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Hollywood Portrays Jews as Supermen

August 13, 2009

by Simcha Weinstein (JTA)                 Gentile Movie Stars Enlist as Jews

(Makow note-- Movies like "Inglorious Basturds" prepare the masses for Illuminati world government, fronted by Illuminati Jewish pawns and dupes.)


Add acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino to the long list of filmmakers who can't resist making their own World War II fantasy-action flick.

Tarantino's latest release is "Inglourious Basterds" - and yes, the misspelling is intentional.

Inspired by a schlocky 1970s Italian "macaroni combat" action picture of the same name, the movie is Tarantino's homage to the "misfits on a mission" movies of old, like "The Dirty Dozen."

His heroes are a Jewish-American revenge squad wreaking havoc throughout German-occupied France who not only kill but scalp their Nazi targets.

In a parallel storyline, a beautiful young Jewish woman whose family was slaughtered by the SS somehow takes over the Paris cinema where Goebbel's latest propaganda film will debut, with Hitler in attendance. She plans to trap the audience of high-ranking Nazis inside and burn the building to the ground.

"My name is Shoshanna Dreyfus," she announces, "and this is the face of Jewish vengeance."

At the news conference following the film's debut, one journalist asks if "Inglourious Basterds" is a "Jewish revenge fantasy."

Eli Roth, one of Tarantino's "basterds" and also director of the "Hostel" horror movies, said the notion of Jews getting even with Hitler was "kosher porn."

"It's something I dreamed since I was a kid," Roth said.

In the movie, Roth gets to live out his childhood fantasy: He plays the baseball bat-swinging "Bear Jew," who some of the film's Nazis believe is really a vengeful golem.

The concept of the film challenges the stereotype of wimpy Jewish males on the big screen personified by Woody Allen back in the 1960s. It's a stock character that still makes appearances, notably in the film comedies of Ben Stiller and TV shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

I for one am tired of it. In a world in which Jews are under constant threat, is "wimpy" really the image we want to convey?

The 21st century iteration retains traces of nebbishness, but also displays an edgy attitude reminiscent of the scruffy, hyper, cocky Jewish characters Richard Dreyfus specialized in during the 1970s.

Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill are three of the stars in Jewish director Judd Apatow's constellation who seem to be channeling Dreyfus' satirical outlook and boundless energy in Apatow films such as "The 40 Year Old Virgin," "Knocked Up" and "Superbad."

"The Hebrew Hammer" (2003), starring Adam Goldberg, paved the way for a new kind of swaggering Jewish hero on film. He's sexy because he's Jewish, not in spite of it.

The movie plays with African-American and Jewish cultural touchstones: The Hammer drives a pimped-out white Cadillac with Magen David headlights; his license plate reads "L'Chaim"; and his fuzzy dice are dreidels.

After saving some Jewish children from older Christian bullies, he tells them solemnly, "Stay Jewish." The result is the first "Jewsploitation" film.

More swaggering Hebrew heroes turned up in other comedies like "Hot Rod" (2007), in which Andy Samberg stars as an Evel Knievel-inspired stuntman--not exactly a profession commonly chosen by Jews.

Meanwhile, Adam Sandler starred in "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" (2008), about a former Mossad agent who dreams of becoming a hairdresser.

Jews with attitude aren't restricted to comedies, but they aren't seen very often in dramas, either, except in movies such as "Raid on Entebbe," made back in 1977.

Recently, however, the character of the armed, defiant Jew has reappeared. Edward Zwick's "Defiance," for example, is about four Jewish brothers from Poland who escape the Nazis and go on to rescue fellow Jews. (As an English Jew, I have to admit I got considerable nachas seeing Daniel Craig--James Bond himself--kicking Nazi tuchas alongside Liev Schreiber.)

And now "Inglourious Basterds" is set to hit the big screens on Aug. 21, and the unabashedly Jewish characters are a major selling and plot point. The movie is sure to inspire a tingle of "what if" wish fulfillment in audiences, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Simcha Weinstein is an award-winning author whose latest book is "Shtick Shift: Jewish Humor in the 21st century" (Barricade Books, 2008).

This story reprinted from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

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Comments for "Hollywood Portrays Jews as Supermen"

Jeremy said (August 15, 2009):

Another excellent piece on the "Shattered Glass" film and the gay/Jewish whitewash.

Seen again recently, the film of Peter Shaffer's play, Amadeus, where the protagonist, Salieri, an Italian composer under the patronage of the Austrian Emperor becomes murderously jealous of Mozart. - There is nothing remotely Italian in either Peter's writing of the character or in F. Murray Abraham's performance - Had never noticed before how the play is a subtext for the Jewish envy and distain for the Gentile.
Watch it again!

Mark said (August 15, 2009):

Let's look at the other side of the coin. In Ron Howard's "Cinderella Man", Max Baer was the heavyweight champion who was rather crude with James J. Braddock. Baer's boxing trunks manifested a barely visible Star of David decal. If you look at any of the old footage of Joe Louis fighting Baer, the Star of David was quite pronounced. Baer was a fighter so brutal that he killed a man in the ring with his punches. It is hard to believe that Baer's son (Max Baer Jr.) played Jethro Bodine in The Beverly Hillbillies.

In the movie LEPKE. Tony Curtis plays an murderous enforcer for the mob whose jewish pedigree was obvious.

Ditto for BUGSY in which Warren Beatty plays the crazy Jewish mob hitman who turned Las Vegas into a gambling mecca. Bugsy buys heldentenor Lauritz Melchior's Beverly Hills home by knocking on the front door holding a satchel containing $50,000. Bugsy subtly makes it clear that Lauritz must sell his home immediately or face Bugsy's wrath.

In Billy Bathgate, Dustin Hoffman portrays the Jewish mobster Dutch Schultz. Schultz had no qualms about killing anybody who got in his way.

In Once Upon a Time in America, Sergio Leone spins a tale of gangsters spawned in the New York Jewish Ghetto of Orchard and Delancy Streets. Murder, prostitution, bootlegging, robbery and a host of assorted crimes punctuate this epic four hour film that many critics consider a masterpiece. Deniro and James Woods appear in this picture with a strong supporting cast. One theme expressed is that jews exercise a will to power that vaults them to the very top of the elite, where they judiciously hide their pedigrees.

In American Gangster, Russel Crowe plays Richie Roberts, the testosterone driven jewish cop, whose honesty, tenacity and intelligence result in the capture of the notorious Harlem Drug Kingpin Frank Lucas. Not only is Roberts honest to a fault ( he turns in a million dollars found in a stake out) but he is a lady's man who is banging the lawyer representing him in his divorce. Roberts is so sharp he also goes to law school at night and passes the bar in time to be Lucas's lawyer.

So let's talk about jewish stereotypes. In the above I failed to notice one shmuck or schlemiel; instead, this movies promote the tacit understanding that jews are smart, tough and strong. The meek shall inherit the earth - Ha!

Harvey said (August 14, 2009):

One of the most blatant films displaying Jewish superiority is also one of my most favorites, Independence Day.

Unfortunately, in pointing out that superiority—which actually seems to be true in terms of raw intelligence—is the negative stereotypes of the aging alcoholic crop-dusting pilot in his pitiful Winnebago and equally pitiful kids. Then there is the black AF astronaut wantabe that gets turned down for the job maybe because he has a girlfriend a stripper with a young (illegitimate?) son. The final jab is near the end where the wise (what else) Jewish father of Jeff Goldbloom responds to a comment from a guy that he isn’t Jewish. The father’s comment is, “No body’s perfect.”

As I said, my most favorite movie but…. No other ethnic group could have gotten away with such deeds. And for me to offer these criticism is, of course, anti-Semitism.

Gene said (August 14, 2009):

I just read your article about the new trend from Hollywood to force feed the world "Jews are cool" movies.

I am struggling with my anger toward Jewish Hollywood. Nowhere in my struggle is a guilt for the official story of the Jews being the most persecuted lifeforms on Earth...To me that story has always been as ludicrous as the idea that all Germans are inherently white supremacists.

Both being grand generalizations that achieve opposite results, one people being given world wide sympathy while the other worldwide disdain...and for those who are true scholars of history, we know truth has many sides and many I begrudgingly tip toe over the minefield of antisemitism. A buzz word that makes a person cower in their quiet space the way a dog cowers from a rolled up newspaper.

In fact I want to scream my anger and disdain at the Foxman's and the Israeli's so loudly that the only thing that tempers my outrage is the utter respect and admiration I have for certain jews. You...Henry Makow...Sherman Skolnick...Lenny Bloom...Judy Andreas...Brother Nathanial...Even people like Howard Cosell or Albert Einstein, people who were wise enough to step out of their own egocentricity to recognize unfairness whether it was serving a Jew or a Hitler, a Rothchild or a Nixon...

I like to read 40's biographies of Hollywood movie stars such as Errol Flynn...A man who was ruined in part by his own vices but largely for his support of Joe Kennedy and certain ideas that the German's were also victims of World War II.

Those 40's biographies really give huge hints into what is now known as Zionism and what the blacklist was really all about. The squaring off of the old world socialists and the new world capitalists...One not necessarily being more righteous than the other, but one clearly being presented by the movies as the innocent victim bullied by fascism...

I like everyone else believed the official propaganda hook line and sinker but have finally come to see that the poor huddled mass wasn't necessarily good for the idea of a check and balance system. In fact many of those immigrants were their to infiltrate and subterfuge principles that would allow America to stand...Family, freedom of choice, to prosper without fear of intimidation from larger, more powerful organizations...or even divided by smaller more determined and sneaky ones.

Certainly the McCarthyites had skeletons in their closets and hurled stones into a glass caste system too...but the Jews of Hollywood self typecast as the poor but wise victims of a crazy world full of irrational hatred for a people whose only aim was to bring people the idea that the mind needed to be free to create...were as dangerous as the redneck who hated the idea of a black man marrying a white woman...for what all these ideas had in common was an absolute that defied the idea that individuals are exactly that-- capable of anything, excellence and depravity, heroism, cowardice, mediocrity and cunning insidious design.

All reasons for our check and balance system to be put on a pedestal by all representatives of the media, press, courts, schools, government, citizenry and everything in between...Just as one corporation or country should never be allowed to monopolize power, no people should be allowed that either...

And as Christians seem to be herded into a collective idea by the media that they are intolerant of personal freedoms, Jews should have to endure a similar criticism that perhaps their religion resembles more a nepitistic secret society than a collective that represents freedom for all...

And whenever someone uses a long story to hide a truth, an elaborate lie to con, those who are being lied to often concede that the fabrication must be the truth for who would ever concoct such a story...

And if one wants to really study history and the story behind those who have told it from movies all the way back to the good book, then we will see a huge percent of those people were the greatest storytellers of all...Jews...

And it is there where I remember my father's words to me, "you can't bullshit a bullshitter."

Yes Dad, but what about the masses of people who are so gullible as to forget that this the exact same story that fooled them the last time and the time before that...

It is not a people who has to stand together but individuals who refuse to be fooled again...

I quit going to see Hollywood movies because of it. It was my dream, what i studied in college, I have written 12 screenplays and have had A- list actors come close to making my dreams come into the reality of illusion...and as much as I would have liked to have sold my soul for that happy ending-- part of my failure is the gnawing idea that something has always smelled rotten in the state of Denmark...something that made me choose poverty and obscurity over hollow-wood.

For a world based on one big elaborate lie isn't a world but a big lie spinning in space and if receiving a gold statue makes one feel superior for such as accomplishment then how hollow are you inside...?

Movies seem to be the ultimate accomplishment and yet they are ultimately chewing gum that eventually gets shoved under the wooden desks of our minds, just rubber tasteless hardening hunks of the same old thing, chewed up and spit out...

Adam Sandler, Woody Allen, Jew McJewison...You like Rothchild had the chance to take the ultimate powers of wealth and opportunity and create a shrine to truth and honesty but instead chose to create this phony travesty of self replicating psychosis...And the award goes to who the fuck cares anymore...


Please print this because I am no longer afraid of being labeled...I will gladly accept my Identification number as the disappear me into the concentration camp of this too shall pass.

David said (August 14, 2009):

Dear Henry:I hope you don't think I'm (to) crazy!But I had to thank you for your critique of at atrocity of a film,INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.This is ugly.I wouldn't endorse this kind of violence against anyone and willonly appeal to the worse insticts in it's target audience,impressionable young men.This blood filled fantasy filled with' Nazi"or German stereotypes would be properly condemned if the targets of such extreme violence would be any other group,and can only degrade our society more.I recall some excellent war films from the past:THE YOUNG LIONS UNDER 4 FLAGS,which is an exciting portrayal of the (JEWISH!!)Captain,later Admiral Eric Rogges exploits as commander of the German Q ship,or secret raider ATLANTIS in WW2!!!THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN(Shows Hitler's desire for peace talks .Luftwaffe-RAF personnel as honorable)A BRIDGE TO FAR.TORA TORA TORA.which allowed the Japanese to direct there side of the production(Hayakowa).Midway.

These films led to further understanding.Even hope for personnel and national reconciliation .NOT THE LAST 20 year's!!!!!It's the good evil,black and white again.Right from the Old Testament.REVENGE.The Talmud.It was reignited by Spielberg in RAIDERS,and the propaganda film PVT RYAN. The hate is getting worse.Please take note of the scene(I WONT SEE THE MOVIE)when torturing the SS officer,the Iron Cross is ripped from his bloody uniform,and displayed.As you know,that decoration is NOT necessarily NAZI but an award of varying military and even civilian grades which is given for merit or bravery instituted by Frederick the Great and used by NATO allied Germany today.Adolf Hitler wore his 1st class award not as a party emblem but as a very legitimate award he received(rare for a noncom then)in WW1 for bravery as a dispatch runner.Very hard duty in trench warfare,A symbol older than THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE,worn by Kings,Queen's Popes,it is even scene in pre Christian depictions (Zoroastrianism)the cross is a a symbol of Western Civilization.The depiction of that torn cross is not necessarily an attack on Nazism,but of the entire West!Of this I'm sure.

G said (August 13, 2009):

Wait 'till you see the new Adam Sandler film, Funny People, rife with Illuminati symbolism and a Star of David Superman T-shirt, to boot.

anon said (August 13, 2009):

I thought it was interesting that the name of the Jewish director, Judd Apatow of Apatow films, that Apatoo is the same word in the Greek for "to deceive"! Apatao, or apataw, ἀπατάω where a short O could be substituted for the A for they are both pronounced the same, then a long O, with the last O spelled sometimes just as O and sometimes as a W, . It certainly fits what he does - deceives!

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