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History Repeated When Suppressed

November 15, 2010

1946.JPGby Andrew Smith

"It is impossible to obtain a conviction for sodomy from an English jury. Half of them don't believe that it can be done, and the other half are doing it." 
- Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill probably had first-hand knowledge of the above subject. More to his credit, i learned in James Bacque's book, Other Losses, that Churchill was outraged by plans to exterminate Germans after the war.

In fact, while the American and the French POW Camps were starving their German POWs in April and May 1945, the British were properly housing and feeding their prisoners.

I have been playing with another Churchill quote. "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Churchill's saying was actually plagiarized from George Santayana writings in 1905-06, The Life of Reason; "Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness.... When experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

But how can we remember what we were never allowed to learn? History is intentionally misrepresented to us, so we are virtually doomed to repeat it.

No history that substantially deviates from the 'party line'
reaches American mass media . Any deviating histories first get ignored. If the deviating historical ideas continue to gain attention, the author is usually smeared or otherwise discredited.

Consider the way Wikipedia smears James Bacque's book, Other Losses (1989).  In this book, Bacque exposes the French and American extermination camps where surrendering WW II German forces were sent to slowly die of starvation, disease and exposure.

It wasn't easy reading Other Loses. Bacque methodically documents the intentional extermination of at least 750,000 and maybe as many as 1,000,000 German soldiers in April and May 1945.

 Critics argue about the precise numbers of surrendering German soldiers who died in "temporary enclosures" but the inhuman treatment cannot be denied. The fact that Bacques puts Ike in a bad light for his role is actually a subsidiary issue. Like the Nazi War Criminal hung at Nuremberg, Ike was 'just following orders.'

Bacque's major contribution is proving that FDR, Stalin and Churchill openly discussed the issue of starving (and Stalin shooting) surrendering German soldiers long before the end of WW II.

The treatment of former members of the German army was not just happenstance but the execution of the 'Morgenthau plan' to render Germany harmless forever. The plan was not directed against the German leadership or Nazis, but the German people at large.

Germany's grim fate was sealed at Yalta. And all the arguments of the allied leaders in all the meetings leading up to Yalta, Feb 1945, Bacque covers in the opening nine pages of Chapter One of his book. THIS IS MUST READ MATERIAL.

Smearing Bacque's book, Wikipedia avoids the Allied executive decisions by claiming simply, "There is debate about the merits of Other Losses' claims. Several historians, such as Stephen Ambrose (Ike's biographer) and seven other historians examining the book soon after its publication, dispute it and consider it inaccurate and the product of conspiracy theory."

The Wiki article ducks the thrust of Other Losses and devotes 95% of its smear to the panel (of seven) assembled in New Orleans to discredit the book. Churchill and the British OPENLY condemned what the USSR, America and France did to their prisoners. The British POW camps sheltered and fed its prisoners. The Wiki article totally ignores the British protests at the time. Were the British part of Bacque's 'conspiracy' to distort the truth 45 years before Other Losses was published?

If we put Other Losses beside Julius Epstein's Operation Keelhaul,The Story of Forced Repatriation (1973) a very disturbing pattern slaps us in the face. Epstein's book explains how America returned hundreds of thousands of anti-communists fleeing the Iron Curtain. American forces returned these people after the beginning of the Cold War. MANY RETURNED ANTI-COMMUNISTS WERE HUNG in the presences of American soldiers.

This repatriation was unknown to the American public in the 1940s and remains unknown today. Obviously the same people running the USSR still run America. Like Epstein, Bacque just reported the facts. The 'conspiracy theory' lies not in what Bacque or Epstein wrote but in the conclusions you must reach when you see the big picture.

The best mental control is cultural control. This is not complicated stuff. The best culture control is history control. Humans learn best by imitation in order to 'please' and fit in.

But in school we are given fictional accounts of real events. This is history control. That is why writers like James Bacque and Julius Epstein are so dangerous. They bring the big picture into focus. Wiki is obviously just a fancy disinfo site. If Wiki doesn't piss on you, you are not very worthy or reliable. And if Wiki calls your work anti-Semitic or a 'conspiracy theory' it is a MUST READ.


Andrew Smith is an historical sleuth and philanthropist who lives in Texas.


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Comments for "History Repeated When Suppressed"

Kurt said (November 17, 2010):

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell’s 1984

Wikipedia today serves the function Orwell was describing.

Bruce said (November 16, 2010):

Henry...Thanks for the good piece on Bacque's book etc.

The best book on a complete understanding of why Hitler attacked Poland one should read ' " Truth for Germany" by Udo Walendy....If you do not read this book you will be forever in a fog about the truth of WW2. John Sack's book " An eye for an eye" about the Jewish managed post war camps for Germans and German Nationals is also a great book...

John said (November 16, 2010):

The comment that the extermination was mostly carried out on the Waffen SS is bogus. The vast majority of the Waffen SS in 1945 weren't even German soldiers, they were mostly anti communist Europeans. They were mostly on the Eastern front and most of them died there in battle.

As for the genocide of DEF (GERMAN SOLDIERS) read accounts of American soldiers, the pictures and the testimony they wrote. It is there if you want to find it. Just google Eisenhower starving DEF German soldiers. It all occurred mostly in the American sector. It is documented by eye witnesses. American soldiers at the time in 1945 had no reason to lie about that. Starving captured or surrendered enemy forces to death is repugnant to all decent American soldiers both today and back in 1945. What happened is disgraceful and conduct unbecoming ... etc. Fog of war my ass!

Kevin said (November 16, 2010):

I remember while I was attending university a class was going to be offered the following semester entitled something similar to "Everyday life in Pre WW2 Germany". The class was described as one that will take a look at everyday life for common Germans and the conditions that led to WW2.

I signed up for the class, then received a letter that it has been canceled. It turns out that some Jewish groups were putting a lot of pressure on the school not to allow the class to take place. The school was already being sued by a Jewish professor for alleged discrimination, so they felt it would be best to give in.(Even though the president of the school was Jewish)

My point is that students were not even ALLOWED to learn what life was like in Germany, why the war started, why there was animosity towards Jews etc. Any class focusing on WW2 that did not make Jewish suffering the focal point including lots of photos or emaciated bodies and somber music was forbidden .

Then on the other hand, it is always repeated that "We must learn from the holocaust", so nothing similar happens again.. What? Nothing is allowed to be taught or learned except for hearing about 6 million Jews, medical experiments, showing photos of starving people etc.

Dan said (November 16, 2010):

In my opinion the Wiki article on James Bacque's 'Other Losses' was written by a scholar or team from the Eisenhower Center for American Studies.

Atrocities are never reported as they happen. Events which were never 'news' are damned hard to prove. All that's left is eye witness accounts, which in turn are dismissed as 'hearsay' or 'unsubstantiated' .

It's understandable that Bacque may have over-estimated the statisitics since no record was kept labeled "Final Solution for German POWs" . It's my understanding from other sources that the captured units targeted for extermination were mostly Waffen SS. Though any systematic extermination of POW's was certainly not documented, US military action against insurgents West Berlin and elsewhere is documented and went on for two years. That wasn't public domain information until 1995.

Wiki is an unreliable history source. It's very useful if you're in a hurry. No one should ever rely on one source of for history. When in doubt on a wiki article it's best to keep running searches to find other sources to check against.
I may be mistaken but I've had the impression this year that Wiki has been cracking down on political correctness more than I noticed previously.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at