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"Female-Fail" -- Why Men Quit

August 4, 2012

dating.jpegUnder the ruse of promoting "gay rights," the Illuminati are waging a vicious hateful psychological war on heterosexuals.  As a result, society is adopting  homosexual norms which prize appearance & promiscuity over love, courtship, monogamy & family. Female mutation (lesbianism) is forcing men to abandon their traditional role, or go abroad for wives. 

Ryan, 25, Reports from the Front Lines

"I sometimes get sad and feel like crying because I want a girl to love me for who I am, but girls seem so shallow these days. I gotten rejected by girls for not being tall enough or not having six-pack abs, and they actually tell me that's the reason they don't like me."

by Ryan

I read what Maggie had to say about modern men in "Male Fail - Why Can't Men Step Up?"     

I am a 25-year-old-man who lives in Vancouver. Maggie, men seem to lack ambition because we have reached a point where we have simply stopped caring. It's depressing to be constantly scrutinized by girls I date, and no matter what I do, it is never good enough.

I make enough money to rent my own nice apartment in the city across from the park and I take care of all my bills and have no debts, but girls aren't impressed by that.

They want a man who's a professional and makes more than $100,000 and can take them on trips and buy everything they want. The first thing they ask me is "what do you do?" and then "how much does that pay?"

Why should I make more for a woman when she has her own job anyways and claims she can take care of herself?


I only need to make enough money for ONE person now, me. Remember also that we younger men can look at what has happened to our fathers and learn from that.

My dad has been married three times now. He's in court right now because his second wife wants more money from him now that she learned he got an inheritance and she wants a piece of the pie.

And they were only together for less than two years, and that was ten years ago and she still feels entitled to take as much as she can from him. Yet she works as a civil engineer for the city of Toronto and makes a really good salary, but she wants to take even more from him now that she knows he has more money.

It seems like women just want to get as much as they can from us, while at the same time bragging that they don't need a man and can take care of themselves,

In fact women on average are better educated and earn more money than the average man these days, but they still want to use us out of sheer greed it seems.

I don't care how much better educated and how much women are earning these days. I'm not impressed because I'm a man and I only look at the way a girl looks physically and her personality.

We men don't care what a woman makes or what school she went to; we are different than women that way.

Women want a man who is more successful than them, and since more and more girls are getting higher educations and getting better jobs they are getting frustrated and angry at us men, because they notice that we don't give a damn if she is the main "breadwinner". Who cares if you make more money than your husband?

Maggie's friends are looking down on their own husbands because they have better jobs than their partners. That shouldn't matter if you truly love him!


I believe this is the reason many girls my age also claim to be bisexual and claim they are more physically attracted to the female body. This is VERY common nowadays and when I meet a girl who says she is only attracted to men, it's a rare occasion.

I believe this is a response to the lack of "real men" these days, who are ambitious and driven, etc....It seems women are trying to rid themselves of men completely and the only thing left that they want us for is to get money from us, even though they don't even need it, it's just something they seem to be compelled to do.

That's why I've basically given up and only want to date girls for sex now, since I am too scared to get married after what I've seen, and I'm not very motivated to be successful when I know I will probably end up having to give a lot of that money to my future ex-wife anyways, it doesn't even seem worth it.

I make just enough for myself to live a comfortable life on and I don't pay for my dates when we go out for dinner or movies. They can pay for themselves since they all get good educations and jobs now. My last two relationships were strictly for sex, and only lasted a couple months each time.

I sometimes get sad and feel like crying because I want a girl to love me for who I am, but girls seem so shallow these days. I gotten rejected by girls for not being tall enough or not having six pack abs, and they actually tell me that's the reason they don't like me.

So I work out at the gym all the time, take steroids, and diet drugs, I get leaner and muscular, and then I can easily get sex from them. If I go off for awhile and take a break then I rejected again by girls.

Girls seem as shallow as men about looks. I'm fed up with being treated like crap by them so I just try to get them in bed as soon as possible and that's it. They don't get anything else from me.

The way women in Canada are, can you really blame us young men for just wanting to use them for sex?


And so many of us are turning to video games, drugs, and sex for pleasure because we have so much trouble finding meaningful relationships.

And sex just for the sake of sex is overrated too. It feels good for a few minutes and then it's over and I'm back to where I started. I might as well just get high cause it's the same thing and I don't need to jump through all these damn hoops and answer the same boring questions with drugs.

If I have $120 and I want to have fun, I'd actually rather buy drugs than a hooker, since hookers often make me feel like crap because they don't even pretend to like me and try to kick me out as soon as possible so they can get another guy in and make more money.

I see what they do as a microcosm of what regular Canadian girls do all the time in their relationships. They date a guy for a couple months, the whole time keeping their eyes open for someone who can offer her more.

As soon as she finds one, she will dump the guy she's with or just start ignoring him, and then start dating the guy who looks like he can offer her more, like can take her on more trips, has a nicer car, better job, etc...

charm.jpeg(Left. Feminine charm becoming extinct)


One of my sex partners last year was an 18-year-old girl, who was so aggressive that on our first date she pulled off my pants without me telling her to and did this outside in a public park because she said she wanted to see how big my d**k was.

She later told me she was dating other guys too, and was looking for a guy with a bigger penis than me, but that I was good for the time being. She would call me up whenever she wanted sex, and when after a couple months she stopped calling, I assumed she must have finally found a really big guy like she wanted.

She also said to me a few times that if I had rippled abs, she would have sex with me every day instead of just once or twice a week. She even showed me pictures of her favorite male celebrities with their rippled physiques and said that what she wished I looked like.

Since she thought I was handsome but not rippled enough. I consoled myself with the knowledge that at least I was getting regular sex and not having to pay for it.

This girl didn't care about money, she always paid for herself or even treated me to a steak dinner or pizza when we went out sometimes. But I was only her sex partner until she could find someone bigger and better and she told me that.

This type of scenario is not uncommon amongst young people in my city. The guys and girls are obsessed with sex and watch porn all the time (yes the girls I've been with watched porn too, usually pretty violent stuff too where the girl is getting roughed up by the guy. Lesbian porn is another popular one for young girls to watch since they all claim to be bisexual.)

If a girl "settles down" with a boyfriend, it's usually because he's got a good job and she wants him around to take care of her since it's expensive to live here.

So it's not just that we guys are bad because we want to use girls for sex, girls are doing it too now so I don't see them as "victims" of men, but instead as willing participants who look at us men as pieces of meat and judge us even more harshly by our looks than we do with them.

 I don't even want to get married now. All my friends' parents are divorced, and I mean every single one of them. It would be nice to experience real love one day but I'm not holding my breath. I might have to go to Japan or the Philippines to find a wife since the girls here have made me cynical.


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Comments for ""Female-Fail" -- Why Men Quit"

Rob said (August 7, 2012):

I can't believe this guy put up with female abuse as he has..the insults and put-downs just for the sake of sex. Kicking wenches to the curb can be liberating, while educational to the female party. Men have to develop some serious attitude instead of whimpering and begging for attention like a puppy dog.

Mike said (August 5, 2012):

There is no 'female fail.' A human fail, more likely. Ryan is meeting with people whos values and resultant attitude correspond with his own.- We all run into situations and individuals that are a challange to our weaknesses. How else would we be able to evolve? The reactions decided on and their results constitute a demonstration of who we are and what we have.

I liked the response given by Nyla. She is spirited and forthright, which i find attractive. Maciek perceived coldness in her post, but i saw what she is standing for by what she is speaking against. It would not really be helpful to sympathize with a victim attitude that someone has chosen. You don't want to fortify their ego, but challenge it. I would suggest for Ryan to indulge in the alternatives he suggested, and even save money to pay visits to Mistress McNasty.

I think the mindset of a nation can be likened to the mindset of an individual. The same principals are involved. The Illuminati are not responsible for trashing society. It just offered the opportunity, and society collectively just trashed itself.


Thanks Mike

We disagree. Society is being deliberately subverted by the Satanic cult that controls it. People naturally trust authority and this makes them especially vulnerable.


Ray said (August 5, 2012):

The young writer of this article nails British Columbian women to a "T." I am a 60-year-old American male who has lived in B.C. for 10+ years, including 3 years in Vancouver. I concur with the author's observations about the moral feebleness of many of the province's women-folk. -- Ray

Nyla replies said (August 5, 2012):

I have to say, this has turned out to be quite an interesting dialogue.

First, I want to applaud Mary for being a fine classy woman that she is and a great role model for many young women to model after. I'm very similar to Mary in her values, normals, tradition and ideology, but not in language of course. I am an Alpha female (I wouldn't disagree with that label), but I'm one of the rare ones that actually knows my role as female in a relationship (co-habital or marriage). I have no problems being a housewife (and would probably prefer it that way, so I can ensure my kids are NOT indoctrinated with public education).

More importantly, I know how vital it is for a woman to know HOW TO BE a woman, and do womanly roles in the house. Western culture demoralizes house chores as being remedial and taking care of the kids is a nanny's job. However, where I come from, which is Vietnam. We know our roles in the household and we have NO ISSUES being a support wife and companion to our husbands. We also know how to love and respect our men, but in no shape or form will we put up with disrespect.

My original post has only showed my super extreme side (the Alpha) side which was triggered by Ryan's tireless rant about how slutty and trashy girls/women are, when he should take a good look in the mirror to see that it is He who is attracting these types of women.

I'm proud that I'm an alpha female, because there are positive qualities that comes from it: leadership qualities, independent, strong willed, assertiveness, confidence, high self-esteem, nurturing, and protectiveness. Because I do plan to have kids, it's important for a woman to possess both alpha and beta traits so she knows how to manage the household. She needs to be alpha when her husband is a way for extended periods of time, so she can take care of herself and her kids (like a lioness), but she knows how to be softer and feminine when her King returns.

That's the key that most women do not understand and don't get. You can't have two alphas in a relationship, it is NOT going to work. Let the man step into his role and the woman step into theirs. Distinction is to know your roles and take ownership of it.

I'm 28 years old, well-cultured, well-traveled and sophisticated woman, brought up from upright family with traditional values and norms, whose parents are still married 25+ years. I do have many rare quality traits that you won't find in many people (never mind in women): integrity, loyalty, self-respect, self-worth, work ethic, high level of EQ, common sense, funny, charismatic, compassionate and independent mind/spirit (and I've been told I'm easy on the eyes as well to put it modestly). I run my own business online and travel the world with my boyfriend, whom I'm happily in a relationship with for close to a year now (and share future plans with). I'm not a dimensional person that you judge by one post and assume I'm a stereotypical butch alpha female. That's an error in judgement on your side. But then again, I can't fault you for that because I did come off pretty strong, irate and super alpha/aggressive.

Victoria said (August 5, 2012):

Now, at the more enlightened age of 62, I realize that 'two wrongs don't make a right' and wish that we 'boomer' women who fell 'victim' to the siren call of feminism in our 20's and 30's could warn our daughters - and sons - about what is ahead if they pursue their present paths. Unfortunately, older women are seen as washed-up, old prunes by many younger people (the result of 'divide and conquer' being used successfully between the generations, thanks mainly to the school system) and so the wisdom we have acquired about the relations between the sexes falls upon deaf ears.

Many women will not rest until their sex has 'equality' with men. I now understand that the true 'anti-females' are not men but the feminists who encourage women to be just like men rather than respecting and cherishing the characteristics of grace, nurturing, kindness, gentleness and such that used to be what women were encouraged to develop. I imagine that, eventually, the pendulum will swing back and today's strident and self-centred women will produce assertive (though, not completely passive) daughters eager to repudiate their mothers' aggressive ways and emotionally sensitive sons who strive to overcome their fathers' inability to set for them an example of assertive manhood. Unfortunately, I probably won't live to see it but, I imagine, the 'war' between the sexes will, mostly, come to an end in the next generation. The French seem to have it about right - 'Vive la difference!'

Steve said (August 5, 2012):

I'm in my late 50's now and find what I read in this article shocking. Was I just lucky that I got a really great wife and top mother of my four children? NO! So what was different for me? I can tell you that I prayed to God since I was about 15yo that He find me the right wife.

Even though I was careful not to throw myself at any women, I still need God's intervention. For example, I ended up dating the woman who eventually became my wife, who was pretty, but not as pretty as some, so I procrastinated proposing to her, going out with the occasional other women at the same time. Then one night I said to myself, this lovely and very intelligent girl is too nice for me to just string her along and damage her young life. So I had to make a decision whether to let her go out of my life or not. The it became all too clear, I could not bare to be without this lovely woman for even a month, let alone the rest of my life.

The other reason was that I knew she loved me as much or more than I loved her. She seriously loved me for who I was, not my income or looks that much. So I proposed. Now I love her even more. One thing I discovered, rather than looks which fade, go much much more for decency in a woman, her real love for you, which you will recognize after a while, her personality and intelligence suiting yours and her morals. Always visit the parents and see how they turned out first and you will have a decent guide on the daughter. My wife's parents were of a very decent moral character.

So my answer to Ryan is - stop doing what you hate in bad women yourself and ask for God's help - then start looking again.

Chris said (August 5, 2012):

When I first read Maggie's article about men not stepping up, I wanted to laugh.

Simple answer - is when there are worthy women to date!

Ryan's article tells it like it is and is pretty much the social dating culture in Canada, I am sure most major North American cities.

Mary said (August 5, 2012):

I would like to say that there are still young women with traditional values and morals. How do I know - I'm one of them. However, I agree that they are far and few between. As I have often said to my husband, men need to go abroad to marry.

North American women, for the most part, are trash.

I'm in my early twenties. I've been married to my incredible husband (also in his early 20s), for 2 years now. We live in one of the bigger cities in Canada.

I was raised in a very traditional gender-divided family - good Christian values, father as breadwinner, stay-at home, mother. My family is Eastern-European in background. When I started dating, I wanted a man just like my dad. I was very attracted to strong masculine men with good morals.

However, I got the shock of my life when I entered the dating game. All I found were immature little boys who expected sex upfront. I remember being on the second date with a young man from a well-to-do family. He literally pulled down his pants when we were watching a movie and expected oral sex from me. I was thoroughly traumatized and disgusted. I walked out and never talked to him again. Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm from young men nowadays. How sad.

I never had any shortage of dates, but I was very picky about who I wanted as a marriage mate. Men liked me because I was appreciative and I never tried to emasculate them. Things like money and good looks were not important to me.

I wanted a REAL man, and a man that believed in God. When I met my husband, I told him straight up that I would never sleep with a man before marriage. He looked shocked. He later told me that I was the most beautiful and feminine woman he had ever met. He proposed to me within a few months.

He said, "If I don't get you now, I will never find a girl like you again in this feminist world." My husband was not perfect, but he has a good heart, is masculine, and had good values. He came from a poor family and had an abusive single mother. However, I was taught to look for character that really matters in a mate.

Nevertheless, our marriage is not without problems. The economy nowadays is so against men. My husband becomes very moody and angry because he cannot adequately support our little family. Even though we both have university degrees, he is the one who can never get a job.

I am always employed with good-paying jobs. He was unemployed for about a year, which was difficult. I never rub it in his face and I constantly reassure him that he will one day be breadwinner. He now insists on working 3 jobs, so I can stay home to raise our new baby.

I praise him all the time for being so hard-working. Everyone tells me that when he looks at me, his eyes shine with love. He tells me daily how much he loves me. His friends and family were against us marrying ("You're too young), but we laugh at them. We know that we will last.

I would never leave my husband, nor would I cheat on him. I was taught that marriage is forever. I always honor and respect my husband, even if I don't agree with him. It was the way I was raised. It's the way God intends it to be.



Thanks for proving my point that young women can get instant respect, love and marriage if they insist that sex is reserved for marriage. Rather, they are intimidated into acting like sluts, thinking that's the way to get love. The opposite is true.


Maciek said (August 5, 2012):

I don't watch to judge Ryan and Nyla but they both show how the Illuminati's plan to make the youth and young adults (both genders) cynical, selfish, and immature has worked. Just like Mary said, most girls act like: "trash" and from what I can see most men my age (27) act like a bunch of sex-crazed animals.

I'm a 27 year old Christian Male and I have been looking for a girl-friend for roughly 10 years and even though my story is significantly different (I haven't had sex yet because I'm keeping myself pure for that one girl that I love) I have lived through similar manipulations and similar cold reactions from woman that Ryan has described. I have found that young women mostly either want to play games with men, use men or have sex with men for fun.

The other way I'm different from Ryan is that I haven't turned cynical yet. I have chosen to put my faith in God and that he will lead me to a girl like Mary! I have heard many testimonies from fellow Christians that this is the best thing to do; live your life, get a job, help others and in time God will connect you with the right person!

So my message to Ryan and all young guys that are frustrated is put your faith in God and at the right time God will connect you with that right girl!

As for Nyla, I hope God touches her with his amazing Love, because she really sounds pissed off and cold lol

Peter said (August 5, 2012):

Although I agree with much of the post by the young chap, it is imperative that people use their brains and perceive the self evident short comings of the chap that posted his 'rant.' true love is accepting each other as is. None of this having one partner after another. Relationship is more than physical. I strongly recommend that people have a 'reality check' and adjust their perceptions accordingly.
With respect, Peter from Australia

David said (August 5, 2012):

he highest aspiration of any man in the West today is no longer that of husband, father or provider. It is that of a disciplined, celibate scholar, athlete, scientist, artist, businessman and gentleman. Foreign language study is essential.

Exercise is the best self-medication for celibacy. If Ryan dumps the steroids and does natural fitness like MMA, gymnastics, and maintains a clean diet of high protein organic foods he will get and keep the six pack with no effort at all. When shallow women approach : reject them.

For today's young men of character (like Ryan) love and family will take place at an older age, in a different country.

Tony Blizzard said (August 5, 2012):

Ya know, Henry, it's up to men to keep women under control. Most of them absolutely will not control themselves nor stay in their worthy sector of life (yes, I mean making a home a home) on their own hook and are easily manipulated to boot. This was an obvious observed fact for all the centuries since God created mankind. It began with Eve and her round with the devil (the snake). So the job of keeping woman in her place and under control is another job man has in his battle with the world. And he has done that chore with remarkable success for all members of the family down the ages. But now that job has been made impossible by the courts of the "West," as an agenda to destroy the family, of course.

Women out of place and out of control are, plain and simple, just damned useless to anyone, including their sorry selves. Selfish to the nth, loud, crass, shallow, slavish and without saving grace of any kind, real men flat don't want them around.

And the family, in the "West" anyway, HAS been destroyed. Almost totally. I'd say irretrievably for at least several generations. Once those who wanted the family gone began concentrating on the women it took only one lifetime to accomplish. While for centuries they were making scant headway with the men. Think about it.



I wouldn't be too pessimistic. I live in a neighborhood full of "progressive" types and it is also full of young families and babies. The family isn't going the way of the dodo quite yet.


Maria said (August 5, 2012):

I just wanted to share a story of mine. I'm a woman from the Philippines and I moved to Australia to study and become a psychologist.

I noticed how a lot of my girl friends say that they broke up with a guy cos he is too fat or too sweet or too nice. What the?! I could never understand why they would break up with a guy for these shallow reasons. And a nice man these days is persecuted for being nice.

When I started dating here I was also shocked to find that most men were just into sex and that it was expected early on before the relationship even blossoms into a loving and lasting one. In my country women are raised to be financially independent but to also respect the husband and value family over your career. I came here on my own and did not need to marry for a visa.

Thank you for your website. It makes me feel validated that it is normal not to be a feminist, and to want to marry a responsible and kind man, then have kids and focus all my attention and love on looking after them.

A lot of friends thought that I should play around first cos I'm too young or that the grass is greener, but I chose to settle down and recently said yes to a marriage proposal from a lovely man who has good values.

Yes he may be skinny and not make as much money as me, but I believe money is not everything and what is most important is that he can provide for the family needs, and that he will be a great role model for our kids. He is from the country and fortunately not exposed to the bad influence of sex, drugs and materialism of the city.

Thanks again Henry. All the best. I'm an avid fan of your work.

Rodney said (August 4, 2012):

Nyla said below:

You stated: " If a woman is going to be easy and give it up on the first date, it's because 1) You're super hot and she wants to screw you 2) You've shown her that you are worth spending a night with (ie. you're funny, charming, charismatic, or generous etc.)... Any guy worth his salt and has any game whatsoever, and is at least average looking can meet allof those qualifications to get laid on the first date. It's called being a player. That's why there are not many real men left because getting a Western women to have sex is so easy why would any young man go through the trouble of courting? Being a player is much easier.

Women hold the key. They are the gate keepers to their own vaginas. If you weren't so damn easy to "fool" and fall for our deception whereby men can get laid on the first date. Then men would "court" women again. It's up to you and your gender.

Art said (August 4, 2012):

Nyla dear [below] .... it's women like you that have made Ryan who he is today. Can't you see that? You sound like an "alpha male" in a female body ... and no real man wants to marry a woman like that. His father did and look where that got him. You've got it all figured out, don't you? I've met hundreds of girls like you (married one and dated a half-dozen others) on my way to age 50 and single. Female fail .... I think we have a winner.

Before I go I'd like to, at least, applaud you on your last thought using the word "programming" ... was that a Freudian slip, or a simple -pot, kettle, black- moment?

Asim said (August 4, 2012):

I would say to Mike [below] that women behave this way because they are children trapped in an adult's body. They be 'adults' in the physical sense, but emotionally, can be just as recalcitrant as a spoiled 6-year-old.

Only recently, my wife found out that her best friend would be going to Disneyland to celebrate her brother's wedding. Becuase I hadn't taken her to such a place, she blew a fit, and systematically tore into my capabilities as a husband-ignoring the fact that I have showered her for the last 8 years with undivided attention and materialistic goods.

The personality disorder thing sounds more like a ruse than anything else.

Nyla said (August 4, 2012):

I've read your articles all the time, I've never been to compelled to write a response until I've read this one. I'm a 28 years old female from Canada, and I can't wait to put Ryan in his place with this ludacris article he wrote.

The main reason why Ryan feels cynical with the women in Canada is because he lacks understanding of his role in a relationship and in courting. He approaches dating with the wrong attitude and is dating the wrong women.

First, I want to address his shortcomings as a man in this article he posted. The three P that defines a man is Profess, Protect and Provide. It is the foundation that makes a man feel like a MAN.

"I make just enough for myself to live a comfortable life on and I don't pay for my dates when we go out for dinner or movies."
- Really? Give me a break. This sentence alone says enough about this guy. He's boring, because he's just wants to be "comfortable" with his life and do nothing exciting. He's cheap because he doesn't want to pay for his date's meal YET he wants to take her to bed. If your date is NOT worth paying a $10-$15 meal for, then why are you wasting your time going on this date in the first place??

- Women like men, who are exciting, funny, interesting, who exhibit generosity and the ability to provide, especially if she's going out with the intent of dating you. If you're already establishing you're a CHEAPO on the first date, that already eliminates you from being a boyfriend material, which only leaves you in the one-night stand category. But then again who would want to have fling with an average (or below average dude) who's also cheap?? REALLY??? Is this guy an idiot???

- If a woman is going to be easy and give it up on the first date, it's because 1) You're super hot and she wants to screw you 2) You've shown her that you are worth spending a night with (ie. you're funny, charming, charismatic, or generous etc.)

- If a woman ends up screwing this guy on a first date, she's a complete idiot herself, because anyone with half a brain can see that he's only out to get sex WITHOUT paying or doing ANY work for it whatsoever. And he's wondering why he can't find a serious girlfriend.

"I might have to go to Japan or the Philippines to find a wife since the girls here have made me cynical. "
- Riiight..and why would Japanese or Phillipines women would want to date this guy (other than getting a visa) when he's already established he can't provide. He still rents an apartment, he's got a JOB (just over broke, not a career or any ambition to get one), doesn't want to pay on the first date or pay any of her things. Who in their right mind would marry someone with these qualities other than an easy entry into Canada and then divorce him to find a BETTER ALPHA MALE, who actually knows his role as A MAN.

Here is news flash for you Ryan, and I do hope you get to read my response because it will wake you up. The women in Japan and Phillipines there have all the necessities taken care by their men, ACTUALLY it's expected from the MEN to provide ALL her needs. They make FUN of men like you who split bills on dates, because they think that's a BETA move to do. I know this because I'm Asian (and I've traveled to the Philippines), I understand their culture. The idea that you can go to Japan and Philippines with poor and backwards attitude and think you can get a willing and obedient wife without providing, protecting, professing (and respecting) her is LAUGHABLE. And if she is willing to marry you, it's because she's after a Visa, not because she's in LOVE with you.

It looks like to me you have NO respect for women or for yourself. Your attitude sucks, along with your lack of understanding of HOW TO BE A MAN and HOW TO COURT. If you're doing the courting (like how ALPHA males do it), than you pay for the entertainment cost, schmuck.

We have title for men like RYAN who have their programming backwards. BETA BITCH….

Al Thompson said (August 4, 2012):

Take it from an old fart (65) like me, fornication destroys everything. I have never seen it work for good. It's more destructive than any nuclear weapon. And the Illuminati psychos know that by degenerating civilization, they will be able to take control over the weakness. But if people start doing things within the natural order, then these freaks will not be relevant. With fornication, you don't have to wait to go to hell--you're already there. Fornication makes life a living hell. Thus, in the dating phase of your future relationships, just remove any sexual activity until you get married and that will solve the majority of any problems.

Mike said (August 4, 2012):

After reading this article and a few days later my wife of 9 years had a huge fight over her “controlling ways” when I began to just ready her the “comment section” she THREW AN ENTIRE PLATE OF FRESH FOOD AT ME!..... I CALMLY cleaned it up told her that was uncalled for and I and her 14 year old son cleaned up the mess. I told her that action warranted an apology. I will not get one nor to I expect one. I believe that is why the LORD put man ahead of the handle with calm and love their “inability" and being the weaker sex. Sorry its just the truth. MEN.... BE A BIGGER MAN.....the LORD commands it ...and that is not VIOLENCE as the LORD defines is violence as the illuminati Rothschild's define it.......when you fully UNDERSTAND that ... YOU ..THE MAN ...will retake your LAWFUL PLACE APPOINTED BY THE ALMIGHTY......and you must NEVER abuse that authority or YOU WILL ANSWER TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF



Check out the articles on Borderline Personality Disorder on my site..your wife has it


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