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From the American Gulag: Christian Witness at Christmas

December 22, 2007

(This is an excerpt from Fritz Springmeier's testimony to his fellow prisoners at a federal penitentiary in Oregon. He sent it to Henry Makow in November.)

In Psalm 142:4, David is crying to the Lord, "I looked on my right hand and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul." No one cared for this war hero who slew Goliath and saved Israel. David, a man after God's own heart, abandoned by all. In the next Psalm 143:4, David is totally overwhelmed and despondent, "Therefore is my spirit overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is desolate."

I know what David meant when he wrote those verses. I've had everyone important  to me betray me. Not even David's favorite son Absolom was loyal. He tried to  kill his father, repaying his father's love with hate. And all this betrayal in my life has only heightened my love for my Savior.

When we're facing the enemy & expecting the attack to come from that direction, that's when the brother covering your back may stab you & the brothers to your left and right run away and desert you. And when this happens, I want you to remember that it's not about others, it's about Christ--you'll survive such attacks because of the healing power of YHWH God. We're not Christians because of Joe, or John, or Jim, but Yeshua, the Messiah, the Christ, the King of Kings.

And this point naturally leads into the next point: After your identity-in-Christ is complete (which happens after a length of time)  you will be so identified with Christ that even if you wanted to return to the world, it would seem like an alien world. It would be as if I went over to a pygmy tribe & tried to be a pygmy.  It's just not happening.  So  at one point I tried to return & realized, "man it's not going to happen." For instance, I tried to go to a bar, & the bouncer at the door says to me, "You can't come in here--you're a Christian."  I still had enough afterglow of the Spirit that I couldn't hide my identity. So I know why David said at PS 84:10  that he'd rather be a doorkeeper for God than with the successful wicked.

Another point to help you run the marathon is that you have to take the good with the bad. Some Christians are going to encourage you with sweet poisons. They may not realize the words they are feeding you will hurt you. When I say sweet poisons, I mean unbalanced simplified notions of how life works, like "God will give you anything you want." and "All your problems are solved by being a Christian." King David (a Christ-like man, a man after Yahweh's own heart felt the same way as Christ on the cross--for Christ used David's words while on the cross. David wanted to build Yahweh's Temple, but was forbidden by Yahweh to build it.

Bad things happen to good people. Read Eccl 9:11 where it says, "time and chance happen to all." Your car may by chance be in the way of a drunk maniac's semi-truck. You'll find rejection, sin & selfishness in the churches. You may even be rejected from even going to some churches because you're an ex-felon. Try that on for size! Take the whole truth & where the whole truth is--that is where you'll find Yahweh God.

The Word says the race is not to the swift (Eccl 9:11) and it isn't. Heb 12:1 tells us to run the race before us. Paul in 2 TIM 4:7 said, "I have finished my course."

So we need a reminder that the Christian life is not a short thing, a sprint, ...but a marathon....

Fritz Springmeier #65941   Federal Correctional Institution  PO Box 5000 Sheridan OR  USA 97378


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Comments for "From the American Gulag: Christian Witness at Christmas"

Colin said (December 26, 2007):

Thank you for all your work, it's great!

I realized decades ago without any books that we are meant to evolve into "gods", eventually. It's possible that we were "gods" before, got
bored thanks to infinite time and decided to create ourselves and when incarnate forced to forget it all with each incarnation. Evolution puts a dent in the boredom. You could say we were and will be "gods", presently just forgetful of the past, ignorant of the distant future.

Looking from much higher ground, say God's POV, I believe the enemy currently is "money", there needs to be focus on uprooting it. An
evolved society would never have homeless or hungry people, unless purely by their own choice. Evolved people inspire each other, not 1 is
left hungry or cold, that's insane.

Can you help with this "big idea"?

The method of bringing this about starts with one step, that step is free energy, with it money will naturally fall like domino's. Many
kinds have been suppressed by the materialists, plenty on the net to research. Steven Greer for example is on the right track.

To replace money, a thoughtful system of levels can be used, and public voting from home over the net when important decisions need to be made.
The new system is yet to be fully designed, but enough intelligence can bring it to near perfection. Money, for sure, is not perfect.

How you like it so far? too tough? sound good?

Jordan said (December 26, 2007):

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the work you've done; especially regarding feminism and the role of a men in relationships. I was raised in a very traditional family with a strong Man's Man for a father, and a dainty, feminine, Lady for a mother and predictably have been very disappointed in the majority of women I meet. I enjoy your articles because you address the root problems and do so with a great degree of intelligence and class.

As a well educated, well traveled, well mannered 26 year old, I have found nearly every woman I meet to be, to a very large degree, a feminist. Perhaps what saddens me most is the fact that, in many cases, despite a traditional upbringing, many women are so influenced by the media, they turn to feminism without even knowing it. We have a whole generation of "boys" who were raised by their mothers, Xbox, and MTV, that the roles have been almost successfully flipped. The women are overbearing and pain in the ass (pardon), and the boys are effeminate. When I speak my mind (always) and suggest men and women recapture their intended and proven roles, it enrages me up to see the look on most peoples' face. It's as if I'm a monster.

Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful articles. I have no doubt you've been a great help to many confused and frustrated young men and women.

Richard said (December 25, 2007):

Just wanted to say thank you for all the wisdom and education you have shared with us all this year.I am continually amazed at your ability to think through and articulate the real social dynamics that affect our lives and future.

I am from a catholic backgound and now feel deceived by my religious leaders. I guess you must feel the same about you own culture. I can only say that good Jews and Christians are all being deceived by the same satanic groups who occupy our churches.

Our greatest weapon after self education is to band together, all good jews, christians, muslims, buddists... and take on these satanists both spiritually and intellectually. By this I mean challenge them at every opportunity. Our politicians, church leaders, business heads, jounalists, teachers.

I know you do this already and that's another reason I wanted to say thank you. For showing us all the way.

Stay strong and may God bless you for sharing all your wise thoughts.

Drew said (December 24, 2007):

It is encouraging to see words said to be recent words from Fritz. This at least gives a bit of reason to hope that he is still alive wherever he may be within the U.S. gulag.

This comment is probably late seeing that the other comments were provided in late 2006. It was not really all that much of a surprise to see the various, weak comments and feedback you got regarding Fritz. If there was any surprise to this it was the seemingly new levels of absurdity that such minds have achieved, to the extent that some people seemingly know no end in the extent they will go to in order to continue trying to make it work - their seemingly pre-digested view of the world delivered to them for consumption, by the collective monopoly media, no doubt. It is easy to imagine that if/when the world literally begins collapsing in ernest, such mindless folks will likely be found still hanging steadfastly onto their canned views, trying at all costs to continue trying to make them work... with scotch tape, paper clips, limited thinkng and other appropriate props.

The most absurd among these comments was raising the notion of Fritz's credibility with respect to his voluminous research into the history of the ILLuminati and the many disclosures therein. Be Wise As Serpents being a showcase, his work speaks for itself, but of course one must first read this work, and genuinely so, to become aware of this.

To a significant extent, an attempt to smear and discredit Fritz is the same as discrediting literally dozens upon dozens of authors and organizations of authors who's work Fritz merely culled and excerpted in assembling a good portion of his own work. In other words, for those who claim Fritz is a fraud, then Manly Palmer Hall, H.G. Wells, Joseph Smith Jr., Brigham Young, Hosea Ballou, Helena Blavatsky, Henry H. Klein, Edith Star Miller, John Robison, Antony Sutton, Benzion C. Kaganoff, Theodore Winston Pike, James Billington, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Co., R. Swinburne Clymer, Albert Pike, C.A. Oppenborn, The Jason Society, The Jesuit Order, The Knights of Malta, Rabbinical Judaism, the Talmud, the Roman Catholic Church (and their Encyclopedic organization).... just to name a few, are all equaly frauds too in this context, for it was their work and the works of many many others like them that Fritz merely read himself, researched, catalogued, and excerpted into his own work.

On the other hand, a cursory, drive-thru, smash&grab style reading of Frtiz is probably just what the doctor orders - literally, for those bent on hanging on to the never-ending series of deceptions the establishment delivers as their instructions on how to live, how to think, what to think, what to believe, and what to buy.

Sarah said (December 22, 2007):

Dearest henry,

Fritz Springmyer is a shining light to all Christians suffering persecution whether at the form of imprisonment and state sanctioned punishment for their faith (there have been more martyrs for Christ this past century than in any other age) or those under more subtle attack from parents, children and those closest to us.

He is exactly right, of course; the redeeming blood of our Saviour saves all - whether they be the quiet 'upright' soul or the imprisoned criminal. It's all the same (more churches should learn the truth they preach and practice it.

He is in my prayers.

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