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Geert Wilders Delivers a Blow to the Euro

April 23, 2012

wilderbeast.jpegGeert Wilders, left, is the only force in Dutch politics resisting Brussels. With the collapse of the Dutch government Monday, Wilders' nationalist party could be swept into office. The Rothschilds might just want the Euro to  collapse in order to justify something even more constrictive.

by Anthony Migchels

While his Zionism and Islam-bashing are annoying, Geert Wilders is the only real force in Dutch politics resisting the Eurocratic Juggernaut, including its insane austerity drive.

This weekend he withdrew from Mark Rutte's cabinet and the government collapsed. New elections will take place. This is a major blow to the euro.

Some time back we analyzed Geert Wilders' American Zionist financial backing and his rabid anti Islam message.

These connections skew his otherwise useful anti-immigration message.

This is a typical way of controlling opposition: messing up a basically reasonable stance (anti-immigration) with a message unacceptable to the mainstream (Islam bashing).

So when he allowed the Christian Democrats and the VVD (the Business Party) to form a minority cabinet, there was little reason to assume he would add much to the traditional parties.

Unexpectedly however, Geert Wilders proved to be a refreshing addition to Dutch politics
over the last eighteen months.

For instance, his concern with erosion of the Dutch nationality through immigration gained more credence when he started resisting the importation of cheap Polish laborers.

Holland, densely populated and with a large part of the labor force inactive, with people over forty already considered old and written off, does not need workers from elsewhere.

Wages in Holland are way too high because Labor is taxed into oblivion and it is no mystery why.

As Protocol 20 points out: "Taxation is best covered by a progressive tax on property.....The tax upon the poor man is a seed of revolution and works to the detriment of the state which in hunting after the trifling is missing the big."

Income tax is just another destabilizing mind control operation by the enemy.

The Goyim States are further uprooted by the Problem Reaction Solution methodology: simply solve expensive labor by importing some cheaper wage slaves from elsewhere, at the same time playing the divide and conquer game.

Wilders opened a hotline where people could report problems with the Polish workers. This resulted in a major backlash from Europe and the traditional Dutch parties who have cooperated with the Eurocratic agenda in such an utterly blatant way that they can only be considered outright traitors.

During the last few months Wilders also investigated scenarios for a return to the guilder. The traditional parties, all united in slavish support for the euro, use all sorts of unprovable and actually outrageous claims about the necessity of the Dutch participation in the euro, going as far as saying we owe our prosperity to the euro.

Utter nonsense of course, Holland has always been one of the richest countries in the world, even before the days of the Amsterdam Empire. Dutch sovereign debt is about as solid as British and German debt, including structurally low interest rates.

Wilders' investigation concluded a return to the guilder, while nasty, would be much cheaper than remaining on the hook for all the euro's problems. In doing this Wilders was the only politician with standing breaking through the suffocating pro euro cordon. He was heavily criticized from all sides for his 'populism'. Nowadays elite politics considers fending for the populace something tasteless.

Over the last few weeks tense negotiations had been going on the Catshuis, the Prime Minister Residence in the Hague. Fourteen billion in new cuts had to be found to comply with demands from Brussels to get the deficit back under 3%, the Maastricht Treaty norm, on top of the eighteen billion that already had been taken out of the budget when the cabinet came to power.

This weekend Wilders scuttled these negotiations and now elections seem necessary, as the VVD and the CDA cannot govern without him and the Labor Party (PvdA) cannot plausibly join the cabinet.

Wilders was absolutely right to do what he did. Not only was the cabinet looking to get the money from the small state pensions (AOW) that every 65+ Dutch pensioner gets, the austerity measures would have tanked the economy.

They were so self destructive that these cuts would have resulted in eight billion less income for the state as a result of collapsing economic activity. This is the disaster that has destroyed Ireland, Portugal and Greece and Wilders is the first in Europe to pull the plug on this insanity.

Without the cuts, though, the deficit will be at a well manageable 3,3 percent. Not what Brussels want, but absolutely not irresponsible, especially during a heavy depression.

The implications of Wilders' coup could be quite profound. The Netherlands is an important ally for Germany. Usually Dutch politicians take a hard line stance on budget discipline, even more so than the Germans. Now they can no longer. Germany will be even more isolated in Europe when it tries to kick these utterly devastating austerity measures down the throats of the PIIGS.

The Germans are wielding a big stick, keeping all the member states in line, but it is becoming increasingly hard.

Some time back, Cameron vetoed a new European Treaty. This was spun as support for the City.

But this is nonsense: the City is the Money Power's HQ and the euro is a key building block of World Currency. What, I suspect, really happened is that Cameron faced a backbench revolt.

By making Cameron look like he was protecting Banker's perks in the negotiations with Sarkozy and Merkel, the Tory Euroskeptics were made to look like fools. Not that they care, they have been maligned for their nationalism for decades.

Meanwhile, Spain's economy is unraveling. Its banks are in tatters. It needs hundreds of billions in bailouts and it is unclear where they should come from.


Geert Wilders did indeed create a major problem for the Eurocrats. He might win the elections too, with his heroic stance. He is the only real force in Dutch politics resisting Brussels and the Dutch electorate is quite fed up with many of the EU's antics.

With Holland sidelined as an important ally for Germany in maintaining discipline, it will be very hard for the Money Power's Golem to keep everybody in line.

The euro crisis was never unexpected. Far from it, the Eurocrats created the euro knowing it's collapse was inevitable. They hoped to use the crisis to force Fiscal Union on the nations. Consolidating power over the national budgets in Europe and thus taking the last hurdle on the way to full blown Political Union.

They are failing. Their European Stability Mechanism won't be ratified for the time being, not in Holland anyway. This means the Euro Crisis will not subside quickly. It is getting out of control. If Spain gets busted, Italy will be next.

Furthermore, last week it was reported that the IMF believes the Euro's demise is a possibility and would result in a deflationary crash. This, it seems, is what the Money Power wants.

So perhaps it is now willing to let go of its pet supranational currency in return for a major global depression. It can then explain afterwards that it was all because the nations were so obstinate.

All this is in the realm of speculation of course. But the demise of the Euro is now a real possibility.



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Comments for "Geert Wilders Delivers a Blow to the Euro"

Paul said (April 24, 2012):

Geert Wilders is nothing more than a raving Zionist Jew who is carrying out the plans of the Ruling Elite. After assisting in the demonization of Muslims and immigrants (a policy crafted by governments who purposely flood countries with immigrants) the Ruling Elite has decided that it is time to go back and play the Fascist card again.

The communist card has worked well, the demonization of Muslims is going great highlighted by the bullshit claim that 19 crazed Arabs flew planes into the Twin Towers organized by a 7 foot leader operating the world's most evil empire out of a cave.

No plan is outside of "The Plan" and all plans lead back to the Illuminati or Ruling Elite if you prefer. Zionist Jew Wilders has friends in strange places. CTS Christian Television channel in Toronto love him. Michael Coran from CTS who now has moved to the scum newspaper The Sun ejaculates at the mention of his name. Coren is in good company along with Ezra Levant (not Jewish enough for my liking and should change his name to Moses Israel or similar)and a disgusting troll who works at CTS by the name of Christine Williams.

I am not a big fan of David Icke and his "shape-shifting" aliens, but if there is such a thing then Williams in a prototype. A despicable lying troll who is actually more ugly on the inside that the outside.

Pieter said (April 23, 2012):

They're all over him Henry, left, right and center. Both in politics and the press.

'He's destroying our AAA status'. 'Totally irresponsible'. 'They were so close in the negotiations, and then he does this at the 11th hour'. Etc, Etc, blabla.

I guess robbing pensioners who worked all their life for this country to satisfy Brussels and the Banks is responsible behavior, right?

Even our utterly Zionist anti-Islam tabloid 'de Telegraaf', by far Holland's biggest newspaper and Wilders' only real supporter in the press has come down on him with everything they've got.

Normally he's an incredibly macho, putting all his detractors down as completely crazy fools. But yesterday and today he seemed dejected. Resigned.

He didn't do this to score points. But because he believe he had to. Reports are, he made the decision alone, consulted only with some of his most trusted helpers. Like a real man.

It just shows Zionism is one thing, the EU is quite another. I'm curious whether the Money Power can fit this in one of their scenarios. Like I analyzed in the article they may not care too much.

Otherwise they'll quickly find one of their brain-dead Islam-fascist pawns to cut out his entrails, making a martyr of him for their clash of civilizations agenda in the process.

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