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Feminism's One-Sided View of "Equality"

September 23, 2007


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1971 when males represented 2/3 of college students, feminist organizations started to lobby for "equality."

Today, the position of males and females is reversed, but we don’t hear a peep about equality from feminist groups.

Clearly the demand was just a ploy to supplant men in the workplace and as protectors and providers in the home. Women now have fewer children and less incentive to marry or stay married. The central bankers don't care about "women's rights." Their agenda is to divide the sexes and dissolve the traditional family. Feminist activists are their shills.

Last week Statistics Canada released a report entitled "Why Are Most University Students Women?" According to the National Post:
"The report notes that a dramatic reversal has taken place on Canadian campuses in the past 30 years. It's an international trend that experts widely described as the "feminization of education."

Among 19-year-olds in 2003, 39% of girls attended university, compared with only 26% of boys, said Statistics Canada.

Also, there has been a decline in male teachers in high schools. According to census data, the proportion of male high school teachers dropped to 46% in 2001 from 58% in 1981.

John Martin, who teaches criminology at the University College of the Fraser Valley, in Abbotsford, B.C., bemoans the fact that "post-secondary education is definitely where the boys aren't."

He says that in his first-year classes this year, less than a quarter of his students are male. In his fourth-year classes, girls outnumber boys 10 to one. [This has a social dimension as there is less opportunity for these girls to meet young males.]

Mr. Martin blames the trend on the public schools, which he said switched gears through the 1970s to appeal to the learning style of girls because they weren't doing as well as boys.

"Boys are getting shafted," said Mr. Martin, starting in the early elementary school grades where there is "zero tolerance on horsing around" and boys are treated as learning-disabled and put on medication if they misbehave."

The Statistics Canada data comes from a massive international study of 15-year-olds as well as surveys of students and their parents. The data seems to reflect a general socialization of girls for academic success.

"In standardized reading tests, only 20% of boys scored in the top 25%, compared with 30% of girls. Boys were also more likely than girls to score in the bottom quarter.

In school marks, almost half of girls, 46%, were honour-role students with averages of 80 or higher, compared with 32% of boys.

This feminist "War Against Boys" is analysed in a 2001 book by that name by Christina Hoff Sommers, one of the earliest mainstream critics of feminism:

"A lopsided education system in which boys are on the outside looking in is inherently unjust and socially divisive. The public has given no one a mandate to pursue a policy of privileging girls." (206)


The feminist cry for equality in schools was a classic power play typical of central banker-backed Communist organizations. I have no problem with women having careers. I just hate to see them tricked out of having families. Left high and dry, these career women become foot soldiers for the bankers and their New World Order.

Another example of divide-and-conquer was the Civil Rights movement which according to Alan Stang's "It's Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights" (1965) was designed to divide and divert the United States. (See also my "Red Rosa Parks: Fabricating an American Icon" )

So great is the concentration of wealth in the hands of central bankers, they believe they have a right to dictatorial rule. Everything they have done in the last 150 years has been to weaken the US and the world for that day which is quickly approaching.

We should not fall for their divide-and-conquer tactics. It's just us vs. them- them being the central bankers and their lackeys: Zionists, neo cons, feminist and gay activists, multi national corporations, the mass media, intelligence agencies, government and most politicians.

The whole world is in the grip of a cabal of Satan-loving bankers based in the City of London. Sounds outrageous but there is no better explanation for the politics and culture practised on this planet.

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Comments for "Feminism's One-Sided View of "Equality""

Anne said (September 24, 2007):

I have read some of the posts on your site and I agree with a lot of it regarding feminism but the horrible thing is that women really aren't getting a better deal. Young girls are growing up feeling that they have to have many sexual partners to prove how free and independent they are.

They are performing lesbian scenes with friends to turn on the boys which they probably resent but due to peer pressure they go along with it. They have become cheap and easy, they feel they have to perform like a porn star to be any good in bed. They are becoming sexualized at a young age.They are getting plastic surgery to look like porn stars.

The pressure is causing all sorts of problems ie anorexia, bulimia, self mutilation etc...Then when they get older and no men want to marry them or have a serious relationship with them because of their past behaviour they realise they have been duped..Its all very sad and very scary.Women have become less equal with men than years ago..

Now they have to live up to having a job, being a mother, being a porn star in bed, looking like a model...all at the same time.We have gone backwards and not forwards.If that is equality for women I say no thank you.

M said (September 24, 2007):

This "The shoe is on the other foot" mentality proves without a doubt that equality (whatever that is) was never a goal of the feminist movement, domination was. All of the divide and conquer techniques have been used time and again to... divide and conquer.

I went to a predominately Black public school and it was clear that girls were no more superior socially or intellectually than the boys, yet boys were being put into special education classes when the school system was being geared towards the learning abilities of girls. Look at the history of education and you’ll see that single-gender schools were successful because their approach to teaching boys and girls was different, because boys and girls are different. Telling us we are all the same is a lie.

For some of your less informed readers, let me be very clear: Women's Rights I wholeheartedly support, Feminism I despise. What's the difference? Women's Rights is about giving opportunities to women so they have more choices in their lives as opposed to generations past. Feminism, however, almost singularly indoctrinates young women into industry. Where is the choice? Feminism is the other end of the spectrum of male chauvinism, and women are still the victims.

One of your readers wrote, “Hell I'm routing for Hillary. She will be the first female president.” I’ve always said: what difference does it make who’s in office if they are just going to the bidding of their NWO masters? I’m not voting for Barrack Obama because he’s an Israel-firster, just like Hilary Clinton.

I don’t engage in politics at all, as any student of history will tell you: politics equals propaganda.

John said (September 24, 2007):

I find this interesting: I was reading your equality article today on your site (and I do not support feminism at all), and I had gone over to afterwards. Down the bottom of the page there was a link for a money article "Young, Smart, and Getting Rich" with a picture of an actress dressed in business clothes.

I clicked the link and the subject of the article was the 30 coolest entrepreneurs under 30. I decided to count--3 individual women out of 30 companies (there were two other girls in different companies who were coupled with guys for two triumverate style companies).

The article goes on to say something along the lines of generation Y, 1977-1994, is the most entrepreneurial generation ever.

My rhetorical question is this: with guys being forced out of the educational system is there any wonder why this is the most entrepreneurial generation? Guys are resourceful and creative. They don't need a degree to make money. They're more aggressive and creative, which is probably why 27/30 of the young entrepreneurs are men.

Jeffrey said (September 24, 2007):

Great article.I would like to add a few comments.First off, that email you got from Donna.What a joke that is.If I did not
know any better I would bet that she is a "welfare mamma" raising a kid and the kid does not even know that he has a father....or what
a real man even looks like.....or does she know who the father is?

An interesting article appeared in our city newspaper this week. My town with a population of 90,000 people stated that 80.4% of the
single parent families are headed by women of this 80.4% 67% live below the poverty line.This is success for women????? An interesting dichotomy here....of those 67% they all live on welfare or "Mothers Allowance"....Thanks and keep up the good work!

William said (September 24, 2007):

I read Donna's comments [below] and had to laugh.

Actually girls are not as smart as boys. They cannot “see” things boys immediately see. They are stuck on their emotions and cannot reason or rationally approach problems. They tend toward rote solutions to problems rather than innovative ones. All inventions of worth have been invented by men. All great chefs are men. All great scientists are men.

The evolution of women to a higher level than men is the same process as preferential hiring, “set asides”, and quotas. It is a part of the deliberate dumbing down of society. As a part of this process we get more crime, less technological innovation, more static inequilibrium, and greater friction.

Any man worth his salt, having been around females, instinctively knows they are not able to compete. That their reasoning processes are faulty, and that emotions control them to such an extent that they never know what they want at a given moment. That they take longer to train then men, refuse to work as hard, and as long. Yet, because of political correctness men are being forced to kowtow to women, and women's so-called intelligence and ability.

The father's rights groups, DNA testing to determine paternity, etc., are all weakening the feminist order that has been in place for the past 40 years. Not to mention that men are tired of being taken to the cleaners by women who want the fruits of marriage without the man, turning him into an indentured servant paying alimony and child support. The male children of these “marriages” are refusing to marry, and participate in the sham. Their sisters are, therefore, being forced to move back toward traditional roles in order to attract or keep men; and in many cases to accept and adopt a much more female submissive role than those of the 1950s.

Change is in the air, and feminism is collapsing because it has already lost the test of reality.

Donna said (September 23, 2007):

There is no 'fooling' around. Girls are smarter than boys. It seems to me that you still want the 'might makes right' attitude that
once permeated schools in this country. Since to you everything is a conspiracy, there must be one to make women equal to men.

We know that men force women into lower positions and that women who do make it to the CEO level like Martha Stewart, or Leona Helmsley are subjected to the full extent of the law. They serve jail time while men doing far worse in corporate situations (like Cheney) get away with corruption and larceny. Sorry the double
standard must die. There can be no redemption as long as one half of humanity holds the other half down. You write like you are jealous that women are finding equal footing in this society.
Women have just as much right to aspirations and the "american dream" as men do. I know you want to blame the Rothchilds and the bankers who are trying to control the sheeple, but you should applaud equality, and women should be equal everywhere, not just here or in Canada, they need to be equal to any man all over the earth, not subservient and not acquiescing to some perceived masculine authority.

The patriarchal order is on it's last legs. It could only control the world as long as it controlled the womb. There is a future
where women everywhere will be equal to men, and they will live their lives to the fullest potential and not be dictated to by men. I know John Lennon's song, "Woman is the Nigger of the
world" is still apropos, but there is a day when the field will be level. Hell I'm routing for Hillary. She will be the first female president.

This is the great wilderness, her seed came here to free her from the seven deadly sins that the demons have held over her since time began. She is free here and it is here that she can live to her fullest potential.

The time of women being barefoot and pregnant is over. You must empower yourself with freedom and stand equal to any man.That sir is the future, like it or lump it.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at