.(Jan 26, 2006, revised Dec 31,2010)Apart from false-flag 9-11, nothing better demonstrates Illuminati subversion  than their attempt to make us behave like homosexuals. Until 1973, homosexuality was recognized for what it is, a developmental disorder.  (See also, Gay is not OK.)Then, overnight it was redefined as a

"Anti Semitic" Movie Flew Under the Radar

Secular society has no moral legitimacy because it is a solipsism.It rejects spiritual absolutes like Henry Makow Ph.D.(Nov. 2009- Revised Dec. 29,2010) I was prepared to pan this movie which I thought treated  an affair between a teenage girl and an older man as "An Education." But I had

Feminists Surprised their Daughters are Sluts

"Civilized sexual behavior is based on upholding marriage and motherhood. Only then are promiscuity prevented and females valued for their character and ability. Now they're like cheap whores holding numbers in a Bangkok brothel.""We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order." 

Are You Ready for She-Male Judges?

The promotion of homosexual and transsexual "rights" masks a vicious underhanded  attack on heterosexuals, and an audacious attempt to re-engineer humanity to better serve the Illuminati. Lesbians & transsexuals  are legislating this pernicious agenda from the Bench(Judge Frye, left. As a man, below) Imagine any other candidate running on their

Rosa Parks & Our Communist Corporate Elite

Dec. 1 was the 55 th anniversary of this NAACP-Communist Party publicity stunt. The Illuminati Communist media are trotting it out so we can all genuflect to this saint. Here is the truth about that event. (From Nov 11, 2005) by Henry Makow Ph.D. Rosa Parks was not a

Ryu Ohta -- Running Dogs of the Illuminati

This was written by the famous Japanese revisionist historian Ryu Ohta (with David Icke left) a month before he passed away May 19 2009 at the age of 78.  He had just translated and published my book "Illuminati" in Japan. He was also responsible for the publication of many of

Danish Woman Sours on Postmodern Family

"Underneath the blanket of idyll is a painful existence of frustration, stress and fear of falling short of all those insane demands of perfection laid upon us by the modern composite family" ---------------------------Reader Sam Peyo sent this translation and wrote: This article is about the disastrous effects of divorce and

Satanists Seduce Women With Wicca

by Len Hummel(for Are you aware of the close connection between feminism, lesbianism, wicca, and goddess-worship? It is rampant and getting worse by the minute.Vast numbers of women today have been seduced into the occult, satanism, and various forms of witchcraft and wicca by the evil spirits behind those

Women Lack the Smarts to Lead

(left) Woman's chess champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk [Editor's Note: I think the greater problem is not gender but the fact that our leaders, male or female, are chosen by the Illuminati bankers through campaign funding. Many of the most courageous and brilliant Patriot leaders were women: Nesta Webster, Edith Starr Miller,

An American Finds Love in Peru

(left, another American guy with Peruvian Sweetheart) "I can still actually make her blush at the age of 31. Try finding a 31 year old American girl who can still blush."From "Rod" (for I write I am in Lima, Peru on the 6th day of my weeks vacation visiting

Elite Admits to Secret Social Engineering

The Illuminati bankers wage a relentless secret war on society, and call us "haters" if we dare to notice. (left, the freshman class at McMaster Univ. School of Medicine.) by Henry Makow Ph.D.Recently, in a mainstream newspaper, an educational consultant confessed to an agenda of attacking the psyche of young

Letter from India: Good Women = Happiness

(See Corey's response to reader comments at the end of the article)by CC(CC is a 26-year-old American living in India.) (for can see how important women are to a society. Even though India is so materially screwed up, and nothing here works properly, the people are happy because the

The French are "Narrow Minded and Naive"

"I tried to make some French friends but they just do not know such notions as: (true) friendship, loyalty, compassion, altruism, respect etc. "by "M"(for I am a young woman from the Caucasus currently living in France. I came here as a political refugee a few years ago with

Female Gender Confusion is in the Jeans

Deuteronomy 22:5 - The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.By Henry Makow Ph.D.(It's autumn and I am seeing many women wearing jeans. Here is

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