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Families Struggle Against Toxic Feminism

April 4, 2012


(left. "Chucky" -Cognitive dissonance.
Socialist feminist government pretends to support families.)

Natural heterosexual instincts will trump Illuminati social engineering as long as we know it is taking place.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Good bye mommy! I love you!"

"I love you too, sweetie!"

A woman was leaving for work. This exchange drifted into my window early this morning. I couldn't see the speakers. It was a reminder that the parent-child bond is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things in life.

Unfortunately, the Illuminati, a satanic cult with feminist, progressive, socialist and homosexual fronts, is working tirelessly to deprive us of this love.

That mother will drive pass dozens of government-sponsored posters (above) on stores and buses which purport to support families but actually portray children as demons. This is cognitive dissonance. ( See "Chucky" Manitoba's poster child.

Since drawing attention to these signs a month ago, I haven't received any reaction. People are desensitized and numb. Is it the chem trails or the fluoride? The schools or the media? How were my neighbors neutralized?  

Someone painted a little Hitler mustache on the child. At least one person is not asleep! 

Today and every day the little girl who loves her mommy will be assaulted by messages designed to  prevent her from getting married and having children. School will teach that women were oppressed by marriage and family. Now they must be "independent" and have careers. 

Channel surfing, I caught 10 seconds of a cop series, "Rookie Blue."

"You don't have to be married to have a family," one cool woman cop was reminding another. The hate propaganda is relentless. But they don't call it hate when it's social engineering.

You do need to be married to have a successful family. You need a mother and a father to have a child. You need love and commitment.  That's called marriage.

I have a 30-year-old friend who has a stay-at-home wife who is the mother of his two girls. His seven-year-old girl plays with her dolls and wants to be just like her mummy.

My friend warns his daughter that she must find a good husband.

"I will marry someone just like my Daddy!"

My friend choked up.

Clearly children need healthy models to have healthy lives. When fathers are absent or abusive, children can become homosexuals. They need gender role models to become healthy men or women.

But for every person that sidestepped the feminist sickness, there are five who succumbed. My friend's sister and mother live lonely bitter lives because they bought the feminist lie.

Another friend and his wife also believed that women must have careers. They have two daughters 18 and 22 who are a psychological mess and the source of great pain. One is anorexic and the other has been in mental hospitals.

The other day, the eldest told him that the incredible pressure to be "successful" and "independent" is what messed her up. She felt he didn't love her because she wasn't.

In pre-feminist days, a woman was a success if she could make a good match and be a good wife and mother. These days women have to "make it" professionally and most aren't cut out for the rat-race. When their biology is screaming marriage and children, they have to chase some career chimera.  It makes them crazy.

If my friend and his wife had steered their girls along a traditional path, they wouldn't be in this trouble. Brainwashed by feminism, that wasn't even a consideration. Now the girls feel like failures.


Why would God create male and female if they weren't necessary to procreation? Who would erase gender distinctions? This is the hallmark of the satanist -- overriding what is natural and good and replacing it with what is dysfunctional. Switching good for evil and pretending evil is good.

What is more natural and healthy than women raising their own children
while their husbands provide for them?
In spite of the evil Illuminati propaganda in the media and schools, natural instincts will prevail. The other day I was sitting on a bench and a string of pretty females of varying ages went by. Though I am 62 and look my age, they wanted to be acknowledged by a male, apparently any male! 

Attractive females are neglected because the genders have been destabilized. Attractive females have been put on a pedestal. They are the young sex goddesses. Young males are in awe! Most males are actually afraid to approach these goddesses when they are really quite ordinary, lonely and available.

They need to be courted. Young men need to step up!

Our little island in Space has been taken over by pirates who think that saying something makes it true. If we ignore the mass media and listen to our instincts and common sense instead, we'll be alright. Natural instincts will always trump satanic social engineering.


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Comments for "Families Struggle Against Toxic Feminism"

Dick said (April 5, 2012):

I think feminism, homosexuality and promiscuity are less a driving force than they are a pressure release valve for society. The bottom line is economics. Look at the difference in birthrate
between about 1934 and 1949:

Until nations like Canada and the US protect their borders, re-
industrialize and literally double the standard of living, there
will be no means for the widespread economic stability required for family formation. If dad can make $60/hr in a shoe factory, mom will be glad to stay at home and won't worry about whether the rent will get paid. If we had public health insurance and pensions, people could start their own businesses or go to trade schools.

Until we end free trade and globalization, and return to something like the New Deal, young people will live with their parents until age 35 and take 2 vacations a year with their gay friends over working like dogs at meaningless jobs with no security to pay for kids they never see.

Marcos said (April 5, 2012):

Your excellent article brings to mind a fact seldom discussed about feminism. It is basically Nietzschean philosophy applied to women, the thought that people can achieve greatness and a symbolic immortality through deeds and achievements.
Obviously, most women don't reach any, only to become a slave in a office, but the motivation is there.

This philosophy is antithetical to God's word. God judges us based on our moral choices, not achievements. The best illustration of this concept is given in Ecclesiastes, where we see a man (Solomon) who achieved everything that a man could possibly do, only to find that those struggles were just "vanity". Indeed, there is nothing more difficult for human pride to accept than the position of created beings who are dependent and subordinate to a higher power.

C Shack said (April 5, 2012):

wouldn't hold my breath in anticipation of the Illuminati grand scheme falling apart.

They have come into control exploiting intrinsic human nature that will not reverse itself anytime soon. As long as the Illuminati present their path as the path of least resistance, the majority will follow and the minority will eventually succumb to the direction of the majority. We are talking sheep-herding 101, a task that had been perfected since the beginning of civilization. Our global ruler have simply applied shepherding skills upon mankind. The Illuminati can lead us anywhere. Anywhere. Germany in the last century is historic proof.

If the Illuminati want us to behave like monkeys fucking short order we will be vying for the sexiest looking coconuts.

God made us all equal. A group arose among us that decided that we would all be better off ruled by them. The more dysfunctional and confused we are the easier we can be controlled to conform to their ever-evolving model of how things out to be.

The took us away from the land to sell us food. They created bogeymen to sell us war. Mankind is doomed as a whole. On an individual level, we can save ourselves and perhaps those around us that still have a mind of their own. I'm talking about other dysfunctional lemmings like us.

Jim said (April 5, 2012):

My youngest brother has two daughters. Both are beautiful and brilliant and probably the sweetest young ladies you'll ever meet. The eldest is academically exceptional. As a freshman in high school she was doing college level calculus. This year as a senior she scored in the top one percent in the nation on her SAT's. She has colleges from across the country begging her to come to their school. However, she has chosen a humble local college not too far from home. Her goal is to go to school for a few years, get married and raise a family. A job outside the home is not what she wants. Here career will be her family. The man she chooses and their children will be fortunate indeed!

I applaud her for her ability to think clearly and see through all the feminist nonsense that she is bombarded with. I believe there are many more young women out there just like her. There is hope. Like you said, "Natural instincts will always trump social engineering."

Margaret said (April 5, 2012):

"I'm coming out as a homophobe": lol. those words made my day yesterday. You said what most of us are thinking and kudos to you for that brilliant one-liner.

I must also take the time to congratulate the poster Dave on your latest blog.

The last sentence sums it all up for me about the whole purpose and meaning of why we are here.... "Maybe this whole life was just a learning process, and a test to see who would sell out and who wouldn't?

My words exactly, but after "Jesus" I would include all the other divinely-appointed prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Noah, Lot to name only a few - all divinely chosen to represent Divine Truths - the last of which was Mohamed - chosen to reveal the Holy Quran, the seal and Reminder of all previous truths and all previous holy prophets, the essence of which is the belief in the unity of the One God, the Creator of us all.

Bruno said (April 5, 2012):

Well I tell you what: there are at least 2-3 major reasons why people can't deal with it any more in my opinion. The men have been beaten up for so many decades to just shut up and give the women their toxic freedom and poisonous egalite, that it has become a genetic trait by now.

Women won't ever admit they were wrong even if their superiority complexed sisters murder all the children they can find. After Madonna's superbowl performance we know for a fact now and by public demonstration that that whole feminist scenario is just a re-surrected goddess worship symbolized by all the weird hyrocliffs going back to Ishtar, Astarte, Diana, Artemis, Innana (?) and the like.

Thousands of years of female 'fertility' cult is well and alive but only to ritually sacrifice their children and then go do more temple prostitution to the goddess of big breast (i.e. Artemis of Ephesus). And there you have the latest and greatest of age old deception of superior intelligence of fallen angels. And we are so proud of being in cahooz with demons as if hell were only a fantasy.

So how exactly would we now combat such opposition since long ago they have thoroughly perverted Christianity, the only religion by the way that has ever successfully countered anything like demon inspired nominally called fertility cults but in practice child sacrifice cults. How superior you said we were to the Aztecs?

The battle is lost, Henry! Even you can give up now! There is nobody on earth who can change all this any more. It is too pervasive and too fiercely defended to oppose. Cash in your chips and go home! We have long since squandered the last pennies we had to effectively combat this whole thing on the pill and condoms. Now the finger of judgment is tapping at the blood spattered windows of our horrid world view. Read about those horses in the Apocalypse of St. John. Nobody is gonna escape no matter how stupid or how rich. That is why any further comment is superfluous.

Blessings to you, my good friend. You do have courage. Carry on for as long as it takes. The whole solar system is in shut-down mode. I'll see you some day!

Victoria said (April 5, 2012):

What most feminists don't seem to realize is how anti-female they truly are. By lauding male characteristics and encouraging all little girls to develop them, they fail to realize that in doing so they are denigrating the beautiful feminine traits of grace, gentleness, nurturing and so on.

This was brought home to me very strongly when recently attending a children's hockey game at our local arena. The little sister of one of the players was amusing herself, climbing over the seats in a very feminine dress and glittery shoes. The mother told me that she had tried to put her daughter into hockey and, while the girl enjoyed the practicing she didn't like playing the games and had chosen to quit.

Not prepared to accept her daughter's rejection of a mostly male pursuit, the mother assured me that she would 'try again, later'.

This led me to think about a reversal of the situation - always a good way to see the truth of things - and I was left wondering just how many mothers (virtually no fathers, undoubtedly), having put a boy in ballet class would bemoan the fact that he had quit and express a determination to 'try him again later'.

Rather than revel in the femininity that her pretty and dainty little girl was expressing, all the mother could do was to be disappointed that her daughter hadn't managed to sublimate those tendencies in favor of becoming assertive and competitive.

We women have become our own worst enemies in repudiating femininity. Girls don't have to become like boys nor boys, like girls. What is needed is a new respect and appreciation by each sex for the positive traits of both, itself, and the opposite one.

This dance by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers expresses the appeal of the union between male and female where each is indubitably itself but where the sum of the parts creates something much greater in art of breathtaking beauty:

Robert said (April 5, 2012):

"Families Struggle Against Toxic Feminism."

Do they, now? Because they have BOUGHT INTO feminism and other isms, their kids are raised differently, with day care and play dates, and their kids seem to be wired differently, seem to be deprived of certain things. Resulting in, I find, there being a good deal of truth in the monster comparisons.

Haywire, self-centered, screaming brats, ever-ranging from overly upset to overly ecstatic, there is a degeneracy, an animal-like qualuity-not to insult animals- to the "Woo-Hoo" Generation that I cannot stand. But it's all in HOW YOU RAISE kids.

Dave said (April 5, 2012):

So many women and men are so corrupted beyond redemption by the whole rotten system. Most American women are nothing but whores, and greedy lying whores at that. They are terrible mothers and wives. The whole judicial system is so corrupt, common sense and decency don't matter; they are actually the enemies of them. I took your lead and tried to tell everyone I knew or met about 9/11 and all of it. A few listened, and now they understand like I do. But of course that makes them ostracized by the people they are trying to help, and targets of demonic entities behind the scenes. I would rather be dead, than be a part of that rotten system. I hope the soul survives these bodies, and when I get to the other side I would like to meet you when you get there. Jesus, and some of my better family members will be there too, and it will be really cool. Maybe this whole life was just a learning process, and a test to see who would sell out and who wouldn't? What do you think about that?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at