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Voodoo Adept Sees Civil War - Part Two- Revised

Part One - Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War The Illuminati have found a way to achieve their aims despite apparent setbacks. We are trying to understand how they will do it. Civil unrest may be a possibility.Francis is a voodoo adept. While his specific scenario for civil war seems outlandish, current events

Freemasonry - The Elephant in the Room

Clearly Nigel Farage is also a Freemason. In Masonic grip with Doug Carswell, the only UKIP MP at Westminster.JEWS SHOULD CONCERN AMERICANS MORE THAN RUSSIAN INFLUENCE, NIGEL FARAGE SAYSJews will be guilty fall-guys for Freemasons like Nigel FarageIn Denial:Humanity is never going to address its problems, let alone save its

American Lobotomy: Jewish Warmongers Then and Now

"We have already..possessed the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses."  Protocols of Zion 12"Instead of agitating for war, the Jewish groups in this country should be opposing it in every possible way for they will be among the first

Is Baseball Diamond Really a Masonic Square?

Are sports like  baseball part of an elaborate Masonic Jewish plot to distract the masses? Our correspondent, "Hamish" thinks so.We knew entertainment is controlled by theIlluminati; but we didn't realize that includes Hamish( city of Toronto--and cities all across Canada-- are buzzing about the post-season playoff run for the Toronto Blue

God Was the First Anti Semite

It's time to call anti Semitism by its real name , anti SatanismMost Jews and Non-Jews don't realize that the goal of Judaismand organized Jewry is to overturn God, i.e. the natural and spiritual order,and to exploit humanity as domestic animals.This is clear from their "revolutionary" role throughout modern historyand

Professor Makes Headlines by Challenging Political Correctness

Will Communists sic dogs on non-conforming professor?In a poignant lecture, (left) distinguished University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson expressed alarm at the loss of intellectual freedom at universities today. The headline U of T professor attacks political correctness, says he refuses to use genderless pronouns (National Post, Sept 29), gives you a sense

Julian Lee- "Racists" Defend True Diversity

"STICKER WARS" - ONE MAN'S PERSONAL CRUSADEWhen Julian Lee moved to Portland in 2009, he thought hehad found one of the few remaining white cities in America.However his idyll was spoiled when Jewish subversives  posted stickers in his neighbourhood demanding that "racistactivity" be reported. On walks with his dog, "Moby", Lee

The Jewish Messiah is the Antichrist (i.e. Satan)

Increasingly, the behavior of Western leaders strikes us as criminally insane and dangerous.In foreign policy, we witness the belligerence against Russia and threat of world war, the destruction of Iraq and Libya, and the support of ISIS in Syria.  Domestically, we have the attack on heterosexuality (gender), racial and cultural cohesion (migrants)

alt-right -- Illuminati Trojan Horse ?

As with Trump, the alt-right is saying many things we want to hear. But, as with Trump, can we trust them? Would any genuinely conservativemovement so blatantly embrace homosexuality? Hitler was as much Illuminati as Stalin. For the Illuminati, politics is just a charade.  The important thing is control, i.e. both sides. As the

Feminists Regret Failure to Have Families

( Anonymous woman reveals secrets of the sisterhood.)Millions of women have been deceived by their society which has been totally subverted by satanist bankersand their Masonic and Jewish lackeys (our "leaders.")Ray describes a conversation with a womanwho exemplifies how satanists have undermined marriageand the family and shredded the social fabric. Now many women servethe central bankers

White Males No Longer "Cucked"

(Pope Francis, "cuck")To colonize and enslave humanity, the Masonic Jewish bankershave vowed to "destroy every collective force but our own." (Protocols of Zion, 16)  These forces are race, religion (God), nation and family. The term "cuck" describes men who allow themselves to be robbed, "cuckolded".  With feminism, the bankers have stolen our

Trump - Blackmailable (formerly Mossad's Mussolini?)

Trump with Ivanka in 1996, age 15.Every candidate "must have their Panama" said The Protocols of Zion, referring to a scandal in 1888. "P" no longer stands for Panama. It stands for Pedophile. This is why Trump will never prosecute Hillary or investigate 9-11. He likely participated in a pedophile sex ring

Zionist Fingerprints on Nice Terror Hoax

(left, photo of dummy and ketchup. See where right arm is.)As with 9-11, it appears that Mossad was there to document the event. Indeed they provided the only film record. Salman Hossain considers this and other evidence that Nice was part of a worldwide Illuminati Jewish campaign to foster Islamophobia.By

Fighting an "Invisible Force"

"Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is."  (Protocols of Zion, 4) On Independence Day, we are reminded that the US and much of the West has surrendered to a new tyranny, Judeo-Masonry i.e. Communism.(Revised from Jan 2009)by

Paean to My Wife

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHTMark reports on a secret society where women act like womenand men behave like men. Shockingly, they love each otherand are very happy.(See Makow Comment below - Satanists attacking basic laws of nature.) by Mark( I am one of the very fortunate few because my wife is a stunner, and not

The Dawn of the Homosexual Police State

"We must introduce into their education all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order."  Protocols of the Elders of Zion (16) Sent to a Communist-style re-education course, Mark told his employer to go sodomize himself.Makow comment- The subtext of relentless gay promotion and gay massacre psy ops is that straights

Michael Hoffman - Judaism is Satanism

"Judaism Discovered," Michael Hoffman's monumental 2009 study of Judaism is subtitled, "A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit."  But, what does Hoffman really think of Judaism?Michael Hoffman writes: "The core of Judaism, like the core of Gnosticism and Egyptian Hermeticism, is magic, the manipulation of the universe, contra God's creation; i.e. against

Attack on Gender Reaches Bathroom Door

Obama's threat to cut funding to states and schools that don't comply with his transgender policy doesn't worry me. Obama and his ilk will be history in six months. Indeed, they have insured a Trump victory because this is an issue literally everyone can identify with.As usual, the Illuminati Jews, their dupes

Yemen is a Classic Western Imperialist War

Like Syria and Ukraine, Yemen is on the front lines of Zionist expansion. "This was all done on my iPhone. No electricity and only solar power means away with my laptop. Sanaa has been completely off the grid for a year." The indifference of Westerners to atrocities committed by our governments in Yemen

Migrants are an Underground Army - Ten Signs

Left- IPhones and best new Mobile phones distributed by secret intelligence services to these 'refugees' for free?An anonymous writer makes a convincing case thatthe migrant invasion was organized by the Illuminati bankers as a future military force.Related- Is FEMA Raising a private Army in the US? by Anonymous15 April 2016 at 11:22 (in

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