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Do Animated Movies Prepare Children for Sodomy?

May 22, 2010

by Sam Peyo

Once we understand that animation picture makers carefully choose every little thing and gesture that goes into a film, it is very interesting to look at all the messages scattered throughout the virtual sets, on book covers, street signs, clothes and so forth.

Nowadays, many movies feature homosexuals (mostly men) gay behavior and even sodomy. While there is no doubt the movie industry is used for social engineering, promoting anti-traditional and subversive values, gays are nevertheless more often pictured as ludicrous than heroic. It is as if even gay directors and script writers (and I bet there are many of them out there) cannot quite give up the notion that a man acting like a hysterical woman is "funny". Let´s see a few examples:


Madagascar 1: Melman, the giraffe, is clearly gay. He is a "sensitive", self-centered hypochondriac completely devoid of androgenic hormones. Certainly there is no suggestion that he suffers from a developmental disorder or that anal intercourse is abnormal. He is a good companion for Alex, Marty and the lovely but dykey hippopotamus, Gloria. In one scene, Melman is submitted to a gynecological examination. In another, Alex tries to get him out of a crate using a palm trunk. When the trunk is inches away from Melman's privates, the giraffe screams "It's Gloria!". Gloria is in fact arriving on the beach at that moment, but the next line, "Oh, hey, it is Gloria!", shows that the first line did not refer to the arrival, but to the "glory" of the imminent sexual experience. In Madagascar 2, the studio decided to correct the impression by making Melman fall in love with Gloria.


In a TV episode of the Madagascar Penguins, the zoo sets up a simple robot which is programmed to give visitors directions. In the end, the robot is accidentally blown up. Debris is falling everywhere and King Julien, the lemur, is covering his head. The last part to fall is the robot's arm. When it does, the forearm bends towards Julien's butt with the hand resembling genitals. The subtitles speak for themselves. Sasha Baron Cohen dubs the voice of King Julien!


Planet 51: Lem's friend Skiff is unmistakably gay. Very "sensitive", crying for almost no reason, and hysterically in love with Rover, a dog-like wheeled probe. On two occasions, the "dog" leaps on his lap wagging its tail strongly. It may not be intended to mean what I think it does, but the way others look on is very telling.


Skiff has a rather loose wrist for a brisk young man! During a street dance he performs the banal "F... gesture" three times while Neera looks on in surprise. Near the end of the movie, Lem tells general Grawl (resembling Schwarzenegger, with a suspiciously large and unruly forelock) that his persecuting behavior is due to his fear of the unknown. What Lem is really insinuating is "Come out of the closet and assume your true gay and peace-loving self!"


Shark Tale: This is the story of Lenny, a gay shark who is not well accepted by his family (resembling the Italian mafia). Interestingly, vegetarianism is used as a proxy for homosexuality. The father's attempt to force his son to have sex with a woman (a virgin perhaps) is illustrated by his bullying him into eating a live shrimp which is begging for its life. The movie makes no secret of Lenny´s homosexuality.


Other films: Examples of sodomy and homosexual behaviors are numerous. I could go on for the rest of the day, but here are three more scenes from Ice Age 2, Barnyard (guy in the middle with the earring in the left ear and the "funny" expression) and The Incredibles ("Syndrome" dances a very queer dance while scoffing at Mr. Incredible for resorting to a homing device).



Combined with the mainstreaming of homosexuality in the media, its advocacy in public schools, and the general sexualization of children, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that some animated movies are part of a long-term Illuminati program to prepare children for sodomy.  

Comments for "Do Animated Movies Prepare Children for Sodomy?"

Nan said (May 30, 2010):

Finally!!! Thank you oh so much for elucidating what I've always known! As a child I didn't pick up on those subtle nuances. What scares me now, and what makes me not look forward to letting my own kids watch popular animations is the notion being perpetuated that you can't help who you fall in love with and that you can't change who you are.

Basically the skewing of nature and the teaching that it is morally reprehensible to question it, instead, to accept it as normal. From vegetarian sharks, to inter species relationships, I too believe they all prime children to being receptive to homosexuality.

When I pointed this 'cartoon conspiracy' out to people years back I was told that I am straining to make something of nothing. Even back when I was a teenager, I knew there was something amiss with a majority (if not all!) of Disney movies where the hero or heroine often comes from a single parent home.

There was hardly a complete father and mother in the picture. In addition, the women/mothers were often portrayed as strong and capable women while the men were portrayed as namby pambies. That didn't seem right to me. Hardly do you find a popular cartoon where the man is the hero, both to his children and his wife.

Peter said (May 23, 2010):

Of the hundreds of action films and TV series that I watch, about 75% mention inserting something into the rectum. Its like they have the original script and then they add the above mentioned activity to the script.

I think I will begin to compile a list of films that suggest this activity, since actually the majority of hollywood films now mention the above idea and they always emphasize the enjoyment of that activity.

From a metaphysical point of view Sodom and Gamorah were destroyed and that activity is banned in Islam. It could be argued that the activity is spiritually destructive and encouraging it is also destructive.

I watch a lot of action films, Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks is an example where out of the blue, Tom Hanks mentions the above activity and in all the films it is always mentioned in the first part of the film about 15 minutes from the start. Often the activity is mentioned by the star of the film or the actor the audience likes most.

In "Gone With The Wind", how many women did Clark Gable love? In "Afrcian Queen", how many women did Humphrey Bogart love?

In the modern film all the wives hate their husbands, are unfaithful or just try to get their money. Same for the husbands. Monogamy and the single partner are not exemplified in modern films, just the opposite. Destroying the basis of the family and the protection of the children from sexual abuse.

Tony said (May 23, 2010):

[reply to Michael]

Hi Michael,

You wrote:
So what? It's because to you being gay is bad or unacceptable.

The following is an incomplete snapshot of me and perhaps it will give you a better sense of what I and many others believe "being gay" is:

You wrote:
I want power and life even if it destroys...being gay has been about determining what "I AM".

My Savior believed that power and life were not things to be sought after. He esteemed others better than Himself, made Himself of no reputation, and humbled Himself even to the death of the cross (Philippians 2:3-8).

I do not think the closeness of things you write are by accident (seeking power even if it destroys -and- being gay is about what "I AM").

And I do not think it is possible that anyone could write on an indictment of the brokenness of homosexuality quite as powerfully, persuasively, and eloquently as you did.

M said (May 23, 2010):

Here in Spain in the newspaper El Mundo of this sunday, on page 12, there is an article that should interest you. It is about how Hitler escaped Germany, through Barcelona-and Galicia, obviously with the help of Franco, and landed in the hacienda of San Ramón near the city of Bariloche in the south of Argentina. It is not the first time I read this.

The book is named Exilio de Hitler and written by Abel Basti, and the editor is Sudamericana. The book will come out in June.

Michael said (May 23, 2010):

Yeah, I agree that the cartoons are alluding to some of the things you have suggested.

So what? It's because to you being gay is bad or unacceptable. I feel sorry for you in a way. You were so busy getting screwed by your wives that you forgot about your children. You were so busy getting the best paying job, and most luxurious house that you made that your priority. Money and sex. (With the exception of you Henry, right?...)

You are letting them, destroy "mankind"because behind these disgusting creatures called "women" there is another creature, and IT IS NOT HUMAN.
Its the same as the incident in the mythical "Garden of Eden" the serpent, enchanter, "Reptile" came to eve not Adam. Eve was the weak link.

"Cain was the seed of the serpent","When the sons of Elohim were yet upon the face of the earth, they took daughters of men, GIANTS" In the book of Daniel "They would mingle their seed with the seed of man"obviously then "they are not men". Also in the old testament, "Men would tire of being ruled by angels". I have already told the UFOs are connected to all this. So, I feel sorry you, because you just will not put the pieces together, so what if am gay, I admire you Henry, but I am not like you, I want power and life even if it destroys,and I do prize wisdom and mercy. Just because I dont give women power over me doesnt mean I dont care about them too, being gay has been about determining what "I AM".

Perhaps I do not have it quite right, but this is what I see.

Dani said (May 23, 2010):

Saw your latest guest contribution and wanted to chime in with a link recommendation for Celtic Rebel. He's been writing for awhile now about the social engineering and psychological warfare being waged against society through the media. I was reminded of one of his blog entries because it focuses on animated TV shows and all the not so subliminal bits concerning anal sex, which ties into your guest contribution about animated movies preparing kids for sodomy. The entry is called "Sunday Night in the Fox Hole":

It's not a safe for work link though, a bit bawdy but that's his style. It's profoundly disturbing what's going on in the media and there needs to be more people out there talking about it. Celt has had a lot of blog postings concerning the whole anal sex agenda overkill in the media.

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