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Chevy Commercial Promotes Feminist Dementia

December 21, 2011

Used to be a woman was a "success" if she had a happy family. Now she has to be a "billionaire" and a rock star.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The latest Chevrolet Cruze commercial brazenly encourages young women to pursue a demented dream of money and fame.

The commercial features a young woman, Chelsea Williams, singing a song that begins:

I wanna be a billionaire so  bad, so bad
Buy all of the things I never had...

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights yeahh
A different city every night, all right
I swear, the world better prepare... .

Yes, you heard right. "Billionaire." A million isn't what it used to be. Since when did whining about wanting money become a subject for art? 

The world had "better prepare" . Young women are becoming megalomaniacs. 

The commercial features Chelsea busking in subways and singing in empty coffee shops, empty night clubs and empty amphitheaters.  Mostly she is seen singing in her bathroom.

This girl is definitely "possessed." And General Motors is egging her on.
You go girl idiot! 

"From reaching from the stars to becoming one," the narrator intones incoherently, "Chevrolet will be with you throughout your journey."

There is a certain cognitive dissonance here. How many street buskers do you know that drive 2012 Chevy Cruze's and live in comfortable middle class neighborhoods?

The message to young women is that you can pursue unrealistic goals without consequences. They are encouraged to live in "la-la land."
Squander their prime years of fertility seeking "stardom" instead of marriage and family.

It encourages the notion, fed by the social sites and TV talent shows, that  social acceptance is the basis of self-worth rather than private life and personal values. 


This is not the first time GM has engaged in social engineering. In 2007,  a Cadillac ad portrayed women as super stars and men as impotent.

Chevy Cruze has another 2012 commercial called "Boys Night Out" that has a subtle anti-family message. It shows a handsome young guy preparing to meet his male friends. He removes the baby-seat from his new Cruze and says good bye to his hapless wife, child in arms. Look at the woman's frightened expression. Heck he's only going out for a beer!

Then, on the road, he and the boys turn on the music only to hear a children's song. Seems he had failed to properly "purge" the car. The narrator pontificates that Cruze has sophisticated sound "for whatever you're into these days."  

Your wife and progeny equates to "whatever you're into these days."  ????

Clearly, they're attacking young men as well as young women.

The disturbing fact is that corporations like GM seem more intent on molding our behavior than selling cars. They say they reflect social trends when in fact they make them.

Even more disturbing, corporations all preach the same Illuminati message because they are all controlled by the Illluminati bankers. They only need three or four per cent of the stock to control a large corporation.

You can't blame young women for being dysfunctional. Their Illuminati-controlled culture is conspiring against them.

Let's tell these corporations what we think of them.  



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Comments for "Chevy Commercial Promotes Feminist Dementia "

Laura said (December 25, 2011):

On Chevy commercial: Women today, (two nieces and one nephew of mine have off and on relationships; kids out of wedlock) aren't marrying in the numbers of my generation; they see divorces, many unemployed, immature irresponsible men. So they must make their own way into the world. Baby B. have a bad reputation for divorce, and the younger ones (gen x) even more so. Why should any man or women want to raise a family today; in a country with no future and zero hope, and most families dysfunctional? (incl. the one they grew up in)

Yoda said (December 23, 2011):

Chevy Commercial Promotes Feminist Dementia

"You can pull more with a hank of a woman's hair than a thousand oxen" Ancient Chinese proverb. ............

Happy holidays!

Cordially, [email protected] / Machismo without apology.

Daniel said (December 22, 2011):

Have you seen this " modern times" advert campaign ?

thought you might like to know.


Thanks Daniel

Looked at the Renault ad with the teen girl and the strawberry flavored condom that falls out of her purse in front of Granny who says, "I thought you didn't like strawberry."

wow - Granny gives granddaughter permission to s**k c**k

driving a Renault = fellatio??


Tom said (December 22, 2011):

My stepsons are now adults, and they are lost in the world of hedonism that you comment on so lucidly. Last night, my older stepson tried to wrestle the keys to the car my wife and I have provided for him out of my hands, and because I’ve come across your site, I understand why his belief system is so distorted. Rather than demand an apology from him for his behavior, I have invited him to begin asking me questions, and eventually one of his questions will lead to a referral to your site.

You are a blessing to anyone seeking truth, because you provide such a lucid starting point.

Beverley said (December 22, 2011):

Last night my hubby and I watched the Clint Eastwood classic PALE RIDER; there was nothing on the tube, so we stumbled on this old movie.

I immediately thought of one of your articles about feminism and emasculation of men.

In the movie, a pacifist is leading a group of settlers who are trying to peacefully mine a gold claim. The two women, one older and one age fourteen, are immediately drawn to Clint after he literally saves the life of their ‘pacifist’ man.
Throughout the movie, these two women profess their love for the total stranger, and both want to have relations with him.

We all have to wonder what the outcome will be in the emasculation of men, when women no longer have the safety and comfort of knowing their MAN can protect them from harm.
This is the natural order of things, and it never ceases to amaze me how feminism has strived to change that natural order.

Rick said (December 22, 2011):

t's not only Chevy and it's nasty commercials, it's truly every company out there, every T.V. show, movie, billboards and individuals promoting this insane lifestyle. I go to the movies a lot. I live in South Florida, in one of the most boring towns on earth with nothing to do.

I've seen movies of a 100 pound female, taking on an entire Country and beat up their men one by one. Today's T.V. shows are a disgrace to the human race, in particular men. The fem female, is in control of everything, including the church I go to. As men, we have to sit somewhere in a corner, waiting for the neo-nazi dike to give us orders. I refused to adhere to that lifestyle so obviously I have very few friends. Awful...simply awful.

Dan said (December 22, 2011):

I heard that song at the gym all summer. It's really quite incredible how much illusion of a fantasy 'reality' can be generated by an adequately fed brain, with a modicum of temperature controlled, comfortable environment, a prescription for Prozac and Adderall (Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine) - and easy access to a morning, noon and night fix of Starbucks.

Few have noticed how seamlessly youth school years programming and processing glides into monotonous 'careers' in corporate widget functions. The system is cybernetics, designed for extraction of optimum performance of the human several hours per day so imperceptible that widgets such as "Chelsea" barely recall they 'worked' at all, so complete her self absorption in a neurolinguistic soup in which she is the 'star'.

I wonder what's to happen to these people since I see no use for them when their productivity breaks down in their 40's. The rest of their lives are as impermanent as sand castles.

Did you see the "behind the scenes" of the 'Chelsea' video? It's even more pathetic...!

This is the 'bullshit' that Lady Gaga was talking about preferring to 'reality'. Lying to yourself no matter what mom says! What a trooper........

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at