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RC Church Couldn't Help this Homosexual

September 14, 2012


(left, priest and altar boy get chummy) 

John Blair Linn discovered that despite Christian doctrine, the RC Church
has tacitly embraced homosexuality and can't help gays struggling to
return to heterosexuality. The church conversion class was a meat market.

by John Blair Linn

I am a 48 year old homosexual man who lives in Washington, DC.  In March, I became depressed over my homosexuality and contacted St. Matthews Cathedral. (left)

The Rector was a quiet and saintly man around age 70, tranquil blue eyes, wore wire glasses, and kept his index finger pointed to his lower lip the whole time we talked. He said the church had a support group for struggling Catholic youth, and that I would be welcome.  I had hoped to meet men my own age who had sought help from the Church.
I decided to contact a priest at St. Matthew's to try to get some help.

I wrote a long letter to a priest that I selected at random from the Church website.  I must admit that I had fears about seeking out the Catholic Church because in the past I had encountered homosexual priests while attending Mass.

He was a young man whose inexperience shown in his eyes, he was a former rock musician, and had studied  architecture, and was very good at passing down the church's rules which he repeated by rote.  When I met him I was relieved to find out he was straight.
He told me the church did not have a support group for adults because the Vatican would not allow it. The Rector had to stand up to the Church in order just to get a support group formed for struggling young adults.
I started to attend Mass again and I noticed a large number of homosexual men that I had known over the  years who were still practicing homosexuals. 

This bothered me because I thought it was unethical for a practicing homosexual to attend Mass in violation of the Church's teachings.  When I read that over 50% of Catholics in America supported gay marriage, I become disillusioned because almost all homosexual men in relationships continue to have sex outside their so-called marriage.
I tried calling back the priest with whom I met but he did not return phone calls or emails.  However the priest kept his word and I was contacted by a sponsor who was  struggling homosexual .  We connected and had dinner.  

He too told me that the Vatican did not want support groups for homosexuals meeting at the Church.  When I spoke of my desire to marry a woman he told me that the Church probably would not allow that.  I was very upset but decided to check out the RC conversion course which was comprehensive and lasted over a year.

At the first session of the course I sat next to a much younger African-American man who turned out to have a Ph.D. He looked at me a lot and smiled.  That evening I received an email from him through a gay personal site which I thought that I had deactivated. He wanted to date me. 

I was shocked that he was converting to Roman Catholicism.  I did have dinner with him following the second class and told him I felt homosexuality was a sin and wanted to live a celibate life.  

That didn't go over too well with him.  I was also bothered by two of the young men who had large tattoos on their arms. I knew that this was a sin. 
I informed the priest that I was giving up on the Catholic Church because there were too many practicing homosexual attending Mass, wanting to convert to Roman Catholicism. Also, I did not support the teaching that sex was for purely procreative reasons.
The Catholic Church gave me nothing but the runaround, and in my opinion did not feel comfortable ministering to struggling homosexuals because of the number of  practicing homosexuals in the priesthood and attending Mass who gave large financial contributions to the Church.
I have a message for the struggling homosexual:  avoid the Roman Catholic Church because it has a huge subculture of practicing homosexual men that the Church actually supports. The Church is very disorganized in this area, with priests talking at cross purposes, sending out conflicting information, and acting contrary to official Church teachings.

Also by JBL    Gay Marriage is a "Total Farce" 

Review of Randy Engel's "The Rite of Sodomy" which describes the homosexual takedown of the RC Church 

--First Comment by Dan:

Just a short note to say believe Linn's story.   It's not a 'Catholic bashing' screed.   

The way the Vatican and ` archdioceses handles homosexuality is really as convoluted as he describes.  There's clearly a "don't ask don't tell" thing operating in plain sight in my own archdiocese.   

Approving of sexual lust in any form is in disobedience to the catechism.  Sexual lusts can be defeated through consecration of self to the chaste, celibate life.   Priests, bishops, nuns, and lay people that espouse that sexual pleasure for it's own sake  is a 'human right' are at cross-purposes with this doctrine.  

Sorry to say that I can't recommend Catholic church as a support group for those with homosexual urges.  I have never heard a priest in this archdiocese refer to homosexuality as a problem. 

Lastly, it must be understood that traditional Roman Catholicism was replaced with a counterfeit fraud with Vatican II and the 1960's.  To paraphrase Jesus, Rev 2:9:  "I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Catholic and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan."

A great old-school priest passed away August 21st, Fr Hugh Thwaites.  One of his best quotes was "Most priests go to hell".  A perfect example of what this means is people deceived by the culture to embrace lust as a 'right' in ignorance are more liable to receive mercy than someone than priests and bishops who know it's against nature and the will of God, yet willfully rebels anyway - and encourage others to do so too.  They are Luciferian. 

adding a Youtube  link
Here is a clip of a Catholic priest warning about the homosexual infiltration in the Church.  This was made in the late 1980's.  This priest was reprimanded by his archdiocese, forced to take a mental exam, and defrocked. 

Homosexual Infiltration Of The Catholic Clergy

Here is a famous story that happened this year.  A devout Catholic Priest rightfully refused to give the Blessed Sacrament to a Lesbian at her mother's funeral.  
But the lesbian was not a Catholic, and she brought her partner and flaunted her lesbianism deliberately.  
The priest was condemned by his archdiocese and stripped of his priestly faculties.

This book explains what happened. 
Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church

Comments for "RC Church Couldn't Help this Homosexual"

Deb said (September 15, 2012):

I hope every person struggling with homosexuality and salvation will read my article:

"Can Homosexuals be Saved?"

God does not care which sins we're sinning! His Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth to pay the penalty for all sins, big and
small, in order to save sinners from Hell!

Monica said (September 15, 2012):

My heart goes out to John Blair Linn, but he is to be commended for keeping his eyes wide open when seeking assistance and not falling into yet deeper trouble! The institutional Catholic Church has fallen and is of no help to anybody, except those who want to sin.

I am not a Catholic-basher, having been raised in the Church and devoted to legitimate Catholic doctrine my whole life. That doctrine, however, is nowhere to be found, not in the institutional Catholic Church, which is now totally satanic, nor in the so-called Traditionalist movements like SSt Pius X, whose leaders are mostly schills, working to "keep the Church together" in order to deliver ALL the faithful over to the Anti-Christ, the false Messiah, under the One World Religion.

God's True Law is written in the heart of every human. Just listen to it, John! You were headed in the right direction but went to the wrong place! Only YOU can help yourself. You know what you need to do and how to do it but you are looking for moral support which today, you will only find through honest sincere prayer. God will help you if you are determined. Being able to look yourself in the mirror and be proud is no small goal - I know you can do it! Everyone here is rooting for you - don't give up!

The current state of the Catholic Church was prophesied over 150 years ago at La Salette - one of the most persecuted Church approved apparitions:

Richard said (September 15, 2012):

Here is video coverage and closeups of the Pope giving elaborate Masonic handshakes to absolutely everybody. At minute 3:50 is video of Obama emerging from limo shaking the Popes hand and several others with Masonic hand clasps.

This one is comic relief - but not far from truth...

Mary said (September 15, 2012):

I started going to the SSPX in the late 1970s and continued without a break for 2.5 decades. It would be difficult to have much more experience of the SSPX than I have; as a lay person.

I'm not anti-SSPX but neither and I prepared to stay silent when I see the SSPX experiencing the very lack of trust and reaction to authoritarianism from its right wing priest, that it has fermented within its ranks over the years."

George said (September 15, 2012):

Hi Henry. Reference the 48 year old looking for help, maybe the Society of St. Pius X may be able to offer something. I found them to be "straight shooters".

Rita said (September 15, 2012):

You probably know this already Henry but THIS is what happened to the RC Church. This, from a Jewish publication, mind you.

DK said (September 15, 2012):

Please publish this or forward this to John Blair Linn.

There are traditional catholic churches for those who want nothing to do with the post vatican II RC Church.

The largest such organization of traditional Catholics is the Society of Saint [Pope] Pius X. Branches exist all over the earth as well as the USA. Other traditional Catholic churches exist, not associated directly with the SSPX, such as St. Athanasius Church in Vienna, VA.

Here is the web site: in Switzerland.

Here is the US web site: .

I am sure he can find solace with a traditional Catholic church.

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