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Giesbrecht Plight Proves Taliban are a Fraud

March 25, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The plight of a Canadian convert to Islam who ran a pro- Mujahideen website "Jihad Unspun" proves the Taliban are a fraud ultimately run by the CIA and MI-6.

Beverly Giesbrecht, 52, was kidnapped by the Taliban last November while working on a documentary film in Northwest Pakistan. Apparently they are demanding $375,000 for her release. Look at this heartbreaking recent  video in which Giesbrecht pleads for her life.  She is obviously in terrible health and says she will be beheaded at the end of March.

"The time is now very short and my life is going to end," she concludes. In a previous video last month, she said: "I am very sick. I need a hospital right away. I'm missing teeth. I have pneumonia and I need this release to happen quickly."

The politics behind this kidnapping are puzzling. Giesbrecht ran what was virtually a pro-Taliban website. Why would they treat a friend and fellow Muslim in this fashion? Why would they expect their common political adversary to ransom her? Are they so out of touch? The news stories make clear that the Taliban is holding her hostage. She repeats this twice in the video and in four months, the Taliban have not denied it.

The Canadian government, which is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, is being asked to ransom her. Naturally they are dragging their feet.  In contrast, when a female Canadian CBC-TV reporter was kidnapped in Afghanistan recently, they arranged a prisoner exchange immediately.

The Canadian government should take pity on Giesbrecht and negotiate her release. They should treat all Canadian citizens the same, not depending on their beliefs.

The story illustrates that these Illuminati wars are fabricated to perpetuate war for war's sake. They have bankrolled both sides of every war in modern history. No one should put his or her life on the line. Giesbrecht converted to Islam in 2002 and took a Muslim name. She obviously bought the Taliban message. I wonder what she thinks of it now.

As everyone knows, the Taliban were created by the CIA and probably still do their bidding. No one can carry on a war without substantial financial backing and you know who has all the money. The various Western intelligence agencies work for the Central Banking Cartel and its New World Order.

Giesbrecht's heart was in the right place even if she wasn't. We should get behind this courageous woman and let both the Taliban and the Canadian government know they will be held responsible for her death.

(left, Giesbrecht, in better days.)

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Comments for "Giesbrecht Plight Proves Taliban are a Fraud"

Ed said (March 27, 2009):

Henry, thank you so much for writing this article. How dare those imbeciles (Taliban) treat their fellow Muslims like that!

They want power for their own greed. Their regime reminds me of Hitler's authoritarian rule. When they were in power, nearly all the Muslim ummah (diaspora) looked up to them as a Reich; which really can portray the Muslims like a bunch of Nazis and Islam like Pan-Aryanism. This is the goal of the illuminati. Indeed the war in Afghanistan is all about drugs and the oil. The Taliban is another entity made by the CIA and M16. And one must remember, Islam is nothing like what the Taliban potrays, it is just a religion which is based on one God.

I would recommend everyone to buy books and do their research.

I read one book it's called Terrorism and the Illuminati. It exposes both the terrorists and their real bosses.

Tom said (March 26, 2009):

Firstly before I write anything else I'd just like to express to you my appreciation for the work you've done with your website savethemales. The enlightening effect it has had on on my life and I'm sure many others has been profound.

My name is Tom and I'm a 26 old from Brisbane Australia who for the majority of his life has very much been a great sceptic and questioner of all things conspiracy related. Not for the sake of it, but just because many of the conspiracies that I've been exposed to have never stood up to seriously scrutiny and research.

However, after reading many of the articles which you have written and taking a look around in my own backyard here in Australia I've begun to truly see that what you've been saying not only adds up, but makes perfect sense. Just reading documents such as the learned elders of zion and red symphony (which by the way was a mind blowing experience) and interpreting it in the context of all that has happened in the past century was enough to radically affect my thinking.

So now that my eyes are well and truly open, and I have a renewed emphasis on the things that I have perhaps neglected in the past - my christian faith, initiative under adversity, strength of family etc I feel I am much better equipped for the challenges that lay ahead, and if things play out on the world stage as your writings would suggest, there will be quite a few.

So in summary Henry the point of this email was just to let you know that people all over the world, even as far away as Australia are waking up to the lies and are returning to the light.

Nader said (March 26, 2009):

Like someone said, you can't claim that the Taliban are a homogenous group. The Pakistani tribal areas are the home of many strange characters, from resistance fighters, to drug smugglers, and so on, and the Taliban can consist of any one of these characters. Pashtun culture is also different than Islamic law, and the behaviour of the Pashtun, as well as their tribal customs, overrides Islamic codes in some instances (regarding the treatment of women for example).

If you will remember many similar stories occurred in Iraq, where members of so-called Al-Qaeda would behead their hostages in order to tarnish the legitimate Iraqi resistance's reputation, especially among the Iraqi people. In addition, many attacks on Shiite civilians in the early stages of the occupation were claimed by Al-Qaeda. I don't see any purpose to these sectarian attacks (I am not Shiite by the way) except to promote sectarian tensions - there is no tactical benefit to provoking a civil war in Iraq, except for those powers that want to destroy Iraqi society.

My gut feeling is telling me that Al-Qaeda's purpose is to fragment the Muslim world. As a Muslim, the choices I seem to be presented with suck, one is the open and liberal segment of society and the other is the irrational, violent Islamic idealogy of the Al-Qaeda mentality. Needless, neither one of these 2 choices appeals to me.

But thankfully I don't think it's working, most people see through the Al-Qaeda fraud (at least based on my own personal experience).

However, I would be careful about painting the Taliban with the same brush. Remember the Taliban did eliminate virtually all Heroin production while they ruled Afghanistan. In addition, I don't understand why the USA and it's allies would be funding an escalating resistance to their occupation of Afghanistan.

Jason said (March 25, 2009):

To those who posted replies to the Globe&Mail video:

Mrs Giesbrecht is not evil. She apparently chose a position (good or bad) based on her personal (convictions) principals.

Who is the greater Barbarian? Those who would take her life or those who could spare it and chose not to?

For the many "pretentious Christians" out there..."Let he who is without sin (or mistake) cast the first stone."

Elaine said (March 25, 2009):

What to make of this? How sad this woman is now targeted for demise.

This ideology eats its own is the only one I can come up with. If they can beat and destroy their own daughters and wives, then this is just one more atrocity to add to their warped so called religion, which has
no reasoning.

Asiam said (March 25, 2009):

As always your articles are interesting indeed.Thank You!

JIHAD UNSPUN was extremely popular at the height of the Checheniya Crisis.
It was later known that the site was SUSPECT.
Many stopped visiting this site.

I am puzzled.

Muhammed said (March 25, 2009):

The Taliban, although composed of many Mujahideen who fought the Soviets, are no longer controlled or directed by the CIA. They have a
very unorganized command structure but have been thriving on expelling all foreigners because of the abuses the Afghans have been suffering.
They could care less about world opinion.

Another Muslim journalist was nearly killed when reporting there. Luckily, he knew people who
would protect him high in the Taliban command. More on him in this

I'm sure there are many Taliban that not concerned about the faith of a 52 year old women if she didn't have permission from them to report
in their territory. They are not a monolithic resistance, there is a huge national element that is not is line with Islamic principles and
they will kill at will if demands aren't met.

The Harper government also could care less about securing the safety of a pro-Taliban journalist. Omar Khadr decaying in Gitmo is proof of that.

Taimur said (March 25, 2009):

The Taliban ARE a fraud and I am surprised you caught on to it albeit from a different angle.

To be precise these are the neo-Taliban whose leader has actually been released from Guantanamo Bay. His name is Baituallah Mehsud. He was in Guantanamo and since released he has wreaked havoc in tribal areas of Pakhutunkhua. His supporters are not religious men but former smugglers, drug runners and gun runners-who were always ousted by the larger community. His foreign support is evidenced by the latest weaponry he possesses, superseding that possessed by the Pakistan Army-supposedly fighting a war on terror with US assistance.

In addition the neo-Taliban have razed girl's schools, beheaded devout Muslims and publicly flogged women-all unthinkable acts under Muslim etiquette and law. They staged a big drama in 2008 at an Islamabad mosque by heavily fortifying and arming it and holding female seminary students as hostage. The ring leader-pretending to stand for Islam against the sellout Muslim president- was caught trying to escape in a burqha disguised as a woman, as the female seminary students perished under the eventual show down with the army.

What is the purpose of the neo-Talibaan?

To project themselves as "real Muslims" and thus tarnish Islam / religion.

The illuminati took over Makkah and Medina through Wahhabism in the early 20's. Now they are placing the neo-Talibaan to project another uglier militant face of Islam-derived from the root word salama or peace.

But the Quran says. "And they plot, but Allah also plans, and Allah is the best of planners". Meaning that their plots against Allah/God will fail.


Scotty said (March 25, 2009):

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a "former" Taliban. The Taliban were apparently worthy business partners, until talks with Unocal on the pipeline deal broke down, when GW Bush was still Texas governor. Then, suddenly, they're suppressing women's right and blowing up Buddha statues in the leadup to Sept. 11. How very convenient. Nobody even attempts to deny that they're made up of Mujahideen, who were trained by the CIA to repel the Soviet invasion, when Cold War was the order of the day. Chances are that when ordinary, covert means (assassination, increased funding, etc.) of bringing the assets back into line don't work, overt military action becomes inevitable. Notice how heroine production increased 1,000% (!) after 2001.

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