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Lula & Dilma: Marxist Criminals Rape Brazil

September 24, 2010

-Press Exposes Rampant Graft
-Lula Tries to Censor Media 

(Lula, in his union days)

What people don't understand is that Marxist parties don't want to play the democratic game. The want power, and once power is achieved, they will never leave the throne. Their goal is total control of society.

by Marcos

(San Paolo Corespondent

It is possible that since Hitler's burning of books in the public square, the world has not seen such a surreal situation: a protest inside the Journalists' Union FOR the censorship of the press.

Yes, you read it right. Lula's Workers party and some of their lapdog organizations are defending what they call "social control" of the media. Social control for them, is the creation of Soviets, comprised in their entirety of Communist groups, which would decide what to publish. 

This comes in direct response to Media exposure of Party misdeeds.  Contrary to the law, Lula is campaigning for his chosen successor, Dilma Roisseff, at state expense. Instead of acting as an impartial magistrate, he is engaged in insulting the opposition and declaring that Brazil history started when he took control. He has been fined several times.

The largest magazine in the country, Veja, has proved that Dilma's right hand and personal friend, Erenice Guerra, below left,  has used the the Chief of Staff office (Erenice followed Dilma in the position) to sell privileges and contracts with the government.

Erenice's son created a bogus company to lobby and charges 6% for contracts that  were approved with the help of his mother influence. We are talking about  deals of R$ 9 BILLION (US$ 5 Bi).

erenice guerra oculos.jpg
Further investigation showed that many members of Erenice family were hired by the government to do nothing or were involved in other scandals. It is unbelievable, but Erenice will be followed in the Chief of Staff position by another woman who was involved in a huge scandal when her husband was a mayor and took bribes from bus companies. Later, he denounced the scheme and was found dead. The family says he was murdered by the Party. Nothing has been proved.

This is not the first time. Lula's son, who used to be a humble zoo keeper, created a bogus TV production company and was awarded with R$ 10 million in contracts from a state company. He is now a multi-millionaire.

Lula, cynically said that his son is a genius, like a Ronaldinho (from soccer). The corruption news came on top of another scandal, where Party militants were digging into  fiscal data from the adversaries. 

Because the press has (finally) realized that they are in a bad position, they probably forced their Marxist editors to print the truth. It is a case of too little, too late. 

This week, the Party told the MST, the Landless (Fake) Peasants Movement, a terrorist branch of the party that invades lands and kills farmers, to make a blockade in several of the major roads that give access to Sao Paulo.

The goal is to destabilize a state that is not yet in their control and where they will lose big time. They hate the fact that Sao Paulo has drastically reduced crime and that people here just don't buy the populist lies of Lula. They have done this many other times, especially using the Teacher's Union, coming to a point of seriously hurting a governor who was suffering from terminal cancer and stopping classes for the children for months on end.


1) They have a populist demagogue leader. Most people don't have a clue.  Lula is surfing on the reforms of the former administration, which ended 20 years of high inflation. He and his party were against these reforms, but now he takes credit for them. He is also benefiting from a long term commodity boom which helped the economy. The former administration created the food stamps program: Lula can be seen in youtube making a statement against it, when he was in the opposition.

Now, he says he was the one who created it. Lula is portrayed in the international press as a humble worker who made it. This couldn't be further to the truth. In fact, he worked in the plant for a couple of years. After that, he became an union leader and never worked again. Dilma follows his footsteps. She has also never worked in the private sector, and was always held a sinecure created for her by a leftist politician. Her only real work experience has been as a little shop owner, which went bankrupt in one year.
This is the next President of Brazil.

2) They have mobilized everywhere. Need a credit card statement to bash an opponent? A bank employee will give you one. Need the tax return of an adversary? A public servant will give it to you. And so it goes. They have hijacked the universities (Brazil now doesn't have one school among the best 200), the newspaper newsrooms, the state companies. The Unions now get  one day of salary of every worker, even the non unionized, and are not obliged to tell where the money goes (Lula pushed a law for it). The common citizen doesn't have the time and money to leave work to go to a political meeting, but the Party has thousands of professional agitators, and can easily pack 100 buses with their Nazi brown shirts within one day of notice. 

3) They have bought off the capitalists. The Party uses the BNDS, (federal bank) to borrow money from the banks at 12% and lend it to business owners at 3 to 5%. In the process, they make the banks happy and also get all the support they need from large companies. It is a fascist economy. This (US$ 100 BI this year) has tripled the internal public debt, but it gave a boost in the economy in times of election.

4) Because of the military government, and 30 years of brainwashing, people are afraid to sound conservative, and there is virtually no opposition. It is the victory of Antonio Gramsci's strategy of social and cultural infiltration. Gramsci is a Marxist author who makes Machiavellli look like a kindergarten teacher. Only leftist writers get reviews in the papers, only leftist movie makers get funds for production, etc. The Ministry of Culture has just chosen the movie with Lula's (fake) biography, a piece of propaganda that flopped at the theaters, to represent Brazil in the Oscars. I will not be surprised if it wins. 

Unfortunately, the scandals have only scratched the surface of Dilma's candidacy. It seems we will have the first terrorist, bank robbing, murderer president of Brazil. People don't know that the last thing these Communists want is to help the poor.

In fact, they have destroyed Brazil's education system, and illiteracy is higher than when Lula took power. The ranking of Brazilian students in the world has dropped. Basic sanitation (sewerage) is in the same level. Health service is a disaster. 50,000 Brazilians die violent  deaths, most because of drugs and guns that are brought into Brazil by the Colombian terrorist organization FARC, a friend and ally of the Party for decades. 

What people don't understand is that Marxist parties don't want to play the democratic game. The want power, and once power is achieved, they will never leave the throne. Their goal is total control of society.  There is no alternation of power with Marxists. There are also no ethics, since this end justifies any means. They lie, they murder, and yet they feel good about it, because they do it for a "cause". Like diabolical maniacs, they really don't know what they will do once they get there, but get there they will. 

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Comments for "Lula & Dilma: Marxist Criminals Rape Brazil "

Luis said (October 19, 2010):

Before make your comments on the page where you describe Ms. Dilma Hussef as being a terrorist, you must follow more carefully Brasilian political history, otherwise you became also a terrorist.

In a briefly explanation, looking to the past, Dilma was one of the patriots that fight agaist military dictatorship on 1960 up to 1988th, whem our country had a terrible killings and kidnappings in name of anti-comunism system.

At that time thousands of brasilians have brutally tortured and died without human rights, perhaps worse than what hapenned on Bosnia.

Civil rights were ignored.

She was a hero instead.

Now many people that could be judged by the military crimes have afraid of her election, so as who financed the military revolution obviously do not want her president, among these sponsors appeared FMI, Bankers and USA.
There was, then, initiated a smear campaign on a global scale that now you also a part.

But most of people are for her.

Exactly as happened in many countries today we also have our identity and we will not accept external influence on our destinies and our evolution

Charles said (September 25, 2010):

The article was interesting but I saw nothing to indicate that Brazilian politics had significantly changed other than it was still corrupt. Military dictatorships by the way are not paragons of virtue and sound economies.
Putting Lula in his Marxist context is excellent: Marxist ideology in a continent dominated by the American backed military governments has a chance of viability as it rings true no matter how counterfeit. Class struggle is
perfectly obvious to people who recall that anti-communism permitted Nazi atrocities and who no doubt think there is a difference in communisms and that one with a Latin face is different than one with a Slavic face.

Obviously a political tradition of "normalism" is difficult to root in such an extreme situation.

Jesper said (September 25, 2010):

It´s true you hear all sorts of stories for and against the Lula/PT regime. You will see statistics published which claim that, thanks to Lula, Brazil has no foreign debt any longer (hard to believe if you understand how the international banking system works) and you will see equally well supported claims that the country´s debt, internal and external, has doubled or tripled. It is also true that politicians from all parties and ideologies, not just the Left, participate in the same well-organized scams and frauds. It is also true we are nearing an election and everyone is looking for shit to throw into the fan. But the shit that´s now flying around is not imaginary. It is very real, and it is just the tip of a putrid iceberg.

The information provided by Marcos, notwithstanding the hostile tone it is delivered in, is essentially correct. Now, what is most disquieting about the situation is not the mega-thefts and collusions revealed these days (we should be used to that sort of thing by now), but the prospect of having a Brazilian Leftist totalitarian regime networked across Latin America. I don´t think I need to elaborate on the difference between socialist dictatorships and "right-wing" banana republics.

And yes, I have in fact checked on Lula´s and Dilma´s background. I´d say I have quite a lot of material about the political, intellectual and cultural revolution in Brazil, gathered over the last 20 years, that I would be delighted to share with you, if you don´t mind reading in Portuguese.

Marcos said (September 25, 2010):

Otto, the commenter in your site is an example of the paid web sturmtroopers of the Party. They flood newspaper comments sections and create blogs. Their leader is Marcelo Branco, former free software apologist turned Party puppet.
Journalists are also rewarded for defending the Party in the web. Luiz Nassif got a US$ 100K monthly contract to be a " commentator" on a state TV.
The guy has the nerve to say Dilma was never a communist...please!
I bet they will soon flood your site with lies.

Otto said (September 25, 2010):

The arcticle about Lula and Dilma is totally biased; Brazil never before enjoyed so much democracy and press freedom. The desperation of the supposed "opposition" is flagrant and the insults are many. Lula and Dilma never were communists, please see their life background.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at