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Feminism is Racism Against Men

March 13, 2013

by Cecil Washington

(Feb 13, 2010)




I'm a black American.  Perhaps that is why I see radical feminism as a way of laying pre-Civil Rights Era perceptions of black men onto everyone who has a penis.   Meaning that all men, no matter who or what or where, are being labeled as sub-human.   Men, and not just the swarthy ones, are lazy, knuckle-dragging, violent rapists in the eyes of feminist thought.   All feminist women of today are relegated to the pedestal that white supremacists reserve for white women.  Feminist women also get another benefit in that they get to be the slave masters over the men, who are their slaves. Non-feminist women are also slaves, but at least they may have a chance for freedom if they join the winning team, keep their heads down and/or keep their mouths shut.

Perhaps today's feminism is part of what Neely Fuller Jr. calls a refinement of racism.  Meaning, that racism mutates into newer forms in order to maintain a system of control.  In this system, a few powerful white people control non-whites and non-powerful white people. If that is the case, then feminism, a.k.a. Racism 2.0, is coded, tested, upgraded and maintained by feminists.

I swear I'm going to see white men and Asians shining shoes on the corner before it's all over.  To me, things could get to that point.  Look at the mass unemployment in traditionally male dominated industries.   Look at the logic that churns our collective mental computer:  WOMAN > man; WOMAN = TRUE;  man = FALSE.




All readers of Henry Makow must check out the movie "Alexandra's Project", a movie that portrays how European white men (or any man in a western country) can be tortured by the "wrong woman", aka, a radical feminist.

Steve, the protagonist, is a kind, loving, caring father and family man, working his way up the corporate ladder.  He has reached middle aged and is still shown to have the body and stamina of a man half his age (as proven by him exercising in the nude in a few frontal scenes that I could have done without.)  He handles all conflicts with the wife and children without rage or profanity.   At work, he is a just boss who is admired by his subordinates and rewarded by his superiors.  The man, for all practical purposes, is as close to perfect as you could get without being Jesus Christ.  There is no reason for anyone to hate the man.  Anyone, that is, except his wife Alexandra.

Alexandra is definitely the woman from hell.  In fact, she ought to be considered an agony-tagonist, were there such a word, for the way she tortures Steve on his birthday.  Yes, that's right, the story takes place on the poor guy's birthday.   His only crime was not having the telepathic ability to figure out why his wife had been unhappy.  Well whose wife has not ever been "unhappy"?  Whose husband, for that matter?

Alexandra videotapes her endless lists of grievances for Steve to watch when he comes home to a darkened house.  After scaring the poor man to death by faking a lump in her breast, she accuses him of only loving her for her body and of extreme selfishness. 

So to liberate herself from his oppression, she admits to becoming a prostitute, dominatrix and an adulterer with the next-door neighbor.  All of this is done while Steve is at work, paying the bills for this psycho.  She also does not have the courage to do this in person.  It is all done via video and remote camera. 

The coups de gras is that she has managed to kidnap his children.  After he collapses lifeless in his chair, pretty much dead in spirit, the object of his wife's affair (and remember, he's just the affair object, NOT the only man she's slept with) holds him at gunpoint while he also lays blame on Steve and tells him he's going to erase the few video images that Steve has on the  DVD.  I was hoping that Steve would have wrestled the gun away from the guy, shoved it in an orifice and pulled the trigger.  However, the loss of his children seems to have been his Achilles' heel.  Once he realizes they are gone, Steve truly has no incentive to fight.

I was totally unnerved by the end of the movie.  I was shaken worse than when I saw "Eyes Wide Shut".   I felt almost as bad as I did when I watched "Roots" and saw Kunta Kinte get his foot cut off.  Well, Steve got something cut-off all right, albeit in spirit.  He was mentally and spiritually castrated----for nothing.


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Comments for "Feminism is Racism Against Men"

Peter said (March 22, 2013):

Peter said:
".. looking for a much younger submissive (Asian) wife to look after them"

There a greater number of courageous middle aged beautiful Asian women with children out there. Marrying one of them will not only be a better partner than anything you could find in the West, but also as a Westerner with better financial resources, you will be a humanitarian assistance to a family and a continent. Yes, such women are looking for material support, as are ALL women, but a long courtship period will deal with this potential issue.

However, the issue faced by Western men in this situation is the effective racism of their own nation against white men. Europe has had tremendous immigration of immigrant families. Example:Germany immigrant population 1971-2000 went from 3 to 7∙5 million. Foreigner employment statistics (2 million throughout the period) imply about 5 million foreign family members were settled. Some countries have put in place "after the horse has bolted legislation" at least in the UK, where the capital city population is over 50% foreign. This means, an indigenous white man with ancestors going back a thousands years will find it very time consuming and very difficult to gain entry to his homeland with a foreign wife. This is incentive for him to settle in Asia where debauchery and satanism is largely only found in electronic media but not in public.

ETM said (February 14, 2010):

Yes, this equivalence first came home to me when in the seventies I spent some time in a lesbian-run Feminist bookstore and read around various books from the social to the hate mongering ones.

While reading around, it came to me to substitute words like 'Jew' or 'Black' or 'female' for the word 'male' or 'man', and so then i continued reading these materials while doing these substitutions, and this brought out in stark relief the viciously consistent prejudice these materials represented.

A whole generation of both men and women have been 'educated' by such materials, and the result is that 55% of women (and men) now the majority, live alone. 'Marriages' represent the minority in America, and of this minority, perhaps half represent happy or contented marriages, because the ghost haunting every 'marriage' is the threat of divorce, which means that family assests are largely given over to the legal caste.

Anon said (February 14, 2010):

There are real women out there, those who long to be 'real' wives, to nurture, admire and respect, listen with tenderness, be a lover, companion and confidente and yes, even cook and clean, have a hot meal ready for their Beloved One at the end of the day. I am a white Southern African woman and after almost 20 years of divorce, my first husband left me for another man, I remarried a man from the Nordic lands. I had longed all those years to be all I have mentioned previously. I was ecstatic at the prospect of realising a life-long dream. I do very few of these things now and it has been soul destroying! Why?? I try to be brief:

Pushing 50 and still being offered 'photographic modelling work' (for the more mature woman) means I am not too shabby looking. I earned a handsome income in the past as a proffessional singer, photographic model (not nudity or anything suggestive) and TV Presenter. Still, I was considered 'a prude' by most. I HATE flirtation of any sort - it is DANGEROUS!! I did not indulge in the lifestyle known as part and parcel of the entertainment industry, namely one of debauchery! However, I also struggled as a single mother, and many were the times I was 'encouraged' by friends and family alike to 'marry him (another 'someone' they had tried to set me up with), screw him for 2 years then screw him for his money. The social circles in which I moved were affluent and there was no shortage of availability of wealthy men!

To cut a long story short, I removed myself from this industry some 14 years back through spiritual conviction. I came to understand that I was placing myself in the 'bulls-eye' target zone and merely acting out (unwittingly then) the horrible feminist agenda and this NWO.

The man whose name I am now known by is sadly, just another 'Nordic conditioned, feminist endorsing being!' By his own admission (during our earlier years of marriage some time back now) he would say far too often: 'I have a beautiful wife, an excellent cook and great sex! What more can a husband want!' Something inside of me broke!!! Oh how my heart weeps when I even remember how often I had to hear those words.

Needless to say, many things change with time, but, the cooking and clearning and serving remains ;-) Yes, the very love I yearned for, the tenderness, the companionship, the deep desire of what I hoped we could share, a spiritual oneness in Christ (MY ROCK) just never happened! By his family standards (a large one and 'christian') I am wasted in my old-fashion way of thinking. I have 'the world at my feet' as I've heard all my adult life. 'Our country offers women like you 'the world.' All I wanted and still want is to be a Proverbs 31 woman!

I do not know how much longer this arrangement will last, but I now lead a very quiet life and have for the past almost 2 years. No more family entertainments - lavish dinner tables (for which one receives personalised, itimised briefing of individuals numerous food allergies!) We lead separate lives (to maintain the facade) and for tax purposes remain married. (Divorce a second time round for this 'christian man' is a taboo, and his reputation in his 'christian work' might be harmed!)

My life is a comfortable one materially, and until recently I might just have resigned myself to the life I now have. I DO NOT! I would rather live the life of a working peasant, with a man (I care not what race) as long as we share the same understanding of Christian Faith, and I can serve graciously and lovingly, admire and respect, nuture and support and be loved in return! I HAVE HOPE :-)

Anne said (February 14, 2010):

Now white men are feeling belittled and weak.As Women grow stronger Men grow weaker.. I really don't agree with radical feminism as it does destroy the family and causes a breakdown in society but listening to many men on your site looking for submissive women to adore them and whining about how horrible woman are etc...Firstly they have to take responsiblity for choosing a particular kind of women....It was their choice, then they pick another when it doesnt work out...Guess what? The same type of woman.. and then cry that all women are the same..They are not...Its like the feminists saying all men are the same brutal rapists...Its not true....Take responsibility for your choice and try and find out why you keep attracting that kind of woman and letting her into your life....

Reply from Peter:

"Firstly they have to take responsiblity for choosing a particular kind of women....It was their choice, then they pick another when it doesnt work out"

Anne, grow up and listen. Guess what? We didn't 'choose the wrong woman'. Western women are ALL the 'wrong woman' now. My ex professed her christianity over and over again. We did bible studies together as teenagers. We did bible studies together as an engaged couple. We baptised our kids. As soon as the second child arrived she stopped being christian because "she didn't need a bunch of christians to tell her how to live". Her father, oldest son (26) and youngest son(14) have all made valiant attempts to have her behave properly in divorce to no avail. I knew my ex 18 years (since I was 12) before she 'ran off the rails' and I stayed another 14 years after that for the kids. By the way, women have also abused me for being 'stupid' in staying with my wife for the kids. How about that?

It was only well after the separation I realised she was mind controlled. If you women would stop bad mouthing us men long enough to realise you are brainwashed you might learn something. But, to date, I only know one woman who is willing to realise this and she won't actually help us men stop this. So I developed a remedy to make impotent the massive legal privileges women enjoy because they refused to give them up. Women like you are simply too programmed to realise you are part of the problem blaming the men who are the victims of vindictive women.

Now another thing I have noticed that most of the men seeking submissive women from other cultures are all middle aged or old men past their sell by date and then they go looking for a much younger submissive wife to look after them..It reeks of sexual tourism..I have seen many beautiful asian women with old men..Yuk, it is obvious they are poor and are looking for a way out and voila a westerner with money comes looking for a submissive wife and there you have it....

Edgar said (February 14, 2010):

First I'd like to state, that I appreciate your website greatly due to it's very real message that is never mentioned in the lamestream media. It is excellent in its mission to, as you state it plainly, "exposing feminism & the new world order"

In regards to this movie, I never heard of it before but watched it a bit after reading this review, and I must say I was left with a shockingly familiar taste in my mouth! The litany of whining and absurd complaints this woman spouted forth from her face was very similar to some Aussie chick I dealt with once. But I don't quite like the bitter taste of venom so I avoid it at all costs these days.

I strongly suggest to all men out there that may be reading this, do avoid Australian women at all costs. Of course, if you are on this site you probably would.

Anyways, I highly recommend this film for people that want to see how twisted the minds of sadists and feminists can come to be. Verily, I know of many men that have had somewhat similar experiences to this, although here in the States. But I suppose there is little difference in between a rotting mold and a decaying rust, no? A warning though, this movie was very twisted, so view at your own risk. Definitely had me feeling physically ill by the end of it.

Mike said (February 14, 2010):

Thanks Henry for the article. Cecil paints a fine picture of something we have all known but find it difficult to explain.

I started a course last week. I am one of only two men in the class, actually the other is a young man.

Indoctrination went something like this,

"this field has been a boys club for a long time/ we girls need to make it change / it has already changed a great deal, I see more women coming in all the time/ women can do it better.

And then during the indoctrination, the most spine chilling moment occurred. The instructor used the term marriage. Instantly, a lesbian police officer taking the course corrected her, the term is partner. The instructor corrected herself but was obviously very shaken as the angry lesbian stormed out of the room.

It may be of interest that this is a prerequisite law course. Scary.

I wonder if that teacher will be there this week?

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