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Is Apple Pitching iPhones or Intermarriage?

August 8, 2010

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Apple's new IPhone 4 "Face time" commercial is an example of a hidden political agenda among the world's corporations, the promotion of "diversity" and in particular, racial intermarriage and miscegenation.

This is restricted to North America and Europe. They couldn't get away with it in Japan, China, India or Israel.

Only six per cent of US marriages in 2007 were interracial. This is up from three percent in 1978, no doubt due to commercials like this.

Intermarriage between members of different races and ethnic groups is increasing dramatically, according to American Demographics. William H. Frey, a demographer who analyzed 1998 Census Bureau data, calls this increase "the beginning of a blending of the races."

I was married to a Filipina. I am not a racist in the negative sense (believing one race is superior.) In marriage, love should trump racial concerns. But it's noteworthy that corporations are engaged in social engineering when they should be engaged in commerce.

Since only six per cent of Americans intermarry, you wouldn't expect Apple to pitch their new commercial to men with Asian wives and babies. Only 1% of American white men marry Asian women. (The commercial depicts the Asian woman using the Iphone4 to send amniocenteses images of their fetus to her deaf white husband in the army, an even smaller demographic.)

Corporations can be controlled by 4% of the shares, and the Illuminati bankers (i.e Rothschild syndicate) control most, (and through them, the government.) Their agenda is to transform us into docile serfs by depriving us of our human identity based on four sources: race, religion (God), nation and family (i.e. gender.)

They want one world government based on one race, one religion, one nation and one gender (homosexual or "hetero-homo" -heteros who act like homosexuals.)

This commercial falls under race. To ice the cake, the white male is making the sign language "I love you" designed by the occultist Helen Keller to resemble as much as possible the satanic (i.e. Illuminati) horned goat sign.

This is an example of how Luciferians (Illuminists) project Evil in terms of Good. Their "light" is really darkness. 

The commercial was directed by Sam Mendes, who like many other Jews (not me) and Freemasons secure success by betraying the common good and administering the New World Order for the Rothschilds.  Mendes is the director of "American Beauty," an Oscar Best Picture (1999)  that promoted homosexuality and the aptly named "Revolutionary Road," (2008) which discredited marriage.

Coincidentally, the new Windows7 ad shows a black dude and his white roommates enjoying some of the features of Microsoft's latest operating system. (I wonder if the Israeli version shows Arabs and Jews living together. Diversity and multiculturalism are only for the goyim.

Advertising, is creating a "carefully manufactured racial utopia, a narrative of colorblindness" says Charles Gallagher, a sociologist at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Only about 6 percent of marriages are interracial, according to Census data. About 80 percent of whites live in neighborhoods in which more than 95 percent of their neighbors are white, and data show most Americans have few close friends of another race, Gallagher said.

"The lens through which people learn about other races is absolutely through TV, not through human interaction and contact," he said. "Here, we're getting a lens of racial interaction that is far afield from reality." Ads make it seem that race doesn't matter, when real life would tell you something different, he added.

The Cabalist Illuminati magic is devoted to changing reality by lying about it. Real freedom and health lies in upholding racial identity so that it doesn't disappear, and appreciating the positive qualities of others races, including when they are mixed.

Mankind is a family of unique races and I don't want the Illuminati Satanists to erase that.

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Comments for "Is Apple Pitching iPhones or Intermarriage? "

Casey said (August 12, 2010):

This ad is a ridiculous and insulting way of advertising. We already have a racial imbalance in regards to marriage with far too many east asian men looking forward to a future with no wife or family. We are simply pounding another nail in our coffin for these men will eventually react.

I would agree very much with Tony Blizzard who speaks of "loony-bin churches". I was asked very firmly to leave a church where I told some East Asian women they should be looking at their own men. In every church I have gone in, my white features have attracted far too much attention from especially East Asian girls to the point where I no longer go to mainstream churches and often don't go to church at all in my city. Just as years ago we had "rice" Christians who became Christians to get rice, now we have "interracial marriage" Christians who become Christians with the promise of going to a white Christian church and marrying a white person. And our churches are promoting this and even speaking out against opposing views from the pulpit (I've heard sermons specifically about this and met the wife of a prominent pastor once who told me we must do this to get rid of differences and many churches advertise that they promote this).

Darryl said (August 9, 2010):

Edwin [below]. Henry is likely quite correct on this...My Father was "educated" in the Humanities by a BnaiBrith member and psychoanalyst. For one reason or another, both my brother and I married those of another race. We are of Anglo/Celt stock and the Olde Man was completely unaware of any agenda and thus rendered unable to oppose it.

The video manufactures imaginary peer groups so as to make it "comfortable" for those who wish to participate.

The engineering is clear, present and consistent with what is required to effect desired outcomes.

Edwin said (August 9, 2010):

You are too paranoid this time, Henry.

The ad is just meant to reach as many demographic and racial customers as possible.

Tony Blizzard said (August 9, 2010):

Henry, "real freedom and health" also requires people to understand about dangers to themselves in the personalities of races other than their own. Easiest example is that the individuals of the white race, in their day to day lives (not brainwashed military), are not nearly as prone to violence as the other races; movies and tv notwithstanding. And when they are so provoked it almost always takes a pretty good injustice to trigger it. In minor provocations whites are most often prone to using their fists where the other races are more apt to carry a weapon, a knife, razor, gun - whatever.

The black who shot a bunch of whites the other day because he was caught stealing and was "illuminate" programmed that all his troubles are "whitey's" fault is a case in point. Same as the whites killed in the big city riots from time to time. Some years ago there was an unfinished freeway in the Chicago area that off-ramped into a black ghetto and dead ended with only bewildering surface streets to back out. Several white families, that I'm aware of, who mistakenly drove off that open ramp were robbed, selectively raped and murdered almost instantly - because they were white. I don't know if road crews ever did anything about it.

Although some blacks have been raped and/or murdered because they were black, the numbers are minuscule in comparison to the opposite.

It is not "negative" to tell the truth, ever. Those are necessary, positive facts, in this case for white people's self defense.

BTW, much of the desire for miscegenation, especially from white girls, is instilled in their loony-bin churches.

As at least one black women made it clear on your site, they do not cotton to the idea of their men going for women of other races. And they are more outspoken about it than intimidated whites. Allowing ones' self to be unjustly intimidated is a fool-hearty cop out and racially self-destructive. ......Or isn't that what our black attorney general was getting at with his remark about speaking out on racial issues?

Andrew in Uk said (August 9, 2010):

Your article on the Apple advertisement and mention of the Rothschilds reminds me that the other day a friend of mine was down in Wiltshire where the Rothschilds have one of their mansions. On one day of the year the grounds are open up to the public, and so they had a look around. What they found was a large pyramid made out of glass, and all constructed to the highest standards and materials. This is about the height of a house and in it are 12 umbrellas neatly arranged in a circle and a few other odd things about it. One can just imagine what goes on there at special times of the year. So there you go, you don’t need to ‘believe’ in conspiracies when you can go and view this for yourself. They really do this kind of stuff!

Regarding the main issue of the article, I completely agree it is nonsense, as in there is no commercial reason to appeal to minorities, it is 100% social engineering. You are lucky you don’t have the BBC in your country. Nearly every radio broadcast seems to have an ethnic minority person fronting it. I mean one would have thought we were living in India or something. It’s far more than an annoyance these days, it is completely and blatantly in-your-face discrimination against the indigenous population. Radio One and its relentless sponsorship of rap ‘music’ is the worst offender, but all the radio stations they run are heavily biased to a far greater degree than the demographics of this country. London however is now becoming a foreign land in Britain though, and this is where the BBC is based.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at