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Is the Truth Movement False Opposition?

April 20, 2011

alex-jones-deception.jpgEditor's Note: I do not endorse this provocative comment but post it for the sake of discussion. It was in response to "Donald Trump is Masonic False Opposition." The argument seems to be that the Illuminati is encouraging revolt so they will have an excuse to root out people of conscience and put them in FEMA camps. (The way to neutralize this strategy is through strict observance of the law and passive resistance, emphasizing the spread of accurate information as widely as possible.)

by J.B.

The entire truth movement is false opposition.

To suppose that the Elite did not anticipate the truth movement is to suppose that they had no plan for this demographic, and that they stand helpless and slack-jawed while the movement undermines their plans.

Right from the start they released targeted disclosure - such as the story of Atta's passport at ground zero - Surely anyone capable of processing information would smell a rat there - and they knew this - but also knew that to the Lemmings form is everything- and the simple fact that it was passed off as legit by "experts" would be enough for them to be satisfied.

The movement was permitted - planned - because they knew what the truth movement fails to see - that is that the vast majority of humans are totally unconcerned about matters of principle - only direct threats can rouse them.

And then they can easily be diverted.  Waking the Sheep was never a possibility. Two videos I recommend - 1) the new world order wants the new world order to fail 2) Gatekeepers of the 20%.

I note that Fulford is now on record as supporting world government as are Mike Ruppert and David Ray Griffin- they are angling for the Zeitgeist solution, which is what the likes of Alice Bailey envisioned all along.

Oh, and Fulford now claims the White Dragon society needs cash, so please donate. I seem to recall that he said that if the Elite did one more bad thing that assassinations would result.

Well that was years ago and I am still waiting. But I cannot hear his regular updates because only paid subscribers can read those. And if you would like to see Alex Jones totally expose himself as a shill, then watch this. 

And it amazes me that 911 truthers cheer for Jesse Ventura disclosures and yet fail to note that Time Warner pays for his show, or that mainstream media is sounding the alarm over the new world order.

Or that Ron Paul makes satanic hand signs or that his wife and daughters are in free-masonic organizations. And  Rand Paul showed his colors by pushing for austerity on the poor and helpless.

Some patriot! The banks rape us and now its time to trim the fat and kill the poor - many of whom are the most sensitive individuals in the society who don't happen to be well adjusted to slavery. go figure.

There is a reason that mainstream media is spreading the word about the new world order. There is a reason that men like Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff are invited again and again and again onto major networks.

I gotta hand it to the dark ones. They are way more clever than so called people of truth who more times than not settle for idol worship over painful reality.

Its said by some that man is about to be wiped out. Perhaps its for the best because as things stand, our descendant will live in a hell world that will make Mad Max look like sweet freedom.

--Update by JB:

I am not provocative for personal reasons or to divide. Rather it seems that the best and the brightest in society have been duped by a ruthless enemy of  greater cunning and intelligence than is generally suspected and the movement needs a wake-up call.

The Illuminati are not bumbling fools who act without intelligent planning. A one world government that was widely despised would not have staying power in the long run.

A permanent scientific dictatorship would need to be something the people were manipulated to ask for. Hence, the concept of the straw-man bankster police state. It can't escape your notice that the mainstream media has been sounding the alarm over the New World Order for some time now.

MSNBC even suggested recently that perhaps the time for violent revolt had come. Persons on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc, have made the NWO nearly a household word at this point -(Dobbs, Judge Napolitano,Beck,etc.)

And other less prominent figures including guests who espouse 911 conspiracy theories such as Kevin Barret, etc. And while the hosts may mock them, the fact is that they are invited back repeatedly and often come off as very credible - that is, in the minds of those who look beyond ad-hominem attacks.

This gets to the concept that society breaks down into 2 groups (for purposes of this matter) - 1) a minority that can be roused to anger over a matter of principle & can process information and 2) the herd. To the herd, appearance is everything. To them, simply being mocked by O'Reilly, or whomever they are followers of, is enough to dismiss the matter. So I suggest that the media has engaged in a targeted disclosure of 911 as well as the New World Order. The scope of that disclosure is now being widened for reasons too complex to cover here.

I don't assert or believe that the reason for the Elite's sponsoring 911 Truth was to simply ensnare its adherents for Fema camps (They are not a true threat.)  But rather to create a sort of psychic battery - a potential store of energy for change - for the destruction of the current order. The dynamics of it are somewhat complex and I don't want this message to be too long. Suffice to say that that energy for change can easily be diverted to a close similar vector when the time comes - when the general public is hungry and desperate and combined disasters shake the foundations of the world. From the ashes can rise a "true brotherhood" of mankind. The seeds for which may be being planted by the likes of Zeitgeist/Venus project, and Michio Kaku's claims that we need to grow into a Type 1 Society - notice he says that anyone who opposes it is a terrorist.

One small hint that the Truth Movement was not only foreseen but planned can be found in an obscure piece of evidence. Google image search "Gordo Remora" - this game card from 1995 spoofs Geraldo Rivera suggesting that conspiracy theorists should be killed. There have long been conspiracy theorists but it was not until 911 that the issues became so hotly charged and divisive that media persons began openly suggesting that they should be tortured or worse. It just so happens to work out that Geraldo ends up being a central figure in this conflict - several times he has tangled with the truthers and now has been selected as the one to begin to reveal WTC7 truth.

I am not into defeatism, but Charles Forte said that animals that wish to be free must first discover that they are property. i.e. Our perceptions of what may be must not be filtered by the need to be "positive" - which is a New Age trap.

One last point - I do not suggest that everyone spreading the word on 911 or NWO is part of the conspiracy. Many are likely acting out of sincerity. I may have wrongly attacked others in the past due to my misunderstanding their motives and over zealousness due to feeling hopelessly outnumbered.  If this is the case then I offer my apologies to them. Hope you will post this update.


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Comments for "Is the Truth Movement False Opposition? "

Paul said (April 30, 2011):

Alex Jones might be false opposition because according to this website his wife is Jewish through her mother's line. Having a Jewish wife can have many benefits and Alex Jones may be on the receiving end of some of them. Unless a person is like Henry Makow who views his own race with brutal honesty, a slanted view of one's race can sure screw up the words that can come out of one's mouth. From now on I'll be viewing Alex Jones in a slightly different way.

Carl Jones said (April 22, 2011):

There is a EASY NONE VIOLENT way to to topple the NWO grip. The ballot box is there for the taking. Start a new political party who has one principle policy and that is....BAN ALL POLITICAL PARTIES! Bring in a system of totally independent MP`s (UK). Ban all public officials from being members of secret societies and ban all secret lobbying. Ban general elections and bring in rolling elections.


In the US, this would be almost impossible, but in the UK, it is very possible. Even the MSM would be at a loss...because the political party system has failed the entire world. Of course, we know this was designed. By removing the political part system, we will cut the NWO hands off the levers of power and once this happens in one country, it will sweep the world.

Dave said (April 22, 2011):

I am of a like mind with J.B. on what he said. I especially like that he pointed out the obvious that Ron Paul has gotten a free pass from people who agree with what he says about our government and the Fed and so on but then turns around and makes Satanic hand symbols which clearly is intended to show his handlers that he’s still one with the evil rulers of our planet.

I’m so thankful that someone concisely pointed this and several other obvious things that have bugged me for years.

His point on Fulford was right on to. I always like reading what Fulford says because I always felt like I was getting an inside scoop that was unavailable anywhere else. But nothing he has ever said was going to happen has happened. And J.B. is right on about the White Dragon Society and the missing assassinations. How long do we have to wait for our “saviors from the Orient” to send those Illuminati scumbags to their graves?

Fulford is obviously also false opposition.

That said, my realization over the last several years that their truly is no un-subverted movement or organization standing in the way of the NWO, that every organization that comes into existence purporting to be against the evil, is in fact planned “dissent” or at least completely infiltrated and corrupted, rotten to the core (Tea party – please!) has been sobering, and a bit depressing.

I have come to one conclusion and that is I am to serve the Lord Jesus Christ to my fullest capability and allow him to through me to do his works on this Earth. There is now, in my opinion, no hope of stopping the one world government from its implementation.

There really isn’t a way to slow it down. Like putting a caterpillar in front of a bull-dozer.

So I urge all who read this to forget about the “movement” to save the day politically. Their corrupted, infiltrated, planned even. They execute the same game plan against all grass-roots movements. They ignore it. If that doesn’t work, they embrace it and corrupt it or they infiltrate it and destroy its effectiveness, usually by sowing seeds of discord.

The Illuminati have spies/operatives/scum in all public institutions, media (which they own), etc.

So forget trying to “change” things. The more things change, the worse they get.

Seek the face of the Lord Jesus Christ and learn to love Him and serve him with a humble heart.

Dennis said (April 22, 2011):

The author forgot to mention Alex Jones’s side-kick, “gatekeeper” Webster Tarpley and 9/11 “truther” Steven E Jones. A few years after 9/11, Tarpley and muon scientist Dr. Steven Jones (who must surely know better) agree on the lie that a fission device (eg, a uranium-based atomic A-bomb) is required to trigger a fusion device (eg, a hydrogen-based nuclear H-bomb). Then, based upon that false predicate, Tarpley tells his audience that since there was no evidence of a fission device having been employed at Ground Zero, everyone can 'therefore' rule out the possibility of any kind of fusion devices having been employed at Ground Zero. (Nothing to see here citizens – move along) Tarpley actually told two lies here as there is abundant evidence of “fissioning” at Ground Zero. The vaporization of two sky scrapers and their contents (people/furniture) and the massive heat being generated for up to six months afterword (molten metal/boiling soil and glass) in the rubble pile can only be explained by nuclear devices and the china- syndrome aftermath. Something that the “Powers That Be” don’t ever want us to find out. -

JB (author) said (April 21, 2011):

This comment is a reply to David's comment:

David Ray Griffins position on Global Government

Griffin is one of those who cleverly tries to pin 911 on the Bush Administration. His talk in the video above demonstrates that he believes that national sovereignty is a source of the world's evils. And the fact that he made a presentation at the EU parliament shows his leanings to legitimize the institution.

Regarding Ron Paul. I did not say he was part of the 911 truth movement, but he is central to a much larger more mainstream truth movement in regard to monetary policy. The truth movement has many shards. In terms of his employing satanic hand signs, I should not have to supply links for facts that are readily available to anyone who does a search. The key is that one has to be willing to entertain an idea in the first instance in order to perform due diligence. I will point out that the powers that be could easily silence or kill RP if he truly were a threat to a conspiracy centuries in the making. It might also be argued that there is a subtle bit of disinfo coming out of Paul - if you watch the "Secret of OZ" that documentary makes a good case that fiat money is not the issue -but rather "who controls its issuance"". A return to the Gold Standard may not help us much considering that the world's gold is currently owned by the richest families. In order to secure that gold for collateral the assets of the nation would likely be pledged to them.


David says:

JB: I'm glad you supplied a link to a comment David Ray Griffin made about endorsing world government. I've read all of Griffin's books regarding 9/11 save one and I've never gathered he pinned the blame solely on the Bush Administration. Of course, Bush was president at the time of 9/11 and evidence is clear there were stand down orders from Cheney regarding NORAD.

When I hear the world truth movement, I reflexively understand this to mean the 9/11 Truth Movement. I have never heard Paul to even be considered of some general truth movement. Paul's message seems to mean returning to constitutional government, the abolishment of the federal reserve and elimination of the social safety net. You were interchanging figures from different sectors as though the represent the same thing. They don't.

I also don't need to see someone flashing the El Diablo or Il Cornuto to understand if they are of malignant intent. I think some of this is for the Understanding the NWO For Dummies crowd. Did people need to see Bush flashing the Il Cornuto to understand this guy was a bona fide psychopath?

When people create, promote and enforce policies like the rising police state, shredding of our constitutionally - protected civil liberties, GMO's, elimination of the safety net and the transfer of wealth to the very rich, does one have to then have them flash the sign of the horned god to offend a person intellectually, emotionally and spiritually?

Annutama said (April 21, 2011):

The problem with revolutions is that sometimes the people who gain power after the revolution are worse than what the people were revolting against. Just look at the Soviet Union: they were probably better off under the Tsars. The kleptocrats (please do not call them "elite"!) would probably love to take down the US government so that they could get rid of the Constitution and that pesky Bill of Rights.

The way they are handling it is like a fisherman bringing a big fish in on a light line: he has to give some line to gradually wear the fish out and be able to reel it in.

The only solution is for the people to become conscious of God. Right now the mass consciousness is materialism and selfishness, resulting ins\ the ascension of demonic tyrants. As people replace the pursuit of materialism with the pursuit of love of God, the tyrants won't have any strength.

While as individuals we can't force people to become God conscious, we can endeavor in our own lives to develop a relationship with God. Just as materialism is contagious, so much more is genuine pursuit of the Absolute Truth.

EJ said (April 21, 2011):

The real question that needs to be asked is why are people squabbling over this stuff?? Most of us already are aware of:

Chemtrail poisoning and attempted murder by our government
Ruby Ridge's facts
9/11's facts
The realities of...
The Military Commissions Act
The intentional BP disaster on Hilter's birthday
The OK City bombing on Hitler's birthday
The murder of the Branch Dividian's on the day before Hilter's birthday and a Satanic holiday
Obama's bi-sexual, non-citizen, communism truth and links to real terrorists and a hidden background
A congress that is sold out to the Zionists and Big Business
A two-party system like two wings of the same bird
The aberrant sexual behavior of government officials
The control of our economy by the Banksters
The lie of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, and "foundations" created in 1913
The torturing of humans by our military and the refusal of our country to recognize human rights
The control of 90% of all newspapers, publishing, and media in general by six groups
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Mercury contaminated flu shots
The rape of all our monetary systems and funds

Knowing all this, why isn't anyone hanging from a tree or being shot by a firing squad at some military base??

What are *you* complainers doing about the reality, not the show?


Irish Dan said (April 21, 2011):

Hi friends, quite simply in this area, take nothing for granted. The Bad guys have most of the financial and other resources in this war and they know how to use those resources to their own best advantage.

The Northern Ireland recent Insurgency and Counter insurgency war is a case in point. The Irish Republican Army was an experienced revolutionary organization with direct experience in clandestine activity going back to pre the American Civil War in its IRB / IRA incarnation. Post the ceasefire rank and file Republican activists discovered that the IRA's own internal security department was under direct control of the British MI5 and had been for at least a decade.

In the political organization Sinn Fein, the assassinated Denis Donalson was Gerry Adams right hand man, confidant and 'fixer' from shared prison days in the early seventies, yet he too was proven to be a Brit agent for over twenty years until 'outed'.

Two years back we had a guy going around the Irish protest camps and boy was he militant, always urging confrontation with the cops. Good man to share a sleeping bag too with women activists, looks did not matter, if they were involved in administration and organization, he was inside their sleeping bags and heads!
He was also it transpired, a full time deep penetration ( in every sense of the word ) British undercover policeman that had a wife, three kids and a 'normal life' under another persona elsewhere in Southern Ireland. He was spying for the British, Irish police forces and goodness knows how many European and Nato spook agencies.

If this is the record of experienced Irish Revolutionaries, and full time activists, what chance do weekend demonstrators and protesters have ? As the sergeant in the old 'Hill Street Blues' drama used to say...."Lets be careful out there folks!"

Rog said (April 21, 2011):

Reading through the comments on this story is an interesting study in deception and those who buy into it. Don't you all see what is going on here? By casting doubt on the very people without whom there would be no understanding of the evil that has enveloped the world, these people have managed to get you squabbling amongst yourselves about personalities. Without Jones, Icke, Celente, Schiff, etc. you would know very little of the machinations of the NWO. The info is certainly not presented in the MSM.

To claim Jones is Bill Hicks is patently absurd. As to his position on the Jews it is quite clear to anyone who listens to him that Jones believes Zionist Jews are part of the program, like the public relations department is part of the corporation, but not the decision making CEOs. The rude display at the rally in Austin is more a comment on a southern male who sees others encroaching on what he believes is his territory than some sinister plot to destroy the movement.

The questions you should ask yourselves are, Is the information these guys presenting true? Can I verify it independently of them? Does it help me understand the machinations being used against me. Would I have gotten the info on the MSM? Have their efforts contributed to understanding the NWO for those who would still be walking around in dreamland? What are the fruits of their trees? Would you have heard of the MAIC report absent Jones?

Judge for yourselves, but I suspect the casting of doubt on the messengers is the deception, not the messengers themselves.

Gordon said (April 21, 2011):

have no doubt that may truthers are there to inspire revolt, which would be a huge mistake and a trap. Revolt would be an effort to wrestle control from those that aspire to control the world and all of its trappings. The most elite of this world are fooled into building them selves up for this power and control. The absolute truth is our battle is not for this world. Satan and his followers can have it until the Lord returns. It is commanded in scripture.

Obedience to God, through his son Jesus is the only way to life. Revolt would distract us from the absolute truth that is contained in God's word the Bible. Revolt would distract us from the lessons taught us by his son Jesus and cause us to reject this blessing of truth.

Our battle is not for this world, but for us to be saved from it. I know that faith in the Lord and obedience to God is absolutely the most powerful truth movement there is. Without the Lord partial truth would be the death of us.

Debra said (April 21, 2011):

The article by J.B. dovetails a previously published article by Henry Makow -

The following short video is relevant, as well -

Tragic when people listen, begin to see, then "poof", forget and get side-tracked ( really diverted ), often by those closest to them, i.e. friends, family, or the very truth gurus they thought okay to trust.

We've been made aware but steps after awareness are crucial, and where people are divided.
Beware of those coming out in increasing number refuting doable, logical, peaceful solutions.

Gordon said (April 21, 2011):

It's said that revolutions devour their own children. Looks like the same thing holds for conspiricists, too. Like gazing into set of mirrors, the regression into paranoid suspicion never ends once reason is blanked.



Lenin: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." It's not paranoia. This is the main tactic of Freemasonry.


David said (April 21, 2011):

I've met Richard Gage and Bob Bowman and I can tell you, neither are false opposition to the New World Order agenda.

I do think Alex Jones is a government asset merely because he dismisses Israel's role in 9/11. Remember the five dancing Israeli's videotaping the event from across the river? However, the author of this article creates a fallacy of logic by going from the specific (Alex Jones) as representative of all the truth movement in general.

He then talks about David Ray Griffin advocating world government. Were are the quotes to this alleged comment? If this wasn't bad enough, he then rambles about Ron Paul giving Satanic hand gestures and his pedigree are members of Masonic institutions. I don't recall Ron Paul being a member of the truth movement. Has he called for another investigation of what happened on 9/11?

I've met people promoting the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project and they advocate for the abolishment of the oligarchical power structure. You know, the elite who oppress the masses, suppress the truth and lay waste to our planet?

The author then seals his fate when he says maybe we should all perish from the diabolical planning of the world's elite. Giving up hope so easily? Characters of this type are essentially useless in necessary fox holes.

Jeff said (April 21, 2011):

There are a number of "conspiracy theories" floating around the internet about Alex Jones.
-His lawyer works for Edgar Bronfman's Sister.

This next theory is strange but can be proven with scientific analysis such as face and voice recongition software which still needs to be done.
-Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. AJ and Hicks have the same producer Kevin Booth.
-Look at the facial similarities. They have similiar body langauge.
view facial comparisons of Hicks and Jones

Look at Hicks and Booths (same producer as Jones) at Waco
Hicks looks just like Jones.

Mark said (April 21, 2011):

"Is the truth movement false Opposition".

Manufactured dissent certainly happens, but how can we know? Who ever attempts to do so runs the risk of the game getting out of hand. There's nothing more unpredictable than a mob gone rabid.

Take Jesse Ventura, for example.,At some level he's sincere ,but, no way is he going to cross the CIA or FBI. He may rail against their operations, but, in the end he knows they rule and submits or gets out of the way. And just because Ventura gets a pay check from the bad guys, doesn't mean he's going to behave. And maybe the bad guys are making good money off Ventura's conspiracy theme shows.

If fact, their lack of resistance is in away a validation that Ventura's credibility is in question and thereby assuring the public still remains baffled. The NWO maybe using Alex Jones, Ventura and other's to burn off public frustrations.

And anyone who stumbles upon certain websites is for sure on the suspect list of the FBI. "Carnivore" is the FBI program installed on your ISP's sever. Probably, just Checking out
is_the_truth_movement_false_op.html can get one on the list. Or say a key word on the phone with a friend can do the same with the NSA's "Echelon" listening in. But, there nothing out there like a governmental conspiracy thought detector registering you anger at the government.

So, listening to controversial subjects from guys like Alex Jones is not detectable to do what is suggested in this essay "Is the truth movement false Opposition". Only the fact that you tuned in on your computer to visit the page can be registered.

Andrew said (April 21, 2011):

he more dilligent members of the truth movement disowned AJ a long time ago. The nails in the coffin were the Bill Cooper episode and Texas demonstration. But never forget the fact that the ‘problem-reaction-solution’ strategy of the NWO was itself a major discovery of the truth movement (popularized if not coined by David Icke) and has now become a lethal intellectual weapon. Permanently etched in the collective psyche, nothing will ever be the same again: every terrorist attack, every administrative decision, every political event will be scrutinized and judged as a potentially higher level deception. Notice how the psy-ops are not working, how they're starting to look like fools ever since the secret mechanism of the 'Great Game' was exposed. They're in for a rude shock if they think the Truth Movement is just another 'One Hunderd Flowers Campaign'.

And let’s face it: articles like this testify to a principle of self-examination and self-purification within the truth movement.

D said (April 21, 2011):

The author forgot to mention Alex Jones’s side-kick, “gatekeeper” Webster Tarpley and 9/11 “truther” Steven E Jones. A few years after 9/11, Tarpley and muon scientist Dr. Steven Jones (who must surely know better) agree on the lie that a fission device (eg, a uranium-based atomic A-bomb) is required to trigger a fusion device (eg, a hydrogen-based nuclear H-bomb). Then, based upon that false predicate, Tarpley tells his audience that since there was no evidence of a fission device having been employed at Ground Zero, everyone can 'therefore' rule out the possibility of any kind of fusion devices having been employed at Ground Zero. (Nothing to see here citizens – move along) Tarpley actually told two lies here as there is abundant evidence of “fissioning” at Ground Zero. The vaporization of two sky scrapers and their contents (people/furniture) and the massive heat being generated for up to six months afterword (molten metal/boiling soil and glass) in the rubble pile can only be explained by nuclear devices and the china- syndrome aftermath. Something that the “Powers That Be” don’t ever want us to find out.

D said (April 21, 2011):

The author forgot to mention Alex Jones’s side-kick, “gatekeeper” Webster Tarpley and 9/11 “truther” Steven E Jones. A few years after 9/11, Tarpley and muon scientist Dr. Steven Jones (who must surely know better) agree on the lie that a fission device (eg, a uranium-based atomic A-bomb) is required to trigger a fusion device (eg, a hydrogen-based nuclear H-bomb). Then, based upon that false predicate, Tarpley tells his audience that since there was no evidence of a fission device having been employed at Ground Zero, everyone can 'therefore' rule out the possibility of any kind of fusion devices having been employed at Ground Zero. (Nothing to see here citizens – move along) Tarpley actually told two lies here as there is abundant evidence of “fissioning” at Ground Zero. The vaporization of two sky scrapers and their contents (people/furniture) and the massive heat being generated for up to six months afterword (molten metal/boiling soil and glass) in the rubble pile can only be explained by nuclear devices and the china- syndrome aftermath. Something that the “Powers That Be” don’t ever want us to find out.

Kevin said (April 21, 2011):

Another fine article, and an excellent point. I am reminded of the concept of the lightning rod-it takes the awesome power of the lightning bolt, and channels it harmlessly into the ground. The 'truth' movement serves an analogous function as it related to opposing the 'New World Order.'

Nevertheless, it should not stop anyone interested in true opposition to the profound evil that is engulfing humanity.

Years ago, there was a TV show devoted to testing the truth of advertising claims on commercials-it was called 'Fight Back!' The show's motto resonates with me to this day-'Stay aware and informed, and fight back, and don't let ANYONE rip you off!' Words to live by indeed!

Dan said (April 21, 2011):

Sure, Obama was touted as 'opposition' to 'the Man', if anybody can remember why they voted for him.

I know about dissident manufacture. I lived in Austin during the rise of Alex Jones from his AM radio slot on KJFK, a CIA front owned by the late Lady Byrd Johnson. (Whoever doesn't know whom that was; she was the First Lady of President Lyndon Johnson).

People don't know what I know about Austin Texas. On the surface it was the U of Texas party town always full of dissidents, beatniks, hippies and conspiracy theorists.

In reality, Austin is a regional Illuminati capital over the Southwest United States, regional headquarters of the Americas Ordos Templi Orientis. It is also a flesh pit of NSA General Michael Aquino's Temple of Set, and the ToS front BDSM sex magick Order of the Triskellion. For those who dabble in the occult but don't know, the Temple of Set is mind control and domestic espionage arm of military intelligence.

"Alex Jones" popped into Austin consciousness around 1994 with a crude little live call in show on Austin Public Access TV. From there the show moved to KJFK radio Austin in 1996. There was a staged 'war' between Jones and station management with Jones doing his usual bellicose routine of howling that management was trying to suppress him. The whole thing was really to lure a bigger audience share, and it worked. Jones was one of the first talk shows to broadcast on the Internet, and by 1996 when that was very expensive he already had his own building and full time professional media staff. Not bad for a guy who supposedly grew up in Dallas, played a little football, dropped out of college and moved to party town and supported his free public access show parking cars.

Jones caught on big time in Austin in 1999. I was working at an IT company on the night shift - everybody was obsessed with Alex Jones rants and warnings of impending Martial Law. That was the summer the Matrix, and Fight Club, and Eyes Wide shut all came out in succession. Media was kneading our minds like dough to prepare us all for 911.

Personally, in retrospect, I believe that Jones is under cover military counterintelligence. As famous as he is, try to find anything substantial about his real life before Austin in 1994. I believe his identity, records, papers and all, were created for him by military intelligence. For all we know he could have grown up in the Soviet Union.

I believe he's 5 or more years older than he claimed since his arrival in Austin. He always seemed older, and he wears a toupee.

I believe he was assigned in the wake of the Waco Texas Mt. Carmel Massacre Apr. 1993. He was building the position to be the leading "dissident" established and ready to go for 911. He was to serve as a magnet for youth who question what's happened and is happening before our eyes.

I believe his persona was hijacked from that of the late Bill Cooper, the 1980's, 1990's 'patriot radio' show host who actually predicted in June 2001 that there would be a false flag attack on American soil along the lines of the Oklahoma City Bombing, and it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.

A warrant was issued for Cooper's arrest for income tax evasion - on September 11, 2001, but no action was taken till a raid on Cooper's property in Nov. 2001. Cooper was shot dead, allegedly in a gun fight with Sheriff's deputies.

Bill Cooper on 911

Alex Jones exposed by Bill Cooper Sept 26. 2001

Patrick said (April 21, 2011):

Hi Henry, regarding J.B.'s article well the fact that Sen. Rockefeller criticized the internet in waking people up seems to fly in the face of this theory.

On the other hand, my old brilliant British friend (who as a child played at the feet of a
very grumpy H. Belloc's feet) use to say that British secret services fingerprints were all over America with dummy companies, agencies and corporations only to data-mine and collect the names for them to be exterminated later.

So are we falling into a set trap? Of course, but that does not mean they can determine the outcome. For instance, we can point out the corruption, and the lies, without hating our country (a tactic they use against the hippies).

Yet this article spells more of a divide and conquer tactic. Alexander Solzhenitsyn who knew more about 1984 tactics than anyone said the only way to defeat them is with the truth. Keep repeating the truth. He said, "One word of truth conquers the whole world." Stick with the truth, repeat it ad naseum, forget their psy ops, it will only lead to despair.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at