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US Whites Under the Demographic Gun

May 5, 2011

Invasion by im-migration, is an old age practice. Illegal immigration is designed to further concentrate political power in the hands of the Illuminati and their agents, the "regressive" Left.  

by Andrew Lanyard


Last year when I worked for the US Census Bureau, I privately objected to its policy of counting Illegal aliens, without identifying them as such.
This meant that illegals will be counted when apportioning representation in Congress. States with lots of illegals (such as Texas) will gain seats. But Northern states like mine, with relatively few, will lose. This has proven true in the latest redistribution of seats.

The states that picked up seats were all in the South and West. Texas was the biggest winner, picking up 4 seats on an increase in population of 4.3 million.
You might think this means a more "conservative" Congress. But the face of Teas has changed.  The white (or "Anglo") population of Texas is about 47 percent.  Hispanics are now 37 percent and growing fast. Many are immigrants -- both legal and illegal.
Blacks make up 12 percent and Asians about 4 percent
Steve Murdock, a former US Census Bureau director, says about 6 percent of the state's population is "not documented." He means they're illegal.
That 6 percent is sure to be an under count. Government officials and the media always put the number of illegal aliens in the US at 11 or 12 million. Reliable sources in the business and academic worlds put the figure at 20 million or more.
So the gain in Texas's population -- and representation -- is due to the growth of its Hispanic population, which in turn is fueled by immigration, both legal and illegal.
What about the future? The following fact tells us all we need to know.
Two-thirds of Texas school children are now non-Anglo.  And it is conservatively estimated that the percentage of white school children will drop by 2040 from the present 33 percent to 20 percent.
The handwriting is on the wall. The Anglo population of Texas is aging and dying; the Hispanic population is young and growing, and will soon be a majority.
The decline of the native American population (both white and black) is most pronounced in the Northeast and Midwest.

States such as Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois had only small gains in population, and these gains were attributable to immigration. (Despite immigration, Michigan suffered a total loss in population.) All these states lost seats in Congress.
In 1965, the year Ted Kennedy's revolutionary immigration bill (which favored immigration from the third world) became law, whites made up over 85 percent of the population; Blacks made up a majority of the balance.
By 1990, however, the white percentage had dropped to 76 percent. It is now 66.4 percent.

But if you look at the white population by age groups, whites were 81 percent of the total population age 65 and over, etc., down to whites being only 56 percent of all Americans who are under age 10. This shows the trend, which culminates with whites expected to be less than half of all births this year.
Blacks at 12-13 percent have now been replaced as America's largest minority by Hispanics  at 16 percent. This is because Hispanics increased by 43 percent in just the past 10 years.
We're talking fertility rates here, as well as immigration. The replacement level for a population is 2.1 children. Whites now have on average 1.847 children; blacks have 2.02, and Hispanics have 2.82.
This year it is estimated that for the first time minorities will account for more than half of all American births.
In another 10 years, it is estimated it will be more than 60 percent.
It's easy to see where this train is headed. In some states (e.g., Texas and California) whites are already a minority. Before long, that will be true for America as a whole.
We'll be a nation composed of competing minorities.  Is that so bad? Isn't it "racist" to regret that whites will soon be a minority in the US?
It's not an issue of race in the usual sense. The historian Oswald Spengler decried what he called the "zoological" concept of race. He said that race is a cultural creation. A race is a group of people who are imbued with the same spirit, who are shaped by common cultural ideals. A race may be made up of peoples from many different biological patrimonies.
In "The Hour of Decision" (a book that made Spengler persona non grata to the National Socialists), he said that what is needed is not a pure race, but a strong one.
Unfortunately, today more and more immigrants (legal as well as illegal) have cultural values (moral, religious, political) that are radically different from those of traditional America or the Christian West.
Most of the illegal immigrants -- and some of the legal -- are characterized by disproportionate levels of crime, disease, illiteracy and unemployment.
They are overwhelming the schools, hospitals and prisons of many states -- adding to the already great fiscal burdens of those states.
More and more, these immigrants have no interest in assimilating. And less and less is there a solid core to assimilate to,
What are the prospects?  One is racial tension. It may not be an all-out war -- just a simmering state of mutual hostility with periodic outbreaks -- which will require an increasingly overt police state to manage.
Another is the break-up of America. There is talk of secession, and racial tension (as well as federal intrusion) is driving it. But it's unlikely that secession will succeed. Instead, America may Balkanize on a de facto level, with each region or enclave struggling to protect its own culture.
Or -- perhaps most likely -- America may simply decline into an apathetic stew of rootless peoples, ruled by an elite cosmopolitan class. When people are deracinated, divided and demoralized, they are easier to control.
This elite class, which dominates our institutions, which pushes relentlessly for open borders and uncontrolled immigration, are themselves controlled by a small, largely invisible oligarchy.
This oligarchy -- though disproportionately Jewish -- is not racial in the biological sense. Rather it's a cultural race, in Spengler's sense: strongly hereditary, but drawing its membership from dynastic families that are both Jewish and Gentile.
What makes it a race is its covert initiation into an occult Luciferian religion -- one that despises the traditional Jew and the Christian. The members of this oligarchy see themselves as the Lords of the Earth.
They seek to destroy America (and not just America, but Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, and Europe, as well as any nation that dares to preserve its identity and independence.)
They use many means to do so. But one of the most effective is demographic -- because, like small doses of poison, it is slow and rarely produces a shock of recognition, but is ultimately lethal.
Nations can survive economic collapse or military defeat. But they cannot survive demographic destruction. We are dying, and seem only half aware of it. If we do not fight back, if we do not counteract this poison soon, America and the West will die.


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Comments for "US Whites Under the Demographic Gun "

Linda said (May 7, 2011):

Andrew Lanyard's essay documents some excellent facts and broadly outlines the "swamped by illegals" agenda which is invasion by immigration.

A tandem agenda is 'decimation by crime'. In The Color of Crime: Race, Crime & Justice in America (2nd expanded edition) of the New Century Foundation report, it is documented that of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites - blacks commit 85% of these crimes and whites 15%.

The Thug Report tells the same story. This blog is dedicated to the local reports of interracial crime that are suppressed in the mainstream media. And the Detroit is Crap website tells pretty much the same story.

It is the universal censorship of reports of violent interracial crime by the mainstream media that is of most concern, whereas white on black crime plays big time as hate and invokes federal jurisdiction on that score alone. And in whose political interest would it be to suppress the racial profile of crime in America?

Adolpho said (May 6, 2011):

1. The US Southwest is Mexican stolen land.

2. There are millions of Mexicans in the USA because there are millions of White patriotic Americans who give them a job, the jobs, both White and Black Americans don’t want to take. Americans are very comfortable having Mexicans mopping floors, harvesting tomatoes, doing the dishes, unloading containers at Wal-Mart, gardening, babysitting, fishing crabs in Alaska, cleaning up toilets and working as waiters in every restaurant of the US, etc. If you don’t like Mexicans, just take those jobs and accept the price. Or at least create temporary work programs like those of Canada.

3. A new wave of Mexican immigrants is invading the USA. This time it’s middle class people who are trying to escape from the vicious violence the ‘War on Drugs’ is bringing to Mexico. A war we shouldn’t be fighting since it’s not ours, but American Government has imposed on Mexico just because you like to be high all the time, but you are too hypocritical to admit it.

4. Although I don’t buy the political circus both governments play around the Immigration Reform. Mexicans and Mexican Americans now how to play by the rules, the rules of the American political system which has always been mercenary. The Amnesty is unavoidable, and I think if it’s done properly it’s not a big deal. Mexicans are Westerners and easily assimilatable.

John said (May 5, 2011):

I just read your most recent article today. I agree with it entirely. The vast majority of Hispanics in the USA (as well as Blacks) vote for the Democrats. In fact, nearly every Presidential and Congressional election since the passage of both the 1964 and 1965 civil rights acts has seen close to 90% of all Blacks and 75% of all Hispanics who vote, cast their ballots for the Democrats; and this is despite the GOP making serious efforts to court the growing Hispanic demographic.

However, just to play Devil's advocate, what about the fact that the fiscally and socially conservative PAN won the Presidential and Congressional elections in Mexico in 2000 and 2006 with landslide majorities both times?. Furthermore, Hispanics and Blacks tend to be far more opposed to abortion and gay rights than White Americans. So how a non-White majority (complete with the deeply patriarchal and macho culture of Hispanics) benefit the Illuminati's plan to push homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and moral decay upon the USA?.

PS: I thought you may find this article to be quite relevant and timely.

Beached White Males

Kevin said (May 5, 2011):

i read your site regularly with interest.
whereas your contributors are not always on the mark they do cause one to think and to entertain.
in reading this last essay i am given cause to ask, 'why are whites bitchin'?

i am a black man from America.
this kind of sentiment seems a bit rich to me.
whites are 'in charge' of the day-to-day 'system'.
why aren't whites able to influence their own destiny?

as a black man i'm constantly told how and what i should do.
how i should be positively pro-active.
perhaps one should devour ones own advice!

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