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Dutch Royalty Also Serves Illuminati

February 3, 2011

February 2, 2002, was a special day in the Netherlands because the crown prince, Willem Alexander was married to Máxima Zorreguieta. He will succeed his mother Beatrix (right) as Monarch .

by K van V

Re. Illuminati Use the Emperor to Rule Japan

The illuminati also use the European royal houses to control Europe, this is certainly true for the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange.

CIA-Rothschild controlled Wikileaks revealed that the American government pressured the Dutch to stay in the illegal war in Afghanistan. Important contacts in Holland/TheNetherlands:  the royal house of Orange. Indeed the Dutch prime-minister has weekly talks with the Dutch Queen.

Years ago, the website of the Royal House of Orange mentioned that  "Queen Beatrix was involved with international diplomacy via the yearly Bilderberg meetings". This footnote on Queen Beatrix' website was later deemed a "mistake", and was erased, but not from my memory.

The house of Orange has a lot of stock in Royal Dutch Shell. Therefore Dutch research and industry are doing absolutely nothing about new energy technology such as solar cell industry.

Now that our own natural gas reserve is drying out, the wealth and standard-of-living of the Netherlands is seriously compromised. We have a few wind mills that provide energy for a few small villages, that's all. The Dutch government has built new coal energy plants (coal is imported from Colombia and Indonesia) and are planning new nuclear-fission energy plants.

The Dutch economy is in decline. We have the lowest wages in Europe; our middle class is disappearing. Some Dutchmen become ultra rich but the majority is getting poorer by the year, including myself. We turn into a poor "third world grade" country. One of my neighbors migrated to Norway a few weeks ago, out of misery.

Beatrix of Orange repeatedly stresses the importance of a "multicultural Dutch society", and actually speculated that the Dutch identity will disappear and be absorbed by the New World Order.

"We will feel and stay Dutch only because of the Dutch Royal House", she claimed.  Bollocks!  She shakes hands with Muslim imam's in Dutch mosques;  they don't want to shake her hand there, but she does not know that.

What can we expect from her anyway. Her father (Prince Bernhard) was a corrupt German opportunist who collaborated with the illuminati, and  organized the original Bilderberg meetings.

Ine Veen wrote a book "Deceit for the Crown", suggesting former Dutch queen Wilhelmina was not the child of former King Willem III. So the Dutch Royal House may not be legitimate/lawful anyway;  it is only a mirror house of lies.

Historically, the house of Orange (which was founded by William of Orange,  a German-born duke who adopted the name "Prince of Orange") injected a lot of capital into Holland in order to save it from its enemies and bankruptcy.

During the last 100 years, it is vice verse: this corrupting form of royalty has become a deadly millstone around the Dutch neck. The wealth of the Dutch Royal House is enormous; nevertheless the impoverished Dutchmen pay taxes in order to "support" this fake royalty, which is unnecessary anyway.

Every year the queen celebrates "Queens Day" in a public place together with the Dutch people. Two years ago a frustrated Dutchman who lost his job, tried to drive his car into the Dutch Palace during their public parade. He drove full speed against a fence, killed several bystanders who watched the parade, and he died as well later that day, after making a statement that it was deliberate.  So the tension and consciousness is building up, but of course violence is never an answer to anything. There has to be a political way out of the Dutch Royal House of Lies.

-- from the Netherlands
Best regards / Met vriendelijke groeten

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Comments for "Dutch Royalty Also Serves Illuminati "

John said (February 6, 2011):

he coronation of Beatrix was April 30, Walpurgis Night, highly significant for the satanists---fantastic feasts, classical music, candelabras, animal and human sacrifice…..and it's also the date of the annual "Queen's Day" mad-cap revelry in the Netherlands…..the people haven't the slightest idea regarding the actual, far-older significance of the date

LV said (February 5, 2011):

Queen Beatrix birthday is on 31 January, she might have been conceived during the satanic ritual of 'Grand Climax' between 27 April and 1 May.

The same might be thought of Nicolas Sarkozy ( 28 January), Oprah Winfrey (29 January) and FDR (30 January),

Dirk said (February 5, 2011):

I really have seen a lot i recognize and confirm and in my country (The Netherlands) has not much info about the illuminati. i have read a lot about it trough the years but i always was wondering about the link with the dutch royals because of course they are well known and i grew up being told those people were so great. i already suspected that something had to be wrong since Beatrix, the Queen is always attending the Bilderberg meetings.

Thanks a lot for your articles , i have been thinking about translating some of your work to my language and post in into my dutch networksites. i can try to expose this evidence and illuminati information to the dutch people that way. i also heard about Fritz Springmeier because of your site and he has done some amazing work for the free people.

Anthony said (February 5, 2011):

Of course, as you were most probably aware, the Dutch 'Royals' are maybe not merovingian, but pretty close to the centre of the Illuminati operation.

In Holland we have Micha Kat. His website is

It is in Dutch, so inaccessible to you, but he is committed to investigating the childporn/satanic child abuse/mind control network here in Holland. He has established, among other things, that the highest civil servant in the 'Justice' department, Joris Demmink, is a known and even convicted pedophile.

He has attacked the local Bilderberg headquarters here in Holland. Putting graffiti on the building. He will be in court next week because of it. I'll be there with some friends to support him.

He is Jewish, of course (Micha). He's in the know and has published some pretty stark articles on Alex Jones' site.

He does not know about me contacting you about this, we never met in real life yet, but would you be interested in publishing about his upcoming trial or some of his more important travails? The Demmink case is pretty mind blowing: just imagine: the main prosecutor being a child molester.

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