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Greater Israel and the Exodus of Syrians

Syrian writer suggests ISIS atrocities are designedto clear the land of all unwanted Syrian citizens, sects and communities which might stand in the way of Illuminati Jewish designs for a Greater Israel. This is why their puppet politicians in the West accept them.I wonder if we'll see a wave of antisemitism in the

Armageddon: Self Fulfilling Prophesy for Comic Book Christians

Armageddon, the final battle betweenthe forces of light and darkness,has become a trigger word for mobilizing comic book Christians tofacilitate the New World Order.  Lynn says Revelations describesa personal spiritual battleand not a physical war.   "We are now seeing the fruits of comic book Christianity on a global scale."Reply from Steve Quayle-HENRY,WHAT A

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh

(left. Kemal Ataturk, making Masonic sign, and the crypto Jews called Donmeh who control Turkey) Turkey's support of ISIS is more understandableif we recall Wayne Madsen's 2011 explanationthat Turkey is run by secret Jews and serves theZionist goal of a greater Israel. Like Bolsheviks and Zionists,the Donmeh are Illuminati i.e Satanists, Freemasons.Be sure to

Arthur Topham Responds to "Hate Crime" Conviction

(left, Topham with wife Shasta)"I will share the email I sent to Monika who also expressed dismay in the verdict. It may help explain the verdict in context.So many other sites are now picking up on the story as well.Crown could ask for  jail time but as you'll see in

Eloquent New Voice Sounds Alarm

Irene Caesar, 52, is a brilliant Russian philosopher and artist who has no illusions about the Cabalist Jewish and Masonic agenda, and is not afraid to state it. "Wake up or Perish" is her message. She is interviewed by Bolivia-based truther Alex Gottwald , the editor of the German translation of Illuminati, who deserves thanks for

Murder Highlights Pedophilia and Liberalism in Vatican

Ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowskidied mysteriously two weeks ago at age 66 before he could testify about a pedophile ring operating in the Vatican.Józef Wesołowski (15 July 1948 - 27 August 2015) was the Apostolic Nuncio to the Dominican Republic from January 2008 until his recall in August 2013 related to charges of child

Why are Christians So Naive about Judaism?

"Judeo Christian" is an Oxymoron Anyone with a genuine Christian faith would recognize that Judaism defined by Cabala and Talmud, is not only the antithesis of Christianity, but also its mortal enemy.Whence comes the imaginary camaraderie between Christianity and Judaism? And why are Christians so ignorant - or timid?by The Liberty Bell(abridged by

Communist Subversion More Advanced than We Think

We've been brainwashed to scoff atnotions like "Communist Subversion"but a 1930's Comintern textbook suggests that it has long agopenetrated every institution of Westernsociety. For example, the text suggeststhe sabotage of the mental health and education systems is political in Henry Makow Ph.D.(Revises 2004 article)Increasingly, sanity is based on our willingness to

Alex Jones' Links to John Birch & CIA

Dept. of False OppositionLike the John Birch Society, Alex Jones' role is to divert attention from the Cabalist (Satanic) Jewish cult that controls the FederalReserve and through Freemasonry nearly every aspect of American life. In his 1988 book Murder By Injection, Eustace Mullins wrote that the JBS was created by the Rockefeller family as controlled

Revilo Oliver on Jewish Apostates

Revilo Oliver (1908-1994) was a Classics Professor at the University of Illinois who, in the post-war years,  had a strong and clear view of the Illuminati Jewish world conspiracy.Although I don't agree with many things he says, (i.e. Christianity is a spiritual disease that has emasculated the white race) he is worth
Doesn't it feel good to be evil?  This is the message repeated in "Minions" a  movie opening today from "Illumination Entertainment." Minions teaches children they are androgynous widgets whose only purpose in life is to serve an evil master. Humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult, Cabala Judaism. Hollywood deserves

Increasingly, Men See Women as "The Enemy"

"My physical desires command me to mate with women, yet the women in this environment are clearly toxic (feminism, media, etc.)"Illuminati Feminism is having its desired effect:Dividing the sexes by destroying the marriage ethos in women and provoking a backlash from men. Women are not the enemy.Illuminati Jews & Freemasons have

Jews Joining Palestinian Boycott of Israel

(left, BDS movement skirts political gridlock.)Israel's barbarous treatment of Palestinians is making many "progressive" US Jews join the Palestinian "BDS" movement (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions.) Here, CUNY Professor Peter Beinart predicts this fissure will become the focus of  American Jewish politics. It may be time for Mossad to rally US Jews with some "anti Semitic" false

Charlie Hebdo Fits Zionist Template

Charlie Hebdo has come to represent "free speech" for Zionists and Islamophobes. All others need not apply. The book's editor, Kevin Barrett last week was denied entry into Canada to deliver a speech.Whether its Paris, Ottawa, Melbourne or Copenhagen, state-sponsored terrorism followsa well-established pattern. In this excerpt, Laurent Guyenot shows how the

Solzhenitsyn Foresaw Satanic Contagion Infecting West

Nobel Prize Winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, (1918-2008) gave the speechbelow in 1983 in London on the occasion of winning the Templeton Prize. Expelled from the USSR in 1970, he was feted in the West to bolster theCold War. But he proved to be an embarrassment because of his espousal of Christianity

My Life With Jews

(Left, More Jews need to disavow Zionism and ZOG, Zionist Occupational Government.) Angelo gives the lie to the notion that you're an anti Semite ifyou oppose the Illuminati Jewish agenda. "I am not a born Jew-hater. It is just that their agenda is clear to me and that is to
Leo Zagami says a powerful gay networkin the Vatican engages in pedophilia and Satanismand threatens to bring down the church. Pope Benedict XVI resigned because of the powerof this gay underground.  "The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, infiltrated by greedy Freemasons, Zionists, Satanists, Muslims in bed with the Vatican Gay

"Magick" is Illuminati's Most Potent Weapon

(left, Max Warburg, 1867-1946, the mysterious Illuminati banker who helped mastermind the Russian Revolution and World War Two.) I was taught Communism was "public ownership" and the overthrow of capitalist tyranny, not how certain capitalists stole the wealth of other capitalists while pretending to champion the working class. This indeed

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