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How Satanism Works

August 18, 2012

they live.jpegIs Society Devoted to Satan?

"A sacrifice of billions of humans would be most pleasing to Satan.
This will be the objective of the Antichrist and his followers."

by Alan Gardner

For some, the portal to the service of Satan is through the college fraternity or the lodge.

m-7.jpegA young man is approached to join a fraternity. His character is evaluated to see what are his moral limits. If his ambition exceeds his patriotism, belief in goodness or allegiance to his loved ones, he is a candidate for Satanism.

It is similar in the lodge. A man is invited to join the 'blue lodge' and monitored to see how ambitious he is.
Is he content to become a Master or third degree Mason or is he someone who can be groomed to go further?

Those who are seeking power and influence rise up through the degrees taking increasingly bloodthirsty oaths and promises.

There are many obsessive-compulsions that make one vulnerable to Satan's power.
The most obvious obsessive behaviors are related to food, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Equally potent, are violent and pornographic video games and movies.

Many of the most powerfully obsessive compulsive behaviors lead to the physical and/or sexual abuse of innocent victims, often children.

jerry-sandusky.jpgOrganizations give the greatest rewards to those who make the greatest commitment to their objectives. Satanism is no different. The greatest power goes to those who commit violence against the innocent. The ultimate expression of satanic power is the power over life and death.

Many satanic leaders are recruited at an early age. It is a custom among some members of the upper class to send their sons away to boarding schools where they are  exploited by the older class men. This satanic indoctrination through sexual abuse anticipates that the abused child will in turn become an abuser. Fathers often send their sons to these boarding schools knowing from their own experience what the risk is.

Men, who have been sexually abused as children by males often grow up to be bisexual. They marry and have children with women who may or may not know what is in store for their male children.
Why would a father subject his children to such abuse? Fathers assent to such abuse against their sons in their quest for power. Satan gives the greatest power to those who will violate the innocent in his name; the greater the violation, the greater the power.

Satan rewards those who will spill blood in his honor. At the lowest levels of power seeking, the blood might be that of an animal. At the higher levels, the blood is human. The shedding of innocent human blood is highly rewarded by Satan.

His goal is the exact opposite of God's, who wishes that all be saved.
Satan wants every human to die hating God or being indifferent to His existence.
There are more than seven billion humans alive today. Satan's goal is to persuade a few of his most ardent followers to kill the remainder.
A sacrifice of billions of humans would be most pleasing to Satan.
This will be the objective of the Antichrist and his followers.

Satanists support the decriminalization of abortion, where deceived mothers willingly participate in the killing of their own children, usually in a very painful way.

Such mothers receive no reward from Satan for their participation in homicide. In fact, the shame that Satan directs at those who have killed their children, often results in them killing themselves, directly or indirectly.

War is Satan's most prolific method of using humans to kill on his behalf.
There are no "just" wars. Revisionist history shows there was as much evil on the part of the British and the Americans as the Germans and the Japanese during WWII.

One of Satan's great deceits is to disguise his followers behind movements such as, Fascism, Communism, Capitalism, Anarchism, Atheism, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam.

Who doubts that billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett and Ted Turner are not loyal servants of their master [Satan], when you examine how they use their money?

Men such as Darwin, Marx and Kinsey were great haters of God.
They continue to deceive many, even beyond the grave.

Most of the levers of power are controlled by men who hate or are indifferent to God. Most have embraced Satanism in their quest for power. These men have not been elected to political office.
They belong to what is sometimes described as the 'shadow government'.
They are the makers of kings. They are working hard to bring about the reign of the Antichrist.
Only Satan knows who they are. Nothing is published about these men!

All three of the institutional religions of the Book, Christianity, Islam and Judaism have been corrupted at the highest levels by men who are working to bring about the reign of Satan.

Evil is personified in a name, Lucifer, the Light-Bearer. He has authored an incredible illusion.
Few people believe in him, as a person, anymore; the 'Illuminated Ones' excepted.  How 'enlightened' humanity is becoming!

Makow Comment: I am optimistic that the Illuminati do not have a mass culling in mind. They would have not invested so much energy in degrading and transforming society to fit their purposes if they intended to destroy it. You don't train an animal you're planning to cull. The world is a debt farm. We are their cattle. They "milk" us for interest on the "debt" they create out of thin air.   

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Comments for "How Satanism Works "

Anonymous said (August 19, 2012):

This article is correct. While several comments disagree with the idea of a mass culling in mind.. there are pieces missing that will perhaps make it more plain why the mass culling WILL surely happen.

While right now they've been using us as their debt slaves and laughing all the way to the bank while we work for them to help them build their vast infrastructure, military machines and advanced technology for total control and domination. Once that is in place, especially their TERMINATOR style robots which will make all their workers unnecessary, they will then begin to exterminate mankind with a number of methods, war, massive plagues, FEMA camp ovens and the like being just some of them.

Satan knows that he has a short time left, so after he is denied access to heaven (Revelation 12:7-12), he will then seek to destroy what's left of God's true commandment keeping church, along with all the rest of humanity. This is the three and half year tribulation, which is the wrath of Satan against mankind. He is now seeking to Exterminate ALL of mankind from off the face of the earth because he knows he's about to be dethroned when Christ returns. Christ said that were it not for the Elects sake, ALL FLESH would perish from off the earth. Christ will come back at the very end to prevent this from occurring. Satans goal is to eliminate all humans because he doesn't want ANY humans to be in God's kingdom, to be above him. Satan can't stand there being two God beings, the Father and Christ. The LAST thing he wants is hundreds of thousands or even millions of former humans being infinitely more powerful than him, and attaining the level of existence that he has always lusted after, but can and will NEVER attain.

Watch "A trip into the Supernatural" to really learn how Satan operates

Marti said (August 19, 2012):

Satan hates everything God loves and especially humanity He would gladly kill every human on this earth, if God did not have a hold his chain. I saw a comment that said satan has more followers than God. To that I suggest reading Matt: 24 and especially verses 37, 38 and 39. God has the real power, not Satan. Satan knows the Holy Bible better than any human could even hope to know and manipulates scripture to his advantage. Blood sacrifices are done because the life is in the blood, literally and spiritually, and are used to summon demons. From my research I have learned that human sacrifice is done slowly because the energy given off by the dying person is what demons feed on. Our defense against these monsters is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit because man alone is no defense at all.

Monica said (August 19, 2012):

The one thing every commenter here forgets, is that the "game" isn't over until the soul is harvested. That is exactly why a mass culling of humanity would please Satan so much! A live human can always change sides at the hour of death. Suddenly killing off people who worship him, ensures they will have no other choice for all eternity. Why do you think he likes his Illuminati servants to foment wars so often? He clearly sees earthly existence as transitory, so open worship of him by humans, while of great pleasure to him, is not the end he is seeking. He sees every soul that ends up in hell as another black eye to God, whom he despises. His most ardent desire is to land every soul there. He erroneously believes that if he tallies up enough souls, he will have enough of an army to eventually assail the gates of Heaven and take over. (laughable, yes, but he is the greatest of fools for believing his own lies!)

Christoff said (August 18, 2012):

I disagree totally with this. Why would Satan wish to kill people who blindly follow him? Jesus said that you are either with him or against him. That is anyone who does not have him as their Lord and Saviour is at enmity with God.

Why would Satan kill a potential army of billions? The bible already shows that fallen humanity does belong to Satan and will one day openly worship him, or at least a human representation of his qualities.

I could see a fake alien invasion, or some kind of nuclear war as a pretense for the rise of the Antichrist, but a sacrifice has no real power, even in the OT they were a shadow of Jesus' death on the cross. They had no actual power in them, they don't feed demons or anything stupid like that. They are a declaration of the heart, more a symbolic dedication to Satan. I could imagine Satan rewarding devotion. But a mass sacrifice? Is there logic in that? It brings to question Satan's intentions. In a worldly sense Satan is champ, he has far more followers than Yahweh, so why would he kill them?

Then let's deal with where God is in this, would he allow billions to be killed? Many of whom he predestined for salvation? I think not. If you believe in Satan you must believe in Yahweh, therefore, God is sovereign, he has a plan that will come to fruition. There is nothing that can happen that he doesn't already know about.

Finally, Christianity is not "A religion of the book", it is faith in Jesus Christ. We trust Jesus for our salvation. That is all. No one needs a bible, all we need is Jesus, nothing more.

Brian said (August 18, 2012):

Maybe I'm nitpicking here Al. But I would suggest replacing your use of the word "fear" when associating it with God.

What about "embrace"? As in embracing the foundations that preserve God's love instead of fearing him.

We shouldn't underestimate the power of words in finding the right context for their usage, and "fear" is arguably the most negatively potent "4-letter word" there is. That, and another one beginning with the letter "f"- a word that should never be uttered. Nothing cool about it.

Ezine said (August 18, 2012):

Thank You Alan for an interesting article.

While I agree with many things you've mentioned about Freemasonry, I disagree when it comes to the Christian bible being corrupted at the highest degree. First, I want to acknowledge that Satan has been counterfeiting the bible, and multiplying countless counterfeit versions through the ages, and through publishers like ZONDERVAN, in an attempt to "water-down" and, destroy the word of God. Try he may, but Satan has failed to alter the fundamental meaning of the word of God. Many bible critics have attacked the bible for being revised too many times; hence making the bible unreliable and no longer accurate. My response to this argument is simple; go to the Dead Sea Scrolls Online, and see for yourselves the original biblical manuscripts, and compare it with the bible of present time. While certain words have changed to accommodate the modern language, the fundamental principles and meaning is overwhelmingly the same. The most common question people would ask is, which bible is the closest thing to the ancient manuscripts. In my opinion, it would be the Kings James Bible, and it is probably the only bible in-print that's not copy-righted.

Steven said (August 18, 2012):

You asked the question : Is Society Devoted to Satan?
In politics and some businesses certainly and a fair amount of the public is far too open minded for the good of their credibility.
This basicly gives bad leaders a free pass to mislead society and make life easier for politically correct evil doers.

Marcos said (August 18, 2012):

Satan's final objective is to be worshiped, preferably by the whole world, while sitting at the throne in Jerusalem. He always wanted to take the place of God and this is still true. If one billion, or two billion people have to die, he doesn't care.

Satan's objective is different from the ones from the Illuminati.

The elite wants power and riches, Satan couldn't care less about it, unless they are tools for his own goals. Remember, in the desert he offered Jesus all the riches of the world in return for His worship.

Would Aleister Crowley join Satan if he knew he would die poor, crazy and an addict, and go to Hell afterwards ? If it pleases Satan to kill one billion, no loss in profits will prevent him from doing it. Only God (the Restrainer) stops him.

We can underestimate the power that Satan has over the elite. He and his minions actually appear to his followers during rituals, possess and harass (voices in the head) people at all hours and have people killed by disease and accident. What power does a satanist Illuminati king have when he can be killed by Satan at any time ?

Anon said (August 18, 2012):

Henry, I have to published this article, do you believe it? The article described the machinations of Satan and your comment is on what the Illuminati may or may not do! Are the Illuminati minions of Satan, really? Or is Satanism merely the philosophy of the Illuminati?


Dear Anon

Satan/Lucifer worship is the religion of the Illuminati. I posted this article by Gardner (not his real name) because it is consistent with what I know, and contains new insights. It rings true to me.


Al Thompson said (August 17, 2012):

Alan said: "All three of the institutional religions of the Book, Christianity, Islam and Judaism have been corrupted at the highest levels by men who are working to bring about the reign of Satan."

Unfortunately, this statement is true. The only things that a man is responsible for is to fear God and to keep the commandments. In the case of Christianity, there are other writings that focus on the commandments and how to keep them. They are much more useful than what is in the bible.

Institutional religion is simply another method to control the masses through their errant teaching. The only way I have been able to maintain my equanimity is to test every spiritual conclusion with the commandments and natural law. God created those and we inherently know them. Reading anything should only be secondary information; not primary. What I mean is that every spiritual conclusion should be based upon facts, to the extent that it is possible.

I suggest that people simply stay away from these influences. Doing that will involve a very difficult lifestyle change, but one that is more pleasant than our existing delusional way of life. The biggest warning signs are contradictions. When we see them there are only two possibilities: someone is lying; or, they are mistaken. Either way, wrong information gets into the mind, and then errant actions are taken due to the bogus incoming information. The whole spiritual battle is centered around the commandments; that's where most everthing happens.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at