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Israel's Descent Into a Moral Abyss

Trumps's Deal With the DevilIronically, Americans have had to accepta President beholden to Israel in order to advance their own national interest. Via their Nazi proxies, Zionists ethnically cleansedEuropean Jews to justify the creation of Israel. Then they did the same thing to Palestinians. The Zionist agenda has always been a "Greater Israel."  The West Bank

Trump Promises to Liberate the Serfs

Trump is a member of the Illuminati who realized he could gain control of the US by promising to champion the disenfranchised, voiceless white Gentile majority and reverse their dispossession. Will he keep this promise?By Henry Makow Ph.D.The United States and most of the world have been colonized by the central banking

The Secret of Hanukah: Jewish Supremacism

The Hanukkah Menorah is the symbol of the supreme position Cabalist Jews think they occupy in God's eyes. This year Hanukah begins on Christmas Eve. It is the pretext to force society to abandon Christmas celebration and observe the nebulous "holidays" instead. The God of Judaism is the Jew. Society is

Mosul Battle Symbolizes Iraq's Fragile Statehood

  After early advances, the effort toretake Mosul has bogged down. The battle symbolizes widespread disenchantment among many Iraqis with their dysfunctional and impotent government, and nostalgia for Saddam RA in Basra (    A 30,000-man strong military offensive led by Iraqi security forces and supported by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters,

Insider: Rothschilds will Punish America for Electing Trump

(Left, Satanist Baroness Phillipine de Rothschild died in Aug. 2014, so who is the author of mystery Rothschild Baroness reveals thatthey regard Trump as the most serious threat to their New World Order since Napoleon.Her hysterical Twitter feed indicates they hate Trump and will do anything to restore their control.They are orchestrating the anti-Trump campaign and will

Why Phil Giraldi Can't be Secretary of State

Philip Giraldi, 70, is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer and a writer who is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a group that advocates for more even-handed policies by the U.S. government in the Middle East. He gained a Bachelor of

Trump Victory Saves US from Disintegration

Patriots, and all those who believe in decency, common sense and the rule of law, can breathe a sigh of relief. This is a victoryfor freedom!See First Comment below- "What America is Built On"by Henry Makow Ph.D. Frankly I expected a Trump landslide, so until the momentum started to shift half-way through the

Muslim Radical Says Hillary Will Win

(left, CIA, Mossad, please phone. Salman Hossein is available for false flags, drug running, wet operations etc.) Salman Hossein was forced to flee Canada in 2010  with police on his tail for antisemitic activities. From his exile in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he says Hillary will win and lead the US to world war.Masonic

Brexit- What is the Hidden Globalist Game?

Boris Johnson's stepmother Jenny, the second wife of his father Stanley, is the stepdaughter of Edward Sieff, the former chairman of Marks & SpencerThe prompt acceptance of the narrow referendum win should make you suspicious. Brexit is supposed to be a blow to the masonic Jew World Order. But all the

Yemen is a Classic Western Imperialist War

Like Syria and Ukraine, Yemen is on the front lines of Zionist expansion. "This was all done on my iPhone. No electricity and only solar power means away with my laptop. Sanaa has been completely off the grid for a year." The indifference of Westerners to atrocities committed by our governments in Yemen

Migrants are an Underground Army - Ten Signs

Left- IPhones and best new Mobile phones distributed by secret intelligence services to these 'refugees' for free?An anonymous writer makes a convincing case thatthe migrant invasion was organized by the Illuminati bankers as a future military force.Related- Is FEMA Raising a private Army in the US? by Anonymous15 April 2016 at 11:22 (in

Is Communism (Satanism) "The Jewish Utopia"?

(Left- Rothschild lackeys swear allegiance) According to Rabbi Higger, in Jewish traditionJews are destined to govern mankind.  The "non-righteous," i.e. everyone who resists Jewish domination, shall perish. This is the New World Order.Most wars can be seen as Gentile genocide. So is the war on gender and migration.  Gentiles need to wake up and smell

Suicide Bombings are Really Remote Detonations

Salman An-Noor Hossain, left, who was wanted by Interpol in 2010, writes that Muslims are being unfairly blamed as "suicide bombers." "Innocent Muslims were accused of being "suicide bombers" yet CCTV footage and honest eye-witness accounts exposed the explosions as detonations via a remote control or through timers. Virtually all the terrorist

Jews Evade Blame for Christ's Crucifixion

It's time Jews "own" Christ's Crucifixion. In private, they boast of it. The Chosen People do not believe in God.The essence of Judaism isreplacing God with the Jewish leadership.  Michael Hoffman:  "To assert that the Romans bear the principal share of responsibility for the death of Jesus is a contrived argument

Will Donald Turn Up Heat on Jews?

"The Elders need a lot of 'anti-semitism' for the management of the lesser brethren in this next stage of NWO roll-out... They are setting up Donald to shift a large and largely unwilling Jewish population to the lands of Greater Israel now being ethnically cleansed in the ZOG wars by

Are Jews Responsible for Anti Semitism?

Manfred Gerstenfeld, 79, left, is considered "the greatest authority on anti-Semitism today." His essay below illustrates the pathological inability of Jews to understand anti semitism and therefore free themselves from it. The forces of darkness have prevailed. The inversion of light and dark, i.e. satanic possession, is seen by the fact  "anti Semitism"  is considered

Freemasonry Has Doomed Western Society

Lodgeroom of Forrest Lodge No. 19. Huntsville ALIs there any hope for a society that allows a sataniccult bent on its destruction to operate openly, and embraces its membersas its leaders? "Freemasonry" is the lever satanist bankers use to controlthe world. Even the alternate media will talk about the "Jews"

Do We Owe Alex Jones An Apology?

George, a reader, thinks so. "Jones is a surgeon, and a clever one, albeit not quite clever enough to convince you that he's one of the good guys. He is having a real effect in combating the NWO, and it is terribly disappointing that you cannot recognize how. Everyone with good

Greater Israel and the Exodus of Syrians

Syrian writer suggests ISIS atrocities are designedto clear the land of all unwanted Syrian citizens, sects and communities which might stand in the way of Illuminati Jewish designs for a Greater Israel. This is why their puppet politicians in the West accept them.I wonder if we'll see a wave of antisemitism in the

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh

(left. Kemal Ataturk, making Masonic sign, and the crypto Jews called Donmeh who control Turkey) Turkey's support of ISIS is more understandableif we recall Wayne Madsen's 2011 explanationthat Turkey is run by secret Jews and serves theZionist goal of a greater Israel. Like Bolsheviks and Zionists,the Donmeh are Illuminati i.e Satanists, Freemasons.Be sure to

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