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Fritz Springmeier Burned by Filipina Bride Scam

April 14, 2012

Fritz2.jpg(Fritz, left, looks much younger than his 57 years)

After being released from jail, Fritz Springmeier made finding a mate his first priority, with disastrous consequences.

by Fritz Springmeier


            Being scammed by Filipino ladies is easy. I write from experience. Cupid hit Stupid.

            Oh, the adventure begins innocently by some lovely Filipina being used as bait to initiate a well-crafted age-old stratagem complete with highly skilled subterfuge and acting that rivals Hollywood.

            An American with four Catholic Filipino wives (yes, polygamy) who befriended me said that the situation in the Philippines is so desperate that I could get whatever I wanted in a wife...just make out a list of qualities I wanted, and he'd tell his people, and she would be found. I supplied the list, but only got excuses. Undaunted, I struck out on my own!

            During the first match, I detected a scam when the handwriting changed on the letters I received. Being a certified handwriting expert came in handy.

            Next match was by Internet, which significantly speeds up the dating (um, scamming) process. As they say, "speed kills". With Skype and Yahoo Messenger! and a web cam one can talk face to face with your lady for free for hours.

           And Western Union, Xoom, and Moneygram will take your money to her almost instantly. (As an aside, the Philippine government is constantly trying to stop the rampant use of the Internet by Filipino ladies who make money by exposing their bodies.)

            Using a dating site, I rapidly sifted through hundreds of female profiles to find that special lady. Once discovered, she amazingly said all the right things, including how she feared and loved God and would only do me right. She quoted Scripture. She was only a "simple" country girl.

            Later I learned that "simple" is used as a ploy to get your guard down. Who would ever suspect a simple sweet lady of being able to script a complex cold-blooded scam? It's not within our normal experience.

            One Filipina said 85% of the Filipinas on the Internet are running scams on foreign men. Another experienced one simply said if you find one on the Internet, it is a scam. She should know; she was doing it.

Fritz's fiancee.jpgI had to learn the hard way, and learn I did, ouch! I thought my girl was different;  no one knew her. My fiancee repeatedly claimed she'd show them wrong and make me a happy man.

            Once in love and committed to the relationship, I was warned that it would have to cease because my darling could not afford to continue her Internet. This is where the scammers decided I would be a sucker.

            Naturally concerned that everything relationally would go down the drain, I reluctantly coughed up $756. Fortunately for the scammers, a typhoon hit and I didn't get anything for my $756.

            She began using Internet cafes, inflating their costs. That is typical. Foreigners traveling in the Philippines will be charged inflated prices even by airline and government officials.  Foreigners seem to wear an invisible target proclaiming us to be rich suckers, which is usually the case.

            After the typhoon, she 'hesitated" to let me see her on the web cam because she didn't want me to worry about the wounds all over her body including her face/head.  I insisted and asked her if she was doing anything
Fiancee hurt.jpgfor it. She said washing it with water. I asked if she had clean water after the typhoon, and she said, no it was dirty, but better than nothing. On my own initiative Sir Galahad sent her $40 for hydrogen peroxide.

           Upon reflection overnight, I realized her head wound could get infected and cause quick death. The seriousness of her wounds required serious hospital treatment. She began to die, her sister came from another province to help, she lost consciousness, and now I was chatting with family members rather than my beloved. Could I allow someone I loved to die? Here was a crisis of conscience, and the answer was, No I could not allow her to die. So I sent another $2,500 for her to be hospitalized.

            Mother Nature was kind to the Filipino scammers; she kept sending more typhoons to provide more certifiable disasters.  I was worn out paying for her to survive one disaster after another. It would be cheaper to bring her here where we don't have a headline making disaster or emergency striking every week. Bear in mind, I had helped her through these once-a-week emergencies for 7 months now, being shredded each time with sadness over her suffering and pain. But I was determined she was not going to die on my watch.

            To make her acceptable to receive a tourist visa because no countries trust Filipinos to leave once they enter a country, I proceeded to make her look good for her visa interview. Starting with a passport, I got her land with a house, a term of college for fall 2012, and temporarily placed my own money for bills (like taxes, bills and rent) to the tune of $9,000 in her bank account. She repeatedly assured me she would send my money back after her visa interview so I could survive my mounting bills. She would prove to the world how she loved me and was not a scam.

  ( Devastation caused by Typhoon)    
Iligan after Typhoon.jpg

Now the final act in this crazy drama got played out. Rather than come to America and have a future, she ripped me off; and the evidence accumulated that this had been a scam all along. Who would have thought a sweet fun-loving Christian lady would rather scam my very last dime and repay unconditional love with destruction, rather than have a future life in America?

            The overall amount lost in this affair is truly obscene. I could have been well off instead. That nation could teach the gypsies tricks. All the right words are given, and the lies are told as smooth as silk. For instance, she'll just "happen" to "like" your favorite songs, and even know them.

            Even if the foreign male uses the right head to think with, his swindlers are way ahead of the game, manipulating good hearts, squeezing one's love and conscience for the filthy lucre they covet.

            Repeatedly, the target feels no choice but to help. Later, it was helpful to find a website where dozens of other victims told about their scams, many of the same ones that had worked on me.

She was no "simple" country girl. If I save one male, this article will be worth it. Lol.


First Comment by David:

I noticed your recent article about that guy being scammed by a Filipina, and wanted to tell you that the same exact thing happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. She scammed me out of $15,000. And the same exact things that guy said happened to him was the EXACT same thing that happened to me.

They are master manipulators, having it down to a science, clearly having practiced it their entire lives.

I'm further come to realize in my investigation of the Philippines that the whole country is a scamming lying country, corrupt beyond measure.

I wouldn't even step one foot in the Philippines, people have no idea the risk they are taking, people are being extorted by the Philippines government themselves and being put into jail and detained for years in immigration, losing everything they had in the Philippines as these people then take their possessions.

The Philippines people are the most corrupt people I have ever seen before, by a million times, never have I seen such lying and corruption all in the name of God.

My Filipina girl who ripped me off was a former Nun...

And after she ripped me off she went to her convent and came back "holy" and "blessed"...

These people give new meaning to the word hypocrite, I have never seen anything like this before in my entire life.

Just wanted to add my two cents worth Henry....

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Comments for "Fritz Springmeier Burned by Filipina Bride Scam "

Michael said (April 16, 2012):

I have picked up some "real" Christian friends on " ( I have encounter a few using
the site that are not too) I did get an email from a Russian "gal" (at least in the photo she was-cute too) from another site and and the scenario was similar to Fritz's. It was a bit funny, because it was innocent get acquainted communication for a few emails, all of a sudden she is "in love" and wants "desperately to come to me in America, send money for a visa.." I would not
have done so, even if I had it to send. Of course, when I told her that, I guess she "fell out of love", never heard from her again. I have read a few profiles on the aforementioned from Philippines, who I believed where genuine, they showed a maturity in their Christian testimony I do not think was faked..but we learn more from mistakes than other methods, so I pray it all
works out well with Fritz next time...

Maureen said (April 15, 2012):

However, What ever happened to getting to know people? I have met and had relationships with men who at first I was not attracted to, until I got to know them. I would think that this has happened to some men as well. What ever happened to people being reasonable with their expectations? I see women wanting men to be to provide for them to live as queens.....and men who want a barbie to make them....well I can't even answer that question because I don't really know the answer to it being that I am not a man.

The point is I think we need to be that which we seek before it will come to us. If we expect others to judge us by our good qualities then we ought to judge them in the same respect. I submit that we stop putting one another in categories and judge each one by their own merits on a case by case basis. Here is a place where sometimes it gives me hope that there are still good men out there...but after reading some of the comments that are in response to articles such as these....well, it brings that hope back down...not because the men that comment are bad...but because instead of giving the benefit of doubt....and a clean slate with all peoples....many seem too bitter to want to even go there. Look, I'm a good woman.....but you cannot know that unless you get to know me. I myself have been burned many times, but you will not see me give up on love...never. I will give that benefit of the doubt until someone does something to make it otherwise. Word of advice...the more she looks like BARBIE, the higher the maintenance! I would say that would be a pretty good place to start...they got that way from being affected by society....and so much more comes with that than them just looking like a model.

P.S. I did get a dog.....and yes, it is nice to have an animal that loves you no matter what you look like...or how much $ you make! Good Idea!

Rich said (April 15, 2012):

Sorry to hear that Fritz and glad that you are out of jail. Watch his Interview with Alex Jones a few months ago, great stuff as always.

I have also chatted with many from the Phil and other countries as well. Anytime they tell me they're a "simple country girl" or the like, you KNOW something is up. If someone has to try and reinforce some aspect of their character like that, especially when it's out of the blue, then your guard should immediately GO up and STAY up.

I've had these women ask me for money as well, claiming they can't feed their family, need money for rent, to buy a new webcam or the like.. what do I care. If I want to meet a woman that's going to ask me for money before she even knows me, I have tens of MILLIONS of those right here in the US. What would I need to speak to some girl in the Philippines for that for.

Of course I can imagine that Fritz has been without a woman for a long time in jail and such and was likely not thinking straight. Men with high levels of testosterone and sex drive know how that SO clouds the mind all too well, especially in the sight of a gorgeous sexy woman.

Women are WELL aware of their sexual powers over men. It's one of the things that Satan taught Even in order to gain power over Adam. He taught her how to use her body to lure Adam into sinning with her in the garden of Eden, and women today, especially empowered by feminist lies and BS are only continuing that evil tradition to this day...

Women in general have become like little Satans themselves in their ability to morph into almost anything. This is why many men talk about how nearly all women are fantastic actresses, because they use these abilities to simply get whatever they want from men, then to dump him when she is bored or he is no longer useful to her in her eyes. It's utterly incredible the levels of evil and deception that women have reached in these end time. Yes I know that there are still SOME good women out there that don't ascribe to this attitude. But of those that say they're good, only about 10-15% of them are actually good women, especially in the biblical sense.



We cannot generalize about all women. I'm sure there was at least one man behind the scam that snared our friend Fritz.


PM said (April 15, 2012):

This response is more of a comment on the Mike rant commentary but also for Fritz.

Enough with the women bashing. You are looking for love on message boards, dating services, " even if he's a little drunk" so what's that a bar? Mail order brides that will be all you want them to be " so what are you buying a robot?

Grow up man, quit being so obsessive and possessive and you may actually find a life partner. No woman wants a controller, a programmer or a man/boy. A real woman wants a man that can be a partner not a handler. You find a partner in real life by first finding that person as a friend and then you grow in love.
No secret, no magic, no bullshit!!!!

Mike said (April 15, 2012):

Poor Fritz !!!!. I for one know of all this...and more.

Starting from the point of view that there are NO Virgin Brides anymore... y'know, 'cos of the FEMINIST THING. [The Feminist thing thats DENIED EVERYWHERE simply because Women do NOT know the definition anymore BECAUSE it is all so pervasive in society after 50 years...Its just seen as "Life Today" anything else is seen as ODD !!!!. Lets see what a Male in the 21 Century can go through for "Love".

We Men do have the 10x ratio of testosterone in our bloodstream, that alone tilts the board. Having explained this to women, as in, THE most "frisky" they've ever felt, is a "usual day" for a Male...and so an astounding number of us Males DON'T do a bad job of "controlling ourselves" [considering the AMOUNT of constant daily titilations rammed down our throats.] And the longer we go without,....usually means the more frisky we get [driven].... and the more MONEY we spend trying to find someone !!!!! And usually come away with ALOT LESS respect for women for how WE ARE TREATED.

And so a [mature] Male gets lonely, decides on looking for a Wife/Someone special.

Dating game & Online is....a Nightmare women know very little about,in general. We men have the Scammers, we have the kids messing around online, we have the Gays & Bi's using some girl's pics to pretend to be Female & start photo-traffic, we have the girls that seems interested, but once ya messenger address has been given they just want to STRIP-FOR-CASH on cam !!!!, we have the transexuals & the tranvestites claiming to be Females, we have the dis-jointed conversations online that cut & break mid-stride without even a "goodbye", girls that'll DEFEND TO THE DEATH "gay behavior" but scorn a STRAIGHT GUY...and lastly,... girls that hide a great GREAT deal in photos, even if genuine !!!!.From Humungus weight "issues" to the "kids" they forgot to, to the profiles that actually mention she is "very argumentative" !!!!! good grief !!

Worlds gone mad.

So,...Ladies, next time some guy asks you out.... even if he is a little "drunk"....[mainly because HE just dosn't know HOW to talk to a FEMINIST & waits for the usual rejection] realise it just might not be that he is a Horny Drunk Guy. Theres a Hell of ALOT more going on for guys, but its NEVER talked about. WE MEN should just SHUT UP, take it on the chin and hear NOTHING BUT we are all "drunk wife beating slave drivers that are obssessed with Sex" in the media.I personally can only do the SELF EFFACING thing so long,...y'know, a Woman sees I am NOT the "usual" sereal killer/kidnapper/rapist....before it starts to make me seem like....a "pussy" effeminate Metro-Sexual.

Time to buy a loyal puppy & forget all these wasted years.Wasted on Women that havn't got a clue.

Rant over.

Gordon said (April 15, 2012):

"blind spot" ? there's the understatement of the century!

Fritz Springmeir is a brilliant man in some aspects, but he's just as mortal as the rest of us babyboomer Christian males... still single after all these years the root of his being scammed, was, ignorance of the marriage laws for his own race. The Bible is the handbook given to us by our God, for governing ourselves. Marriage and property rights are important parts of the bar-gain. Caucasians = being the direct descendants of the man, Israel = are categorically prohibited from marrying anyone other than white people. Of course, such a thing is all-but-illegal to say out loud in Ham-merica, these days ... but before calling the thought-police, take a look at the outcomes.

Of the 14 marriages I've seen, in which a white man married a
mail-order Filipina bride, only 2 survived ... you'll get better odds
at the racetrack.

Cheryl said (April 14, 2012):

There are women who still have noble character, but if you look for one in a whore house your going to be disappointed! The above statement is misrepresented in this article. I like Fritz Springmeier. I have read his works, and have listened to a multitude of his interviews, but he was scammed. He was gullible and naive, and that is not reflective of women, it's reflective of his lack of insight. He should have started with the victim web site before embarking on such an endeavor

I am not a feminist, I am a conservative Christian woman. According to scripture there are women of noble character, but they are few and far between, you need patience and wisdom. My advice to Fritz, if you lay down with dogs you're gonna get fleas. Pray and don't force the issue, God will bring you a woman when the time is right for you. We're all still paying for Abraham taking his hand maiden to have a child when he should just waited on the Lord to fulfill the promise with Sarah. I'll say a prayer for Fritz because I believe he has credibility that is diminished if not destroyed with decisions like this. Look at Hal Lindsey, he has done many great things for the Kingdom, but 5 marriages later he has lost credibility in many peoples eyes. I still like him, though he has a blind spot to the Illuminati. Pray for wisdom and the Lord is good to give it, and take care.

A little back ground:
My husband left me after 13 years of marriage, 13 years ago. I have raised 3 children with no child support. Out of necessity I went back to college and achieved a post Masters degree. I am single to this day because I have been too busy, a husband takes a lot of care and I did not want to neglect those duties. Some day God may chose to give me a husband, but until then I will be content. I get being single.....

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