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March 10, 2012

(Joe Vialls, right, was accused of being Israeli agent Ari Ben Menashe, left) 

Update on Joe Vialls

by Steve Johnson

I can assure you and your readers of a couple of things. Joe Vialls lived about half an hour drive from me in Western Australia and despite this I only ever had telephone and email contact with him through the years. 

I DID invite him over the phone into the Paltalk forum in 2003 to discuss 9-11 and political issues (In a room I ran called 9-11 was an inside job) but his singular response was always.. "Sorry I'm too busy*"....(*With his own writings, website and research)

When I began researching a recent huge article in 2010 on the Port Arthur False flag attack in Australia, I tracked down Joes home number and spoke for some time with his wife Marylin  by phone to clarify a few things...

Firstly despite much speculation..

1) JOE VIALLS was NOT murdered, his wife assured through her tears that definitely he had a massive coronary heart attack which she witnessed personally and she was still missing him terribly and at pains even discussing it.

2) JOE VIALLS was most definitely NOT Ari Ben Menashe despite some website speculation (  about his background. His wife was definitely upset about these allegations and was certainly aware of them when I asked her about it. There was NEVER any contact or association even remotely to israel.

3) JOE VIALLS had a slight UK accent, Irish background and was a family man who was devoted to his wife.

Despite asking to buy copies of his book, his wife definitely did not want anymore donations or to further sell his book: A Deadly Deception ANYMORE to anyone.  She did however authorise to allow scanned copies to be sent to whoever had a genuine interest in this research and gave me permission on Joes behalf to do so. Copies of this book are now rarer than rockinghorse shit.

This colour picture of him shows him at his desk writing his articles.

The photographer for the West Australian Newspaper who took this picture is TONY ASHBY, I have called his home and mobile number just this morning to track some further pictures of Joe which he took during the story and will update you if/when he gets back to me.

The entire scanned book A DEADLY DECEPTION is in IMAGE format and is available to download in .RAR format at 141 MB here:

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