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Condom-Shaped Candy Points to Pedophile Future

August 24, 2011

candies.JPGThis condom-shaped candy is sold at child-height in Japanese supermarkets. The "delicious" brand name is printed in a font identical to that of Durex Condoms. The caption below the mouth reads: "A Sexual Place for Sweethearts."  The condom candy is shown next to the word "extra."

by Aspen

Anyone who doubts that there is a concerted effort to sexualize children need look no further than Asian candy shops for proof.
Sophisca Confectionary Corporation is a Japan-based manufacturer and retailer of candies and sweets. The Sophisca trademark was filed in 2003. The trademark logo is a cute lamb.
As one would expect of any candy shop business, Sophisca's products and merchandising primarily target children.
Among the usual assortment of candy and chocolates is a line of sex and medical imitation candy products, clearly designed to attract the attention of young people. Many of these products are arranged on shelves low enough for children under the age of 10 to reach.
I will describe some of the products to you.
BIAGRA - These are 'Viagra'-shaped candies, with the word "Biagra" stamped on each individual piece. They come 25 in a bottle. The "Bi-" could be a reference to "bi-sexual".
syringe.JPGMOLTOSE - These items are not really "candy", but a sweet jelly. The jelly is packaged in a plastic syringe, in the fashion of medical syringes. To ingest the jelly, children push the plunger and squirt the jelly into their mouths. Clearly, these items are meant to accustom young people to a life of drug taken.

UPUP - The "up" here is breast support provided by bras. This is evidenced by the picture on the box cover: breasts supported by a lacy pink bra. Of course, the faux brand name may serve as a double-entendre for erections, and perhaps as a triple-entendre for the act of sex itself. The candy itself is a set of individually-wrapped nude but armless female busts, complete with breasts and nipples.
OK - The box for this product has been designed to look like a box of bandages. A small cartoon image also graces face of the box:  it's a cute little blonde girl in a nurse costume, and holding a syringe. Beneath the faux brand name is printed "QUEER-AID". The candy itself is comparatively innocuous, being colored bandage-shaped tabs. I am not sure how bandages amount to aid for "queers".
PLAYCHOCO - The packaging is a thin box with a "Playboy Magazine"-styled cover. The "magazine" name is printed in the "Playboy" font. While the Chinese script on the cover is not child-oriented, the image depicted is clearly a racily-dressed infant. The candy is chocolates, some of which have been shaped to resemble phalluses and breasts.
While I am sure Sophisca Confectionery Corp. would claim that these novelty items have been intended for young adults and adults, placing these items smack in the middle of a candy display meant for children is perhaps equal to placing soft porn magazines next to the picture books in the library, or setting up the condoms next to the toys, in a supermarket.
Are children noticing these products? Are they purchasing them? Yes. I know because I've witnessed it. Some as young as 10 years old.
Certainly, I admit, there are more "serious" ways and methods of child sexualization at work in the world. However, as they say, the devil is in the details. In this case, literally.
Ever-new ways to saturate children's minds with sex are being enacted with increasing pace.

The net effect will be of natural consequence:  as children are drawn further and further into the world of sex, earlier and earlier sexual activation will be inevitable.

Eventually, the sexual rights of children will arise, and powerful forces will emerge step to support and defend those rights. Eventually child sex will be normalized and customary, and following that, it will be encouraged directly by teachers and parents.

The final stage will be the incorporation of sexual training both at school and at home.
This is the plan for the future.

"Aspen" says he is what the Illuminati call a "Signal and Context Tester."
They select individuals of superior intelligence and subject them to intrusive signals, via multiple means. This has been happening to him since he was a child. He is permitted to write to Makow because he needs to speak, and whatever Makow posts will be harmless in effect. Everything he wrote was approved.

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Comments for "Condom-Shaped Candy Points to Pedophile Future "

William said (August 31, 2011):

The picture of the strawberry candy is one of those that can be viewed two ways. When I first looked at it I saw a penis with some sort of flower on its tip. I had to re-read the caption and blow up the picture to see a strawberry next to a mouth. The upper lip blends in perfectly as the shaft and the strawberry as the head.

Maria said (August 29, 2011):

I was so shocked by the article by Aspen on Henry's site that I went looking for more information on the web. I found that Sophisca Confectionery Corporation is Taiwan-owned (not Japanese) and has a branch and at least one retail store here in the United States -- in California.

Debra said (August 25, 2011):

Many (Most) people have no idea of what they're up against in the battle against evil on Earth.

Paedophilia is already "essentially legalised" based on statistics of its occurrences without an end in sight. Remember Jon Benet Ramsey? Crime unsolved, no more than a buzz word. Anyone who doesn't see the world as Sodom and Gomorrah was, or worse, is surely blind. It seems a crime to keep talking about this and simultaneously not offering any viable solutions. Sodom and Gomorrah were cities, but now it is everywhere. ... the entire Planet gone awry fast.

At the very least, admit an enslavement having fallen prey to Satan/ism, then beg for forgiveness. Even that is lacking or not sufficient, hence the opening line of my comment. Simply blind. Many people actually think they are good and are not responsible for all the evil. Arrogance is insidious.

People read about evil behaviour, subconsciously in comparison think themselves as good. This is the agenda, in part, of the Illuminati ( the "Elite") for people to accept the evil in others. The more evil the world gets, the more people are deluded to think of themselves as "good", and "good" people can sit back and not hunger for effectiveness and/or the recognition of it.

Support The Law -

David said (August 25, 2011):

I don't want to think about this subject because it's so sick but some things need to be said.

On the increasing promotion of pedophilic culture: increasingly advertisements are appearing online for cartoon porn. For instance, porn featuring the cast of the Simpson's. The advertisements show a picture of Lisa Simpson having sex. She is only 10 years old! So it seems that child porn is already mainstream in the online porn world, although now only in cartoon form. Seems they are trying to get child sex out there using cartoons first.

Personally I don't think this campaign to sexualize children will work, because the average person is not a psychopath like the average person in the Illuminati.

Dan said (August 24, 2011):

It's nothing new. When I was a kid during the Kennedy Presidency friends and I pretended to smoke candy cigarettes. I just quit smoking in 2010 after acquiring a lung disease on account of it.

Planned Parenthood discussed distribution of condoms disguised as lollipops in public schools, with their "Teenwire" website url printed on the package. They announced the plan at an American Public Health Association conference in Boston in November 2000. That's now ancient history. This year, International Planned Parenthood kicked off the international 'educational' blitz at U.N. conference on "Sex Rights for Children."

"Children's rights" is just an excuse for dispensing with the age of consent statutes that protect children form sexual exploitation. Having just witnessed the Federal government treat gay and lesbian soldiers their top military priority of 2011, there's much more to these issues than "rights".

90 years ago Leon Trotsky was the second most powerful man Russia. His policies prevailed from 1918-1924. During that time he imposed feminism, outlawed marriage, decriminalized sodomy and gave homosexuals and lesbians positions of power over their neighbors. He also initiated "children's rights". Trotsky wasn't a homosexual, he know these policies are a fast track to creating a society of people completely dependent upon the State because they can't depend on each other. Trotsky's Fabian co-planner was Lord Bertrand Russell, who shared the knowledge that promoting child sexuality, and promiscuity destroys an individuals ability to permanently bond.

Promotion of these things isn't for the 'post transition' world. The plan has been the same since the formula was deployed with the French Revolution to destroy the old order.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at