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Insider Says We're Entering "the Age of Satan"

September 9, 2010

From Aloysius Foszdyke 

The sheeple
now have the truth and we know that they'll do nothing. In any event it is far too late. There is no escape.

Told you that the Mad Monk (Tony Abbott) wouldn't get in. That said, we had to do a lot of back room work. The arrangements may prove more stable than many believe, although I wouldn't hold my breath.

We got Julia in (as I said we would) despite the incontestable facts that the Mad Monk won both the primary vote and the most parliamentary seats. Not bad, but we didn't have the ease of the American voting system that got GWB in the first time.

I guess George was meant to win because he's a Xtian.[Christian] Economically the world is in for a very rough time, Australia included. Not long to go now. Fortunately Bob Katter et al [Oz Finance Minister] will push for tariffs, which is just what the doctor ordered and the sheeple want. The same will happen throughout the world. Mark my words, there'll be 'tariff reform' in America before the end of this year. And we will give the sheeple what they want: good and hard.

The Kenyan (Obama) and his Mossad bank Chairman (Bernanke) are following orders and debasing the American currency. We've got gold and silver so as soon as US Treasury bonds collapse we'll be buying what we can't take. In either case it'll be a steal. Shouldn't be too long to wait. All the big investment firms engage in programmed computer trades. It'll be over in less than a second. Who cares? Is anyone going to stop us? I know that they can't, poor prayerful little dears.

As for Julia Gillard, Tim Mathieson's [Gillard's beard] daughter Staci has contacts in entertainment and she's such an interesting woman in her own right, if you know what I mean (nice tattoos and piercings).

Malcolm 'Turncoat' Turnbull (former Goldman Sachs partner and opposition leader prior to the Mad Monk) has sold out on the republican cause. I'd like to hint at how we organized that but I'm afraid I can't. Suffice to say that it didn't involve money. I think you'll all be seeing a lot more of Turncoat. And Ken never got his website up. We even know where he lives.

Truth is that from the moment the sheeple are born we feed them lies: maggot-ridden philosophies as damaging as a paedophile Father Christmas or Father Somebody. 'I worship my God. I serve My Queen. I salute my flag. I play with myself'.

God created everything but He's always just a little short of cash. Ask Brian Houston, Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart. (By the way, Brian's dad liked little boys whereas Brian likes girls. As Petor used to joke, 'Suffer the little children, my word they do'.)

hillsong-church.jpgStill, Hillsong Church (left) sells condoms to their faithful and are spreading internationally - have a re-read of the Narsagonan material! There's not much need for secrecy any more.

Every night the same tawdry televised crap so thick and quick it makes you sick. Are you well informed or is your News Limited? Baby doll, cock-breath reporters fashionably tease out the pre-paid tears and scripted recriminations. There's a street chase, an intellectual prostitute and the very best of Funniest Home Bloopers.

 High-gloss, full-colour teen magazines with cuts so low you can almost see pin-feathers. Adult mags devoted to vomit sex, farmyard gagging, peep-hole toilet friends and the new necrophilic sub-cultures. Will you take the money, the box or your life?

So don't blame the Alpha Lodge and our affiliates, because it's what the sheeple want. We just throw false pearls before real swine. Debasement is our business whether in currency, morality, schooling, politics, media or souls. We and ours have prepared the way.

We are entering the Age of Satan, the Age of Fire and We look forward to His reign and the pleasures which are to come! Generations of us have come and gone with this aim and our plans are coming to fruition. Indeed, we can almost be as open as we like because there's no turning back and every day we grow stronger. The sheeple need shepherds and we'll keep providing them.

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How much easier his life had he remained silent. He is a genuine hero. 

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Comments for "Insider Says We're Entering "the Age of Satan" "

Aloysius said (September 10, 2010):

Herewith a response to your readers. Why are they so nasty? I told them about the economic collapse that's coming and given some of the reasons why; I told them Julia would win the Australian federal election and against all odds, she did; I mentioned Alex Lebed and now I've told them that 'tariff reform' is coming to America before the end of this year. Why the viciousness? I can't give timetables with exact dates because the Alpha Lodge works in the real world and things happen and individuals falter but I've given as much as I'm allowed and able. We know that the sheeple won't do anything, except pray. The date without a year was a watershed for us. I even pointed out the glaringly obvious that the Pentagon (probably the most secure building on Earth with cameras and radars capturing 360 degrees) never released video or radar of that 'plane' coming in to hit it! Who ever mentioned that before me?

Then I'm accused of being a libertarian! Satanism gave up Libertarianism long before I was born. We give the sheeple what they want. The sheeple want security so we are constructing nationwide open air prisons. They want someone to tell them what to do and we're on hand to cater for their needs. They want Xtianity and we help make it user friendly. They want entertainment and we give them colour and movement. For half a century we've been designing inclusive education systems where no one fails any more. Hell! we even helped to give them small “Change” and “Yes We Can”.

“...the entire Federal Reserve are about to come crashing down on THEIR heads.” Not at all. The US Federal Reserve is about to come crashing down next year, but it'll be on your heads.

“...all we have to do is move our money AWAY from the big banks, and when the trouble eventually starts, we can use our own created paper money or vegetables to trade amongst ourselves...” Now why didn't we think of that? The sheeple aren't stupid at all! Dear Reader33, have you worked out how many tomatoes it'll take to have the pharmaceutical companies provide their medications or will you work out some home remedies in your kitchen? “They would LOVE to take our guns...” We took the Australian peoples' guns. It's not that hard, but Americans will not have their firearms taken. I've hinted at the reasons in an earlier post.

“Please, bring on the tariffs – let's start with 10% across the board on all goods and labor! If it's satan's will for refrigerators to be built at union wages in Indiana instead of by $70/week slaves in Mexico, then hail satan!”

Dick, we hear you brother. Tariffs are coming to America (before the end of this year), to Europe and the rest of the world. We hear you. 'Tough economic times call for bold, tried and true economic initiatives...' We'll ensure that the people get what you want.

Ian, we know many gods exist, one of whom is yours. “They don't have a clue how to run anything...” Come, come have a look around. “..."insiders" come forward is actually a symptom.” There are reasons why I came forward and provided truth; truth derided as lies or misapprehended. The Alpha Lodge knows what its doing and that our plans are secure. Have no fear!

Reader 33 said (September 9, 2010):

his so-called satanist (Mr Fozdyke's) stories are very boring and don't impart any real information except for excessive boasting. I really can't see what he has to boast about, since the "people" have caught on to their schemes and are waking up by the millions every day that passes, and Mr. Fozdyke's kind are AFRAID of us. Their super-financial thefts and the entire Federal Reserve are about to come crashing down on THEIR heads.

Regarding gold, silver and other money, all we have to do is move our money AWAY from the big banks, and when the trouble eventually starts, we can use our own created paper money or vegetables to trade amongst ourselves, which we're coming to anyway. Yes, Mr. Fozdyke, you ruined our food supply from the Gulf, and you poisoned all the people there.
Despite that, you WILL NOT win.

Mr. Fozdyke and his satanists are turning somersaults telling Congress to make the growing and trading of vegetables and fruits illegal (Senate bill 501). They would LOVE to take our guns, and would love to have only electronic banking (no money). Now that they've managed to get control of "our" HEALTH CARE and are trying to prohibit access to vitamins (Waxman and now McCain), they think they can kill millions, and especially children and over-65's, with the upcoming (mandatory again?) TOXIC combined H1N1 flu shot and eliminate all those social security payments. The overwhelming number of murderous schemes and tactics the satanists employ are becoming so widely known that the public may come after them any time, and good riddance!

It may interest Mr. Fozdyke to learn there are now only two paths to the future, and neither of these will accommodate the satanists no matter where they hide or how much money they have. Mr. Fozdyke and his friends will pay for what they've done, and I hope it's a very heavy price. No, Mr. Fozdyke, this is NOT a game, and majority of good-hearted people on this planet will gladly leave you and your kind in the dust! Your debauchery at the expense of others is coming to an end!

EO said (September 9, 2010):

I just finished a web-page about computers shortening our attention spans and therefore, dumbing down the American public. The so-called sheople may not be passive by their own choice. We don't fight back because our minds have been crippled during the years of mandatory education. It's cruel to critisize the majority for not doing what they now cannot do. If you can wade throught the satire and humour on my page before throwing up, you might see my point:

Dick said (September 9, 2010):

Looks like your buddy Fozdyke just let the cat out of the bag by proclaiming tariffs to be a Satanic plot.

What's their evil scheme – lowering trade deficits? Creating millions of productive jobs? Allowing American manufacturers to compete on product quality? This is among the most ridiculous
things I've ever heard. Please, bring on the tariffs – let's start with 10% across the board on all goods and labor! If it's satan's
will for refrigerators to be built at union wages in Indiana instead of by $70/week slaves in Mexico, then hail satan!

Keep in mind the longstanding links between libertarianism and the church of satan, both founded in the same time and place, and both
sharing the same basic ideologies. If you ask me, this is nothing more than cheap political propaganda with some ooga-booga thrown in
for conspiracy theorists.

Jack said (September 9, 2010):

Mr Fozdyke knows that he’s sneeringly evil, but he appears to speak correctly. The people are the problem, for the sheeple love things the way they are. And the voters are currently enamoured with the Daughters of the Night in Australian politics, but sentiments will change when an onrushing markets meltdown will collapse global physical economies….probably somewhere between now and October’s end.

I recall Mr Fozdyke earlier claiming ‘they’ didn’t care whether Labor or Liberal was at the helm (not verbatim) of federal politics. That Julia Gillard polled well was a test of the Androgyny Experiment, for a good portion of feminized males and masculinized females supported Labor. And Alecto (Julia Gillard), is leader of a tenuous union or rag-tag politicians and head of a female-dominated government patriarchy. The red-haired Khazar is the chief sock-puppet in Australia working in behalf of her Hidden Hand magian masters. Alecto of mythology was born from the spilled red blood of Uranus when castrated by Cronus (Alecto-Julia, acting more like Cronus, castrated a willing Kevin Rudd).

The 3 of 5 so-called ‘independants’ that won seats in the Oz election could have maintained total independence in a hung election in lieu of being coerced, cajoled and otherwise threatened to support Labor’s Erinyes sisterhood. The flaw in the preferential voting system was obvious and which, ironically, as I recall, the losing Liberal party legitimized earlier in the 20th century.

In reference to (a) the worship of the planetary deity of Saturn and (b) the imminent “Age of Satan, the Age of Fire”, I’m wondering if illuminist Fozdyke will give his insights on foreknown events in the 2020-2023 period?

MM said (September 9, 2010):

We are deep into the "last days" of Satan's world. Critical times are here and intensifying. May God help us (the true God, Jehovah). Are there atheists in foxholes? We are all under attack. Only those sleeping remain ignorant.

“Also, there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth anguish of nations, not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation, while men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."

Luke 21:25,26

Ian said (September 9, 2010):

"there's no turning back and every day we grow stronger"

No. All those who take the left-hand path, not believing that God exists, reach a dead-end and have to turn back. There are no exceptions, because God does exist. They have chosen the downward spiral that is the personal will coupled with intellect and use ceremony in order to go as far as they can with those lesser energies. It is the deluded lower mind coupled with pride that makes them believe they know it all, when in reality they know nothing at all, lower mind knows nothing!

The illuminati are not illuminated. They don't have a clue how to run anything, they are just human beings working with the lower aspects of mind and the symbols of the astral plane - like a gay parade or astrology- pure delusion and lllusion.

Step outside, look down at the Earth, look up at the stars. God is everywhere! Such a vast plan.

So whatever is said, their path does not work and never will, it is a matter of aligning with the devic and angelic realms of thoughtform building, which is the right hand path, invisible and unreachable to the intellect and the personal will.

Cosmic law, in other words, means that all the efforts of the left hand path collapse, members of the dark lodge reach the end of the road sooner or later, it doesn't matter how far out they go, all plans come to naught, then they have their lifetimes and trials of redemption and return into the ashram that is humanity. It's happening now - the fact that "insiders" come forward is actually a symptom.

So if the truth be known, in our lifetime, we will see all their plans collapse. It is going to be a truly horrendous outcome, and they can't even see it coming!!!!

David in NZ said (September 9, 2010):

Seems to me that we actually in hell already,the "lords Prayer "gets people to say 'may your kingdom in heaven' be brought to the earth,seems simple enough,we have to make heaven here ourselves,waiting for some form of divine intervention to achieve that is postponing the inevitable,we will have heaven on earth when the masses awaken and the tyrants are removed by us,the people,remember aren't we all gods anyway,surely we can master our own fate.

I believe firmly that we will,all it takes is that last straw that breaks the camels back and then we will see global revolt,check todays news on protests in France and England,we are marching towards the demons end,and they know their time is short,the old ways will give way to the new,its a foregone conclusion and long been awaited.

Jeff said (September 9, 2010):

What a sick joke. An insider? Yeah right. In the scheme of things Satan is a subordinate of a God. He has no power to subvert God's plan. Satanists would like us to think so only because they wish to instill fear - their only counter to his righteousness. Give me a fricking break! If you buy this garbage then you are promulgating this absurdity.



If you were acquainted with my work, you would not accuse me of buying this stuff. I merely post it because it confirms what I have been saying: Satanists run the world.


Monica said (September 8, 2010):

Although it's always "nice" to hear from the other side, even if it IS gloating, one cannot deny the truth of what he says. Ironic, isn't it?

"Truth" coming from the camp that deals in deception and lies? Almost funny, if it wasn't so macabre. What he's the most right about, is that there is NO turning back. People have globally welcomed the destruction of morals in order to practice contraception, fornication, divorce and abortion yet are dismayed that things didn't stop there and have slid into homosexuality, paedophilia, open satanism and worse. What part of "slippery slope" didn't they get? There is no such thing as "private" sin!

I feel badly for those who think a stronger, better world will rise like a phoenix from these ashes, especially those who believe the US Constitution

will eventually be victoriously resurrected. A zillion Marian apparitions since the 1800's weren't prattling on about nothing - they were trying to warn us to change our ways in order to avoid the sewage-mire we are currently overwhelmed with. (read LaSalette or Fatima)

The Maitreya is alive and well in the world and in the midst of the worst which is coming will reveal himself as the long awaited "Messiah" of the Jews with Ratzinger as his prophet, enthroned in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Read your Bible folks and wake up! The chip for your hand is coming... just ask AF....

Mike said (September 8, 2010):

So, the media representative for the subterfuge sabotage party was given orders to leak more intel. But deep down he has a heart. That is why they chose him. Expendable. Fear not AF, it's not too late. All you have to do is give it up. The good light of the flaming sword will protect you.

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