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Did a Satanist Write the US Declaration of Independence?

Drafting committee consisted mostly of FreemasonsJuly 4 is Independence Day in the USThe US Declaration of Independence was not written by Thomas Jefferson for the "Christian" reasons we've been told. It was secretly penned by Thomas Paine, a self-professed enemy of Christianity to advance the New World Order agenda.This is

Tim Fitzpatrick: The Putin Deception

Putin inaugurated by Archbishop Kirill"At present, Russia appears to be feigning a return to conservatism and Orthodoxy as part of its two-tiered hyper-normalization deception. But make no mistake, it is all a ruse. The crypto-Soviet power is no friend to the Church, to the West, nor to the Russian

Iranian Leaders have Longstanding Ties to US, Israel

Iran's leaders are veterans of the Iran-Contra Affairwhere Israel sold $500 million worthof arms to Iran in return for oil. The Ayatollahsare billionaires using Islam to holdIran's population hostage. The warlikerhetoric is in Israel's interest.Part 1 - Iran Does Not Oppose Jewish Power Elite Shayan Zarrin is an Iranian AmericanIran

Iran Does Not Oppose the Jewish Power Elite (I)

Left, the Shah criticized Jewish power publically in 1976 for CBS' 60 minutes with Mike WallaceThe same drug trafficking, money laundering Rothschild Banking Syndicate that rules the West also rules Iran."The Ayatollahs were on the CIA and MI6 payroll, and they were the ones who recruited the street thugs from the

Los Angeles Native Describes Civic Decline

Tents and cardboard shelters litter the sidewalks of many city streets. On skid row, entire city blocks are occupied by tens of thousands of homeless men and women, eighty-percent of them black. Los Angeles native Mike Stone reports on the homelessness, crime, and corruption that is turning California into a third world shithole. Despite all

Is Israeli Barbarism Rooted in the Old Testament?

Israeli military shot over 500 Palestinians in the head during Gaza protests The whole world, including many Western Jews, are shocked at Israel's brutal response (detailed below) to protests by unarmed Palestinians. According to Mark Weber, hatred and savagery are actually prescribed by Judaism, which is not really a religion but

The Deep State Routinely Rigs Elections

Another ultra-left cultural Marxist, Michael D. Higgins, won the 2011 Irish presidential election by a landslide, even though he was 19 points - yes 19 points! - behind in opinion polls conducted two days before the vote. Even more surprisingly, the RTE Teletext service, Eirtel, mistakenly published the exact margin

Why All Porn is Gay

(Porn king relied on gay porn)Think of heterosexuality as monogamous and dedicated to rearing children; homosexuality as promiscuous and concerned with sex for its own sake.Porn is creating new generations of heterosexuals who behave like homosexuals. (Updated from Feb. 2006) By Henry Makow Ph.D. In 2004, a woman revealed details of Hugh Hefner's sex life. If the

World War 3: Cabalists Planning to Cull the Goyim Again?

(Trump has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Satanist Jewish supremacist cult, Chabad.) Michael Hoffman says the Nazi concept of Aryan Master Race and Untermenschen(subhumans, Jews, Slavs) mirrors the Cabalist view of Jews (Master Race) & goyim (subhumans.)  Will the goyim suffer a similar fate as Christians in Bolshevik Russia or Jews in Nazi Europe? Trump's ties

Brendon O'Connell - Putin & Netanyahu Are Thick As Thieves

Don't Let Pro-Putin Theatre Fool YouAccording to Brendon O'Connell, Russia, Israel, China, and Iran are in bed together. Israel intends to bleed the US dry and kick the carcass to the curb. "The money is in praising Iran and Russia and if you are smart and careful, Trump. There is

The Ghastly Truth Behind Terror

left, Traitor David Hogg has become a symbol of the staged school shooting psyop in FLAlmost all terror is staged by the Deep State in order to enslave the people of the West. I am reposting this article written on the occasion of the Paris Massacre in Dec 2015 because the

Brendon O'Connell - Syria, Russia & Iran are Not the "Good Guys"

Makow to O'Connell: "I'm having trouble with your thesis that Netanyahu and Putin are in bed together. Seems to me  Israel was not pleased with Putin saving Syria and destroying ISIS."  This is Brendon's reply. I'm not buying it but I post it in the interest of provoking discussion.  By

MI-5 Used Terror Groups to Assassinate Leaders

( Charles Haughey was Irish Prime Minister "Taoiseach" from 1979-1982 &1987-1992) MI-5 tried to assassinate Irish Prime Minister in 1985"Everyone with half-a-brain knows that Israel, the US, and Britain have used front groups like Isis and Al Nusra Front to wreak carnage in the Muslim world on behalf of Anglo-Zionist interests, but

US-Israel Dual Citizens Can Serve in Congress But Not Knesset

As Trump's unhinged threat to cut off nations that refuse to recognize Jerusalem illustrates, Americans are Zionists prisoners. There were 40 Israeli-US dual citizens in Congress in 2014.   The current list includes Dem. Minority Leader Charles Schumer and Diane Feinstein. A list of former administration officials with dual citizenship includes

We are Political Prisoners of Organized Jewry

(This is an earlier version of the speech that  Organized Jewry banned. There is no hate here. It is just European Canadians defending their conception of Canada.)  Executive Director of CAFE, Paul Fromm is a self-described "white nationalist." He is one of the few critics of Canada's immigration policy which is

Are Jews White?

(Are these brainwashed Israeli girls white? Who cares? The issue is spiritual and political, not racial.)Race is a red herring, a ruse to condemn people by birth, divide-and-conquer. As Kevin Boyle says, the issue is does an individual support or resist the Luciferian Jewish banker (i.e. Communist) drive for global tyranny which uses some Jews and

Australia -- Masonic Bankers Use Aboriginals to Guilt Whites

While Zionists persecute Palestinians, Jewish central bankers and their Masonic minions shackle Australians with guilt about the social conditions of aboriginals. This is also going on in Canada and New  Zealand as well, part of the long-termCommunist agenda to subjugate white people who Masonic Jews perceive as rivals.Below, Matt who lives

Antifa: Globalism's Street Enforcers

(Armed Antifa Communists at Trump rally in Phoenix Tuesday)For all their anti capitalist rhetoric, Antifa demonstrates many signs of being sponsored by the (((corporations))) they pretend to oppose. They are the paid street thugs of the liberal establishment. by Jude Duffy( I came across a critic of Antifa on the internet today who accused

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