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Canadian "Crimes Against Humanity" Probed by EU?

October 5, 2012


Rev. Kevin Annett, seen here protesting in front of a church, is uniting with groups from seven nations to bring criminal charges against the Roman Catholic, Anglican & United churches and accomplices for murder and sexual abuse of Indian children in residential schools. 

Nobody is challenging the power elite like Kevin Annett. He is tossing aside the facade of a "justice" system and subjecting church and government leaders to a "peoples' tribunal."  He is being heard by EU officials who say they will call for an investigation. 


I've been traveling across Europe and North America since August, helping to establish our Common Law Court of Justice. This Court is something new and historic in the world, a grassroots movement of citizen-powered justice that on October 15 will begin to turn the tables on criminal bodies of church and state. 

The Court is now functioning in seven countries, and will issue indictments and enforce its verdicts and sentences against those responsible for hideous crimes against children.  More specific directions will be issued to all 58 of its citizen jurors before October 15.

Hundreds of people are on board now with the Court: citizen jurors, judges and prosecutors, and many eyewitnesses and plaintiffs. Summonses have been issued, including to the Pope himself and heads of state. And in response, a senior catholic Cardinal has shown a willingness to break from the Pope and negotiate some of our demands on behalf of a faction in the hierarchy.

And thanks to new information provided by church insiders, we are on the verge of revealing the unmarked graves of little children that scatter the lands of Canada, America, Ireland and other nations; and starting the process to bring those children home. 

So here's my report, written from Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the USA and Canada.

by Kevin Annett

On September 18, an official with the European Union met with me for a day in Brussels and confirmed this.

"Parliamentarians here have been reading your documentation about the death rate in Canadian Indian schools, ever since your press conference in Rome two years ago" said the man.

"Some of us are preparing a motion to have Canada investigated for crimes against humanity, along with Pope Benedict. There is plenty of evidence showing collusion, thanks to your work."

Equally encouraging, and a sign of the crisis in the Vatican, is that while in Brussels I received a communication from a senior Cardinal in Rome describing how an anti-Ratzinger element in the Curia wishes to discuss some of the Ten Requirements our Tribunal issued to the Pope on May 4 ( Now that these kinds of divisions in the Vatican are starting to crack open, it's clear that the tide is shifting.

Neither the churches nor governments under exposure are sitting idle, of course. The same European Union official told me that his sources in the British Home Office said that they plan to detain and imprison me if I try returning to England. 

(APTN's Illuminati logo, left, combines eye of horus, and Luciferian horizon motifs.)

And back in Canada, the government and its puppet "Aboriginal Peoples' Television Network" (APTN) is launching a renewed smear and misinformation campaign against our work and me personally.

That latest smear, not surprisingly, is aimed at the first excavation of a mass grave site at a Canadian Indian residential school that we commenced with Mohawk elders' permission just a year ago. 

That survey and dig, at the former Mohawk Institute in Brantford, uncovered for the first time verified clothing and buttons from children's uniforms, and other evidence indicating that children are buried there. This evidence will feature prominently in the third case in the Docket of our Court.


John Deegan, left, is one of our co-workers in Ireland who can cause panic among the catholic hierarchy just by walking into one of their churches. John has led continual occupations of Pro Cathedral in Dublin on behalf of child rape survivors. I got a real kick out of accompanying him into the Cathedral  on September 9 to see where he had chained himself to the gold-plated pulpit.

"It's what they really fear, you know, occupying their churches during the mass," he commented, as worried Catholics watched us nervously. And I agreed with him, for it's been proven true all over the world.

A week later, I stood with other friends inside Amsterdam's main Catholic church, St. Nicholas, handing out leaflets to startled parishioners and befuddled clergy. John's comment came true again, as the head priest hurried over to us and said that he'd negotiate anything we wanted, as long as we left the building.

One of our Dutch activists then read to the priest from our leaflet, which called on Catholics not to fund the church as long as it protected child raping priests through the Vatican law called Crimen Sollicitationas.

"But we don't do that!" exclaimed the priest. "We report all abuses to the police in Holland!"

I quickly said to him, "Then you're disobeying this law from the Pope?"

He stared at me angrily and said nothing. I continued,

"Because under this law, if you report an abusive priest to the police, you'll be excommunicated."

Caught in his own lie, the priest threw up his hands and stormed away. And we kept leafleting his "flock". One of the parish council members even came over to us to pledge his support for our work.

Our action caused quite the stir in Holland. The top archbishop there wrote about our action to all his clergy, and that same week, over 20,000 people watched our broadcast from Holland about the launching of our International Common Law Court of Justice. (, Sept. 15 and 17) In response, a German-Swiss television network broadcast our documentary Unrepentant to ten million people across Europe.

These kind of church occupations are definitely an Achilles Heel to criminal bodies like the Vatican, the Church of England and the United Church of Canada. Don't forget that it was our March, 2007 occupations of Vancouver and Toronto churches and the massive media coverage of those actions that forced the government's "apology" to residential school survivors a few months later.


The sabotage campaign at Brantford involves a couple of government-paid operatives, Jan Longboat and Frank Miller, who have bribed or confused elders at Brantford to disassociate themselves from our inquiry and yours truly, with the usual kind of unsubstantiated lies and smears. They've even issued a fake story that unnamed "elders" have asked me to leave their community. 

And after consistently ignoring the actual dig and the evidence we uncovered, the government-funded APTN is now broadcasting this stage-managed black ops as the truth of what is "really going on" at Brantford.  Meanwhile, the Canadian media is completely blacking out all of the actual evidence we've uncovered.

All of this is very familiar. On two previous occasions, exactly the same tactics of internal sabotage were used to successfully infiltrate and disrupt our work in Canada: in June 1998, when our first Tribunal into Canadian residential schools was held in Vancouver, and in the period 2007-2008, when our protests forced the "apology" by Canada for residential schools.

The difference now, of course, is that our campaign has spread globally, and the hard evidence of children's graves has finally surfaced. That's why the Brantford dig that we initiated with Mohawk elders is so important, and not only because it was the first independent excavation of an identified residential school burial site.

In the process of the Brantford inquiry, two sources in the Anglican church that ran the school, including an aboriginal researcher named Leona Moses, described how they uncovered a "smoking gun" document authorizing the extermination of all the Mohawks. It was signed by the Crown of England, the Church and state-allied Indian chiefs in 1870. This document is being hidden by Anglican Bishop Bob Bennett along with other material proving murders of children at the Mohawk school, under orders from the Archbishop of Canterbury in London, Rowan Williams.

So it's small wonder that the Crown and its paid agents are pulling out all stops to squash our exposure of such direct proof of deliberate genocide against Mohawk children. But the Brantford inquiry is continuing, and will feature in the third case in the Docket of our Court.


The important fact is that we've reached a new pinnacle in our work, and a crossroads: for instead of just documenting and exposing genocide, murder and child trafficking by churches, we are taking the next step, and placing the guilty on trial before the eyes of the world. What will emerge from that trial will be an enforceable judgement and sentencing against institutions that until now have been above the law and unaccountable.

Our Prosecutor's Office will begin to present the evidence against the accused on an online broadcast and You Tube posting starting October 15, focusing on five cases which are fully described at (September 17). All of you can be part of the court and its deliberations, as well as the public debate concerning the ultimate sentence to be imposed on the accused persons and institutions, so that their crimes will never re-occur.

Let me conclude by saying that what's happening with all of this is truly remarkable. The churches that for centuries have caused unspeakable crimes on the innocent are facing disestablishment, thanks not only to these protest movements and legal actions, but due to a genuine spiritual reformation that is undoing the fabric of false religions.

During September, for example, we were contacted by groups of "light workers" and spiritual elders in America and Europe who are helping to undo the deeper power of the Vatican and the dark forces behind it. We can see the positive results of this work, as more witnesses and even church insiders are coming to us now with information and help; and as more people leave these false churches.

Truth and knowledge are power, and over time can overthrow any tyrant, no matter how formidable. So help us and yourselves, and children both dead and alive, by engaging personally in the efforts of our Common Law Court and New Reformation during the months ahead. The end of the present cycle of decay and falsehood has been predicted, and is manifesting before our eyes.

Stay tuned on Monday, October 15 for the online posting of the first evidence about the crimes of church and state. And please contact me directly.

Thank you and carry it on!
Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice

1-250-591-4573 (Canada, after October 7)

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at .

Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website

Comments for " Canadian "Crimes Against Humanity" Probed by EU? "

Monica said (October 8, 2012):

I'm afraid I won't be jumping on the Annett bandwagon any time soon either. I agree with Dan that there is something a little fishy here with his "roaring EU success".

First, who is funding this travel junket? We're talking substantial cash not only for airfare but general living expenses for months and months. The EU is insanely expensive for everything! Not bad for an unemployed "underdog".

And although he expresses a typically protestant-style hatred for the Catholic Church, he is also slathering to dismantle EVERY organized CHRISTIAN religion in the name of "justice" for abused and murdered children. What a perfectly justifiable excuse for making a clean sweep of Christianity across the board in the public mindset and paving a wide road for the establishment of the "perfect, just and enlightened" One World Religion - something along the lines of "by the people and for the people"?

No mention of God Almighty here. We're talking the flawed logic of completely destroying every sheepfold and killing off every shepherd because some wolves infiltrated the flock and killed and abused many of the sheep.

Authentic troublemakers for the Illuminati die or disappear. They aren't permitted news coverage or allowed on well funded, carefully theatricized travel expeditions. There is sufficient selective opposition to his crusade to give it an air of authenticity. Although I am horrified by the truth of the abuse and murders of the Native children, targeted for genocide, Annett is NOT the bringer of what he says he is.

I smell an Alex Jones here. There is a bigger dirtier agenda behind this bleeding heart crusade. How about the eventual 'justifiable extermination" of identifiable members of the so-called degenerate Christian denominations (Catholic especially) for not abandoning their former beliefs when their institutional churches are clearly, in Annett's own words: "The churches that for centuries have caused unspeakable crimes on the innocent... "
He is building a grassroots mindset of vigilanti-ism who will feel justified in taking matters into their own hands to punish or eliminate those perceived guilty when there is any real social instability from war, famine or plague. And by the way, "light workers" and spiritual elders are Satanists. Having had extensive personal experience myself with Native spirituality and religions, Medicine Men etc., Annett is truly participating in and working for the Dark Side, using these heinous crimes against unfortunate children as a smoke screen!

Colm said (October 6, 2012):

My objection to the piece on Annett is that he implies that in fighting the Catholic Church, he is an underdog battling against an enormously powerful institution. This is clearly ridiculously at odds with the facts. If the Catholic Church is indeed part of the New World Order no one seems to have told the BBC or the New York Times or the Boston Globe or the Irish Times, etc., to say nothing of the bankster puppet regimes in Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Holland and elsewhere, or the various globalist foundations who fund anti-Catholilic activism - ranging from Hefner's Playboy to Ford to Rockefeller.

Almost all globalist controlled media outlets relentlessly dwell on the crimes of the Catholic Church, real and invented. Don't get me wrong - I have no objection whatsoever to Catholic crimes being exposed - far from it. What I do think is deeply reprehensible is the way the media suppress information about similar clerical crimes in other denominations, in order to foster the impression in the public mind that clerical paedophilia is a uniquely Catholic crime.

For example, Irish Protestants have repeatedly complained that both the Irish state and the Irish media habitually ignore the many cases of clerical paedophilia in the (Anglican) Church of Ireland and other Irish Protestant denominations. Likewise the New York Times completely ignored a huge paedophile scandal involving orthodox rabbis in its own backyard, Brooklyn. Yet the same newspaper devoted saturation coverage to every twist and turn of the Catholic paedophile scandals in faraway Ireland.

The media's exclusive focus on Catholic sexual crimes raises the question: are only victims of Catholic priest predators worthy of public sympathy? That would appear to be the view of both the media and the state. The BBC recently broadcast a programme excoriating the Primate of Ireland, Cardinal Sean Brady, for his alleged negligence in dealing with a paedophile priest, when Brady was an ordinary priest himself during the 1970s.

The Church is still the only major global institution opposing eugenics, abortion, the gay agenda, radical feminism, etc. True it doesn't oppose these evils with nearly enough vigour and it doesn't act to expel those infiltrators within its own ranks who support the NWO.

But it is still the last line of resistance against globalist enslavement. Apart from a few very marginal (and honourable) Protestant sects it is the only religion to oppose the contraceptive culture - the real engine of the sexual and cultural revolution in my view.

Debra said (October 6, 2012):

I appreciate Kevin Annett's efforts to expose these crimes, however there is a big flaw (actually huge). A Common Law Court cannot deal with the supernatural, and that is exactly what we are dealing with. These are not your everyday crimes with your everyday criminals. We are dealing with satanists. Thus, we are dealing with satan. A Common Law Court simply will not do. Common Law Courts are incapable of defeating satanists. In fact, the precedents from a Common Law Court paves the way for the NWO to set-up a Godless Court. This possibility should be considered (at the very least) and taken seriously.

Like modern Courts of today, God stands as background wallpaper, yet He/Father should be in the forefront always, not to mention Christ the Supreme Saviour who shed his blood for mankind. Atheists are the minority. Annett mentions civilian jurors and judges. But, he does not mention The Bible, at all.

JCW said (October 6, 2012):

I love this guy... He's the conscience of a moral society and a sword to those who are hidden in the recesses of darkness

Dan said (October 6, 2012):

Many of us firmly believe that North American aborigines remain the lowest underclass of Canadian, American, and Mexican government. Quite naturally I was concerned by the abuses Annett talked about in his film, his book, and his radio shows several years ago. I even corresponded with him for while.

Having followed his appearances and publicity stunts with interest since 2008, I came to the conclusion that his representation of natives is a hoax, his real agenda is drumming up a base of white voter support for UN Tribunals and UN Agenda 21.

Now Annett tells us he's about to "crack open" the Vatican. "While in Brussels I received a communication from a senior Cardinal in Rome describing how an anti-Ratzinger element in the Curia wishes to discuss some of the Ten Requirements our Tribunal issued to the Pope on May 4."
Please don't be taken in by this phoney dialectic psyop. The Pope is NWO. Just read Ratzinger's part in Vatican II and his service of the NWO Pope John Paul II. Annett is working with the Vatican, not against him. Again, it's a phoney dialectic.

Anybody with a lick of sense understands that EU and UN are fronts for the same families that gave us colonialism. Here they go using the memes of the same Indians they wiped out to manufacture public consent for forfeiting national sovereignty.

For a white man to invoke the spirits of abused native children to foist off the notion that we should resort to New World Order kangaroo court in Brussels is VILE. No other word for it.

Annett can give us a list of natives that associated with him who have been imprisoned, murdered, or died in alleys of overdose or exposure. Where's the list of native children he's put through college?

Kristine said (October 6, 2012):

Thank you for posting the article by Kevin Annett. This news was anxiously awaited. I do pray for his safety and for the ultimate success of this revolutionary project. To say the least I am positively floored by the charity, courage and clarity he unceasingly brings to bear.

It is good of Robert to encourage Annett; however, I feel your reader is making light of some very serious atrocities carried out on children by the self-proclaimed everlasting powers that be. He is quite wrong to assert that there is little evidence or proof of systematic exploitation and destruction of indigenous (and indeed other, allegedly "expendable") people:

The edict mentioned above is unequivocal PROOF that the "crown" want the (ab)original landowners wiped out. This document alone says it all.

Amongst the material debris found at the excavation site, Bones have indeed also been unearthed (

There was a handful of EYEWITNESSES to brutal murders of children and of children's children: Chief Louis Daniels, Elder Phillipa Ryan, Johnny Bingo Dawson, William Combes, Harry Wilson, and Ricky Lavallie all died under curious to odious circumstances to hush them up for good and all. (They reported,for example, that peer children were thrown down stairs, kicked to death, electro-shocked, thrown out of windows, and new born infants put live into incinerators and burnt to death).

These and other witnesses have told about the mysterious "disappearance" of at least 10 children under the watchful eye of the queen of England herself and her consort, prince Philip, on a "pick nick" in 1964 ( (DonĀ“t forget that a woman was found dead on "royal" grounds last year. (

There is a ton of evidence (whether we like it or not) proving that aboriginal land-owners were systematically sought out for slaughter and ritually sacrificed by highly official, boundlessly greedy "elite". (


And, not only aboriginal children but anyone who gets in the way of their dirty, scum-bag business or who should help them to facilitate it:;

So please, get yourself fully informed, face these facts and carry it on.

Robert said (October 5, 2012):

I appreciate the documentation Kevin Annett has amassed on the treatment of Native children separated from their parents in Canada. Nevertheless, the physical evidence his supporters have
found ("That survey and dig, at the former Mohawk Institute in Brantford, uncovered for the first time verified clothing and buttons from children's uniforms, and other evidence indicating that children are buried there") seems very thin as a
basis for claims of a program of physical extermination.

Of course there were relatively high rates of child mortality generally in the first half of the 20th century. Still, I encourage
him in his research into what is certainly a national scandal in some form.

The recent Jerry Sandusky and Jimmy Savile covered-up-establishment-pedophilia cases have opened a window onto a phenomenon few have been aware of and most probably would prefer not to contemplate. The victims appear mostly to have been children in situations of vulnerability.

This of course describes the position of the Native children isolated in residential schools, who would have been easy targets for predation by sexual deviates.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at